Secret of activating Jupiter in Transit - OMG Astrology Secrets 151

Secret of activating Jupiter in Transit – OMG Astrology Secrets 151

so ladies and gentlemen let's discuss in brief about something which I came to know recently and I've also seen this from my experience my limited experience of course I've seen this working and there's a lot of research which has to be done in this area which is the transit of Jupiter no I am NOT talking of the sign Scorpio where it is transiting now of course it's also retrograde now but I am speaking of Jupiter transit in general alright not any specific sign so there's something interesting which we could do during this transit now you may be thinking but Jupiter is always transiting somewhere yes so what to do where and when so that's what we'll discuss here today all right and this has to do with the house where Jupiter is transiting in your chart depending on your ascendant alright so there you go if you are new to the channel then please subscribe to it and if you like this video click the thumbs up at the end and if you want a consultation from me regarding any transit or any particular the shot that you are going through regarding any area of your life then you could always go down to the description section where you'll find the link to my website to book a reading with me and yes as I say always God is there with you all the time just look to him and you will find him and Rohde you must find him because we are going to talk of Jupiter which represents the spiritual progress in somebody's chart okay so what is all this going on you know Jupiter is placed somewhere but in transit it's hovering around somewhere else so what I have seen is wherever Jupiter is transiting from your Center in your so take take any example so suppose you are a Scorpio lagna then Jupiter is in your ascendant all right so in that case for any house depending on the ascendant you could see that you can now use your freewill to improve the the aspects represented by that house now why do I say that because Jupiter represents the ocean of all the good qualities yes and that is why he is the greatest benefit greatest benefit of course because he represents a spiritual progress Jupiter represents the ability to connect to God Jupiter represents our ability to understand anything which is beyond the conception of matter matter means earth water is all these elements are there but what is beyond all this so now now what is the hidden meaning behind this the hidden meaning is that whenever we try to elevate our consciousness then what can happen is wherever Jupiter is transiting in that particular year because Jupiter almost transits in a sign for one year so now it is in Scorpio it is in retrogression and very soon it will start its direct motion and by the end of this year almost it will enter Sagittarius of course I will make those videos later some other day but what I have seen is so suppose let us take any example let us take the example of third house so suppose somebody's Jupiter is transiting in the third house so what can this person do if you are a Virgo Lorna then it's transiting in the third house so this can mean that if you are doing spiritual practices not just to gain some money or some name fame or any some superficial materialistic stuff which is perfectly fine there's nothing wrong with that but when I'm talking of spiritual practices Here I am saying of chanting mantras or you know reading the holy texts or visiting holy places without any ulterior material motive all right which you are doing only for the pleasure of God and for your inner soul who you are basically so then what what could happen is that our relationship with the third house so for anybody the third house can represent the younger sibling all right so it can happen that the younger siblings relationship with you or your relationship with these younger sibling can undergo tremendous improvement all right this I've seen working in many cases of my people who of my friends and my seniors who I know from a lot of spiritual communities okay so now the question is what kind of spiritual practices you should be doing yes so what I have seen in my experiences if you do spiritual practices related to the Karakas of that house all right so let's do some homework here recap I will also get a recap of the Caracas and there may be some errors which I make so please excuse them so let's talk of Sun or sorry the first house so who is the Karaka for the first house yes we have Sun SDK laka and Mars rules the sign of Aries and Jupiter is G of Kharak so these three planets are very important when it comes to the locknut all right but primarily Sun is the correct then second house Jupiter is the Karaka then for third house Mongol Mars is the Karaka then for fourth house we have many Caracas actually multiple in fact moon is the Karaka for the mind and the mother and we have planners like Venus which is the Karaka for vehicles luxury marque is also the character for education which is the fourth house and we also have Mars who represents property or land especially alright ten fifty thousand the house of children so Jupiter must be the color and then for 6000 have Mars and Saturn then seventh house is Venus for men and Jupiter for women and the eighth house is Shani no doubt and then ninth house again Jupiter and Sun two planets this time and for the tenth house we have mercury as the prime Karaka the prime significant then Sun and Saturn are also the significance and Jupiter is the Karaka for the eleventh house and twelfth houses again Saturn so now see what happens is Jupiter is the character for these houses you know primarily the second fifth 9th and 11th and seventh also for ladies but let's ignore that house for for timing so that means second house is what second house is a feeling of being in a family alright so in that case you can also include the seventh house too let's include the seventh house so second house fifth house 7,000 ein thousand eleven thousand five houses so second house is getting a feeling that I belong somewhere and somebody belongs to me it is a sense of belonging it is not just necessarily the birth relationship that you have with somebody all right not it's not necessary that that person has to be your brother by birth it's not 100 wasn't necessary then we have the fifth house fifth houses what is the house of children so it's like feeling as if there is a child it's a great feeling yes that is why almost every human being that I know in this world I mean at the ones who I know now there are many who don't but most of the people that I have met in the last 20 30 years I have rarely seen anybody hitting children I have rarely seen anybody telling me that 100 high hate children I don't like children now you may not like very much that's fine but in general you know everybody likes children and then we have the seventh house a sense of commitment marriage a sense of belonging then 9000 sense of getting guidance from somebody and 11th house is the