SOLVE THIS CRIME – Dan and Phil play: Layton’s Mystery Journey!

SOLVE THIS CRIME – Dan and Phil play: Layton’s Mystery Journey!

P:Hello, Dan & Phil Games detectives! D:Hi! *detective noises* D: Is Tomb Raider a detective? I mean it- P: It’s a mysterious noise! D: (Random blabbering) D: Out of all those people who solve mysteries, D: One of them is ~ Professor Layton ~ D: what WHAT?? D: It was umm..a series of puzzle solving mystery games on the Nintendo DS. It was my favourite thing to play when I was, like, sitting by a rainy window. and pretending to be intellectual. P: Pretending you could solve anything! D: Mhmm! Yeah. And then it was… out of my life; and now it’s back, in the form of…. D&P: Lady Layton! P: So today, I think I’m gonna be Sherlock Holmes and you’re gonna be Watson? D:What’re you sayin’? P: Well I mean.. I’m like, the Benedict Cumberbatch; I look like Benedict Cumberbatch… I’m more superior at mystery solving… I watched a lot of Scooby Doo as a kid! D: Scooby Doo is nothing good about mystery solving It’s just like, “This person tripped over this, Oh, it’s the groundskeeper.” P: *laughs* D: So this is a sequel! To the Nintendo DS Professor Layton game P: And we’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of it! D: A sneaky prevs P: So..let’s have a play! P: What language? We could make it really hard, and do it in Netherlands. D: That would add to the mystery! P: Español! D: I can test my French lessons from school. P: English! P: Layton’s Mystery Journey! D: (dramatic) Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy P: I’m already hooked because there’s a little dog outline. P: So there’s dogs in this game! D: That’s all I need to sign up for an app, okay. P: Yeah. I like the music, very mysterious. P: Ooh, (reading) enter a name for saved games What should we be? D: dAnAnDpHiL with no space P: Are we gonna fit that in? D: No, Dan.. Dan question mark… (sarcastically) Good one. P: Phil D: Phil typing on an iPad.. P: (laughing) There we go! D: DAN… QUESTION MARK… PHIL? D: That’s very- P: It’s mysterious though! D: mysterious, yes. P: (mysteriously) Aha.. D: …Repeating a joke I made at the start of the video.. P: *laughing* D: (reading) The story and characters in this game are fictional The character that looks like you that dies cause nobody likes them is just a coincidence. P: It’s just- that’s what it means D: It’s- stop getting paranoid. Not everyone hating another person is about you, Shirley P: (to Dan) Are you ready for a video D: …yeah. D: WOAH ORIENTATION SHIFT. Are you ready for some- P: Yeah D: Lore. Okay. P: Ooh, are we in London? D: *in a high pitched voice* A misty town in Yesteryear D: I’ll stop ruining this P: *laughs* D: Okay. P: It’s like an anime D: They’ve got a full on- P: Look at that D: *laughs* high quality cartoon right now Is that Lady Lay- Daddy! P: Daddy. D: Daddy (??) P: is the first word you hear D: No, this is not dream Daddy Young Lady Layton: Where are you going? Daddy? Daddy! P: This is sad D: Oh no, it’s cause we were off solving mysteries with him on the DS P: Oh! D: He abandoned his child P: That’s why! D: AUUGH Lady Layton: (as she wakes up) Uh! It was just a dream. P: Ohh D: Mm, interesting furniture. She’s got a house plant, P: Yeah. D: Which is a lot more alive than all of ours. P: What is hiding in that little box? D: Her shame. D: She opens the curtains. That’s why her house plants are alive. P: Ohh. That would make sense D: That hat is not practical on any level but I support it. P: It’s going to get knocked off by a diseased English pigeon. D: Probably Lady Layton: (exclaims happily) Today’s the day. My journey as a detective starts here! D: Day 1, wow P: She’s so happy about it. D: “Yeah, I’m going to see some corpses!” P: Aww! D: Look at this wholesome town! P: This is just what London is like! D: Oh I just said wholesome town, yeah, this, this is not, *sarcastic chuckle* D: what London is it like in real life P: Looks just the same, looks just the same