Sephora Holiday Gift Sets that are ACTUALLY WORTH THE MONEY!

Sephora Holiday Gift Sets that are ACTUALLY WORTH THE MONEY!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today’s video is going to be a fun one I’m actually very very excited about doing this. So what I decided to do is go to Sephora And I went and I checked out literally every single brand and I went through every single nook and cranny of the store to check out which holiday deals were the best ones, best for the money and best products that I think that would actually be really really really great for you guys to invest your money in or give for a gift and when I talked about this idea a lot of you guys were like fuck yeah hell yeah do this This is such a great idea So I’m really really excited this video does go over well can definitely do one for Ulta as well A lot of you guys did ask me to do one for Ulta. I did drop like Literally like five to six hundred bucks on these items I want to make sure that you guys are actually enjoying the video before I do it again PS I don’t know if you guys have noticed… Boom! She’s got a tattoo She’s a little sh… She’s got a tattoo Think you Evan tattoo again for this tattoo, definitely amazing I don’t know which videos are going to be going up first, this one or the one I just filmed before this so Tattoo is right here. Just in case you guys… just in case this one goes up first, don’t know yet So that’s what today’s video is going to be you guys, I’m going to be doing this really cool holiday gift guide I think or I don’t know what exactly I’m gonna call it any more So like holiday deals that are actually worth the money I really know exactly what I’m gonna title this video yet, but it’s going to be something involving of course all these items That’s it. I think that’s all we have to say. Lets go and film this motherfucker cos I went into the store and I bought a lot of shit And I think these are actually really really cool items I think you guys would actually really really really enjoy. As always if you guys do not like this video if you guys do not like me Please don’t fucking watch it. You know the drill with that. You know the fucking drill with that Don’t watch it if you don’t fucking like it. But if you guys do like this video Please go ahead and give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you’re not already And if you’re new what’s up I’m Manny MUA and welcome to my channel. Thank you so much for being here I really appreciate it. Thank you for uh joining the maniac fam Thank you, and like yeah. Love you guys. I’m literally getting stronger cuz I go to the gym more I’m sorry when I’m hotter and when I’m skinnier, and more cunt then I’ll do some flexing shirtless Let’s just go and get into this video right now Okay guys, so let’s go ahead and start on the first item of Holiday stuff that I think is actually really really cool and worth being Monte so first things first We have this. This is the Sephora favorites. Give me more. Lip this guy retails for $68 I bought this for $68 the value is two hundred and fifty four dollars so Every single year Sephora does things like this they come out with these little lip kits or it’s like a highlighter kit or an eye Liner kit her mascara kit things like that I only bought one Because I just wanted to talk about the fact that they do have kits and all of them are a great deal But the one that I noticed this year that was the best deal is The lip product kit the difference between this one fuck you actually save a lot of money on this one so the difference is 186 dollars I actually did the math for all of them in the store And this one was the best deal for the entire Sephora favorites You get five full-size lip products, and then you get one two three four five six seven eight nine nine minis So technically you’re getting 14 lip products here you get an anastasia gloss bubbly brown lip lacquer dior Hourglass huda beauty Marc Jacobs Tarte Laura Mercier smashbox Sephora collection you get tons of different things This is it right here you guys get a ton, and if you guys are more of a beginner into the makeup realm And you guys wanted to try some multiple things I would suggest getting something like this if you guys wanted to dabble in wearing makeup And wearing some lipsticks and just trying out different lip Products that you might like yourselves, I would definitely suggest the lip kit of all the kits that I saw this was the best deal So a second little guy that I picked up were these guys right here These are from Stila i’m a huge fan of the glitter and glow Shadows the glitter eyeshadows that they came out with and these are a pack of a six of them this retails for $45 and the value is $72 I really just wanted to talk about this really quickly because I just feel like this is a really really good deal when it Comes to using the glitter at magnificent shadows so it comes with three glitter and glow shadows which I’m actually wearing right now I’m wearing one of the glittering glow shadows right now And the other side are the shimmer and glow this is absolutely new I had no idea first of all this is something. I got home I realized I said new Shimmer and glow, I thought there were all the glitter and glow shadow so that was kind of intriguing to me I was like wait I thought these were all the glitter shades so each of these you guys get 2.25 milliliters And honestly for an eyeshadow like it you don’t need That much, so I’m actually going to go in swatch the shade kitten which is a shimmer and glow shadow I