Star Trek Discovery (Pilot Episodes) - re:View

Star Trek Discovery (Pilot Episodes) – re:View

well rich we're here to talk about Star Trek discovery yes that's true and usually on the internet when people talk about Star Trek shows they abbreviate the shows with three letter words TOS TNG voi ds9 and now STD hello and welcome to a very special episode of review I'm Mike and I am rich and this is a very special episode because one hour set is different and two we're talking about something that just came out in fact yesterday it came out Star Trek discovery normally our review shows are about older movies but today we're going to talk about something new because rich you and I have been waiting a long time for a new Star Trek television series when did enterprise end oh five oh five yeah so it's been over a decade per decade we did have Star Trek since enterprise the JJ Abrams films yeah and you rolled your eyes well it's a film it's a different it's a different beast and Star Trek is a thing that belongs on TV even though the first two episodes of Star Trek Discovery were a JJ Abrams film I'm still I'm still not convinced we're getting Star Trek on TV well let's talk now rich what were your initial reactions to Star Trek discovery who is this for I don't understand how this is supposed to appeal to me a Star Trek fan I think a Star Trek it's it's it's the vision of a of a brighter future Mike it's it's a it's a it's a galaxy where humanity has gotten its ship together and we've solved all of our problems there's no more hunger there's no more hate and we get along with the other races in the galaxy and we try to spread our diplomacy wherever we go let's see what's out there engage and then I watch discovery of war this isn't Star Trek that's my overall opinion of Star Trek discovery the other thing I find weird is this is a pilot episode and I'm usually I'm lenient on pilot episodes because they're typically bad a pilot episode has to introduce all of the characters and it introduced the scenario and then usually from there things can get better after watching the pilot for Star Trek discovery we need a new pilot we have one character we have Michael and in the next episode she's gonna be on a new ship with a new captain in a wildly different scenario than where she was at in the pilot episodes it's so weird yeah it's it's like a setting up a backstory to the show right which I mean I didn't necessarily have a problem with I I thought it was different I like that our main character basically started an intergalactic war in the first hour of the television series so it leaves it open to taking lots of different twists but but before we talk about the storyline we need to talk about the show itself the look the feel yeah visually it's kind of gorgeous it's very cinematic that's that's something that's different it's very it looks as good or better than a movie it's beautiful yeah um particularly one shot stuck out to me it's when the the Duchenne's oh the the ship that's commanded by Michelle Yeoh gets rescued by the Europa the and there's that they they're drifting and about to crash into an asteroid then you get that that beautiful shot where it goes up and you see that it's a tractor beam from the Europa and it's very cinematic and all I thought about was the naked now and even they but Star Trek is in effects No and I wanted to mention to you specifically one of your biggest gripes in the Star Trek universe yeah was that ships always meet on the same plane yes and there is shot in this show where they decloak and then the Shinjo is like completely sideways I was like rich is gonna really appreciate I did appreciate that okay I did a priest nono visually visually I I don't really have any issues oh of course not you can't have issues with the visuals and the special effects some people have I've heard bitching online like this looks different than it did in the original how does the how does the original series evolve from this and and and and here's the thing I'm gonna say it if you're a super hardcore Star Trek fan you might not like this but the original series doesn't look like the future anymore you you can't do that you can't have the the knobs that just won't work out of the we have to deal with the fact that the future is now holographic displays well well on that note I really enjoyed this overall mainly when I did two things with my brain one I pretended that this was way far in the future and I pretended that it was a Calvin timeline yeah with those two things in mind and both of those are wrong in the show context with both of those things in mind I set that back and I said hey this is a hundred and fifty years after Picard's dead look at that they got they got holographic communications with people that walking around the room right right what the fuck that's great look at that I look at how far the Federation is events I love it are you receiving my image captain yes and you you appear to be sitting on my bridge may take me a while to get used to this I'm not fond of uninvited guests the two-hour opening was great III really liked it as a nice movie you say you say you like it as a movie do you like it as a Star Trek movie though cuz that's that's the that's the thing I'm struggling with us like how was the Star Trek in any way just just the matically this is like like Battlestar Galactica that's the big issue I'm saying issue I'm not gonna say problem yeah it's an issue it's it's the phrase you can never go home again we are in 2017 and you cannot make Star Trek Voyager anymore and and I'm sitting there I'm watching it and I'm thinking in the very first five minutes of the movie they literally violate the prime directive so you have that opening scene Captain George you and Michael Burnham the captain and the first officer of the Shinjo are on an alien planet they're walking around and their mission is to save this alien species because the planet is undergoing a hundred year drought right now and they're like well as long as they don't see us we don't violate you know directive 1 prime directory or whatever she says and I'm like oh ok that's true in the case of like who watches the Watchers where you can go in and observe an alien culture but not interfere but if it's the natural course of an alien life-form is to go extinct because of planetary conditions you really shouldn't alter that so we make an exception in the deaths of millions yes and is it the same situation if it's an epidemic and not a geological calamity absolutely about a war if generations of conflict is killing millions do we interfere the prime directive clearly states there can be no interference with the internal development Bailey and civilization who knows maybe since that time and TNG time they have maybe become a little more hardcore right about the prime directive but at first I was like oh but as a scene it worked because you've got the captain and the first officer and they're going a little mission there two ladies they're there it's very symbolic that there there's a there's eggs yeah because they're women it was very motherly they're saving this race they're providing water it was all very symbolic and that's what I got out of it [Applause] because the Klingons like visually I don't I don't I don't give a fuck about them being visually different like I said you know TOS the forehead thing between TOS and T and G you know they've they've already visually changed at the Klingons but like tos and Star Trek the motion picture yeah yeah but culturally well you know something that's just small that stuck out to me much like the water prime directive thing is uh the Corp ship mm do you remember what the Klingons attitude towards corpses was and TNG was just a vessel yeah what what TNG episode wasn't where I was like I think it was one of the Worf ones were Worf