P: I want a detective agency! “Philly’s Detective… World” P: Mystery solved for free D: *laughs* Please, I just want company. P: Yeah P: Lady and a Tramp D: Nice P: Is she going to eat some sensual spaghetti with someone? D: She’s going to kiss a dog. P: Whew! D: Whew, lad P: The dog is near D: Hello! Lady Layton: . . . There, all done! D: *HITS DESK* ADOPT HIM! P: PET THE DOG! Dog: Hey! You there! D: ADOPT HIM RIGHT NOW D: The dog has a very strange tail. P: It’s defying gravity. Lady Layton: Who said that? . . . Was it you? Dog: Can you really solve any mystery? P: Oh my god. D: I mean okay, I’m sorry sign me up for talking dog. Lady Layton: (suspiciously) Oh . . . a talking dog. Dog: You’re not surprised? Lady Layton: (unimpressed) It’s only talking. Dog: (insulted) Only talking? D: Not impressed, oh my god this is like Meowth, that dog trained for decades P: Exactly! D: to be able to talk and you’re just nonplussed P: My guess is that the mystery is that the dog is speaking. Dog: Let’s see you try your paw at this puzzle. D: That’s just the mystery. “Please help, I’m hallucinating talking dogs”. P: *laughs* D: Medication did not exist back then. P: Oh, he’s trying us out on a puzzle. D: Puzzle #1 P: Care for a cake D: It’s worth 20 Picarats P: It is just going to secrete a cake through the iPad because I’m down for that. D: *laughs* D: Let’s say at this point that this game is about solving mysteries and puzzles D: so if you’re ever interested in doing this yourself, it is a bit of a spoiler to watch us doing it. P: Yeah D: Presuming that we actually successfully solve any of these . . . P: So if we ever get close to solving something, we’ll put “SPOILER ALERT” and tell you how much you can skip D: We’ll flash on the screen so you’re safe P: skip, skip through the video P: Spoilers about D: For your protection P: *reading* “The letter ‘K’ has fallen down from the sign above the cake shop. D: Mkay P: I feel like he’s going to have more of a… D: It was me, running into the cake shop P: *laughs* Just like bounded forward D: “GIVE ME YOUR CAKE.” P: Use more of a Baker voice D: Oh what me? Okay D: *Baker’s accent* “Use the three triangles to make the letter ‘K’ inside the box.” D: Okay, we’re using shapes. The power of triangles to assemble a ‘K.’ D: Move them by sliding them, and you can rotate them by touching them. When the ‘K’ is formed D: you’ll have done it. Okay assemble that ‘K’ Phil! P: So we’ve got three triangles D: *agrees* D: Well I’m guessing that the big one is the edge of the ‘K’ so rotate that so that’s like that. P: Like that? D: Yeah P: And then that’s like D: One more P: Like that! D: That’s not a K that’s an H! P: It’s kind of like a K! D: No, what is wrong with you? D: Okay, I reckon you do it like this P: Why does it have to be on the edge? D: Because things have to be neat in this world, Phil. P: Oh P: That looks less like a K than mine did D: Like that, shh D: Delete this (?) P: That is awful D: That, okay, well, that, that was my attempt right there, this is, this is P: This is the prologue! This is meant to be the easy one D: a complete floppy ding dong D: Okay P: You need to stop saying ‘floppy ding dong’ D&P: Umm P: If you know like Layton games though it’s all about thinking outside the box P: so how can we… D: Except this time, we do have to make a K inside the box P: Yeah D: Umm, very literally P: See, I’m picturing what would happen if P: the K was made out of the white P: instead of the brown D: oh my god, OH P: Do you see? P: Because I just put that there so it’s D: So maybe it’s like you put one there P: Yeah D: And then you make a… D&P: *laughing* D: A… P: Oh no, that’s good, that’s good P: Because then you’ve got that, that looks like a K D: That’s a K! We’ve made a K, it’s just a bad K D: That’s a K P: That’s nearly, that, wait D: but on the prologue would they really accept D: *sh00K* Lady Layton: I see how to solve this now! D&P: Yes! We did it! P: I thought it was a K D: Mmm, *high