Star Trek: DISCOVERY – USS Discovery NCC-1031 Starship REVEALED?

Star Trek: DISCOVERY – USS Discovery NCC-1031 Starship REVEALED?

You had your starters with the release of
the first-look trailer for Star Trek: Discovery. If you’re hungry for more there is good
news, we now know when you can have your main course. Welcome to The Final Frontier; so
how much longer do you have to wait? For those in the US, DSC is set to undock
with an hour-long premiere at half past 8 in the evening of Sunday, 24 September on
CBS. The first and second episodes – along with the companion after-shows – will then
be available on-demand on CBS All Access immediately following the premiere, with weekly episodes
thereafter. Unfortunately, due to time differences, those of us watching on Netflix in the UK
will have to wait until Monday. From what I’ve heard that actually means 8am so for
most it will mean we’re a full day behind every week – not exactly great. The 15-episode first season has also been split into two parts, with the first eight episodes running from 24 September through
5 November. The season will then resume from January 2018, thereby allowing more time for
post-production. For the eagle-eyed, you may have spotted something
very tantalising – yes, we have our first look at the USS Discovery NCC-1031! The ship
– which is now confirmed to be older [ERROR: Discovery is NEWER] than the USS Shenzhou – can be glimpsed in this
animation… but we get a much clearer look from the poster. A cursory look suggests a
ship similar to that seen in the original teaser from last year with different nacelles.
We also have very distinctive pattern on the main fuselage, which screams to me that this
vessel is not a traditional Federation starship. But, we haven’t even got to the most interesting
bit: the saucer section. At first glance, this looks like a typical Federation saucer
design but it is potentially anything but. Look at the two dark rings on the saucer and
the lighting on the edge of the visible rings; what we’re perhaps seeing here aren’t
dark sections without lighting but the saucer literally has two circular gaps right through it
– rather like a doughnut. Computer: enhance image to show saucer section struts. Now you
can get a clearer view of the four struts that join the outer and inner rings, no doubt
these are access corridors. What we’re seeing is something we’ve previously seen in the
Kelvin universe’s USS Vengeance, which is ironic as I’ve previously imagine that the
USS Shenzhou, with its advanced tech, is a Dreadnought class ship like the Vengeance.
We may even be looking at a spherical primary hull where the bridge would be, something
that would be smaller version of the Federation’s Daedalus-class starship or even the medical
Olympic-class starship from the TNG era. So, let’s now go inside and look at the Discovery’s
captain, Gabriel Lorca, described as a ‘steely Federation starship captain who is considered
a brilliant military tactician’. Funnily enough, a description that sounds eerily similar to
that of one Garth of Izaar… so THAT rumour still doesn’t want to go away despite the
different names. We get a glimpse of the Discovery’s bridge but there isn’t really a great deal to see;
the captain’s chair has a touchscreen display so technology is certainly more advanced that
what we saw in The Original Series, but as this ship is older [ERROR: It is newer] than the Shenzhou I suspect we will see a ship that isn’t as advanced. What we do get a good look at is the uniform: this is the exact same uniform and, interestingly, the same Starfleet
badge as Captain Georgiou of the Shenzhou. This is confusing as they are two different
ships and, in this era, should have a unique badge. Which brings us back round to early
rumours that the Shenzhou is destroyed and becomes the Discovery… but the two ships
now look very different and we know that the Discovery is older than the Shenzhou [ERROR: Not true!] so I don’t think this fits any more. Perhaps the Shenzhou and Discovery are sister ships on the same mission, hence the reason why
First Officer Michael Burnham and Lt Saru eventually end up serving on the Discovery. And talking of Burnham. We had a lot of speculation
on the nature of her relationship with Vulcan. Well, it has been confirmed that – as we
suspected – she is not half-Vulcan. Instead she has a close relationship with Spock’s
parents, Sarek and Amanda, and was the first human to attend the Vulcan Learning Center
as a child and then the Vulcan Science Academy as a young woman. She will therefore go on
a journey to discover what it means to be human, to be a Starfleet officer, and what
it means to be a hero. Finally, we get a sneak peak at this… have
a guess what this is? Yup; it’s one of the Shenzhou’s transporter rooms. Boy, do the designers love
their gold leaf but what on earth is going on here with the massive circular item behind
them? Not even the Kelvin universe changed the transporter tech like this. I don’t
mind the look of what I assume are circular beam generators – to me, it looks like something
that could create a particle beam and construct and deconstruct molecules. But what I don’t
understand is why they aren’t above the person they are beaming? What happens if you
have a small person or item that needed beaming that wasn’t in line with the centre-point
of the generator? What happens if Georgiou stepped sideways; would it beam Saru instead?
It just looks far too different to the tech we’ve seen; something that would have been
easily solved by placing them above the item being beamed. But one element I do love is the sneak peek
at the very TOS style phasers, and also a thumbs up to the body armour with Starfleet
logo. Three more months. I. Cannot. Wait. For more videos on all things Star Trek: Discovery
and science fiction please subscribe and click the notifications bell so it will actually
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  1. Hey Everyone; there is a big error in this video that's been highlighted: The Discovery is the NEWER ship, so it isn't older like I mentioned. Apologies for the error…