fulfillment of desire so Jupiter rules these prime houses of feeling good basically second house family v oz children in seventh house being with somebody yes ninth house getting guidance from somebody from your father or from your guru from your senior and eleventh houses again friends network circles building people so that means wherever Jupiter transits if we do spiritual practices related to the Karaka of that house then these significations second fifth seventh ninth and 11 these significations also come to that house all right but that's the prerequisite we need to do spiritual practices we need to do worship of the avataras all right so everybody knows the avatars which are associated with the nine planets so I will not repeat them unnecessarily here and so for example if your scorpio lagna and jupiter is transiting in your ascendant now all right so for ascendant sun is the garlic and the Vishnu or tar which is representing sun is Lord Rama himself all right so if you do some worship related to Lord Rama you know for the moon it is Krishna and Mars nursing this so we know that list Vaman therefore Jupiter so if we do the mantras for the avataras or if you can visit some temple and do some austerity there yes especially if you can go and do fasting on that day so for example if it is you are sending then you can do it on Sunday and because Surya is the carrot if it is ten thousand ow if there are multiple characters for a house like four well the tenth house so then you have to see which aspect of the tenth house are you lacking because mercury is the prime character for the 10,000 because it is the Karaka for skill so if you are lacking skill in your profession if you are not been promoted because you feel that you are not competent enough to do your job or your business or whatever then you need to do for mercury and suppose you are unable to get name fame success then you have to do for Sun because that's what the that is my son is also the Karaka for the 10,000 and if you are not able to put efforts properly which means you are you like consistency at work you cannot do hard work then Saturn is the Karaka so forth then you have to do for Saturn and then you might have to fast on Saturdays alright so these are the things which we can do and if you do then I have seen great things happening alright I have seen this within six months or within three months also I've seen that somebody's Jupiter is transiting in third house for say Virgo lagna and if that person now till November till the time when Jupiter is transiting their third house if suppose Jupiter GU that that person goes and worships not nursing they why do I say nursing they because third house the Calaca is Mars and for Mars the DT is nursing they've all right so if they go and worship Lord Nursing this they can chant this mantra om namah bhagwate not a sim high on this mantra that can chant again for nursing they we have other mantras also yes who Graham Veera Maha Vishnu Mulan Tom salvato mu come narsing ambition impaired remit unit you know ami hum yes and we also have you know so many so many things are the own norm about within our see Maya so many it's like too many things are there you can also read particular stuff from the same algorithm so for example whichever house Jupiter is transiting from your ascendant you can take that kind of the similar gautham all right so there are twelve cantos of the Chimel Behar Gautam and they say that the twelve houses all the twelve signs they represent you know the twelve cantos so if you're Jupiter is transiting in the third house like for war as I said then you can go to the third canto and start reading it okay all the whole the scriptures specific to that DT so for example if it is a third house then nursing this so in that case you can go for narsimha puron yes then some similar stuff you can also find in the there's another planet I'm not able to recall the name but there are lots of stuff which you will also find in some similar books alright so you can also for example if it's the lagna then you can read um and because it's Lord Rama yes and for the fourth house if you are having issues with your mental peace then you can read gita because Krishna is the one because that will signify moon okay so it depends on what you want and if it is the six thousand you can read the sixth canto yes so there are many things which we can do to activate these powerful potent energies regarding Jupiter or light so you can do this and you can also do it for you know three months six months and then if you get results then you can always mail me that it worked or if you don't get results then also you can mail me that it doesn't work all right but anyways we can always do what's the harm in doing I mean if it works then it's great so let us activate these houses by doing the necessary remedies and mantras and depending on your chart it will be it will be decided whatever it is you have to do ultimately all right and whatever remedies you do I will always give caution that please do not do with whimsically just by seeing some video in youtube like this or any other video okay please go to your trusted astrologer and whatever they confirm only do that remedy all right why I will tell you why cause recently I had invited among G among the eg on my channel to activate certain actions okay now what happened was there was one person who had messaged me that they did they did this remedy and they kind of activated some house and after some time somebody in their family passed all right now of course I'm not saying that that person was blaming me or a man you know that person didn't do that now and I am also not telling that just because they activated that nakshatra in a particular house or lot of a particular sign or any house that that relative passed away I am NOT saying that but who knows you know we might do something and then later on we may keep thinking oh maybe because I did this that happened now whether it happened because of that or not that secondary but when that goes into our head you know we kind of keep cursing ourselves you will curse yourself you will curse the one who told you the remedy all right so this has to be done properly in consultation with your personal as closure all right because I do not want to create disturbance in somebody's life alright and if you think you don't want to do these things then it's perfectly fine and there's nothing new or fancy or out of the world stuff which I have spoken I mean is this is very simple basic stuff that you empower the caller cos for a particular house and then you see the changes in transit all right so I hope this helps and you can try and you can give you a feedback to me yes so there you go if you're new then please like comment share and subscribe to the channel and if you order consultation from me then you could go down to the description section where you will find the link to my website for consultations ok God is there with you all the time just look to him and you will find him