five* boom, negative space P: That was the thing D: Is the first puzzle, oh my god D: Okay P: Like, I just, when you put the triangle there, I could just picture, the, the K D: Well done Phil P: The sign is fixed the shop is open again and look at our K! D: Time for a… D: Aww, that looks cool now P: Yeah D: Mmm, care for a cake, anyone? Yup, don’t pay me in money D: pay me in cakes, that would be a Dan & Phil’s Detective Agency P: How’d you like that, doggo? Dog: Alright, you seem to be up to scratch. D: Up to scratch, ha ha ha, hmmm . . . . Lady Layton: (promptly) Thank you. Why don’t you step inside? P: That’d be a bit of a sexy scratch then hmm? D: Yeah that was a bit weird D: The dog doesn’t support that P: Sorry D: ♪ Come inside dog ♪ Lady Layton: (serious voice) So, what can I do for you? D: I love her voice, it’s so like, Hermione Granger meets Beatrix Potter P: What can I do for you? D: The dog is like “why aren’t you reacting to me, this is very alarming.” Dog: . . . and I have total amnesia D: A talking dog with amnesia P: How’d that happen? D: The plot thickens Dog: If I could just remember my parents, it might make more sense. D: Oh no we have to help find the dog’s parents. D: I love his ankle rolls because of his floppy skin. P: Yeah *laughs* D: Got anything else? P: Oh it’s so anime, I love it. P: Oh my god, what’s going on there? D: I, I, I wanna solve that mys-, that’s an ancient civilization D: That looks like a terrifying dystopian future where mantid lizards exist, right D: Hello!: Boy: That, that dog! It just spoke! D: Is that the Watson in this? P:I think so D: That looks like you P: Yeah *laughs* D: I’m Lady Layton, you’re that guy Lady Layton: (passively) Apparently, he’s my assistant. I told him I don’t need help, but he won’t listen. P: Ernest! D: Ernest Greeves P: That’s, that’s a strong name! D: Amazing, I ship it P: Now we know he’s called Ernest Lady Layton: Well, here’s the paperwork then. Now, you’ll need a name. P: Pugsworth D: Sherl *laughs* Pugsworth? He’s not a pug. Lady Layton: How about . . . Sherl? Dog: Sherl? P: Sherl… Lady Layton: Well, you said you can’t remember your name, so I’ve thought of one for you. D: Like Sherlock, dun DUN P: Ohh Lady Layton: (proudly) With inspiration from the famous Sherlock Holmes! D: Sherlock exists in the same canon as Layton P: What D: My god, look at that guy’s face P: You can be Hatriell D: Inspector Hastings, whatever is the matter? D: You look positively beside yourself. P: You won’t believe what’s ‘appened! D: Who is this loud-mouthed, long-nosed nerk? He’s got more collar than me. D: *chuckles* P: This is Inspector Hastings, Sherl. From Scotland Yard. D: Scotland Yard, of course D: the idiot police, they need the special detective’s help P: Despite appearances, he’s actually responsible for ensuring London’s safety. P:What’s that mutt doin’ down ‘ere? Don’t tell me you’ve gone and bought yourself a pet? D: Kat. A pet? A pet! Do I look like a pet? … Don’t answer that. D: Sorry Inspector, to answer your question, no, Sherl here isn’t a pet. D: Rather, he’s my very first client. The first to have signed on the dotted line and enlist my services! P: Well strictly speaking miss, he can’t sign anything of course. He’s… digitally impaired. D: An excellent observation Ernest. Let me rephrase that then. The first to have put his paw print on my paperwork! D: *suggestively laughs in high-pitched tone* P: Ohhhhhh . . . P: Well anyway… D: He’s like “Why did I come here, these people are crazy?” P: We ‘aven’t got time to be discussin’ pets! P: I’ve got a case I need you on Kat. And I need you on it right now. D: Forget your parents, Sherl D: Perhaps it’s time you told us what has actually happened, Inspector? D: Ooo, get to it mate P: Well, it’s ‘ard to believe, to be honest. I mean, you’d never expect somethin’ like this to get nicked. D: What? Something’s been stolen? A burglary case is it? P: Of sorts, yeah, but not your average run-o’-the mill burglary. This affects everyone