Star Trek Dark Armada | “Out of Time” | A Star Trek Fan Production

Star Trek Dark Armada | “Out of Time” | A Star Trek Fan Production

Oh your room captain Brooklyn wasn’t kept internship the 20-city it was charity 31 that’s right Revenge of the twin misses of evil but I’m sure I was also captured in chapter 27 no way he was paralyzed in chapter 27 then who was he remember Richardson I’m depicting some kind of quantum singularity well they thought it was built to be just another quiet evening of Blues time a vessel has a people are sensors heavily damaged novo close losses Fabian the time it’s happy doesn’t ring a bell Manila there are they mr. Autry kamala get to listen to me very carefully there is much time I will say black book whatever you do what’s wrong : [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] captain’s log started six six four 18.3 the enemy force renamed the dark Armada is heading towards Federation space this unstoppable force is about nine times bigger than anything Starfleet could gather so you’re saying we can change the entire future by going back in time to alter only one event that is precisely what I’m saying captain I am convinced we can expand the Federation from 50 worlds to over a hundred this could also mean the Federation would be far more advanced and actually stand a chance against this enemy Armada but what would it take to do this well that’s where my expertise comes in if I may be so bold straight-edged for temporal mechanics yes you may well according to my calculations the only thing we have to do is saving planet Vulcan from destruction in the 23rd century [Music] captain as acting first officer it’s my duty to tell you that I believe it’s a bad move to violate a temporal prime directive it’s a bad move to let this armada march into Federation space with the dark hinterlands as its first target that may be so but you can’t predict what will happen if you change the best I believe we can using Melissa’s calculations I need to know if you’re with me on this I’m always producer very good dismissed [Music] can I help you captain yes I’m looking for the chief he’s right there sure behind the warp core Thank You mr. Gela schmuck I’d like to have work with you of course captain do you still remember the quantum drive that was installed on the ship before we salvaged it naturally it was a fascinating device would you be able to configure this device to make it travel through time instead of traveling to alternate realities I have only observed the device a short moments before it was removed but theoretically technology could also be used for time travel purposes very good if we would still have this device in our possession hypothetically speaking do you think you could make the modifications assuming the device was not destroyed I would be capable of making the necessary modifications to the quantum drive that’s good to hear lieutenant what is it exactly if I may ask you are planning to use the device for saving the future by preventing the destruction of planet Vulcan you were born on the Vulcan colony right that’s correct sir well the thing is if we succeed you might not be born a logical assumption indeed but as my mentor once said the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few some wise words who is that again mr. Spock sir he was killed in battle saving the USS Enterprise that’s right well you know what you have to do lieutenant of course captain very good good luck so you think preventing the destruction of Falcon will make the federation bigger and stronger I believe so after this event everyone lost faith in the Federation and then Starfleet an interstellar Federal Republic that’s unable to protect its own worlds I see but you can’t predict what will happen our lives could be completely different you’re right and that is exactly why the temporal prime directive prevents us from doing what we’re about to do I wish there was another way well there isn’t one we can’t let the Federation be conquered besides the captain’s already made up his mind long live the Federation long live the Federation I know it’s none of my business but something going on between you and the captain like you said it’s none of your business of course it isn’t so this is it this is what ensign the quantum drive you’re working on that’s an astute observation mr. Smith when will it be ready to take me approximately four point seven hours to integrate it into the ship’s systems as an integration you can activate it as you would a warp drive and enter the quantum coordinates instead of our normal spatial coordinates naturally okay I won’t interrupt you any further tamaak good luck thank us [Music] captain incoming transmission on the other see on screen after a certain captain slot we weren’t away to you right now really what’s the occasion we’re not alone I’m escorting Denmark and a ship from temporal investigations the piers I want to talk to you temporal investigations well I’m interested to hear what they have to say all right shortly very good ora [Music] mr. hawk you’re wasting your time you may find this funny Richardson I can assure you that we in temporal investigations are taking this very seriously what brings you here we have reason to believe that you’re in possession of a quantum drive and that you’re planning on using it what gives you that idea our information comes from a reliable source your source must be mistaken we have no such device your ship was originally equipped with a quantum drive