Star Trek - Deep Rocks

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  1. 3:20 the gray haired redshirt played one of the Captains of the doomed starships on "Ultimate Computer"

  2. The security chief there got a heck of a promotion later in the series. (Trekkies will understand the reference)

  3. Spock picks up the Horta fragment and says, "This creature secretes a highly corrosive substance allowing it to cut through these walls, now why am I holding a 4000 degree chunk of Horta ass in my @#[email protected]@@#! HANDS!! Here Captain… YOU HOLD IT!!!"

  4. How did you get away with putting this up? I put a minute of this show in a video and it got deleted by you tube

  5. "There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal." Incorrect. There is one thing that is more dangerous. A mother, of any species, who is defending her young. She will stop at nothing to keep her young safe. If that means killing, so be it. Whatever it takes. Endanger her young and you sign your own death warrant.

  6. You know you're screwed when you're alone in the dark, in an alien cave, wearing a red shirt uniform.

  7. That guy is CHIEF of security??
    Do the guys in security ever get reprimanded for incompetence or is their fate their punishment? The 50-something guy in charge of security holding the miners back is fooled as easily as a 3rd grader and as a consequence he, and all 5 of the younger lackeys, get overpowered and disposed of–while armed with phasers drawn–by miners with clubs. They pay a pretty steep price as the miners beat em up pretty bad (they really take that club to Mr Leslie!) but when the miners show up, neither Kirk nor Spock ask "What happened to the security team?" Oh well…


  8. The thing that bothered me about this episode is the staff of Janus VI does not carry a backup for the circulating pump stolen by the Horta. The circulating pump is a very old, and it is a critical part of the reactor that provides life support. Without it, the staff has about 48 hours to live. And yet no one thought about keeping a backup or two. Chief Engineer of the the miners makes a statement along the lines "well, we never had a problem with it, so we didn't think we needed a backup". Thankfully, Scotty is able to rig something up until Spock's mind meld convinces the Horta to return the original pump. I hope colony decided that maybe it was time to get a spare.

  9. I just realized that that security officer has the rank of a commander. That makes him one of the most senior people on the ship, above even Scotty (who regularly commands the Enterprise when Kirk and Spock are away). Seems like a costuming error to give a one-time character such a high rank. It looks damn good on camera, though.

  10. so let me understand this,spock you bend down and check the guys phaser to see that he didn't even have a chance to fire then you put it back down and leave it???? id have been a duel phaser wielding mofo at that point

  11. Hang on…..the actor playing one of the Enterprise security guards ("You all right, Captain?" – at 3.11)……is the same actor playing the commander of the battle fleet in the war games in 'The Ultimate Computer'. So did this character fly up the chain of command in one year?!!

  12. surely if the horta is made of asbestos it would kill most of the mining staff 30 years later from the effects of asbestosis. Even it is a coincidental side effect the horta is still killing the miners off just instead of melting them alive giving them long term lung diseases.

  13. One of the red shirts in this episode played a captain of another starship when the Enterprise was testing out the M-5 computer; can't remember if that was an earlier or later episode……..

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