in London. D&P: In the ‘ole of Britain! D: This is incre-, as a British person, I am loving this immensely. D: The Queen’s Crown P: I think you better just come to the scene. Then, I’ll explain everythin’ D: That sounds like a very good idea. Lead the way. D: Hello! Isn’t there a little matter we’re forgetting here? What about figuring out my true identity? D: Oh yes! Well, the trouble is… This new case sounds just sounds a lot more interesting. D: Frickin’ slapped P: Oh Sherl D: Ernest and Sherl, in the corner of Lady Layton’s priorities D: Now, lets get to the scene and start investigating! P: Yes! D: Where are we going, inspector? P: Just down the road as it ‘appens. To Big Ben. D: Someone’s stolen the BELL P: ~The Hand That Feeds~ D: *hmm* D: uh oh P: uh oh D: What is it, the clock is there D: BUT (High pitched) D & P: Someones stolen the hand! D: How would one get about that? P: How would you even get up there D: That’s a whole diddly operation P: It was spider-man. Tom Holland wants more attention. D: *wot* D: (mumbles)Honestly what a fiend D: Lets get straight down to business and start investigating. D: Let’s start with the top of the lamp post, shall we? P: ok. Tickle the top of the lamp post. D(singing) : Investigate the lamp post, investigate the child (P: That’s not it) D: Suspicious, you did it I’m onto you (P: do the lamp post) D: I’m onto you P: Come on Kat, what are you dawdlin there for? The case woman, the case! D: woman . . . D: Now now inspector, less haste more speed! D: Investigations need to be carried out carefully, and above all, you must record everything at each step. P: Hmph, teachin Grandma to suck eggs, are you? (D: *slightly awkward laugh*) (P: He’s a bit angry) D: Let’s just go over the most important items in my bag. D: WHAT BAG P: ~oo~ D: Okay so you can save, you can look over your notes for when your done- D&P: WARDROBE D: Now this is important. Okay. (P: Yes!) D: ~ We found the content~ P: Let’s investigate the hand. (D: hmm yes) D: The first area of intrigue. They have ascended with their floating powers. P: It’s true! The short hand really is missing! D: (sarcastically) Good one, Ernest. What, you couldn’t have seen that across the field? D: Inspector Hastings, can you summarize what you’ve found out so far? P: Not quite a lot, really (D: Good one) P: There was a bobby out on the heat ‘ere last night who confirmed nothing was amiss at 11:50 (D: ten to midnight) P: It wasn’t until six this mornin’ that we got a report from a stunned local who ‘appened to- D: glance at the clock D: oH MY GOD it’s her thinking face (P: What’s happening) D: We got out first clue ok (P: Six hour window ~ooh~) D: We fit the clue in the right place. D: No P: I can immediately see where it goes. D: That-that was a lot easier than forming the K. D: Let’s find out if anyone around there has noticed what’s wrong with the clock tower. D: They might have infor- (gibberish) useful information for us. P: He looks shifty. D: WAIT. I want to go in the bag. D: This is very important. D: (singing) wardrobe. P: Yes D: So we have usual attire Both: coatless D: Kat for when it’s warm and that’s too formal P: that’s for the summer, D: dating dress Both: OHHH D: oh, hello, okay P: That’s the DLC. D: tomboy D: (intensifies) equestrian D: (intensifies) ENSEMBLE P: That’s – I want my ensembles to be like that. D: Slay me, Jesus D: I love that there’s so many – they’re giving the people what they want here (sassy) sky-blue D: statement P: So each of the DLC clothes comes with its own puzzle, as well. D: Rea- P: Yep. So you can download an outfit and get a puzzle. P: That’s me. D: Daddy’s girl. P: Okay, that’s not me. *laughing* D: Well, now I have something to live for. P: We’re gonna keep the detective her on for now, I think. D: Yeah, I mean, I think we need the hat. The hat’s what’s important. P: Yeah. D: Look at that man holding a camera (P: He’s shady af) D: mmMH P: Top o’ the mornin to ya! It’s jacksepticeye! D: oh go- (now basically yelling) aWHHHATSUHPEVERBOHDY P: Got a minute to answer a few questions? D: *awkward smol laugh* P: oh, um all right! D: *another awkward smol laugh* P: I’m investigating the extraordinary disappearance- D: INVESTIGATING P: *snicker* I can’t do an Irish accent! D: This is regional dialect reading test P: So did either of you ‘appen to see anything round these parts last night? (high pitched) D: We’re the ones investigating this! P: Such as, for instance, a person or persons transportin’ large ‘and-like object?