killed uh Picard was like on the screen but the Klingons like what do you want us to beam the body back and the Klingons like just shove it into space we don't give a shit yeah yeah you wish the bodies returned they are now only this it's a tweak people complaining about the look of the Klingons is to me and a little silly today of clans in the Abrams movies they did for us did they look a little bit like this yeah they were fucked up and weird-looking so they're not hair oh yeah the straight the strange thing about the changing look of the Klingons to me is the old look is kind of iconic it's it's a weird thing to change because of what we had worked but uh I don't know that's just details like you'd like you said Klingons look like they smeared brown makeup on some guy in the 1960s and then when the movie came around ah yeah okay let's put some things on their head and then TNG comes around and then now it's this yeah Klingons have never yeah they've been changing all along even even culturally like in the original series there are more just mustache twirling villains right weak Lincoln so not as luxury minded as you were this yes and then later on they kind of became the honorbound warrior race so it's changing the Klingons is nothing new I don't I don't have an issue with things that are different my tight talk do not show your face in this town again yeah it's a whole different ballgame I liked the look of them as like just this warrior alien race we've got them warrior alien race the costumes were very detailed that set was great and I liked the fact that they had different like skin tones yeah there's the albino one some of them were like purplish and you know and that those always one thing that bugged me a little about old Star Trek is that the the Federation had like all these different kinds of ships but then like every other race had like such uniformity in their ships but budget my budget yeah a model you have a Romulan warbird and and there's like 12 of them they're all the same like no one at any point said let's make a little different Romulan warbird John and all that all the races all kind of looked alike you have you have the human race and you have such a variety of how people look but Klingons all look exactly the same and Vulcans all look exactly the same I like the fact that there is a weird albino Klingon I thought that was different and then made it a little more realistic it's the least interesting version of the Klingons what we're looking at they've monster fied them a little well their motives are just we need to unite and kill you yeah because we need to unite and kill you yeah I'm not a strong motivation yeah hey hey all you leaders get together you know what we really ought to do we gotta kill that Federation he lit the light all right let's kill the Federation made a convincing argument yeah I kind of liked when the Klingons had a little bit of there are more like like drunken sailors well they were individuals like they could be a drunken sailor or there could be like Worf where they were super uptight you're right yeah they had this honor culture but not all of them were all that honorable they were they were individuals within that culture yeah light the light for Kaylee's Kahless feliz whatever I have the face that we will on the United I think what it comes down to what my major problem is I hate the main character Michael Burnham I find that character intensely unlikable then none of the other characters except for the captain has much screentime there's like weird face science dude and he's a he's a non character I like Saru I thought he was my favorite character actually oh the science officer yeah he had a little c-3po vibe to him in the way that he spoke and acted and he had he had some he was the most like human character he had a little sass to him he's not he's not the focus of the show the focus of the show was clearly Michael Burnett I understand they're going for like a Redemption thing where she comes off as arrogant and and reckless and and stupid but they need they need to do something to make me want to root for her to make me think she's redeemable and I I don't have it the whole time I was watching like a year you fuck up you dumbass the Klingon Empire is now unified and like the only way they can stop this threat is to disgrace the the new kind of leader and the best way to do that with a Klingon is to capture him a wife that was her plan that was her plan who the captain and and Michael being aboard the Klingon ship they're gonna kidnap this guy and then in a fit of a rage after she watches the the Klingon later they need to kidnap stab her captain she switches her face her from stun to kill and shoots him oh she does I want to go back and we we should go back and we watch this I'm pretty sure you see the color change from blue to red it's deliberate I didn't notice that oh yeah I thought I know when they're running on shooting the guys i they're stunning them yeah I'm assuming but yeah I thought it was like an accident or if it was out of rage then that's that's interesting I am pretty sure it was out of rage and I'm sure I'm supposed to think oh she was emotional instead I'm thinking what the fuck are you doing I could definitely see what you're saying about not liking the main character made a lot of terrible mistakes number one starting an intergalactic war number two creating a martyr of a crazy Klingon who has unified an empire of a warrior race against the Federation's the Federation willfully possibly willfully depending on the Facebook setting we'll go back and check the footage I'm pretty sure you see the color change on the face yeah that went by so fast I didn't notice hey at least they got Klingon blood right that's the the re watching Star Trek Enterprise is the very first thing they got wrong in the pilot it's like like destroy them to get wrong right off the bat wrong and that was that was only really established in Star Trek 6 and it was really only pink because if it was like crimson red you wouldn't have seen it float around the spaceship as clearly well I think also probably would have hurt the rating oh maybe two yeah this is the Star Trek movie all those blood floating around in front of the camera I make it pink you know make people see it better and the MPAA will like it rich you mentioned a nitpick what would that be yes nitpick we didn't talk about the plot much plot is there's a crazy Klingon holy man who wants to turn on the the sacred white which will glow like a star and then it will unite the Klingon Empire right so they turn on this light like five minutes later all of the heads of the Klingon houses all show up at the same time well they sitting around waiting for this light to turn on maybe maybe one of them could have been like on the toilet first yeah like I said this is a nitpick I understand for the purposes of time and drama why they would do what they did well that's that's that's the word is drama is that this is this drama heavy and science Star Trek light it's very dramatic and it's very like conflict II and everyone's running around and there's so much emotion going on and I mean it's like the opposite of Gene Roddenberry's vision of Star Trek which is like a bunch of people who are on a spaceship and nobody fights with each other at all and we go around Explorer you Deep Space nine and a lot of ways is kind of the anti Star Trek oh very much so very much so Star Trek humanity peaceful secular we can do it humanity can do it on our own Deep Space nine it kind of like put a candle to those ideas it tested them it's like well war it's kind of inevitable what do you do now Starfleet oh gods oh they're just really religious race you got a deal with and it challenged the notions but it did it at a smart way mmm that's what I like about Deep Space nine but it feels