Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home (3/10) Movie CLIP – Nuclear Wessels (1986) HD

Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home (3/10) Movie CLIP – Nuclear Wessels (1986) HD

What’s the solution? Simple logic will suffice. I’ll begin by making use
of this map. I have the distance
and bearing Provided by
commander uhura. If we juxtapose
our coordinates, We should be able
to find our destination Which lies at
283.7 degrees– I think we’ll find them At the cetacean institute
in sausalito– Two humpback whales,
george and gracie. How do you know? Simple logic. What does it mean,
“exact change”? [horn honks] How do we plan
to convert this tank? Ordinarily, I’d do it
with transparent aluminum. You’re a number
of years too early. I know. We’ve got to find
the 20th-century equivalent. But where? [speaking
chinese] Did you find it? Yes. Under
u.S. Government. Now we need directions. Sir, can you
direct me To the naval base
in alameda? It’s where they keep
the nuclear wessels. Nu-cle-ar… Wessels. Excuse us. Excuse me, we’re looking
for nuclear wessels. Can you tell me where
the naval base is? We’re looking– Hello… We are looking for The nuclear wessels
in alameda. Can you help us? We’re looking for
the naval base. Could you tell me where
the nuclear wessels are? I don’t know
if I know that. I think it’s
in alameda. That’s what I said,
alameda. But where is alameda?

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  1. My mom is a Trekkie, so I saw this movie a few times as a kid. I didn't get this scene when I was watching it back then (I was too young when the USSR collapsed to remember it), but now? Hilarious.

  2. … I'm sorry, what? My apologies, I didn't hear a single thing that was said because I was too busy staring at DEFOREST KELLEY'S LEGS.
    P.S. Mr. Sulu looks great in that cape. <3

  3. In the novel, the Asian couple arguing were Sulu's great-great-great grandparents.
    Also, the scene with Chekov and Uhura was completely ad-libbed with actual pedestrians and cop, not actors.

  4. The United Federation of Muni does not have a route going to Sausalito.  The only Muni route to Marin County is the 76 Marin Headlands Express and it does not run on Columbus Ave.  Had this been a realistic, Kirk and Spock would have probably taken Golden Gate Route 10, 70, or 80 on Van Ness Ave or Blue and Gold Ferry from Pier 41. The Voyager crew didn't have time for the bus in the Episode "Future's End", Paris and Tuvok do not take LA public transit and steal a car instead.

  5. The woman with the long hair was not supposed to stop and talk to them. It was a mistake, but the actors pulled it off without ruining the scene.

  6. Going to Alameda.  Take Line 20 (no longer running but in 1984 it ran on Columbus — today you would take the 41) to Embarcadero Station.  Take BART to 12th Street Oakland and then transfer to AC Transit Line 31.  It would have taken Chekov and Uhura to the old Naval Base on Alameda.

  7. Here is something I never really understood:  Kirk and Spock are ordered off the bus because they don't have exact change and the bus drives away. In the next scene that shows them, they are on a bus (possibly the same bus).  How did they get on the bus and how did they get exact change.  From the back, it almost looked as if they were on the subway, instead of a bus.

  8. I read where there was a deleted scene where a lady yells out to  a young "Hikaru Sulu", which was obviously an ancestor of Sulu's.  I think that scene would have been good.  Where they lady yells out to someone might be the scene, but we really don't know what she is saying.

  9. The cultural crashes made this the funniest Star Trek movie by far. People from a highly advanced future would indeed feel lost and confused in the late 20'th century. 
    Fact is most kids born in the 21'st century would feel lost in 1986. 🙂

  10. This is to date the funniest Trek movie. The whole fish out of water thing was really a great idea. This maybe my fav trek film.

  11. For those of you that might not get the humor in the "nuclear wessels" joke, keep in mind it was 1986 and we still had the cold war going on with the soviet union. Today in order to make the joke work, you would probably have to have an Arab guy in a pilot uniform in NY asking where the tallest building is.

  12. Does anyone else think on the cover of the movie (shown at the end), that Kirk looks a bit like Joey Tribbiani? Maybe my head is just messing with me. Also, I have replayed this clip around 5 times.

  13. if I remember rightly, Nimoy was actually pissing himself with laughter behind the set whilst Koenig was saying "Nuclear Wessels" to everyone because if I recall, it was at the height of the cold war between Russia/Soviet Union and USA, hence why the people who walked by in the shot just looked at Koenig and walked away in disgust.

  14. The best part about this famous scene is that it was, for the most part, totally improvised. The police officer was there to control the crowds during filming and had no idea the two actors were going to approach him. Better still, the woman who actually stops to talk to them was a real pedestrian who had no idea they were filming because the cameras were across the street (on purpose), so her response to their question was genuine. In the end, it would appear Nimoy's gamble to have Nichols and Koening just go out there and "wing it" paid off in spades! 🙂

  15. You'd think Chekov a Russian would know about the Cold War. Probably shouldn't be going around asking about nuclar vessels with a Russian accent!

  16. Time travel missions get easier once you're past 2007 or so. Along with replicating you period clothing, the transporter can disguise your tricorder as a smartphone and your PADD as a tablet, and you'll look just like everyone else walking on the pavement.

  17. When I first saw this movie, I didn't understand why people were ignoring Chekov. Now that I'm older, I understand perfectly XD

  18. In my opinion the best of all movis. IT was pure comedy and amazingly entertaining. Who needs Khan as villain when you can have the past as main villain.

  19. that moment when you are walking on the street and someone asks you have you seen any nuclear vessels ?

  20. lol, the cop's speechless reaction is just gold. He is probably thinking they're insane or it's a prank. Either way, he wasn't going to give them directions to that. He was just watching and observing to see if they were an actual threat. Very funny scene. I still enjoy it today.

  21. Chekhov's scene here has lost some impact over time. 1986 the Soviet Union was still alive and strong and the single biggest threat to the US. The cop's absolute unwillingness to respond to Chekhov's question about nuclear vessels was hilarious.

  22. Whats also nice about this movie as though it was modern times then now it really does feel like a time capsule piece really captures the mood and aesthetic of the times.

  23. I can never stop getting how that cop keeps looking at Chekov. Probably was thinking, 'Why do I get all the strange ones on my beat?'. LMAO!

  24. So Starfleet headquarters is set in San Francisco, but Chekov and Uhura don't know where Alameda is located? I guess Alameda doesn't exist in the 23rd century.

  25. Of all things: Chekov and Uhura get an airheaded flower girl chic, to provide the most help. THAT'S DAMN CALIFORNIA FOR YOU! 😟

  26. i was working in a youth camp in california and there were some russian kids working there also. a local was taking them for their vacation to san fran and i offered him 100 bucks if he would get one of them on video going up to a traffic cop and asking for directions to where they keep the "nuclear wessels."…..he wouldn't take me up on the offer. damn. it would have been perfecty for youtube.

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