  2. I still don't have a good feeling about any of this….(sad face) Oh well, I will still watch the free-bee it in Sept. But I will also have a bucket near by for possible purging and a computer to rightly roast them in words of wrath upon the net.
    I wonder if anyone in CBS feels the tension?

  3. I do not think I saw a positive comment here. If you are all so sure you are not going to enjoy it, why the Federation are you here? Well I am going to watch it and I am sure I am going to enjoy it. I do not care if there is JJ Abrams Klingon's in this series, I can not wait to see them as Klingon's are my favorite alien species in Star Trek. They have evolved from TOS to the latest of Star Trek films and the JJ Abrams look is no different to the rest of the evolution of the species.

  4. It may have the name but it is Definitely not Star Trek. CBS is really looking bad for what they did to Axanar. The real storm is coming soon when Discovery fails.

  5. STD keeps looking worse. As she is shown so far in the trailers as a hatefull person who doesn't want to follow orders and demands to fire first .Ya it is completely logical that she would have strong relationship with Spocks parents. ..NOT!

  6. I just wanted it on Netflix in US but no we get the Shitty CBS All Access instead and if the horrible ratings don't do the show in it'll be because of CBS all access that does it and if they do decide to can it because of CBS All access won't they take it off Netflix too that's actually one thing I'm rather curious about

  7. Three essential requirements for Star Trek:

    1) proper ship design
    2) proper uniforms
    3) characters that have a proper justification for their existence instead of just being there to please idiot feminazis and  far-left fascist hypocrites pretending to be minority advocates and who don't even watch Star Trek
    4) last but not least: proper MUSIC in the good old style

    This new series seems to lack the first two. Not sure about the other two yet.

  8. Some people say that the Original USS Enterprise Under Christopher Pike is more Advanced then the USS DIscovery, The USS Enterprise was created assembled and launched in the year 2244 and in 2254 started the events of the TOS the Cage under Captain Christopher Pike, the USS Discovery was created assembled and Launched in 2255 Under Captain Lorca so I would say the Discovery is more advanced.

  9. Honestly my only complaint is the Klingon redesign, it just seems so off to me, and honestly kind of pointless if they're gonna leave the other major alien race of the series as just pointy ears.

    Other than that, screw the hate I'm looking forward to the show. I watched TOS as a little child, enjoyed TNG in my childhood and DS9 was my teens, I admit I kind of fell out some with Voyager and barely even bothered with Enterprise.

    Personally I don't get why this getting so much hate from some Trek fans.
    Yes it's not trying to be retro, neither was TOS when it was made, I love the look of the orig series but even the orig cast movies updated for the time of their releases.

    Would I have loved a continuation post-Voyager? Yeah, but hey, we have tons of books and/or Star Trek online for that.

    And as to folks giving up before the thing even premieres, isn't one of the major points of Trek generally trying to give things a chance and not pre-judging?

  10. So the new ship is based on giant donut ? i realy wish that there would be some good starcraft series. but after the Axanar fiasco i have gut feeling that it would be just the next fiasco.