like I'm not I'm not pointing a finger directly at discovery just like like since then all of Star Trek from like the TNG movies on it's just action it's not it's not really our fleets ideals in a smart way it's just like well the show takes place in space that means there was and people constantly shooting each other well it's it's that or it's it's a little of what what a modern audience wants now I was watching an interview with Rick Berman and Brannon Braga and when they're talking about Star Trek Enterprise and kind of why it failed and basically they said ever since Deep Space nine and on it had basically been diminishing returns it was the burnout that's that's what went wrong would Star Trek in the first place she went seven full fucking years of TNG and TMZ did its thing and they they kind of knew one2edit season seven was getting bad Deep Space nine was okay because like I said they were smart enough to you know do something different with the Trek they big they looked at it a different life and then and then the Voyager came along though and it just it tried to do T&G style episodes and then Enterprise came along and Enterprise started to do TNG style episodes and then you had over a decade of the same thing and it burp out Enterprise flopped spectacularly and it was like okay a prequel like Star Trek prequel okay a hundred years before Kirk and Spock at that point I'm like like it would have been so nice if everything just was chronological like I'm okay the enterprise the original enterprise from the 60s looking like garbage then it's like things got better and better and then we were going back to enterprise and enterprise it the tech the the the set was designed very well to look as low-tech as it could and try and look like a ship that may have been built a hundred years before the original enterprise it's very metallic and you know it was less comfortable more like a submarine almost yeah yet it still managed to look futuristic yeah I mean it looked nicer the sets designs the sets could be built better so that you you almost you can't build a set as bad as the original Star Trek set you just can't but then then they are they all these blue jumpsuits with the color and signe on them and then and then it's like yeah so then here comes Star Trek discovery and the idea is to make a prequel Star Trek series that takes place before TOS wherever we're blue jumpsuits uh-huh I'm like why do you have to wait for someone worthy of our attention I'm trying to save you trying to save all of you this this first two episodes worked really well as as a little movie it felt like a JJ Abrams Trek movie where instead of villain of the week we have warrior race of the week yeah and and it was it was solidly done it was exciting and the effects were great the acting was good and everything around it was was enjoyable but the problem with the abrams movies is that they all kind of burned themselves out with audiences we're the stattrak hysterics back remember beam me up Scotty Pemberley set phasers to stun I remember that and then number two comes our [Applause] number three nobody saw even though the best one but it ran its course and it burned itself out to me one the reason why I love TNG so much is it's because of its a world that I would want to live in yes it's it's this big flagship of the Federation they go around sure some bad stuff happens every now and then but really they're going around and they're doing their thing and it's a nice big comfortable ship and everybody gets along and every I'm picturing myself living in the world of Star Trek discovering I don't really want to know because it looks noisy everyone's tilted and and at any moment and then ships explode that is the most fantastic point I have ever heard it's that that that world fits you like a glove is a bright and hopeful there are things that are scary out there like the Borg and even Klingons these Klingons I'm gonna have nightmares from them because they're they're like horrifying monsters which is cool in a way are you saying that there is no place for that TNG style hopefulness in this modern world is there no place for the diplomatic ethical problem or this this faction wants this and this faction wants that card has to come in do the speech but for you all get together and is there no room for that well it's certainly not the Orville it feels like fanfiction the Orval it feels like imitation TNG yes it's definitely a knockoff but here's the thing it has an audience and I think it's because that audience wants that that bright friendly Star Trek and not the I'm going to stab you and your fucking face Star Trek it's it's more palatable if you if you ignore the fact that it has it's a Star Trek and if you just take this as it's as a new action based science fiction show it works except the main character is a fucking jackass I almost I almost think they should have started the show on the prison ship and we get to know her first as someone who has fallen from grace then we get the backstory later I I might have preferred that but whatever possibly I mean either way I was wondering the whole time is it because she's got radiation in her brain forget all that the big thing to discuss is whether or not you can do the Star Trek that rich Evans wants and that a lot of fans want or do you do the Star Trek that will appeal to more people who will appreciate the the action stuff more and the high drama I don't know it's it's a hard thing it's it would be risky to do another like weekly starship show without the because the long-form storytelling plot arcs are what's popular in TV now you know yeah there aren't any shows other than sitcoms where you just have a one-and-done episode like everything is like you have to watch all 17 seasons of the show to get anything from it you can't yeah we can't pluck a random episode of Mad Men out and watch it or Breaking Bad or fucking Game of Thrones and watch it in the middle of season 19 and and get you know what I mean yeah it's all like that now and I think that's how they keep you hooked because it's a different world now with streaming television and but that it was in the TNG our next night Troy faces a prearranged marriage isn't this simply beautiful but when the groom risks his life to help a plague-infested ship my sons surrounded by those horrible leopards you binge watch a TV series and it's like a it's like a fucking five hour long movie that's true yeah rich what did you think about the girl with the robot had oh I thought that was a very neat visual and I'm sad shook her head blew up you liked it was straight out of a deaf Punk video yeah that's what that was that's what was great about it yeah yeah I think that crossed the line a little I I didn't mind the return of Lobot oh yeah I mean maybe he's got like the Geordi LaForge ears yes did you like Star Trek discovery I I would say I really liked it and I'm I'm excited to see more I would like them to apply the brake a little it worked as a pilot like you said before pilots are often yeah I mean going back to TNG encounter at Farpoint oh yeah like just hoping this isn't the usual way admissions will go so I'm sure most will get much more interesting whole first season really at TNG was yeah yeah well it took till season 3 for them to really get the stride I mean there's some good episodes in season 2 like halfway through season 2 it weirdly kicks up there's some there's some good stuff in season 2 but seasons three and four is is the sweet spot of TNG and this this is JJ Abrams Star Trek essentially for the first episode visually at least well no yeah I know everything I'm trying to save you trying to save all of you JJ the JJ films are a little bit more fun though they're a little bit light yeah there's a human for them too right there's not much levity in this except for SAR lieutenant