(D: Well that’s what we want to know) P: And at present as I mentioned D&P: aforementionedly P: I am investigatink (investigating) (D: laughing) P: the disappearance of Big Ben’s . . . P: I’m afraid to say that my own investigation – I’m just going to do my voice – is just getting underway. D: So he knew literally nothing. P: Nope . . . D: (Quietly) The child . . . The child . . . (Louder) Right, okay. D: Dodgy couple . . . P: Yes. D: Lurking man . . . P: Yep. D: Book reader . . . P: We ought to miss him . . D: HIM. He’s obviously fishy. Look at that guy. P: Yeah. D: (loudly) STACHENSCARFEN! P: *laughs* (to Dan) That’s you. D: Wha- Sta- That sounds German. P: Yeah. (accented) Stachenscarfen. D: Well, how long’s it been would you say? *laugh* D: How long? I’m sorry, do we know each other? I’m fairly sure I’ve never met you before, sir. D: (in an accented tone) Know each other? In a way, yes. In a way, no. *laugh* D: I think his scarf’s too tight. P: You’ve rather lost me, I’m afraid. I, um, don’t suppose you noticed anything about the Elizabeth Tower last night, did you? D: I was already dreaming sweetly by by nightfall yesterday. D: You’re an early sleeper, are you? So you wouldn’t have seen anything? (stops reading) OH AFTER MIDNIGHT STACHENSCARFEN WE’RE ONTO YOU P: Oh, it’s definitely it. D: (accented) Heh, heh, heh. Is that all you wanted? Tell you what, how about a little puzzle to occupy the mind? P: I say- D: I don’t think he’s German, but the name was proper German. P: A puzzle? D: Oh, here we go. (starts reading) The world is full of puzzles, Earnest. D: Sometimes during an investigation, people do come out with puzzles for you to solve. It’s all part of the process. D: Well, just whack out a little rearrange the shape thing. Phil: *laugh* D: So let’s see what sort of puzzle we’re dealing with here. D: Layton! P: Puzzle time! D: Okay, well, rearranging the “K” was challenging, so, I’m just gonna put this out there . . . P: Yeah. D: Are you ready? P: I’m so ready. D: (reading) The clock is currently at 3:30. It would be nice if it was midnight. What would be the minimum number of places you’d need to touch on the clock to show the desired time. D: So, what does that mean? P: Okay, so, we need to wind a clock – you use your finger – D: Yeah. P: So what is the minimum number of times you’d have to touch? P: So what time’s it now? Half-past . . . three . . . D: What does the touch do? P: Well, you like – if it’s a clock you, like, twist the . . . D: But you could do that in one touch, couldn’t you? P: Yeah. D: So . . . P: One. D: Well, that’s obviously not how it works. P: Well, that’s, that is how it works! D: *laughs* D: Okay, let’s type in one . . . Submit. P: Oh, here we go. Lady Layton: Oh no, that’s not what it means. D: So. I mean, okay. You can wind it up, which is zero. P: So wha- But how else could you change the time? D: Waiting until it’s midnight. D: *laugh* I mean that- P: Do you- Do ya think that could- like- D: Okay- Wha- P: That’s not wha- D: Wha- Wha- We need to- we need to just think about it. D: Cuz that “K” thing, we spent ages- P: It’s about-
D: just rearranging that “K” P: Think outside the box. D:and it was a negative space. P: So you’re just saying just have a nap, wake up, and it’ll have change D: So I’m s- You say one was wrong D: Because you could wind it with one finger. But th-that kind of lateral thinking is probably what they’re after D: So I’m just gonna say zero, because you can j- you can just wait P: No… D: Yeah, I don’t- I mean, that- sure, why not, it’s not like you have lives…. do you have lives Lady Layton: Puzzle Solved!