  11. I share the apprehension of many when it comes to new Star Trek properties. Will this be a compelling drama/sci-fi show? Or will it be chalked up with the Star Wars TFA as a social experiment.

  12. this is a well put together story. you did a great job. thanks. P.S. dont worry about mistakes. i used to be a reporter and of all the reporters i know all of them make a mistake now and then. your ok.

  13. I really don't agree with the comments about exploring the post Nemesis era.24th century is best forgotten about.

  14. TNG didn't need Spock or his parents to get the show started, hell we hardly had Vulcan presence in the first season.
    Not so in JJ Abrams reboot. Not so in this show. I'm getting super tired of this. It's unimaginative. They're trying to hook us with this, like an old overused magic trick. I'm bored. I'm so bored.

  15. The Transporter room of the Shenzhu is the visual representation of the description Gene offered to Desilu & NBC of the Star Trek Concept : "Wagon Train to the Stars"

    See it has the wheels and everything like the Wagon wheel Coffee Table Carrie Fisher hated so much in when Harry Met Sally :

    I think I prefer the table myself.

  16. Re : Uniforms These are a bit quirky.

    1) The boots have division coloured chevron shaped to caps in gold/bronze or silver
    2) The boots have chevron/deltas on the side of the boots
    3) The trousers have pockets
    4) The jacket has elbow/forearm pads in them
    5) The male Uniforms have 5 shoulder stripes and the woman's have just 4

    I think since they have already decorated the shoulders perhaps shoulder patches with rank on would have been better than the tiny pips on the starfleet badge.


    No ship logos though – I can't say I miss them they pretty much got rid of them by Season 3 of TOS anyway – I need to check to see if that Guy Pike is having dinner with in a dream – had an Enterprise style badge on his chest or not.

  17. This has the makings of being the worst Star Trek Series ever.  So many bad signs.  I hope they rethink some things.

  18. It took me a while, but I finally get what they are doing with the ship design. Let's face it, the 1960's ship interior would look kind of campy today, but it looks like they are trying to make this ship a gap filler in between the NX class and the original Constitution class, so basically where the Kelvin timeline ships jump off at. I'm guess that there must be a vast alteration in ship design and technology which leads to the prime Constitution. That's my guess anyway. Although, they could try harder.

  19. You know I still think Lorca Might be Garth of Izar – but it's because it takes place around the time they know he was crazy but he's not yet been committed – so he may have been faking someone else's appearance by my calculations he went nuts around 2252 and wasn't knocked up in a high security location until just prior to 2268 so he has plenty of chance to pretend to be sane and maybe fake someone else's ID.

  20. Well I don't hold much hope that there will only be a few episodes in this series unless the two main characters make out with each other. We can only hope.

  21. Poor Jason Issac's (hello Jason Issac). When you get a call asking if you want to be a Star Trek captain, you say yes, its just a shame his run will be in what looks currently to be a terrible show. Here's hoping I'm wrong.

  22. Why would a touch-screen be considered more advanced than what was in TOS? In earlier episodes they had some gesture-based controls!

  23. I've liked everything Trek (not so much DS9. sorry.) including the newer Trek movies. even a fan of a few of the fan film series. something about this new show just doesn't seem right. it does seem that they're kind of ignoring everything that came before. I'd like to hear an explanation as to why the Klingongs look different yet again. TOS had their version. The 1st motion picture in 79? had their version. the JJ Abram movies had their version. now Discovery seems to have a different version also. if their was a justifiable reason for that many changes I'd like to know what they were. I know afterward (the 1st motion picture) it was explained away as a virus or mutation but why is the Abrams version different than all that came before and why is Discovery different from everything else given where it falls in the timeline? sorry for the long post and question.

  24. I stopped watching Star Trek – permanently – when it went overly politically correct in certain Voyager episodes. The rest of you have fun watching. I won't.

  25. The saucer is segregated because all the cis white males have to live in their own section of the ship so the space feminists won't get triggered.

  26. This saucer section looks a lot more like a pizza cutter to me. the whole thing looks like Kelvin universe making it unwatchable.

