Special Presentation- Star Trek- The Crier In Emptiness

Special Presentation- Star Trek- The Crier In Emptiness

[Applause] hello and welcome to a Triangulum audio studio special presentation while searching for something deep inside a closet in my home I ran across a bunch of old Star Trek powerhouse records these records told Star Trek stories and were directed at children around the ages of five to twelve years of age playing some of them on my USB record player I thought hey this would be an awesome hidden treasure to share with you all but me being Who I am I simply couldn't just play the record for you I had to add my own finishing touches to it and so I've edited this story together as a Star Trek the animated series episode it's not perfect but I think it adds a little something to it so without further ado here is power records Star Trek the Cryer in emptiness I hope you all enjoy [Applause] captain's log stardate fifty-four 44.9 the enterprise is on a charting run with a partially explored borin sector since this region seems relatively devoid of Suns and planets we expect to be finished here in a few days Kirk out not soon enough for any chemistry board mr. Connors I thought you liked solitude on fire I did captain but there are limits to one's ability to enjoy nothingness look at the screen no planets worthy of investigating hardly any stars not even any interesting phenomena like quasars or black holes or red socks just parsecs and parsecs of nothing we should be through here by tomorrow ship time Connors in the meantime lieutenant two ahora yes captain aren't you going to acknowledge acknowledge wasn't that an incoming communication no sir I thought it came from the navigation console mr. solo there's nothing here sir there that's it all systems neutral captain it's not any of our instrumentation what is it mr. Spock I don't know in some sense all scared Laura are you sure nothing's trying to fall in positive captain no one on board is sending either yes hello mr. Connors all clear captain no sign of any auditory malfunction all instruments functioning normally Connor are you sure there's no ship out there certain captain Lee if there is it doesn't register on our screens mr. Spock anything from the computer nothing definite captain we appear to have encountered a previously unknown physical phenomenon there are planes indication that is entirely localized while remaining diffuse that's contradictory mr. Spock [Applause] [Applause] All Hands this is the captain speaking I'm aware that this assignment has been less than exciting thus far this is no excuse for interfering with ship's communications whoever is generating semi musical noises on the fringe will please see such activities immediately I guess that this doesn't sound like any kind of music I have to agree Spock but if the source isn't outside the ship and it is an inside and where is it coming from an excellent question Captain's Log supplemental the mysterious music has been with us for three days now and gives indications of increasing rather than abating every effort to locate some source for the sounds of food and fuel we're no closer to an explanation now than we were days ago I feel it incumbent on me to point out that if this keeps up true efficiency is power to some I'm aware of the problem mr. Spock it doesn't seem to be any way to shut out the sound except by plugging one's ears it's still hard to sleep and we can't have everyone walking around with the ear plug I can't run this ship by sign language speaking of ear plugs for once drive to series besides I believe I have isolated the caller to the south if it's a natural phenomenon it behaves in the most unexpected pleasure rising in certain sections of the ship while it's in Tuvalu be bodily about oh come on Spa there are definite populations in the noise which suggest other than random origin some possess almost vocal undertones I am left with only one hypothesis that we are being visited by a being of pure South pure sound pure hogwash the most ridiculous part of it is I think you're right smart only wish there was some way to shut up keeps getting mouth you think it's aware of us as intelligences bone it's an incredible theory but his Spock says that's the people can't get to sleep even with strong earplugs found a solution to that at least for the worst places Plus that there's Chapel is monitoring the shuttle influence of this noise doesn't extend beyond the ship once outside find a way to turn it off I might add captain that we have no way of estimating the volume this creature can produce it could conceivably drive everyone on board permanently death they might as well share the rest of the bad news with you lieutenant who horror tell them you see the deep-space beam is useless all channels all I can get is static or variations on the central musical rhythm we're cut off I'm still keeping several channels open for incoming calls however maybe someone will listen in and be able to tell we're in trouble or like they'll just think we're having a heck of a party that leaves us with only one choice somehow we're going to have to make contact with this thing help what it's doing make it understand Spock do you think it's capable of communicating if it does comprehend it is choosing to ignore our voices codes and screen signed by display throughout the ship can't we fight back somehow smile fight your south we could overpower it with yourself but my drive is insane or death my total angle it might mind the blast of artificial sound challenges like another of its own type I kind of imagine what its political response everyone okay that one hurt all right here captain but half the transparent facings on my instruments are gone damage reports coming in captain from all over the ship the danger is no longer theoretical effectively the creature appears able to reproduce any frequency of desires assumedly it is potentially capable of solidly destroying any substance on board whether it is doing this intentionally or inadvertently without matter if it happens to get along a resonating factor we've got to make contact somehow maybe trying to contact us so I will end up killing us find the confidence there's got to be a way mr. Sulu it's a Conner where's lieutenant Connors he left a few minutes ago captain during that painful burst of noise aye lieutenant Connors you left your post without what is that thing if someone would lend me a triple keyboard operates a metal chain resonating pods made of bone something that rather resembles an earthly xylophone system what are you going to do with the Connors the noise fyo I'm going for him to communicate with it cap the only way we haven't have drive mr. Spock Spock are fighting noise with words somehow I feel there is something here that it needs to be understood a spot i will start by improvising trying to work from one of the alien schemes news continual Connors it's understand keep playing lieutenant the universal language music we sell it for thousands of years I never thought I'd see it interpreted literally stay with it Connors I'm trying captain love alienness classification for your spot captain and getting tired I don't know if I can keep you've got to Connors we can't risk breaking off now we may never re-establish contact again how we going to explain what we wanted to do I don't know but I don't know either I don't know if the term is music and language or failure to change Connors play something sad convinced it all is not well Jim maybe no it didn't understand it didn't understand at all it's no good didn't work wait bones give it time captain can't keep up I can't it's not possible do your best mr. Connors [Applause] it's gone it's finally gone gone where who knows bones we don't know where it came from you can't imagine where it goes I hope it went away happy perhaps someday when we understand a little more about how our own music affects us we'll be ready to understand and communicate with creatures like it a little bit I heard a voice crying in the wilderness what was that lieutenant nothing sir all channels appear clear now shall I contact the nearest Starfleet base no no we don't appear to web sustained any serious damage we'll finish this charting run as planned mr. Connors thank my harms feels like two quarters of a planetary center captain but I believe I actually enjoyed it I've never had such a fluid responsive musical partner did you say something wrong oh I was just wondering Jim do you think we'll ever find it again I think so poems when were able to talk to it I think it wanted to talk to us little Eva phones have you ever listened to any violin concertos there are times when that lone violin is up there against all those other instruments and their client and that one violin the loneliest sound in the world I think our visitor meant us no harm it was just plain lonely mr. Connors maintain course [Applause] thank you so much for tuning in to this special presentation I hope you all enjoyed it and if you did don't forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel hitting that little bell icon so you won't miss a single video we release would you like to see more of these special presentations like this one well let me know down in the comments section below and if you'd like to help the channel out then consider becoming a channel patron the link to our patreon account is also in the description below thanks again for watching live long and prosper