Saru the big tall guy okay alien face yeah he has some humorous lines there but yeah you're right it's it's very heavy it's very very drama heavy if the whole show were like that it would where the fuck out of me III I want that scene where and and they think they teased it in the when they revealed what this discovery looks like yeah you know you want that moment where like everybody is beaming up to the ship bending dudududu hi I'm lieutenant so-and-so we're gonna let's get underway everybody take around mr. Mayweather straighten steady second star to the right and straight on till morning and then you know the ship leaves they stock get the beauty shots of the viewed as as a movie I don't much care for the whole story with the Klingons just kind of dumb I don't like the main character but seeing where they have went with all of this like that that trailer they showed at the the end like here's here's what's coming next that looks interesting like the thought of being on some kind of prison ship this disgraced officer I hated the pilot episodes but I can see where they're going with it where that could be interesting I know why we have another Star Trek series I'm just saying for me I have three seasons of TOS I've got seven seasons of TNG I've got seven seven write of Deep Space nine and then then Voyager and fizzled out that's enough I can I can see where the formula might be played out maybe that maybe it's maybe she's doing the same thing over again and then I if they made something like TNG I'd be on here saying what was the point we already had it it's just redundant so I I can understand the need to do something different I just I just don't know if the thing that's different the the violent high drama war is exactly what I'm looking for yeah if you asked me that question what kind of yes star chart show I make I would jump well past Voyager that is now we can do much better sets much better special effects I would see where the federation is so let's go 15-20 years past that where where is the federation at because then you can have cameos from patrick's cameos they're gonna be literally their exact perfect age yeah bring back some of those cast members but have all new crew have some kind of like what what is the new the new thing what's the new dilemma facing the Federation that's not war okay something different some other thing that kind of threatens the stability of the Federation or the the morals or something and some kind of ship is is exploring it I don't know it's something like that because there there's there are there's a split of the fans there's people like me and you who who like who like the universe who like the worlds the ships the costumes that the tone let's say and and there's where we like that slow moving episode where it's a show this episode is about data having going on a date with a lady there's a whole show about data cataloging the events of his day the card gets a little too close to the the new geologist and there's romance but he's he's the captain and he has to order people to do dangerous things what's the dilemma there oh no she's on this planet the planet might blow up so it's it's kind of hard to talk about the whole show off off the pilot up so that's what we're we're attempting to do I would say it's off to a good start that that montage of what's coming up in the show really interested me because we we've seen we've seen many other Star Trek series and if there is a Star Trek series that's really dramatically good an intense and you know in not in a space battle way but in character conflict way because Gene Roddenberry's been dead for 25 years okay his notion that the characters can't have inner conflicts oh sure sure if discovery really hits a home run with really well-written dramatic episodes that are that are in the Star Trek universe but have really well written characters and and flawed characters you know that's another thing too is like you look back at characters like Harry Kim and sin Mayweather Geordi LaForge really other than the fact that he was sure as the forge didn't have much of a character right so you have you have that that that Roddenberry influence where everyone's happy but the really the characters that stood out in Star Trek were the ones that were heavily conflicted or really interesting dramatically your Worf you know data the car the car lock Spock definitely being Vulcan is more important to you then you will stand there speaking rules and regulations from staff even Vulcan philosophy I met your father died and I hate you rest of my life see isn't this a weird thing we have we've watched the first two episodes of a TV show I don't feel like I've seen a single episode yet I feel like I have seen a preamble to something that's going to happen next my fingers are crossed that they're gonna they're gonna milk something good out of all these characters and we're gonna get some kind of really dramatic quality programming I don't care about the space battle stuff as long as they don't overdo it discovery is a completely new way of telling us don't try story in a way that you might not expect you should watch carefully the Abrams villain of the week we have a doomsday device stuff worked in a 2-hour format for approximately two films one film one film of 1.5 1.7 and then it then it burned itself out and so I think they need to really be mindful of that if this if this this show cannot possibly be every episode is the cons are coming and now they have a super weapon and the super weapon is going to destroy the entire Alpha Quadrant we have to stop that it's it's not going to be that I think it's gonna be more more character-driven more political more internal conflicts and I'm hoping that that's the case okay because I was I was I was like halfway through that second episode and two people were trying to violently murder each other with swords and I was just thinking how did the Star Trek become this yeah well we can only hope we can only hope we'll be back next week no we won't oh we won't how about this we'll be back every now and then to talk more about Star Trek because there's lots of little nuggets in this like where I'm like hey that's the Harry Kim maneuver which was the Eureka maneuver oh well sort of when they beam the the warhead of the the photon torpedo onto the body onto the body Harry Kim beams he just beams a photon torpedo inside a Borg ship it's like the detonator was a bullshit like why would you people been doing this all we're gonna beam a photon torpedo into a corpse while you're collecting your dead so we can murder you all it's Star Trek yeah and then and then she flies on a little spacesuit I don't know those little remind me of Star Trek 1 it's like yeah yeah and then the the jumping through space was like nemesis when data's flying good things I'm seeing all these little little little moments of Star Trek throughout the years which will probably get when we watch more of the show you exclude one group of fans by doing this you exclude another group of fans by doing that you're trying to bring in new fans by doing this it's almost entirely impossible something as complex and historical Miss Star Trek I mean goes back 50 years yes I mean it's like how do you do that how do you do that with a new cast and a new crew and it's been a decade since the last show you just do it start fresh you start fresh future awaits but now with ten years before curtain goes by we have Kirk show up in for one twenty five-year-old curtain enterprise we couldn't cuz it was 100 years before home spa 10 years before and we got CEREC right yeah you know that that ace is up their sleeve I'm sure that'll that'll come back we'll be more certain ratings a nose-diving bring out Spock I'm sorry this is my son Spock how does Spock get along with this adopted sister Spock meet Kirk [Applause]

