Star Trek (2009): The Official Motion Picture Adaptation, Part 1 - Atop the Fourth Wall

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  1. 17:32–17:36 Batman: And the only music up in space is punk, which is nothing but death, crime and RAGE OF THE BEAST!

  2. Star Trek 09 being the best Star Wars film in years is not a joke even in 2019 after the 10, or whatever… Star Wars films having been released in the last 4 years

  3. As you don't need to be told, and as a fellow Trek nerd, the Vulcans had Birds of Prey, while Romulans had the Warbirds. I HATE the redesign of the Romulans. Tattoos?! Stupid JJ Abrams. The ONLY cool things about Trek 09 are Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, who is gone 😢, and the new warp speed effect. New Kirk is a douche, new Uhura is a bore, and while new Spock pays respect to Nimoy, he'll never be able to fill those shoes. Abrams is a Star WARS fanboy, and the last thing you let someone like that do is put his little Jawa paws on Trek.

  4. Also, I REEEAAALLLYYY hate the idea that only humans cry when they give birth. Are Vulkan vaginas made of surgical grade elastics or something?

  5. Her headdress may not be as silly, but without my glasses the mother looked like she had a giant penis coming out of her forehead ala FLCL

  6. Star Trek 09 WAS my introduction to the series. (: I decided that I wanted to write fan fic, so I went off and got TOS on DVD…and it turned out I liked that EVEN BETTER. Now I've watched every single episode of every single series (sans Discovery season 2) and seen all the movies and I even own several shelves' worth of Star Trek novels. In retrospect, I'm not crazy about the Kelvin universe (outside of Beyond, and Discovery season 1 IS my favorite of all the series), but I'm still glad it was made, because otherwise I never would have become the Trekkie I am today! It makes me a little sad when people bash it as hard as some people do as a result…but that does seem to be something of a hallmark of this fandom.

  7. 12:03 wait every seven years please tell me that’s something that comes in Vulcan puberty cause that would mean Vulcan society requires seven year olds to have sex and that is just wrong

  8. Ignoring the logistical issues of the Enterprise being built on the ground, STARFLEET SHIPS ARE BUILT IN ORBIT. There's a reason there are orbital dry-docks mentioned repeatedly throughout TNG and Voyager.

  9. Things Linkara got wrong on the internet:

    They crippled the ship, then hailed because they wanted information on Spock and the current date.

    They may have sent the shuttle instead because they didn't want to risk any sort of smuggling of anything via teleporters. Or perhaps Nero's ship simply hadn't properly calibrated them. Or perhaps it was a power play.

    I know you're not terribly fond of this film, but please try and think reasonably about certain plot points.

  10. I prefer the version of Kirk's Kobayashi Maru test from the book of the same name as opposed to the Kelvin deleted scene version. Mission Impossible hacking job vs being a manipulative jerk.

  11. This bothered me in the jj abrahms movie to. The vulcan kids bullying spock how is that logical. A race that is obsessed with logic being prejudice against a half vulcan half human? Discovery did this to with sarek having to make a choice between his son and michael burnham of who could get into the vulcan science academy.

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