P: *Claps* Well done D: Was it for the reason that I said? P: I- I think it was D: I bet they’re gonna be like you put your hand through the clock do it with your foot P: You ARE the clock D: (reading) There was no need to touch it, all you need to do was wait for midnight to come P: Ahhh D: (reading) Very Impressive. Let’s hope you tackle all of ze puzzles you’re going to face so convincingly. P: That was good! D: ??? D: I’m sorry, that was offensive D: (reading) We’ve investigated all we can around here, I suggest we head closer to the tower. P: Let’s do it P: (reading) To the scene of the crime at last! I say, this is rather exciting! D: OH you wanna see a dead body do you Ernest wanna get real wanna see crime up in your face I DON’T THINK YOU CAN HANDLE IT ERNEST
P: *adorable giggle* D: (reading) Hello Miss, uh-let me see oh yes that’s right, Miss Layton, Inspector Hastings mentioned you.
P: *laughs* Th-that’s what D: (reading) He um, ah yes, here it is. You’re assisting with our investigations. I see. So we’re to share information and resources. D: (reading) Thank you officer, that will be very helpful. D: (reading) Another on-the-ball detective, is it? P: (reading) Yes, this is DC Nick Booker. One of Inspector’s Hastings’s men.
D: *laughs* D: He nicks them, i-is a- is a Nick, but he throws the book at them
P: Ahhh I got it D: (reading) Ah yes, well according to our enquiries, it seems there’s been an outbreak of um…. Ah yes, of metal theft in the Capital recently. P: (reading) Metal theft?
P: Another clue, complete!
D: *squeals* Oh, we’ve done it P: Wait I can do this one
D: Okay go on Phil, do it D: *laughs* Really, it was right there
P: Wait-wait I’ve got it, I’ve got it D: yES
P: (reading) Metal theft D: I live for the positive reinforcement of Lady Layton being happy that I’m assembling the clock hand D: Hello Copper, loitering as I- look at that hat P: (reading) ‘Ello ello Miss Layton
D: *laughs* That is exactly what he looks like P: That’s what his face looks like
D: With his tiiiny face P: (reading) Inspector Hastings has instructed to give us all your full co-operation D: (reading) Could you just tell us what you’ve found out so far? P: (reading) I’d be glad to, Miss. We ‘ave ascertained that on the night in question, that being last night, there was no one ‘ere. D: WELL WHO STOLE THE HAND THEN
P: WOW that’s so helpful D: (reading) Now we’ve spoken to the investigating officers, I think it’s time we had a look inside the clock tower
P: YeAH, get in there D: (reading) Ernest…. hahh… Greeves… hah…. You should be.. hah….. ashamed of yourself, getting…tired out so… easily…. D: (reading) You’re panting harder than he is? (Imitates a dog out of breath lmao) D: (reading) Oh look! It’s spectacular! I’ve never seen the internals of the clock tower before. Magnificent!
P: That’s just what we were saying! D: *agrees* P: (reading) Being inside such a huge and important landmark like this is rather splendid, isn’t it? The clock face and the cogs are so enormous! D: I know what gets you gOING, ERNEST
P: *laughs* D: (reading) Sometimes, as you’re investigating, you come across something unexpected. P: Unexpected?
D: Like a CORPSE P: I wanna do it
D: Okay Phil, find the cranny. D: How good is Phil- P: There, there there there D: at finding that spot D: He found it, there we go
P: Yeees, I’ve discovered a Reddish Wristwatch D: Reddish wristwatch, reddish wristwatch
P: Say that 10 times
D: Reddish wristwatch *struggling*
P: Reddish wristwatch (Random Blabbering) D: Another hand
P: (reading) Both hands present and correct on this face, at least D: (reading) That would be a good puzzle, wouldn’t it? I’m a face, but I have no eyes, no ears and no mouth. But I do have hands however, what am I? (low voice) Both: A clock D: (reading) As it happens here though, there’s a different puzzle here, oh look, do you want to try it? P: (reading) Well, I am the personal assistant of the great detective Miss Katrielle Layton, so I ought to tackle a puzzle or two myself
