Selecting the Best Travel Pro Luggage.mp4

Selecting the Best Travel Pro Luggage.mp4

going hi guys thanks for clicking on this video my name is Fred Deakins I'm with aircrew bags comm I'm also a pilot with Southwest Airlines if you're anything like me you travel a bunch I'm usually gone three to four days every single week I'm on the road I'm traveling and all of my worldly possessions stay right here in my bag mmm so as you can imagine my travel bag is one of the most important decisions that I have to make when I'm looking to buy a new one so what I'm going to do is just share with you some things to look for if you're in the market looking for a good travel bag I'm going to show you some pointers some things that I've learned the hard way over time and hopefully that will help you out in your decision next time you go out to look for a new bag first thing I wanted to talk about is the wheels first of all the roller bag is the ideal choice because you know you don't have to actually carry all the weight with you when you're traveling so usually it's about a two mile hike from the gate all the way out to the crew van and from there I cover a lot of distance with my bag so that because of that the wheels are one of the most important aspects of the bag so you can kind of zoom in here I'll show you the wheels most bags they're cheap in other words you know pay fifty to a hundred dollars for a bag most wheels are going to be little plastic wheels small diameter and they're also going to be riveted into the frame of the bag itself that's very very inefficient and not a good design because the wheels are one of the first things to wear out on your crew bag better quality bags are going to have the ability for you to replace your wheels they're also going to come with these 76 millimeter roller wheels that are like those inline roller wheel skates so you can just simply remove this screw here replace the wheel with a brand new one put the screw back in and you're good to go obviously by being able to replace your wheels you've just extended the life of your bag pretty substantially the other thing I wanted to talk to you about is the handle of the bag now this bag is not our bag this is not an air crew bags back this is a cheaper type of bag and if you notice here you'll see the handle is actually kind of flimsy the strong bag which is what we carry at aircrew bags calm is made of durable 60/60 aircraft aluminum so it's built to withstand all kinds of stresses of everyday travel the handle a flimsy handle is going to break down your sooner or later and there is no worse time for it to break it's going to break while you're under trip and from that point on the rest of your trip is going to be miserable so it pays to have a good solid handle like a strong bag handle that's going to be nice and stout and durable and you're never going to have any problems with it the other thing about a more quality bag is that the handle is also replaceable now this bag it's not so once it's broken the entire bag is worthless just like the wheels on a cheaper bag when they're riveted to the bag once the wheels were worn out the whole bag is toast so you gotta go buy a new one okay another little feature for those of you who may not be necessarily in the airline business but you travel a lot I just wanted to show you a real handy little gadget here that a lot of the crew bags have and this is called a j-hook right here this is the j-hook part this is a special edition that I've put on I'll talk about that here in just a minute what the j-hook does for me if I can just show you real quick I have my my other bag that I travel with this is my headset and I've got some rain gear in there and some other accessories it just hangs right here on this bag that way when I'm at the airport and I need to get some lunch or what have you I can control this whole thing with just one hand I don't have to carry two separate bags so this feature here makes it real handy to put either a pro bag you have all your jet plates or what have you you can actually put pad right here from the j-hook and that will make life so much easier for you let me focus in just a little bit on this other hook this is a different kind of J hook this is called the luggage Powell J hook it's a full three inches wide this is the granite color that we're showing you right here it actually comes in five different colors including flamingo pink for those of you of the peach persuasion and which I certainly wouldn't mind having that but in any rate the advantage of this hook over this hook now keep in mind this is just where I put it up here it can actually go down here at the bottom as well and replace this the advantage of this book is it's nice and solid all the way across and if you have a bag that's fairly heavy if you're going to put it on one of these standard J hooks over time this J hook is gonna tear up the handle not only that but the bag can tend to get sideways on you pretty easily with this kind of hook the luggage pal J hook which we carry for $14.95 this hook eliminates all of those problems your handle will be saved it'll be nice and secure it's not going to go sideways on you and we can get these shipped out really quickly the last thing I wanted to talk about in deciding the best bag to get is the material okay now a less expensive bag the coupler the fabric it may not be waterproof the other thing is that if it gets torn or ripped it's irreplaceable a strong bag is different because they used two ballistic nylon for their fabric that covers the bag around the 60/60 structural aluminum frame inside the material is waterproof you'll never have a problem with it it's also warranty for three years and after the three year period if if it gets all frayed and torn up over time you can buy a new fabric cover your bag $99 so that's a great way to protect your travel gear a day rate that's about everything were for the air crew bags I hope that I was able to help you out a little bit in your decision to purchase a bag I know it's really tough these days because we're always we're all watching our budgets but by doing with a less expensive bag you could already the problems really quickly that's most likely going to cause you to have to go buy another one in six months to a year by investing your money in your travel and in your future as a career on the road all the time I think that you're gonna save a lot of money over the long term by going ahead and pay just a little bit more right now for a really good quality bag and then have the ability to buy accessories that you can replace wheels or handles j-hooks all those things that are fairly inexpensive compared to the price of the bag and that will extend the life of your bag for years and years and years but any rate Fred Beans with aircrew bags I'd like to thank you for watching this video take care

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