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  1. I had to pause the video to comment.. I Don't like Children…I just don't like them.. is something wrong with me?? And there is no planet in my 5th house 🀣🀣🀣

  2. Namaskar bhabajeet and thank you for this knowledge. Request you to share the Mantra for vaaman dev? I'm aquarius ascendant with jupiter in Taurus. Thank you.

  3. Jupiter is in 3rd house am a Virgo Lagna
    Having going through divorce, husband has become enemy in-laws enmity no help from parental or sibling side

  4. Sir am Aquarius ascendant .. Jupiter in my 10 house now ..after many times am preparing for a exam but am not qualified this exam after so many afforts . even my 10 lord mahadasha is started now sir plsss reply it's a requestπŸ€—

  5. I agree with you. Running Ketu dasha here with almost all material stuff just messed up. But im keeping my head high with ultra positivity and doing spiritual things with utmost faith. Ive thought why ? and found out that Jupiter is transiting on my natal debilitated moon in Scorpio aspecing natal jupiter in Taurus. i am a buddhist and Lord Buddha is called "nara sinha" in buddhism. ( nara sinha = the greatest among all humans)
    We have narasiha chants in buddhism and ive been attracted to them unknowingly. When you start talking about 3 house transits and narasimha mantra i suddenly remembered how this happened to me automatically.
    May the spreme blessings of Lord Buddha shower upon you. ❀

  6. Whatever will happen nobody can't change that we should not try anything otherwise it brings only had karma we have to do is surrender to god

  7. My D1 chart lagna is taurus what is the mantra for me??? And my jupiter in 5th House nakshatra of hasta I wanted to activate jupiter please help me

  8. Jupiter transit & Mahadasha is one of the opportunity to elevate our karma's, before Saturn☺️ very nice guidanceπŸ™πŸ™

  9. Remedies have to be done with Faith,and your remedy is so much satvik just reading the scriptures can never harm. But I do wanna share here that I always felt this curse thing. We had done remedy of tying ghants in a temple for yamghanta yoga and some rituals fork kala sarpa yoga 2 decades back and after that had sudden untimely loss of my father in law. From that day I never believed much in remedies of certain actions will do certain things. After that I always look into astrology for deep understanding and reasoning to know the situations why they are such and always believed in prayers and surrendering to almighty's will

  10. Thankyou for such great spiritual remedy …I am scorpio ascendant so will be doing mantras relating to lord Ram….πŸ™can worshipping lord Shiva helps…

  11. there are 4 things in this world which people like/love/enjoy viz perfume, flowers, children and food.

  12. Thank you for such a beautiful explanation ….

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  14. WOW! its amazing to hear that different canto of Bhagavatham for different houses, beautiful! Life is a happens suddenly that we don't even imagine in dreams, but we should always fight for the right! We should always follow the path of dharma, and regular practice of spirituality gives immense strength to fight for the right..I can remember the saying, after all we are here not to party but to redeem our Karma..Thanks πŸ™‚

  15. Thank you for sharing the interesting lecture.

    Now, for what you talk about in the end of the video – I also had a experience in the past after a work to balance the house and garden around in Austria.

    During the concluding conversation with the residents, we noticed how their cat became very restless and was always running back and forth. It looked as if the cat did not know where she wanted to stay. The next day, the cat left the house (she was never outside before that time), and did not come in the house. Unfortunately, she was then run over by a car πŸ™
    Since cats are mainly in places that are fault zones, this cat could find no place in this house. I had not considered this, although I actually knew it, but on this day the knowlegte about was out of my mind
    Result: The house was free of faults – the cat was dead

  16. Hi Jeetuji.. Thank you for this video.. My daughter.. I should say. ..even after studying day and night couldn't get through the exam with the rank she desired. I suggested the remedy of giving roshogullas on Fridays given by our own Jeetuji.😍 She did this with out missing even a single week and even on days when she had to travel. She was blessed with first Rank in NIMHANS ans 12th rank in PGIMERS. MD/MS entrance exams. She got Dermatology seat and always recommend this remedy to her dear and near ones. Thank you BhabhJeeth. Love you always πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ God bless you πŸ™πŸ™

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