Sober for the Holidays | Just for Today | Easy does it AA

Sober for the Holidays | Just for Today | Easy does it AA

Sometimes we just want to stay sober for the holidays, or at least Just for today. Easy does it AA, we NEVER signed up for sober holidays, sober christmas, OR sober birthday! Alcoholics Anonymous ruined drinking for me! I’m joking(kinda) Alcoholism is a b*tch! If you want to know how to stop drinking, like to be inspired by aa speakers, or are just plain sick of Alcohol. In early sobriety a recovering alcoholic truly IS recovering! Alcohol abuse, for the alcoholic, is synonymous with “highball” or “cocktail.” In this video, I talk sobriety quotes from AA and what it means around the holidays to be an alcoholic in recovery. Recovery quotes are a dime a dozen in the world of alcohol use disorder “keep it simple stupid” Sobriety, or the ability to stay sober, is better lined with alcoholism recovery stories, brought to you by Sober Jamessober for the holidays,Just for today,Easy does it AA,sober holidays,sober christmas,sober birthday,alcoholics anonymous,alcoholism,how to stop drinking,aa speakers,alcohol,early sobriety,recovering alcoholic,alcohol abuse,alcoholic,sobriety quotes,aa,alcoholic in recovery,recovery quotes,alcohol use disorder,keep it simple stupid,Sobriety,stay sober,alcoholism recovery stories,Sober James,AlcoholMasteryTV,Sober grid,viceland in this video I’m gonna share widen go
home for Christmas this holiday and what has to do with my alcoholism stay put so
every year I go I travel 800 miles to see my sister my niece and nephew my
cousins my aunts and uncles this year I didn’t I chose not to for a couple
reasons and I’m going to just share why in this brief video if you don’t know my
name is James I am a grateful recovering addict an alcoholic I drink and use
drugs for 20 years and I’ve been recovering successfully since January 18
2016 I post videos on this channel weekly feel free to subscribe and hit
the bell for notifications like and share to get this message out there
scroll all the way down if you’re on your phone to share with us your
comments and explore resources in the drop-down description where I’ve posted
recovery links so on and so forth as well as my patreon link if you’re
interested so I didn’t go home for Christmas this holiday
it’s December 23rd right now I was well whether or not you like the holidays is
your prerogative I’m sure you can relate when I say that
events like these I used to I mean one of my favorite Christmases was the
Christmas that I was old enough to drink without guilt around my family I was 22
21 and we drank and it was fun this was before all the negative consequences
this was before the designation of alcoholic was involuntarily the stove upon me what it
was I am an alcoholic and it’s just the way it is and if you are – it’s nothing
to be ashamed of it’s a condition however in recovery we have to face
these situations like holidays Christmas New Year’s is notorious for drinking
activities whether you’re alcoholic or not this season – my go long story short
I told my sister that I’m not coming up for Christmas she was disappointed but
as you may also know codependence is a word that gets thrown around a lot and
the definition is elusive if anything and but the way I describe
codependence which I have been plagued with a codependent psychology myself for
most of my life basically I played people’s needs in front of my own now I
had a need this in sobriety I’ve been gradually very slowly and they say
sometimes quickly sometimes slowly but gradually I’ve been putting my my needs
first so my sister expressed a need for me to come up there and I’m sure that my
aunt uncle cousins would like to see me as well but I don’t particularly like
the idea of driving 16 hours to go to Christmas parties that involve open bars
and buying gifts you know for people you only see once a year and stuff like that
I’m allowed I’m allowed that opinion and I had to come to terms of that so I
suggest my suggestion to all of you out there
that are having trouble with the holidays is you don’t have to do
anything that you don’t want to do you don’t have to please anybody but
yourself now this is probably the wrong message to be at relaying on a season of
giving but you know what I think Walmart invented that slogan the season of game
giving and I think Walmart invented Sam Claus so if you ask me which I know you
do I’m just kidding you don’t ask me but I’m gonna tell you
anyway I think Walmart invented Santa Claus and the slogan
the season for giving so I’m basically saying all this to say this I was I
still go uncomfortable around drinking occasions and I wish I didn’t and maybe
someday I won’t be but as it stands right now the reality is that I’m
uncomfortable when people drink recreationally I also get uncomfortable
when people get uncomfortable drinking around me so I don’t want to be the
buzzkill on anybody’s party and I don’t want to be uncomfortable while being the
buzzkill you know so I decided to stay here and I’ve been doing a livestream
every every day last night I had trouble with my camera I’m trying to fix it so I
decided to make this video by the way if you comment down below whether or not
you’d like my live streams preferred over my these kind of videos or
vice-versa I’d really like to know are you uncomfortable in the holidays
drinking occasions uh you know and trust me I wish I was normal but I
happen to be a very introverted and a very well non-drinking and if you ask me
holidays calendar holidays are defined by excuses for people to drink anyway
and then buy gifts you know it’s it’s consumerism and alcoholism marked on uh
on the calendar long story short this this season I decided to stay home and
make these videos and do live streams which I’m working on my my technical
problems so I can get back on that but until then I’ll just make sure this
video gets out and I do wish you all a happy holiday and to my sister a my and
my dad who I talked to anyway happy holidays sorry I couldn’t make it
instead of materialism I wrote my sentiments down I truly have love for my
family and I wrote it down and shared with them that and this season I’m
sharing with you all my live streams and this video to you alcoholics and addicts
out there I just say you’re not alone you know and being uncomfortable it’s
just the way it is some people have OCD some people have
depression anxiety schizophrenia we happen to have alcoholism addiction it’s
a thing so don’t feel uncomfortable enjoy your holidays and I mean I just
now came to came to terms with I’m allowed to have my opinions about the
holidays and you are too so until I see you again just keep it clean keep it
real and keep doing the damn thing and happy holidays