which was removed and destroyed when the ship was refitted I think we both know that never happened where is the device perhaps you’d be better off checking the records of some in descent a garbage scow fine if you want to play it that way sweep this vessel find that device [Music] if you know there’s an agent guarding the door well I kind of noticed that I’ve come here with some pretty big accusations and something tells me that you’re up to something I’m not planning anything you can’t fool me Alexander perhaps not I hope you know what you’re doing good I don’t have to time to worry about temporal mechanics that’s from Roland Kenny it has become sort of a delicacy on my ship it says it has a relaxing effect on people you might as well try one pepper thanks King something of a different matter Lieutenant Commander Jack dagger has requested a transfer to the battalion now that the Blue Star has been destroyed well I could use someone to strengthen my security team Silesia Catina has her hands full at the moment wanting to you couple very good it was not logical of me to think that you would not interrupt me again anything I’m sorry sir what is it this dimension I just wanted to tell you a team of temporal investigations is searching the ship for the quantum drive I’ve been monitoring them from the moment they stepped on a special of course you have our scans have failed to turn up any evidence it has to be on this ship you can’t just hide a quantum drive they’re up to something maybe your source wasn’t as reliable as you thought talk to lieutenant to mark computer locate lieutenant to mark lieutenant amok is in main engineering off you go main engineering indeed ready your weapon it looks like you’re almost ready chief that is a simplistic yet correct observation answer level 6 security clearance required to enter main engineering override temporal investigation agent faster Delta zero five hmm did you hear something did I hear what answer [Music] okay never mind sir ensign I’ve completed the work on the quantum drive ah that’s great sir computer end program he’s not in engineering sir quantum drives and chief engineers just don’t vanish into thin air find him come you wanted to see me mr. hawk I assume you are familiar with the temporal prime directive ensign I am sir then you must be aware that all Starfleet personnel are bound by it and are strictly forbidden to alter in any way historical events are you accusing me of something do you deny that you are highly skilled in temporal mechanics and quantum technology I see you’ve read my resume and sent any attempt to change the timeline no matter how well-intentioned is a clear violation the temporal prime directive was put into place to ensure that the normal course of events are undisturbed and we are forbidden to interfere with the natural evolution of a culture by changing what has happened or what will happen yes I know that and I believe in it so you realize that any complicity in attempting to change history could have serious repercussions mr. Hogg what if we knew of a serious threat to our existence one that could result in our annihilation the end of the Federation doesn’t a culture also have the right to self-preservation by any means available to them not at the cost of an entire civilization or an individual the temporal prime directive isn’t absolute are you going to help us I’m sorry sir but I have no information there is no quantum drive on the Batavia [Music] Lieutenant Commander Jake dagger reporting for duty sir at ease Jack how long have we known each other just the formality Alex I mean captain of course welcome to the Batavia mr. dagger I’ll cut right to the chase you’re here to strengthen the security team and I already have a first assignment for you I’m ready for some action sir very good I believe someone on this ship is working against us and has contacted temporal investigations and you want me to find this person and prevent this from happening again exactly good to have you here jack dismissed Owen Jack get yourself properly dressed [Music] mr. dagger do I know you dan hawk temporal investigations I need a moment of your time I have just signed on mr. hawk I need to report to the teacher security right away this won’t take long and it’s also a matter of security you’ve known captain Richardson for quite some time haven’t you we serve to both the Blue Star from many years and in that time have you known him to be a man of sound judgment I wouldn’t doubt it for a second with the night the captain is also one of your closest personal friends isn’t he we’ve known each other for we’ve been to a lot the captain of this ship your friend is about to commit a serious violation of the temporal prime directive and anyone found covering up for him or aiding him in any way is just as guilty I know of no violation apparently nobody does just bear this in mind there will be consequences if anything turns up if that’s all I have to reporting to Lieutenant Commander Katina [Music] Captain’s Log supplemental temporal investigations has left after discovering we have nothing to hide it’s time to retrieve the quantum drive and save the Federation captain the ROC is ailing on-screen captain what can we do for you it’s more like I can do something for you captain really what could that be so if you only to you and your crew captain for the Federation thank you we’ll be back in no time for the Federation captain someone try to contact temporal investigations what it originated from the