Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Discussion! - Offworld Episode 14

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  1. Jesus Christ, if you're going to sell out at least make sure you're getting paid. ST:D does not deserve the Star Trek moniker.

  2. Do Turbolifts now move thru a pocket universe? I wonder where all the Space would be in a Starship! That Cutscene was stupid.

  3. Is anyone else annoyed that they claim it's harder to land on a rock going "SUPERFAST!"? Relative speeds anyone?
    Discovery is not Star Trek. It's Scifi, but NOT Trek.

  4. Arguably the best first season of any Trek yet. The design, casting, and story are beyond what you’d expect for a television series. Season two looks like it may be even better!

  5. If you bring up the spore drive and don't talk about the lawsuit, you're doing a disservice to all of science fiction. Shame on you.

  6. Ha they deleted my comment about STD ruined by crazy leftist politics, and how even Adam is infected by that disease.
    Do facts hurt Tested?

  7. star trek discovery is just another show about political correcttness but in space. real star trek show is called "orville" now.

  8. All of these technologies and fundamental concepts that are unkowen in the future , Star Trek , Next Gen , Voyager , Deep Space time lines . This is Star Trek in name only .

  9. You guys need to be genuine. I want to like Star Trek too but c'mon, Discovery is not well written or produced at all.

  10. Finally somebody give a good review, ppl just being negative on discovering just because they wanna hate an follow the others. Bid deal the klingons look different, its not the first time. So what they crew not happy go lucky. The show looks like a movie. The storyline is nice. Folks its not gone look like the show from the 90's. things change an evolve. Dont hate cuz its the cool thing to do. Or cus there's not a "white male captain" . But u do have pike now. And ppl saying oville is better, come on!!! I really like orville but its super cheesy an political which most of u guys wld normally hate. Stop hating so much an b glad star trek is bak. P.S i do hate they have ot on cbs access.

  11. You Tube comments section, where losers project their negative feelings. Some folks didn't know they didnt know they actually didnt like star trek.

  12. The Prime Directive expressly prohibits any member of the Federation to “help” any pre-Warp society (like the Kelpiens). It doesn’t matter if they deserve help or not. It doesn’t matter if they are good or bad. It is simply not allowed. And there are reasons for that, primarily, that most of the time there are unintended consequences to the “help”. This isn’t a Discovery thing. This has been explored in multiple episodes on other Star Trek series. This is Star Trek’s spin on the saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

    Also, it is not true that this episode was the “First time we’ve heard their names”. All their names were mentioned on screen at least once last season.

    My hopes and dreams for season 2? That the haters would just STFU. It is ok if you don’t like the show. Turn off the TV and move on with your life. You don’t have to spam every single internet outlet with your nonsense.

  13. Thought I'd give Not Start Trek a second chance, but man do I regret that! Still feels like being stuck in Michael Burnham's bottomless pit of a therapy session for her chronic depression. Thank goodness for the Orville. Cleared that dark sole crushing STD right up 🙂

  14. This chick has no idea what she's talking about … lol lost me the first minute… when she referred to those pods as the ' new shuttles' and the spore drive being broken… it wasn't broken… astroid changed course cuz it was alien artefact ? … k. bye.

  15. I actually think ST:D is a lot better than people are giving it credit for, and this season is looking to add a bit more trek/contemplativeness based on episode 1. I bet most of the people complaining haven't even watched it. Can't blame them too much due to the way its being distributed though.

  16. Nice to see ST Discovery back. Nice to be able to tie it into the original series.
    Good episode.

  17. STD could have been good if Mary Sue had died in the first episode and the entire series was about the Asian captain woman keeping her crew safe while fighting that newly discovered race of space Orks in thier spiky transformers knockoff ships.

  18. I was really angry with Discovery at first, first some nitpickey things, they used the movie Klingons, but say the series not set in the Kelvin Universe, they gave all the ships the Enterprises symbol (those badges use to be different ship to ship) and they gave Spock a sister he never mentioned before (though Star Trek 5 gave him a brother, so eh……) and some people acting "not Federation" But and Spoilers

    They fixed it with the Captain being from the Mirror Mirror universe, that there was an incursion and Michael learning to be better, to live up to those ideals, and showing us what could be. I enjoyed the first season over all, as a whole, liked the serialized form over the other show episodic (with tie-ins). Season 2 first episode is different too, it feels better. I'm interested is seeing where it goes. Might go out the window if I don't like the possible Spock/Burnham romance it looks to be hinted at. Still love Tilly and Saru.

  19. Why discuss this show? The main character is so awful it falls flat on its face as soon as she 'acts'. It baffles me more than that other show The Expanse, just awful. (Sorry Adam, but it was)

  20. Hey Tested, How much did CBS pay you to make this episode to kiss their ass like this? Real Trek fans know that this new STD is basically as bad as getting what STD used to stand for; a sexually transmitted disease. This is acting like one too: we don't want it, but it just won't go away. If they want happy fans; they need to kill this garbage post haste and return to making original content, rather than trying to rewrite history.

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