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  1. Am I the Grinch's cousin? Maybe lol Merry everything to you all nontheless! How do you like my "Joy to the World" remix beat? lol DJ You Know Who in the house!

  2. Right on. I am thankful you decided to spend your time on us. Love the music and the doggie! Here's to doing the damn thing.

  3. Hey James! I do like Christmas but not for the copious amounts of booze! It doesn't agree with me so I'm sober all year! Nearest I get to a drink is shandy! I care more about just spending it with my man doing whatever we please!

  4. Can completely relate, I am not going home to spend the holidays with my family for the same reasons. It’s definitely another excuse for people to drink, when you get outside of that behavior through sobriety it all seems pretty crazy.

  5. All of my family drinks but for some reason we don’t on Christmas – we have never included that part into any of our holidays. Makes for a stress free time for everyone! Hope you can see your family soon – won’t be around forever. 🎄I get it tho. Take care of you!!

  6. Thanks James. Good post! I came close to relapsing yesterday when my dad passed away. There’s a Xmas party
    Tonight, no way am I going.

  7. Just come back from pub to celebrate my twin lad's 18th. I've felt very anxious all day but I'm happy to say that I had a soft drink and still had cautious fun. Mum was drunk as normal which was fine, I would usually go and stay round my mums till Christmas afternoon but I just told her that I thought I was coming down with something. No drunk aunties, uncles and cousins. I'm proud of myself 311 day sober. Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas.

  8. Congratulations! I'm sitting here alone watching a movie. My family ,including the kids, who are older, are at a family gathering where most of the men will be partaking. Therefore, I'm sitting here like Scrooge.

  9. I have been sober now for one year two months. I still want to drink. Went to goal. Did it all. All I know is I'm angry and upset. On home detention. Stops me from doing so. Don't understand?

  10. Oh man, do I ever identify with this one. My family are only five hours away and I too am co-dependent and have decided to stay at home this christmas. Have already been guilt tripped about it; my aunt's drunk ass is already trying to start a fight about it on social media (face palm). But I'm cooking for a couple of sober friends, the house is warm and cozy and my animals are safe and happy. I live an hour away from wal mart headquarters!😂 Merry Chrristmas, James! Great video as always!

  11. Thank you for the video James. I didnt go home for Christmas either. Last year my mom and Aunt were wasted! Not kind of drunk.. WASTED and it was my first Christmas sober. I dont know what I expected but I felt so left out and awkward. This year I offered to be on call at work so I didn't go. You are right.. we can do something else and it doesnt mean we dont love our family. 😉 Merry Christmas!

  12. I chose not to go to my friends New Years party not because I’m an addict but because I’m trying to go into next year with a different mindset. It’s time to leave all the partying behind and start focusing on my goals and dreams.

  13. I got sober dec 22nd this year and I'm greatful I have the support of my family and I dont get uncomfortable around others drinking. My family all knows already not to give me booze bc I'm an asshole when I drink.

  14. I totally get it James. I’m in my early days and one of the things i find myself doing is being selfish. Not sure why. Saying no to bosses, friends. etc

  15. Good morning James!! This is a great vid..I can totally relate. My first sober Christmas in a few years..I didn’t drink last Christmas but I was ‘dry drunk’ and it was excruciating!! This year was hard as due to a consequence of my drinking I lost my relationship, so although sober I had to deal with all of the emotions that brings. But I hit up a couple meetings yesterday (Christmas Day) and had dinner with my sponsor’s family. I surrounded myself with the fellowship of A.A. who made the day bearable, if not wholly enjoyable 😌 so I am extremely grateful for that, and waking up this morning (Boxing Day in the UK) sober.
    How has your Christmas been? Deb xx

  16. Yeah unfortunately I fell off the wagon for my birthday and Christmas after I was doing pretty good for a while. Today’s my first day back on the wagon. I’m not one to get withdrawals anymore but it’s So easy to drink when you’re bored out of your mind. I’m currently not working but looking for a job and have too much free time on my hands. Any suggestions on how to avoid that boredom and lingering thoughts on drinking to pass the time?

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