bridge the console behind you captain it’s Silesia Katina did you manage to stop a transmission yes sir security confine her to quarters mr. dagger you are now chief tactical officer this also makes you acting first officer understood sir [Music] are we close to the device well sort of what is it with transporters and beaming people way off target I see them sir I’ll follow them and try to locate it quantum drive [Music] it seems to be hidden pretty well well captain Salar and I have some experience hiding things such as Romulan ale you have a stash of Rommel until every captain has a stash of Romulan ale I bet captain peleg doesn’t oh you have no idea [Music] don’t move I’m a fake [Music] [Music] how much longer [Music] Batavia now [Music] selicia what happened I contacted hawk about the quantum drive yes that’s the part I know but why did you do it when the captain has made up his mind about something there’s no stopping him and this was your best option to stop him from messing up the timeline that’s right look he might be breaking the rules but you are also doing that by trying to stop him I just had to do something one of your own rules was not to mess with the captain what are your rules or principles worth if you throw them away at the first sign of trouble first sign of trouble he wants to change everything and it will turn out for the better I hope you’re right smoke – captain Richardson go ahead chief the quantum drive has been integrated into the ship’s systems and is ready to be activated remarkable work mrs. mark naturally answer it’s up to you now yes sir activating the quantum core setting the quantum coordinates I received from ensign de Lisa we’re ready to go captain not just yet sir All Hands this is the captain we’re about to rewrite history not because we want to but because we have to in order to keep the Federation its world and it’s still safe we will complete this task whatever the consequences lonely Federation now get them yes [Music] this is to mock what’s wrong the ship systems appeared to be more unpredictable than I originally anticipated captain so you work on so remarkable after all logically how long chief it will take me approximately 43 minutes and 26 seconds to resolve the problem sir how about 10 minutes captain when I say 43 minutes 26 seconds I really do mean 43 minutes 26 seconds oh all right just get it down yes sir [Music] Captain’s Log supplemental modifications on the quantum drive are nearly finished we’re almost ready to try another jump captain I’m detecting two vessels heading straight toward us mr. Hawke how nice to see you again you can drop the act now Richardson we picked up your attempt to use the quantum drive hand it over now we’ll take it by force I believe there is a misunderstanding here mr. Hawke I have no quantum they cut the transmission I received a message Odyssey will provide cover fire very good mr. Smith evade those ships until we have the quantum drive online aya captain [Music] returning fire chief the quantum drive is currently online kept up very good Benson make the jump aye sir [Music] dallisa where are we I I know we’ve gone to the past but with all these damaged systems I can’t determine what quantum coordinates wrong are we even in our own universe I already can’t tell Kevin I’m reading a worker bridge in progress can we get the car no sir controls are not responding this chimney right this is a good start if you order to abandon ship and open hailing frequencies to the blue stop All Hands abandon ship I repeat abandon ship amenda Richardson I’m thinking some kind of quantum singularity well they thought it was going to be just another quiet evening on the blue star vessel has beaten our sensors heavily damaged Nouveau close uses bukkake Italian doesn’t ring a bell you heal them they’re already in minister off-screen come on listen to me very happy first officers life started six three or 36.9 after an interesting encounter with captain Richardson we arrived at his last-known coordinates I’m so Dagon please can hear you yes commander scanning I’m picking up the brief from what appears to have been a Federation starship I don’t need a life science none sir oh my god now he might never find out what he was trying to tell us that it Vulcan seems fine [Music] [Music] we’ve tried to trace their destination and we were unable to do so then you will try again and get me the results yes sir dismissed Hauk how hard can it be to locate the quantum drive and blow it up so we search the entire ship and there was nothing there I’ve been watching everything I have seen your failure spare many excuses what else could I have done do you want me to come over there and take care of it myself no sir we can deal with the situation you better I’m not seeing any changes in a timeline yet time can be unpredictable but it looks like you got lucky something must have gone wrong with his job fortunately no that’s not fortunate at all as much as I would love to see him die we need Richardson so this is your final warning we store a timeline [Music] Sophie hello sweet this muscle time to buy good luck in ages [Music] [Music] censored okay bumpy boo boo you piece was dynamite [Music] [Music] [Music] there’s no sign of the quantum drive this must be the wrong place no sir it’s the wrong time [Music] after after all of our tanker Anita Infinite’s Carrel moment honey liqueur miss all a lot of whiskey Cheers I know [Music] hey this Formica sorbets I Smith aapke let’s go [Music] [Music] Oh God you