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  1. Actually, Roddenberry had Star Trek TOS and TNG dealt with bigotry including humans against Spock and a witch hunt for anyone with Romulan blood. Berman and Bragda are lying about why ENT failed: it failed because they announced they were a million times better than Roddenberry and his team, so they'd make their own TOS and it would, I quote, "make everyone forget about Kirk and Spock". They also announced that to show they were better, they'd destroy what Roddenberry loved most: the Vulcans. They made the Vulcans evil, the white humans (and anyone who conceded to their ways) perfect — check out the episode where the black guest character is bad in the beginning & has an eubonics accent, then when he concedes Archer is king, he talks with the "white" accent because he's good now. Then lets talk about the men sitting in polyester suits in a disco club talking about Vulcan pon farr, something humans don't about it supposedly. They also refused to use Star Trek in the title, because their show was above that, and so was their theme song. You spit in the face of the fans with all this and you wonder why your show tanked. BTW, Abrams also said he was better than any other Trek; that all Trek is horrible, he hates it, the fans are stupid for liking it, and he would make the only good Trek. So he blew up Gene's beloved Romulans and his beloved Vulcans, and took his Spock to die away from his wife and friends plus lose his katra, undoing all the sacrifice to get it back in TOS. Even though there's very easy ways to get Nimoy's Spock home. The Guardian crosses time, space, dimensions, and universes. And Q who promised Spock that he owed him one; Q can go anywhere. No one even had to see him except for Spock. But Abrams insisted Spock, the great symbol of TOS, be destroyed by his JJ universe. Unfortunately, the fans did fall for it this time. Sad. Not all: entire conventions have to get rid of JJ Trek stuff because it wouldn't sell, and Nimoy announced at his last convention that he regretted doing this to Spock. But too late, damage done.

