SOMEONE Set Camp MINECRAFT on FIRE! (Funny Moments)

SOMEONE Set Camp MINECRAFT on FIRE! (Funny Moments)

so I asked you guys recently on my community tab on my youtube channel what are the games you like watch I said you know call GTA Garry's Mod only for tonight and I did not anticipate the comments look at these kind of minecraft minecraft play minecraft minecraft minecraft minecraft minecraft I like minecraft minecraft play minecraft minecraft minecraft and lucky blocks minecraft minecraft minecraft minecraft minecraft minecraft minecraft minecraft so we did it that's right okay we're starting camp minecraft it's a minecraft server with all the boys I'm on it sund'ys on it biffle's on it Nika was on it Ambrose on it gold actual and hen we are all on it and then probably some more friends popping in and out to say hi to uh and in camp my craft we're gonna just run around it play minecraft together I guess cuz this this is what you said you wanted we started with vanilla server we're going old school boys we're gonna master are we gonna have some funny moments and this first episode was a lot of fun guys so listen if if you want minecraft bag to prove it to me alright I listen to the comments and I did it but I need you to prove it to me if this episode gets 5000 likes we'll do we'll do another episode of Minecraft alright you Baba microwave 5000 likes also don't forget to subscribe if you're new we're in a sub war with Nico and I can't have him winning no sir no sir I got to catch him up and beat him to 300 K don't forget to turn notification so you don't miss any of my daily uploads and guys if you want minecraft to come back on the channel some it's not going back all the way nobody panic which W fortnight we still played board games like you know and clue me a little minecraft every now and then show it some love prove me wrong prove me that minecraft belongs back on this channel and we'll do it I hope you enjoyed this video stop stop throwing turn on the campfire yeah the work is sorry anyway you are not smoking pimple I will shut this minecraft server down I can / stop it I will all right listen welcome to camp minecraft we're gonna we're gonna break the ice bite pass it around the circle everybody say their name it's something excited about to play Minecraft with every your first what's your name amber name is so I am excited to play Minecraft because like I'm just paper you can you feel a picture around okay alright sorry because I love Minecraft and my friends are here okay the wall whoever has the wall can talk holy see gold ass a dealer this is my turn to speak I have the bull hi I'm Biffle with I I like long walks on the beach and I like dirt oh no get out of the fire thank you fire gold your own that's on you buddy okay okay um my name is gold and I am especially excited to be playing Minecraft yeah into a job interview okay hi my hello Henry my name's Henry and we I'm excited a big house the smoke is coming right into my yeah I know it's alright what's your name alright I have gathered you all here today my name is the day of the week okay okay uh-huh Wednesday Monday Thursday I like Friday for the piggies videos are gonna be all right hello to all your baits belong to me I already don't regret this I played Minecraft with pitbull for like seven years dude does the babies [Laughter] we're like four minutes into the episode oh my gosh are you kidding that's what I'm talking about monster demon I don't remember being this hard dude we have a bomb I'm fighting this valley tone way our camp was to those oh they stay there unless you sleep Oh I got seven of them now why you a single piece of iron I was actively mining that iron and Henry just comes over like oh my phone I run no we're supposed to be working you guys are Britain of you take it back I'm trying to find one more all I can find are horses I mean we don't need beds anymore no dummy that's our goal for the video oh wait we have a goal I thought we were getting beds I mean I already have are we playing kill the zombie for Lu twelve white wool oh wait seventeen way wound these beds where okay all right odd flex but nevertheless that is a very odd flag alas all right guys guys what if okay this is the maybe what if we push their beds together and then like told stories in state of all night roasted marshmallows he's a bed welcome to camp minecraft I here you go your bed thank you Vega where are you guys at the house yeah who's over here it's the provillus wait did Cole already just leave us wait this whole time we're just done the spawn late what's the coordinates I don't know zero zero cool we just started you can't leave already dude yeah why we put a world border dude you know what I'm lower in the world border so cold I don't want to brag but now I've become one of them I have the ominous banner oh I got you a housewarming present it's adorable [Laughter] guys I think lost weight by Sonny Boy I don't know why didn't my stuff it's program Zico broke it when he set it up I'm not in bed yet I don't need my bed some I better here I'm sick we see you ever I see you oh no oh no oh no I'm so dead I'm so dead what I guess it's a majority oh wait you fight a lot already know somebody who's like Dragon an alpaca buy like a rope of the wood so it's a one-way merchant a watery birds always sell stuff that's asleep puffer fish anybody need a bucket of put my selling no those are points of emerald to trade no we found emeralds yet get out of here two minutes in the game anybody