don’t know what this is I did not know they came out with these. This is something. That’s new to me But as you can see right there. This is a shimmering glow. It’s gonna be a shimmery base for that show wow. That’s fucking nice Whoo child and it’s going to swatch a glitter one as well. Just I guess let’s see let’s go on swatch these right here This is in the shade smoldering satin right there so we get a shimmer and you get a glitter so if you guys are the type of people that really enjoy glittery shades or Something really bright and luminous onto the eyelid I think you guys would really really enjoy this set also you guys have been wanting to try out the Stila glitters But they’re actually kind of expensive for one of them alone for one normal sized one like this It’s $24, so I thought had value of you get six minis for 45 So I thought that was a really really good deal personally, and I really do enjoy these shadows a lot So I would definitely suggest checking out the Stila eye for elegance Kit of course they are minis, of course, but hey Let’s go and talk about another item We got these this is the Tarte high-performance Naturals blush Bazaar Amazon clay blush palette so this guy I bought it for $44 and it retails for one hundred and fifty dollars, so you are saving 806 bucks when you buy this this is the last one I was so happy I bought a house shook I was like please please let there be one more and this was the last one. It was like Thank you, Jesus. So this is what this guy looks like right here. This is an entire blush palette It’s a blush palette so the reason I wanted to include this in the best buys of the holiday season is because one it’s only $44 which of course is a lot of money don’t get me wrong It’s a lot of money, but with the value of being 150 I think I was like whoa the value of that was absolutely amazing and guys Tarts blushes are some of my favorite blushes of the entire beauty industry. I think they’re absolutely amazing I’m actually wearing one right now. They just last so long on the face it’s ridiculous, and they’re so smooth, and they’re so creamy and I’m always, just like I just honestly really truly love them, and I really do enjoy that they have a nice variety of colors in here They have some that are a little bit deeper and complained so a little bit deeper ones here Which would be great on darker complexions? They have some lighter ones? They have some corals. There’s some pinks. They have some mauves They actually have this highlighter. I think we got a highlighter We got two highlighters. I’m actually not the biggest biggest fan of tarte highlighters It’s not something that like tart like my first thought is not highlighters my first thought is like blushes and complexion products So I really really really do enjoy this. I think this is an amazing amazing value in an amazing amazing kit you get ten It’s a big fuckin thing look at my face look at my man face Fucking Pac Man up in this bitch so next item guys that I thought was a really really good value for what it was is This by Kat Von D. These are the everlasting liquid Lipsticks, this is the mini liquid lipsticks set it comes with one two three four five six seven eight eight lipsticks And it retails for $49. I think that that was a really really good deal I’m not exactly sure if this is for holiday or not because it does not say what the retail of value itself is But I thought you know what this is actually a really really good deal Kat Von D Has some really nice liquid lipsticks And it comes with a great variety of shades as you can see here that comes with like the black one a brown Some nice cool toned Jade some nude some warmer shades. You get some like cranberries some mauvies up in here Let’s go ahead and swatch a couple of them This isn’t the shade of sanctuary. I think these are just shades that are really really popular from Kat Von D each one of these guys is Point 10 fluid ounces. I’m gonna go and swatch sanctuary who’s kind of swatching a little streaky, but hey It is what it is. It’s right there like every other thing too worried. It’s going to swatch this one Hawkwind woo, Hawkwind I like that beautiful shade that one’s less tricky then sanctuary was right there beautiful shades I honestly think that Chi Bundy has such a nice variety of shades in her cult in her makeup line So that’s why I wanted to talk about this really quickly and of course it is just a good deal 49 bucks you get a liquid lipsticks. They are mini But it’s just a good deal If you guys wanted to get into liquid lipsticks, or using capital D liquid lipsticks Or just liquid lipsticks in general for a nine bucks eight liquid lipsticks That’s the win for me That’s a fuckin win so next I wanna talk about really quickly is another thing that they do every single year And I don’t know if you guys know about this, but sephora does this every goddamn year Which is a great fucking deal? This is the Sephora favorites perfume sampler, so I guess I technically did have to Sephora favorites So I bought this for $65 and a retails for 119 that’s the retail value of it basically what it is you Sample all these different types of scents and the scent that you like the most I think you go back and you return like your little slip That’s inside of it And they will give you the medium-sized of this Fragrance for free because you technically bought this so this is a really really good gift or just a good I don’t figure self you want to just try out different sands and you’re like Oh, I don’t know. What kind of something. I