Social Media Is Ruining YOUR Holidays!

Social Media Is Ruining YOUR Holidays!

Yo what is good guys it’s just me Dom, and
you look good! I haven’t seen you since last decade! Okay I’m sorry for that. It’s
one of those jokes that you know that you shouldn’t do but you do it anyway. So I
spent New Year’s Eve in Prague and it was absolutely wonderful so if you have the chance
to go there one day and definitely do it. So the next morning January 1st we were walking
down this hill which is like a park and the view from there to the city is splendid. Anyway
so we were walking downhill and all of a sudden I saw people running and cycling uphill and
I thought to myself: damn some people take New Year’s resolutions very seriously. If
they only knew that New Year’s resolutions only last till January 2nd. But I’ve made
some videos about New Years and New Year’s Eve and then expectations and January 1st,
video is not going to be about that. The reason I really like to travel is because every time
I come home, I come home with a little bit more as a person as knowledge as experience.
And during this trip of mine to Prague there was this one thing that really hit me while
I was watching New Year’s Eve fireworks from a rooftop in Prague. And it was one of
those moments that you can’t capture not on a photo not a video. It was an experience
that you had to embrace that you had to live. Fireworks 360 around you you, you were basically
on the same level as the fireworks so it’s something you can’t even describe. It was
absolutely wonderful mainly that I was with my girlfriend so there was love there was
champagne there was fireworks, like what else do you need? Anyway despite all this I was
trying to capture it, I was trying to take videos here are a few of them, and you
can see that these videos don’t give back the experience that I had I mean you can see
something you can see that there are fireworks happening all over the city but not the actual
experience. And I didn’t only want to capture it because I wanted to watch it back someday
in the future but because I wanted to post it on social media because I wanted people
to see it. In today’s world because of social media we feel the necessity to post about
our whereabouts our fucking holiday what we do what we see on social media for people
to see it. Because if we don’t it’s like it never even happened. But the problem is
that by trying so hard to capture a moment that we might as well just missed it. And
you know the ironic thing about this whole trying to capture a moment, is if you succeeded
to capture a moment like very well for your audience for social media they might as well
get a better experience than you, who were actually there. And that’s what I realized
during the fireworks that I was trying to capture it I was trying to take good photos
good videos so I can show it around on social media or just to look it back once in the
future, that I didn’t realize that that just embracing it and just living in that
moment that was happening then and that only is much better than trying to capture i. And
living in the moment is the only way that you can get a full experience. And honestly
what happens if people can’t see what you do where you are where you travel? Nothing.
We just feel like that it matters but it doesn’t. And one thing that I realized for myself is
that instead of taking a photo of everything during a trip or trying to take videos of
everything that it’s is enough for me if I just take one photocopy something for memory.
Because that one photo will be enough for me to evoke those emotions that I had or that
experience that I had and I can remember back because those moments if you lived them and
if you embraced them, will live in your memory and you can recall them anytime. So that was
the video for today I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that you can take home something
from it if nothing else than just that you need to go to Prague because it’s a beautiful
city. Make sure to give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it and don’t forget to
subscribe if you haven’t already. I’m gonna see you next week and until then just
do me one favor and stay tuned stay alive and stay well!

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  1. Good twist on the classic New Year's joke! I didn't realize you are in as great physical shape as you are. Props to Dom! Also, how does Prague compare with Budapest?

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