Spidey and Gwen “Book It” After Rhino | Marvel Super Hero Adventures – Bend, Don’t Break | SHORT

Spidey and Gwen “Book It” After Rhino | Marvel Super Hero Adventures – Bend, Don’t Break | SHORT

♪♪♪ [grunts] Ha ha! Whoo! Ha ha. Finally, I can
have my dessert. I’ve been wanting a
frozen yogurt all day. Huh! Ah! Hi Spidey. What can I get
you today? One frozen
yogurt, please. Oh, I’m sorry, I
just sold out. [record scratch] No! Wait, you have other treats
besides yogurt, right? I’ll just change my plan. All superheroes have
to do that sometimes. I figured that out
when Ghost-Spider and I had to
capture Rhino. Whoa! That’s a big hole! Pretty sure that’s
not the right way to borrow a book
from the library. Unless it was one
very large book. Ah. Oh! Rhino just stole
our rarest book. It’s one of a kind! Don’t worry, we’ll
get it back. I’ve got a plan. We’ll use our webs to
catch him from behind. Let’s go, Ghost Spider! ♪♪♪ Ghost: Any sign of Rhino? [growl] -I’d say that’s a yes. Time to put my
plan into action. [heavy steps] Didn’t know you liked
old books, Rhino. Too bad we have
to return it. You’ll have to
catch me first. Funny you should
mention that. Uh, ah! Huh. [stretching sound] Agh! [boing] Whoa! Don’t worry, I got him. Heh, ah. Ah, it’s not working. This is a good plan;
it has to work. Let’s try again
together. Nice try. But you can’t keep
up with Rhino. Whoa! This isn’t how it’s
supposed to work. Look at him go. Now what do we do? The plan is still
to catch Rhino. We just have to
change how we do it. OK. What are
you thinking? If we can somehow
slow him down, we’d be able to
web his legs, so he can’t
run away. You’re right. Since
my plans didn’t work, we need a new way
to catch him. Hmm. I might have an idea. There he is! Ready when you are! Here we go! Hey! Who turned
off the lights? [slap] I’ll give you
one guess. [growls] Or two guesses. [growls] Rhino, why did
you steal this book? The cover was shiny, so I
thought it was valuable. [sighs] Let’s drop him off at
the police station before we return
this to the library. Good idea. Maybe
we can get there early enough
for story time. [grunt] Although my first plan was to
get a frozen yogurt for dessert, a frozen banana
is just as good. [crunch] Mmm, mmm, ah, what a
sweet change of plans. Woo hoo hoo! Spidey out!

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  1. Yeah,kid Spider-Man want to eat a frozen yogurt and wow,he and ghost spider battle the rhino. This is great stuff and I love marvel HQ.

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  4. I really don't understand why people keep trying to ship Peter Parker Spider-man & Gwen Stacy Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider. She's much younger than him and is dating Miles Morales Spider-man! Besides, Peter's Gwen Stacy is dead.

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