  27. ooooo someone has to wait a day to see it. Some countries wait MANY weeks for a movie to premiere while most of the world has long since seen it and moved on. I'm sure a day isn't going to kill you.

  28. Still not convinced this is anything more than an ill conceived blunder but still hoping they prove me wrong

  29. what a stupid starship design…they made it worse than the first time we saw it. where do u think enemies are going to concentrate fire? those 4 little tubes maybe???

  30. The thing is, this is being sold as "ten years before TOS" — it clearly isn't.

    Now, I don't mind that it isn't "ten years before TOS" — what I mind is that we're being told it is when it clearly isn't.

    That makes it feel like a "bait and switch", and I think Star Trek fans have had their fill of "bait and switch". From Star Trek: Enterprise to the JJ films, now this, I think we're all just sick of them selling one thing to get our asses into seats — and then delivering something other than what they were selling.

    What they NEED to do is license Axanar, give it the go ahead, and let us have what Star Trek fans clearly actually want — an ACTUAL prequel.

  31. The transporter room looks like  a game show set:  Beam of Fortune!  Sorry, you spun a major malfunction!  I'd like to buy my bowels back!  And what's this, Admiral Ackbar early in his career as a transporter tech?  I can hear him now, "Captain, don't beam down!  It's a trap!!!"

  32. Unfortunately this series does look like it's going to be a terrible addition to the Trek franchise. I liked all the previous tv series but this one looks like making a failure. I'm thinking something like the new star trek movies meets the new super girl series (season 1). Seriously hope i'm wrong and it's not some pc, feminist, cgi which avoids or changes previous facts about star trek universe.

  33. I would like to see an Captain of more exotic background. We had so far: American, French, American,American,American…in this order. I would like to see a Russian,Chinese,Aborigine or Sri Lankan Captain.

  34. The transporter room look so cheap. The walls look like rugs and the rectangles are cut unevenly. The painted gold on the spinning around the spinning wheel look cheap. It looks like a shrinking ray from a 1970 Saturday morning show. less would be more. I hate it.

  35. That ship is just bizarre… My issue isn't with the aesthetics, as such (even though it's less elegant than any previously seen Star Trek ship; even including the more utilitarian Defiant, Voyager, NX-01, Kelvin, and Vengeance designs), so much as it just seems so over-designed from an engineering point of view; it seems to have "features" that serve no purpose other than to make it look as "fresh" (i.e. unfamiliar) as possible while still – just barely – looking like a Star Trek ship rather than a generic spaceship from some other franchise.

  36. I am beginning to think the Enterprise theme outro was a one time occurrence, my life is lessened by this fact.

    Love your videos and analysis looking forward to you covering the show!

  37. Blah JJ Abraham, CBS, Kelvin timeline, weird transporters, the half Klingon and half federation ship that doesn't know what it's supposed to be and timelines not after Nemesis gawd. The comments here are all right. So much potential yet CBS keeps messing with it. Arghhh. Listen to the Fans for eff sakes. I couldn't even finish star trek beyond. Yet I can rewatch the terrible episode with multiple data's in the wild wild west kidnapping Alexander over and over again.

  38. chick flick..dead in the I am forced to get another subscription service other than Netflix in Canada. .who cares

  39. Yeah, a bit way over enthusiastic, check the "teleporter" picture again, these are miss aligned car mats between the two fidget spinners, I mean teleporters.

  40. Star Trek: Discovery star replies to show's racist critics No one is complaining about the diversity, it's the blatant lack of continuity.

  41. i dunno why everyone is getting in a lil fit about having the same badge, the diff badge thing is 1 thing im glad that they didnt keep from tos, it was totally stupid

  42. This is NOT Star Trek! They say it's 10 years prior to Kirk, but everything looks more modern. Quit screwing with Star Trek's story continuity! I'll pass on this series!

  43. That ship still looks like crap. Changing the nacelles and giving the ship a different texture didn't help it. The back half still looks Klingon. So far I've not seen one thing I like about this series.

  44. What a septic tank show this is going to be. It won't last any longer than Enterprise did. Like I've said a hundred times CBS, no one wants another prequel. Show us 50 or 75 years post Voyager.