D: Get. That. Self. Esteeeem! YES P: Puzzle Three
D: Heck, Puzzle…. Forty?! P: Bubble Blast
D: Oh my god its like a thing that you- D: (reading) Shoot the bubbles from the cannon to burst all the bubbles floating. D: Okay. Phil this is our THIRD puzzle, in this video
P: This is our FINAL puzzle for this video D: I don’t- We’ve had a hard ti- Oh I mean, we might be if we don’t do it
P: *laughs* D: Okay, right. So, (reading) the chain needs to contain at least as many bubbles as the number displayed on the bubbles in it. D: Okay so, it is 5-5, 2-2, 4-4 whatever
P: Yeah D: Well, we need to make a chain of two 2s vertically, so just pop a 2 next to- Oh D: Can you do that? P: Like that? D: Yeah yeah yeah D: BOOM, done
P: Yes
Both: Now do threes D: Easy!
P: Yes, we got this! D: Now, now, we need to get four 4s, then, put a three…… (thinks) P: Do you know what you’re doing or are you just- D: Yeayeayeayeaaaaa
P: These children look terrified by the way D: Standing in front of a cannon P: What is happening to them D: Okay, Boom, woah easy peasy P: Oh okay, well that’s alright D: Then you just go like this- P: Yes! D: HOIYAAAAHHHHH P: Then there’s two 2s D: Two 2s… Oh no P: Oh and we missed it D: Oh we f-ed it P: Ohhhh D: An impasse D: Right, we get it now, okay, so.. P: Let’s put the 4s in straight away in the middle D: You reckon? D: Or the 5s first? P: You can put a 4 there *points* D: Then that’s just gonna break all of that D: Then let’s just get rid of the fives, cos’ the fives are trash P: Yeah D: Then we need to get rid of this three.. And I reckon those twos… P: Yesyes D: And I reckon these threes…. D: And then we can be like, two… four…
P: Yeah yeah *Claps*
D: Four…. four…… P: Aw nice one! D: King of Bubbles P: I would have not been able to do that D: Really? You-you play a lot of uhhhh-uh-um shape popping apps P: True, may-maybe D: By yourself….. During the day D: So I think we’re like halfway there then, to discovering WHO STOLE THE HAND P: Who do you think stole the hand? D: Um.. I think it was an inside job P: Oo.. Do you think it was the police P: I think it was the dog D: I think it was Ernest… Just doing it for attention P: Ooooo D: It’s like, h-he’s making the mysteries, just so he can spend time with Lady Layton P: You got it, that might be it D: *Nods as he discovers a ground-breaking discovery* P: Anyway, we can’t solve the whole mystery, w-we can’t spoil it for you guys D: No I mean, w-we, IT’S THE WHOLE GAME D: I feel like that was a good taste of the mystery solving experience P: Yeah, you’ve given it a little lick (OwO) but you don’t know the full answers P: Cos you can go find out yourself! D: You just ruined the nice….. description P: *chuckles* Like you got the flavour D: Why’d- no, no- P: Like a lollipop D: Stop with the licking D: So it’s like cute anime character storyline, a detective in a nice world and solving the puzzles P: Yeah I love the puzzles D: With some BIG japes in theeere P: So if you wanna check out Layton, there is a link in the description, it is on the Apple Appstore and the Google Playstore for $15.99 D: It is basically like… Having a console game on a mobile device though D: And it is actually cheaper than a Nintendo DS game P: Yeah, it is half the price of Nintendo Layton
D: Which is reasonable D: I mean, I’m just here for the anime to be honest, like the show that I’ve just started watching D: Soooo there we go D: *smirks* A lick of the Layton lolli P: Yeah P: Sooo give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this mystery solving D: If it inspired you to go solve the mystery…. that we left HANGING IN FRONT OF YOU P: You can subscribe!
P: *laughs* By clicking our buttons! Our last video’s over there D: Last vid *Points*
P: And.. go solve some mysteries of your own :3
D: Im gonna go kidnap a talking dog *detective noises*

