St. Helena - a remote island in the Atlantic | (Travel Documentary) DW Documentary

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  1. amazing place, i went to Jamestown in 2011 after going to Ascension island and on our way to the Falklands as guard ship. we also sailed past tristan de cuhna en route to Capetown later in the year.

  2. The island looks pretty dreary and bleak to me. That’s not intended to be an insult, it’s just that people need to be able to farm, fish, maybe raise livestock at least. Some controlled tourism would help with the local economy, but what’s the attraction? It’s a pile of rocks.
    Hey, you have to make a living and survive somehow. What do they do? That was not explained at all.
    What kind of government do they have? What do they eat? Is there any culture or tradition? This documentary was very thin and unrevealing. It left me with a feeling of “so what” what was the point? Poorly done.

  3. Seriously I have the best Idea for transporting to this Beautiful Island. AIR Drops from Caragos Planes and problem is solve. plain and simple. instead of taking the ship 5 days it will be simple and easy for an A Carago airoplane just Air drops the good to the island Residents.

  4. St. Helena, a remote island in Atlantic is an astonishing documentary! I truly did appreciate it so much. Thanks a lot for sharing! Keep it up!

  5. 11:38; if that gentleman heard how the youths and several grown up’s in England spoke today with the street and hood lingo, he would have a culture shock although he is very British himself with a decent posh accent. Sad, how UK has lost it’s polite true English language and literacy over the year’s.

  6. I lived on Guam for 15months, 30miles long by 8 mi wide, yes 240 sqmi.. Still alot of room. This island would be nice also

  7. its great idea to move to an isolated island……. until you actually do it. the sense of being trapped can be overwhelming for some.

  8. wish i could settle there for the rest of my life and work there too..i wonder they have emplyoment for gardening works…

  9. I hope if they do stop sending the St. Helena, that all the residents' costs don't skyrocket if everything then comes by air. I bet some smaller vessel will call in time. I hope.

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