  45. You need to keep in mind that they need a way to reboot the timeline. Given the outlandish look of the ship, it's pretty safe to assume that Discovery is from the future or something similarly bad.

  46. maybe they are going to breach both the timelines, first officer main character starts in the Kelvin, and ends up in the Prime. I can't figure it out and this is the best speculation I can come up with haha

  47. Wait a full day in the UK to watch it? That's nonsense, you are just 5 hours behind. So you are actually pissend that you cannot watch it in the middle of night? If you are without a job I could relate but I guess for most people this is not going to make a whole lot of difference. Basically you can watch in Mondays shortly after you get up.

  48. I once heard the expression LIVING ABORTION !!! . NOW I UNDERSTAND.

  49. I'd wait a day for it to be on NetFlixs. Other than having to buy CBS's stupid streaming service. I'll just wait until it comes out on DVD/Blu ray. Because, I'm not paying CBS for a streaming service. I don't even watch TV. I couldn't tell you a single thing that is on CBS or any other channel.

  50. It's amazing how many people are shitting on Discovery even BEFORE A SINGLE EPISODE HAS AIRED, and prop up the Orville as this great show even EVEN BEFORE A SINGLE EPISODE HAS AIRED. If you want the same traditional Star Trek show that's been done before, then YOU ARE NOT A REAL STAR TREK FAN. Let me repeat that, if you want the same traditional Star Trek show that's been done before, then YOU ARE NOT A REAL STAR TREK FAN. The Great Bird of the Galaxy, NEVER INTENDED STAR TREK TO BE STALE, and if you are pushing for the same traditional content and format then you have completely lost touch with what Star Trek is about. STAR TREK HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT PROGRESS, AND THAT PROGRESS INCLUDES THE STORYTELLING FORMAT OF STAR TREK ITSELF. DS9 proves that Star Trek didn't have to take place on a ship and stories didn't always have to follow the problem of the week format. A lot of "fans" have forgotten, that when DS9 was green lit, Gene Roddenberry looked over the story concept and gave it his blessing. "Fans" have also forgotten how prior to DS9's release, it was being blasted by both the fans and the media as "not in the tradition of Star Trek", and because of that fact a project that is "doomed to fail". Guess what, all of those DS9 naysayers were PROVEN DEAD WRONG. DS9 is arguably the best of all the Star Trek properties.

    Now, could Star Trek Discovery be a steaming pile of shit, yes, but I'm going to hold judgement until, well I don't know……….ACTUALLY WATCHING A FEW FUCKING EPISODES!!!!!!!!

  51. looking at the ship discovery from top down looks like a comm badge that got a saucer slapped on to the top.

  52. This new series is going to be a train wreck. CBS is very efficiently going to wreck all semblance of continuity with the Roddenberry vision.

    I have always thought that Star Trek should be turned over to the fans. Make it open source like some kinds of developed software code. Give it up and let it flourish. The profits could be tracked and once the profits reach a certain reasonable threshold, then a portion of the profits from that point on would be paid to CBS by the various fan series' and movies. That is how CBS should make money on Star Trek, since they obviously have no idea how to do it right without fcuking it up completely. Let the fans have a go at it, under some guidelines of course.

  53. As i see things CBS doesn't really care what Star Trek fans think, they just assume fan loyalty. They told us it was a prime universe prequel but its plain to see the J.J. Abrams rot in this. So Trekkies should respond with never watching Discovery on CBS or Netflix. I'm sure you will find it other places but corporations only understand the money. So let us throw Jim Laznor on the fire and send CBS a clear message that would motivate the Ferengi, boycott this on pay services.

  54. Anyone who watches this show is not a star trek fan nor is it Gene Roddenberry dream we have the power of the internet I say we punish them for this offense spread the word for no one to take part of this show nor watch it and demand they do it right or not at all. Flood CBS with complaints.

  55. Now that the fall finale has aired, im finding myself a little OBSESSED with this incarnation! Production values are first rate, the stories are extremely well written & and the acting ensemble are all brilliant! Can't wait for January 7th…cheers 🖖🏼=/=

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