  2. Enterprise's set designs became especially jarring in the In a Mirror, Darkly two-parter.

    Because that's the episode where they found the Defiant, a Constitution-class ship from THE FUTURE!

    But it still had the old 1960s design, and they had to pretend like this ship they found was some new badass weapon…

  3. Supposedly CBS guaranteed it 3 seasons from the very beginning to jumpstart All Access. So far I have yet to see a single piece of licensed merchandise like a toy or a game which either means it's too cerebral for that, or no manufacturer not named Funko wants to touch the franchise. Tough call, really.

  4. No one is asking for the gumdrop (TOS)control panels! But at least make it look remotely related. You did notice the Klingon battle cruiser in STMP looked ALMOST like the original TOS Klingon battle cruiser. See Axanar. They're doing it right.

  5. I remember when I was unable to watch the X Files for a few weeks, and when I was finally able to watch the show (that next week) I was soooo lost and confused. Now, I am not saying that X Files is as bad as other shows are, now, but the series was sort of notorious for basically "giving you the finger," if you missed a few new episodes in a row… So, I guess the take away here is that these new shows (now'a'days) aren't doing anything new to their viewers, that hasn't been done before.

  6. I despised the visuals in this. It was too dark and cluttered and I found it hard to tell what ship was where and where things were. Additionally, I got bored and decided to count lens flares during the first or second episode–there were 32 in ten minutes.

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