SPECIAL EPISODE: Papa’s first international trip!!! Huurraayy!!

SPECIAL EPISODE: Papa’s first international trip!!! Huurraayy!!

Jellie: Where are you going? Jellie: Yes, but, but, but Jellie: but Papa knows more on Jellie: how to go through
(security) Jellie: but you wanted to go
first This is what she did. “Let’s go” She did not follow (protocol) I was just observing others
while waiting in line I was just observing them removing belts and other items Jellie: How about Mommy? Papa: She did not mind them
Jellie: Sprinted? This is what she did there “Who are senior citizens?” When they said This is what she did I have an (senior) ID here Bruce: We’ll be riding 2 trains Bruce: First we’ll go to the
city then Bruce: Next train will be going
near our hotel Jellie: Once she see’s my camera
is on Jellie: She poses right away Jellie: (Mom) My your swaying Jellie: But your partner is
out of breathe Jellie: My that’s how much Papa
loves you Bruce: Wow mine?!?! Bruce: I’ll just make my own! Bruce: Mean? Not me Let’s see your tired face Papa: Is there other far places
we’re going? Mommy: Papa is asking if we’re
going farther places? Mommy: Cause Papa wants more Come here

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