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  1. Walking to Philly's Detective World right next to Lesty's clippers while having cake from Phil's Crusty Treats.🍰☕

  2. You know what's also a good mystery? Why dan and phil aren't coming to South Africa. How about they do and we can wrap this up

  3. I'm going to make business cards for Philly's Detective World and on the back, I'll put his number and a message saying " Please, I'm lonely."

  4. This game was my childhood, honestly. My sister and I played it all the time and if I ever got stuck on a puzzle then she could help me though that. Funny though because we had them all saved on one cartridge and we lost that

  5. … You can solve that one Dan, all those things she went on about were from older games… The miracle mask, the unwound future and the diabolical box (which was called Pandora's box here)

  6. "she opens the curtains, thats why her houseplants are alive"

    me, staring at my closed curtains at 1pm: why are dan and phil so painfully relatable??

  7. Having my favorite people play my favorite game is a dream come true, anyway, can you please play more? It’s $16 (in usd) here so it’s almost impossible to get on a phone or tablet, so please do! (my fav cases are 10, 11, and 12)

  8. May I just joke about LICKING THE CRIME and suspect Phil for being CONNOR, THE ANDROID SENT BY CYBERLIFE because of it thanks.


  10. Phil: it was Spider-Man, Tom Holland wants more attention

    Me: screams cause one of my favorite people is talking about another one of my favorite people

  11. Who else played spectres call and cried over loosha near the end?? Loosha is the definition of “She protect, she super cute but most importantly she give that spectre the boot!

  12. Big Ben's hand being stolen doesn't affect the "'ole of Britain" anymore because it's been shut down for repairs until 2021

  13. Phil: That's me.
    Dan: Daddy's Girl.
    Phil: Okay that's not me.

    I spat water all over my laptop when this happened.

  14. Me being me:
    The dog is Sherlock
    The girl is Sherlock
    The bitch boy is John
    All the cops are Greg
    and the thief is Drumroll

  15. Dan said he was the girl and Phil was Ernest. Then he said that he shipped the girl and Ernest. I wonder. Just saying idk if it means anything but I just noticed that.

  16. Katherine was referencing the Layton series and Dan just said he wants to solve the mystery of the ancient civilisation… Go buy the game hhhhh

  17. 7:17 The three scenarios that she mentions are references to plots in past Layton games:

    "A diabolical box that can kill you" – Professor Layton and the Pandora's Box/Diabolical Box (depending on where you live, the name is localised differently)
    "A letter from the future" – Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
    "A relic from an ancient civilisation" – Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

  18. Dan said Phil was Ernest and that he was Lady Layton, and then not long after he said he shipped it omg lol

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