got my diamonds or my bologna and we know what's up I got more you can trust me fine can't we though I haven't done anything destructive in the first 30 minutes you guys should trust me okay did the first 30 minutes yeah yeah yeah that's actually fair that's actually ferrite dragonball betrayal what what sorry well I just I was I couldn't quite I had something betray I'm sorry I can't hear you over nothing what happened Who am I I don't know who are you you're sad are you who am i who aren't I oh yeah you guys nobody thought of using the stairs for their roof yeah like a bunch of bots I found why written we don't even talking about yet uh I don't care about roofs dude I'm making a beachside house dude wait don't you need a no wait wait oh no no nico went silent is he gonna hide oh I don't want to brag or nothing but I'm the first person with glass on the server so whoa show you in a minute yeah and you want to go to another with me what do you think I'm working on right now come on probably a mark probably a house hot stuff yes I mean show me oh wait I need we get some wood hey Ben what's that right there what's that right there what is that look under your house look what's women under your house my house very modern what do you think it's warm Goddard and sheets I think that's Niko's phone what is that in your hands if niffle what does that know Biff okay it's a pork chop nope nope Mabel what is that pickle I don't trust you with pork chops chill out dude it's not like I found TT in the first 30 minutes come on wait where you going before I'm taking a stroll around the neighborhood it goes down to Asia are you – why don't you just put obsidian next to my house in wait he already has a plan you live really far away there's just an obsidian blog next to my house now it's saved why are we sweating I'm server yes you do I'm not sweating where's Biffle wiffle don't worry about me no I'm very worried about you because of the porch on your hands [Laughter] outside my window such a noise can I have like one piece in the very middle is that is that allow just one tiny little I guess Oh a streamer obsidian huh fine I'm in bed is everyone in bed GGG I'm in bed too dreams made of this stop making another portal while we're sleeping I'm just lying in bed and I'm also in bed if we're lying in bed [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] listen I'm almost dead I need help oh my gosh I was hoping you would be asleep still to be honest I want to see this where's the fire I was I was digging for like an hour under there what do you mean it's only goat yeah well gold hasn't said a word he just ran off into the sunset and did stuff so I don't know I like fire we disbanded yeah I can I sleep it's barely no thanks to most of us well maybe the real night was the friends we made along the way okay oh yeah yeah need me to light that fire bring it to a previous in cells don't worry about it don't you don't you do it I'm just gonna break it over no I don't like that you're telling oh I got a dude I got it guys guys let's oh I see why you need me guys don't do this you don't need to do this right now you know worst episode boys up work going in what will they find in the feather tune in next time to find out I'm leaving yeah that's a bad idea [Laughter] [Laughter] nothing you learn nothing good life is meaningless and we're all gonna die at least I still have this thing in my head this comes along goes into my house I thought the piece of obsidian then runs away yeah I thought I was bad with lighting people's houses on fire that's somehow worse yeah cuz I can get rid of this dude your house I gotta go find diamonds like no my grant you know I'm gonna shoot you with this bow I'm gonna shoot you with this do it and review this is very small you're lucky I'm arrows yeah they don't fire so don't underestimate the power of the Biffle whiffle dude I will find a way yeah they say love finds away but Biffle finds away oh I find a way enjoy obsidian voice yep enjoy it can't break this you always would do with this got a diamond pickaxe boy house hi everybody well that's gonna do it for the first episode of Minecraft camp are we really calling your minecraft kid oh my gosh I've been raging in streets slapping my desk the whole time the real I think we might actually be calling it minecraft camp all right I think we might actually be calling you my craft is leave a comment down below do you want us to call Minecraft camp all right here's the deal III listened I tried out some minecraft because you guys wanted to if you want more minecraft hit that like button show this episode crazy love alright make it so that I have to keep doing my craft it's not gonna be every day alright we're still gonna do for a night we're still gonna do everything else but this was really fun so I want to keep it alive if we get to 5,000 likes on this you get another minecraft episode that's the deal thank you so much for watching check out everybody description below show those series some love as we try some new content and I'll see you tomorrow with another video bye

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  1. sigils plese tell me what you used to make that server me and my friends are trying to play but we dont no how to make a server

  2. This is my first time watching you i seen you on ssundee channle and this is amazing content keep the good videos 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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