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  1. Great job to everyone! As always, fantastic production values, great writing and acting and a worthy conclusion to an amazing series! Well done!

  2. Great work! Really enjoyed the series. Nova class has been my favorite ship for a long time. Glad to see a series with a Nova as the series ship and with a great crew behind it too. Well done 🙂

  3. Great work all!
    Much giggles here with the Hawaii shirt, reminded me of a fun spoof;

    Good luck on your next adventures!

  4. A great way to retcon the new films destruction of Vulcan. I loved it all, thanks! Also I think I have a bit of a crush on Monique Lanting now very beautiful woman!

  5. I have so many dreams and ideas of star trek shows, just don't know how to put my ideas…and suggestions for me Star Trek fans?

  6. I always wanted to be on a Star Trek fan production show playing a security guard…or engineer
    .any suggestions ..

  7. From the sub-titles, I am getting the idea that this was shown or produced in Holland, as the language looks to me to be Dutch.
    Either way, it is very good as made.

  8. This is brilliant!  Please check out our short Star Trek fan film called Chance Encounter here:

  9. Very good! Must be much much work on all the post production.
    Keep up the good work!
    Greetings from german fangroup "Euderion Infinity".

  10. This is the first "Dark Armada "episode I've come across. Now I see there are more to watch. I didn't notice any episode numbers. I love to see fellow lovers of Star Trek from around the world and the beautiful work as fans that you've put into it. I'm from the Seattle Wa. area USA and a fan since "the day" Star Trek first came out when I was 16. Born the same day as Jerry Goldsmith owning every pc. of S.Trek music minus the poor quality cartoon series score, every book as they come out, every film and series minus youtube releases. I have never tired of new S.Trek shows from anywhere. Out of a wife, 4 sons, in laws 3 granddaughters, only one son, his 15 yr.old, second granddaughter (who's unfortunately stuck living with her Trek Grandparents ) are NOT Star Trek and Star Wars fans. I hope one day, to see what eye has never seen, hear has never heard and what has never entered the heart of man, including a few planets un-ruined by Apocalyptic World leaders and their drones. Thank you and all the best to all of you !!! Also, I subscribed… Derek Thompson.

  11. Haha those Dutch accents…awesome production. You could have turned Mr.Dagger into a klingon. He certainly has the build and deep voice for it.

  12. need to sharpen acting work (girl with red lightening mark….good try but like reading off script…relax, natural, know material..practice..will become natural, not stiff.) post production better, overall good fan quality..true weakest link…seems like scripted acting at times; takes away from production

  13. The big mistake Star Trek fan films make is beaming down to the planet surface and guess what IT Looks Just Like Earth Terraferma ! Mostly always you guys film outside when you beam down. If you do film outside for this pick a place with nearly no foliage like gravel pit, dune, sand, as this could be anywhere. But the grass and trees give the illusion away and brings your viewer down to earth so to speak. Just something I have noticed. If you think about it the original Star trek hardly ever beam to an outside location and when they did it was barren land……so it could have been anywhere. Tip for you.

  14. Another tip buddy! You pretty good here, your backdrops look OK, green screen looks ok, but the other mistake these film make is too much dialogue. You should have a story line of course a good one. But unless your hiring experienced actors getting through the mounds of dialogue will be a difficult for them and the viewer will notice. So keep the dialogue very short and replace it with action. This will be more time consuming to film and edit but will make the video flow faster and keep the viewer more engaged.
    When they wrote for Star Trek original they then handed it to a person to shorten it down to fit the time slot while still telling the story. Like I said filming someone standing talking is relatively easy as apposed to them doing an action, but it is the way to go. Just have a look at some of the fan vids and you will see the crew members talking forever and you thinking about something else. Feel free to contact me on my Channel….just go About and you will see my email. So was it 3Dmax or Cinema 4D you used in the end?

  15. Great uniforms, special effects and props. With professional training and education for the actors you would think it was a real Star Trek production. As with the real ST this raises issues about when does one disobey orders for a "higher purpose."

  16. Very cool!! The ships, accents, acting. These fan based, independent films are an exciting, creative and bring up subjects that affect society. 🛸✌🎆

  17. Regardless of the myriad of criticisms one could pose concerning any fan production I always seem to enjoy them better than STD.

  18. Truly excellent in every respect, including the acting. A lot of Star Trek fan productions are good technically but have mediocre acting . But this production is almost perfect, and the acting is exactly right.

  19. This production has the best CGI and green screening of any fan production I've seen so far that's all I can say because I'm only 10 minutes into it but had to stop and say something. The acting isn't bad either I hope this isn't the only episode you've made.

  20. Thank you for doing this….very interesting perspective…Love the star-ships…..lately I have been watching many fan based videos on the Star Trek universe …. love them all and those who are trying to keep Star Trek alive. I've been a fan of Star Trek ever since it 1st aired in the early 1960s, had a chance to speak with Gene Roddenberry on the phone before the 1st movie was shown in my area. I wish I could join you all, but only can thank you and a HIGH 5 for the work you are doing…..LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.

  21. Was the girl playing the XO deaf? Her delivery reminded me of how deaf people over-enunciate.

    Either that or Tommy Wiseau. She could perfectly deliver the line "You're tearing me apart Lisa!"

  22. I LOVE this!!! Wish this was around when I was a kid(10-16), I would have asked if I could joined in to help…. this is fan- tastic!!!! Lol

  23. CBS and Paramount Pictures.haven’t got a clue. You guys do. I thank you from the bottom, top, depth, sides, and time, just the four dimensions of my heart.

  24. Great job! I usually hate time twister episodes but I like what you did (undid?) with the alternate version destruction of Vulcan, the damage that event caused, but then the unexpected result for those who would meddle further. Well done. Nice plot. I plan to enjoy all episodes I can find.

  25. Temporal-themed ST storylines are my least favorite, actually. Kind of a cheapie way out of a pickle. Also…this "Long Live the Federation" stuff…a little creepy if you think about it, because who says the Federation are really the good guys, eh ? But….A Vulcan Chief of Engineering with a Dutch accent…. how can you not love it ?

  26. LOL, Iron Crosses would have been fabulous as communicator pins…. Best Star Trek Fan Film I've ever seen (Not said lightly).

  27. Please, sir, may I have a little more? I had to laugh when that orange tattoo kept switching sides on that first officer's face, and the many types of communicators in use. But all that aside, this was the best ST video I've seen in ages.

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