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  1. Seems like the Short Treks would have been a good time to explore all the randos on the bridge that did nothing all of Season One. Since when is there a Star Trek where the bridge crew were basically extras? Most of which are women and POC I might add, in a show that keeps acting like it upholds diversity, and we know next to nothing about them. Haven't watched Season 2, hope they fix this.

  2. I love Spock's new horrible beard. It really tells me visually that they both respect and understand the character, and that they aren't desperate in any way.

  3. Meteor, Meteorite? What's the Matter? Any Shooting Star is probably just a Piece of Space Junk anyway. Allbeit it might be a Meteor, if someone shot an old british Engine into Space.

  4. Ok so I maybe I didn't know the thing about the meteor, but Rich can't pronounce "niche" so I guess we're even

  5. In that trailer, Spock says: "millions of lives could be stake," or whatever. But modern Earth has billions of people, let alone Earth in the future, on top of all the other civilized planets in the Star Trek galaxy. What a fucking dumb line.

  6. Season 2 of STD the search to ruin SPOCK! We are in a universe where we want no third season of STAR TREK or is that time. Funny how once we wanted much more TREK!

  7. Rick from the future yep they send the Discovery about 1000 years in the future. In fact they end season 2 with…wait that would be spoiling…better go back into the future where we have gotten rid of STDs!

  8. I feel like we're one step away from a literal Star Trek Holiday Special complete with the unspeakable level of badness that forces every fan to pretend it doesn't exist in order to not die of brain damage.

  9. Hah, joke's on you guys! The Red Angel wasn't really a supervillain. I bet you feel pretty stupid now!

  10. I guess you really nailed it here because I had pretty much the exact opposite reactions here and its probably just for different people.

    I liked Discovery even though as a massive sucker for everything Scifi StarTrek is the only franchise I cant really get into.
    Meanwhile I absolutely hate The Orville and I still suffer through every single episode because I am a masochist.

  11. 561 people have been to space and the fictional fanboys discuss what you would or wouldn't see in space. The government never lies. Believe them. Always.

  12. Friends as far as I’m concerned there hasn’t been a good, let alone great, Star Trek since DS9 in tv. I like the alternate timeline movies but other than that 21st century Trek has totally sucked ass. The original series,TNG, DS9, and the movies are all I care about!

  13. The Orville is trying to be Star Trek. Star Trek is trying to be Star Wars. And Star Wars has no idea what it wants to be.

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