want to try it have some really really nice cents in here That was sold it very very well when I worked at Sephora 17 samples 17 Yeah, this has been going on since I worked at Sephora, so it’s been going on for years and years and years And it does well every single year, and they have another one for men as well I’ve seen this is a great gift to give someone so I really want to bring it up to you guys and be like yo, this sampler Is absolutely amazing these items I bought here are when I went into the store in Sephora and bought them I’m sure they have so many more different gift sets online But I didn’t buy these online I bought these in the source of your way into a Sephora store You should probably see all these items there And this is where I thought like wow these are really really cool sets good cool Gift ideas that people would actually really enjoy. Okay guys. We’re down to the last one. We’re down to the last one We got this guy right here, so the last item here is by touch insole these are the metallic liquid foil glitters another glitter Eye product that I absolutely love Comes with six okay guys so this retails for $40 and it is a $60 value so it is a little bit less of a value than the Stila one you guys only save twenty bucks on this guy, but again. It is a savings We’re saving money And so guys how these work it’s kind of like hard to explain so how these work you guys use the little liquid that it Comes with first and then you apply be like glitter Flaky part on top of it to give you a really really intense foiled metallic ass shit. That’s absolutely beautiful I’m actually gonna do it on my arm right now. Let’s do this really pretty golden So we have the liquid right here use the liquid side and you go in and apply the liquid on your hand or on your I what the fuck on your hand I mean, I’m applying on me and Fucking blinding fall okay play that let it kind of like soak up so once it’s starting to get a little more dry I like To kind of smooth it out with my hand it’s gonna be easier on the eye if you smooth out with your finger I just feel like it’s easier, and then I’m gonna go ahead and apply the more flaky part And this guy it comes out like a weird little paddle I’m not the biggest fan of the panel, but what you want to do is you want to apply it on? The shimmer and just pack it on oh definitely again with this one I would actually suggest putting it on to like a on your hand the back of your hand and then like packing it with that Because this is kind of a bitch to apply in this little area right there you see a little more of a white It’s so blinding it’s hard to see right there, so you can see right there This is the one that has the more glittery intense flakes This side is the one that does knock the camera can’t even figure it out with that blinding. Okay guys so basically It’s very similar to the Stila eyeshadows but it is a two in one type of process and it really intensifies the shades so much and it sets the Cream underneath it so they last a really really nice amount of time on the eye And you just get a really really fucking cool ass effect, and it’s just sickening and in hits So I thought this would be really cool I had no idea that they had this for holiday, and I think it’s really smart for touching soul to do this I feel like this is like one of their best products they ever created was The metallic liquid foil glitter product that they came out with so coming up with one that comes with six Okay, guys and that is it for my entire little gift guide for this season I just saw a bunch of these random items something You know what that looks like a really good set and I’ve these a lot of the items I have tried myself personally So I’m like you know what this would be a really great value for someone that has more of a beginner or someone That’s wanting to find Really good gifts to give someone that just didn’t really know like the way around the gift set or something like that I hope you guys enjoyed it Have a lot of fun of filming this video if you guys if you guys want to see me do one of these For Ulta, I can definitely make that happen I’m not really sure exactly what type of gift sets that they haven’t also if they have ones that are similar or the same Then maybe I won’t I can definitely do if you guys want to see it if you guys like this video I can tell you make it happen for you guys other than that. That’s it I’m gonna go off and play with zaiah and just go hang out and get some food I’m kind of fuckin hangry starting to get my own fucking lipstick not wearing yeah you guys Thank you so much watching today’s video. I love you guys so fucking much as always hope grace tonight or D Where you guys are and I’ll catch you guys my next video. Also of course. I will be linking every product I talked about today’s video linked down below So you guys actually have a good easy access to finding the products if you guys are interested in buying it online Yeah, guys. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. I love you guys so much. What right there. We go I? Need a need No, no Let me do the math On my calculator cuz a bitch can’t subtract anymore this retails for $45 and the value is $72 so you are saving Or juice able like one another one down another one bites the dust hey another one bats the motherfucking dust So now okay guys the world But yeah If you wanna pop one in my pussy hey I don’t have one so next time you could try, but I still won’t have one because I never had

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