Spike Lee Interrupted Laura Harrier’s Vacation for Her ‘BlacKkKlansman’ Audition

Spike Lee Interrupted Laura Harrier’s Vacation for Her ‘BlacKkKlansman’ Audition

Congratulations, Laura. Thank you! What a great role this is. Thank you so much. And it’s a true story,
but your character is the only fictional
character in the film. Yeah. So he really wanted you in it. He created something. How did you hear
that you got this? How did you hear about this? Well– Tell the story! So I was on vacation
last summer in Greece. And my phone rang. I was sitting on a beach. And normally I wouldn’t pick
up numbers that I don’t know. But full disclosure,
I was a little drunk. [LAUGHTER] So I answer, and I hear,
Laura, it’s Spike Lee. I’m sorry, it’s a terrible
impression of you. Just go ahead! No, go. Go ahead, go ahead. It’s so bad. But I’m going to keep doing it! So I hear, Laura,
this is Spike Lee. And it’s, oh my God, what? I’d never met him before,
never spoken to him. And so he said he wanted to meet
me when I was back in New York. And I said, well,
Spike, I’m in Greece. And he goes– what did you say? I need to see you Thursday. So it’s Tuesday. He says, I’ll see you Thursday. Vacation’s over, bye. [LAUGHTER] That’s power. It’s like, I have to
get off of this island. What do I do? That’s power. And I did, of course. Right. So you meet with Spike, and
then did you read for him? Or did you– Yes. So I don’t know if a
lot of people know this, but Spike is a tenured
professor at NYU, so I went and met
him at his class. We watched 25th Hour. I couldn’t pay attention at
all because I was so nervous. So I was trying to
ask smart questions. But I don’t even know if
I was making any sense. And then we went
to this audition. And no one told me, but when
you audition with Spike, it’s not for Spike. It’s actually with Spike. So you do the scenes with him. But how is he as a director? Do you do a lot of takes? Or is it improv
and just one take? What is it like to
work with Spike? Spike’s really
collaborative as a director. You know, for this
legend of film and this person I’ve
looked up to for so long. It was amazing to
be on a set where you can voice your opinions,
and there’s a conversation. And I don’t know, It was a
really, really good vibe. It was really fun. I keep saying, it is
an important film. And if you haven’t
seen it, see it. And it will make
you realize, you do have to register to vote. This is a very, very
important time for us because things need to change. And this is kind of a
reminder that things haven’t changed enough. It is called BlacKkKlansman. It’s in theaters everywhere now. We’ll be right back.

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  1. This Movie is done like a Comedy it wasn't a Comedy Spike it was a dangerous situation for Everyone involved U Dumbass if The Klan had found out They were being tricked Everybody would have been in danger next time You make a Movie You should do it Right!

  2. Ellen is right. It's very important that we vote. Check out Diamond and Silk and they will explain why it is so important.

  3. it's amazing that she didn't say that her in spike got into a fight during improv. Laura talked about that during the radio interview.

  4. she's beautiful but I wish Spike Lee had cast a real black woman who isn't bi-racial. There are plenty out there who are also stunning but he knows that to pull the white audience in, you have to hire a light-skinned black woman.

  5. I love these people like Ellen and Spike and other liberals who ignore real History and try to change it and rewrite a false narrative to promote their leftist elitist ideology. The KKK was created by the Democrat Party in the South. Fact. Jim Crow laws were promoted and supported by Democrats. Slavery was supported by the Democrat Party, fact. It still does but it seems to enslave the minds of the people to their agenda. Civil Right laws were refused and voted against by the Democrat Party in the late 50s and 60s, fact. The Republican Party creates and passed the Civil Rights laws for Blacks, fact. Slavery was opposed by the Republican Party, fact.

  6. Just saw that movie and it deserves way more attention. I hope it gets a Oscar nod. Great actors, script, directing, production and it also ties in, quite succinctly, with what's happening today! ie. Trump!

  7. "I was in this island…… (Greece)"

    OMG…… Americans and Geography!!!!!
    Please……. Use Google to search good thinks to cultivate your….. Culture!!! 😏

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