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  1. Brilliant idea! This is a wonderful adaptation of the Animated Series and classic Power Records stories.. please give us more!

  2. I'm very impressed with how you presented this, but I can't say I was particularly fond of the (audio) source material.

  3. 😮 This was awesome! I’ve never heard this story before! And the added visual aspect well-put rogether by you made it even better! Thank you for doing this and I greatly appreciate it. So much fun.

  4. I watched this the other day and LOVED it! I forgot to leave a supportive comment though. 🙁 This was like a surprise-Christmas present (the surprise being that it's not even remotely Christmas time)! <3 It's nice to hear the old records on other channels, but to have seen one come to life as a sort-of-TAS episode was amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you — and I look forward to any more that you might put out! 🙂

  5. Great work. I hope you do all of these episodes, as well as the computer games Judgement Rites and 25 anniversary. It would be like having another season of Star Trek TAS.

  6. Thank you! I've never heard this one and very much enjoyed this first time experience. Excellent job on coordinating the animation; not an easy task.

  7. I didn't expect this story to recapture what I loved about the TOS storytelling, I hope we could one day get animated TAS shorts like this as Short Treks

  8. Absolutley amazing. It's easy to see you put in alot of effort, sweat, and time to make this quality of production

  9. “I’m not much of a classical aficionado, Jim.”
    So true. He barely recognized the Beastie Boys.

  10. That was a brilliant merger of audio story and animation. Almost as if it was made that way!!

    We'll done and thank you for your hard work, I hope you are able to make more of these in the future!

  11. I had this story on LP!!! also "Into the Vino Veritas" or something similar. One story has intelligent Tyrannosaurs Rex! Awesome video thank you so much!

  12. This was cute, thanks for taking the time to put that together.

    But now all i can think about is a Sealab 2021 like edit of Animated Trek, where everyone's sarcastic and bad at thier jobs.

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