Star Trek Discovery Season 2 In a Nutshell

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 In a Nutshell

okay people we need to discuss how to build a suit of time-traveling power armor so that it could pull the starship discovery through a spatial vortex and into the future I need options and I need them now I downloaded the plans to the second suit here on my multispectrum micro liquid quantum drive there I'll download the plans into your cerebral cortexes reinforced titanium tachyons impossible maybe not what if we use the deflector dish to open a rift to another dimension then use the ship's Ram scoops to collect the tachyon particles it could work sure we can collect the tachyons maybe but the reinforced titanium we don't have time to mine the ore I don't think hole what what about the hole the hole of this ship is made from titanium if we could get 500 to a thousand engineers out there to cut pieces of it off we could use that we need about half the ship because it needs to be condensed but I think we could do it it'll only take about five minutes now this is the power of laughs I love this job yum yum yeah perfect now we just have to build the problem with the Klingon time crystals being out of phase with our universes quantum resonance no problem I like science a micro wormhole a what a micro wormhole Oh what hear me out now we have the time crystals right we can open micro wormholes that go anywhere at any time in the known universe science fuck yeah so if we use the data from the ancient sphere and assuming that that sphere has collected data on say 10,000 supernovas that have occurred over the last 10 million years math fuck yeah so we're able to harness all that raw power through those micro wormholes and figure out a way to direct it at the Klingon time crystals maybe we could recharge them I'm sorry what could you repeat that hell yeah so now we just need to design and build a machine that can harness the energy of 10,000 supernovas through micro wormholes and direct that energy to recharge Klingon time crystals of which we know nothing about I have it right here I built it while you were talking what what I paid attention in science school now this is the power of math okay everyone remember time is of the essence wait Mike I just want you to know that ever since I was surgically merged with that and durian diplomat and resurrected to life by the mycelial Network you took care of my seven adopted cats and to me you will always be family I will leave my wife and children to stay on this ship with you no matter what rich wait ever since that time my mother's brain was merged with a discoveries computer and she tried to take over the ship because she missed her only son me and while we are in orbit of that planet you trained those primitive farmers to fly micro spaceships into my mother's brain to explode it thus saving the ship you were there for me and I just want to say I love you I love you too

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  1. YUM YUM my eyes couldn't roll any further into the back of my head, holy shit these discovery writers man

  2. I didn't understand the clip, but then again I wasn't the idiot who committed the mistake of watching Discovery.

  3. That "Yum yum" bit brought up that intense cringe I had during the actual episode I've forgotten up until now. Thx you hacks!

  4. I think James brown Experience – Talking Loud and saying nothing, summarize the whole Star trek discovery season 2.

  5. The beginning of this video made my google assistant look up and read aloud the definition for "weenie."

  6. After the last wheel of the worst and seeing the BG under white lights, this set is faaaaarrr better than it has any right to be. Awesome job you slobs!

  7. this was such an accurate portrayal of the show that i reflexively unsubscribed from CBS All Access two minutes in.

  8. Other than the technobabble, the scene was coherent, and the main cast didn't murder anyone. How is this the new Start Trek?

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