Star Trek Doomsday Machine (7/7)

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  1. Say what you want but any storytelling standard this is so full of plot holes it's crazy.
    But the old charm, excitement and unforgettable characters is all there. So who cares!

  2. There’s just something about the TOS uniforms that’s cooler than wearing basically a a jumpsuit on the other series’s 🤔

  3. One of the first showings of Spoke emotion: "Mr Scot Mr Scot. Mr Scot Mr Scot. Mr Scot." Then the hint of a smile in his "Welcome Aboard." No doubt one happy Vulcan.

  4. every time i see an episode like this, i can just stare at the incredible people that made this serie legendary.
    i mean they managed to produce a legendary scifi saga in a time where CGI was junk.
    think about that^^

  5. #300thComment The Doomsday Machine looks hollowed out after I sent the Constellation down its gullet!

  6. Ah–this is one of my favorite original series episodes–thank you for posting it! The concept behind it has always terrified me; what if some race, somewhere, has actually built and deployed such a self-sustaining weapon (not necessarily similar in appearance or exact operating principles to the fictional one)? Judging by the rapidity with which our own technology is advancing, for all we know some older race–wiser but motivated by desperation in a conflict with a very predatory adversary race, perhaps–may have created such a weapon, which wiped out the enemy and then its own makers, and which might find us one day… Also:

    The berserker probes (Von Neumann self-replicating interstellar probes) are feared as possible future (unintentional) destroyers. The fear is that over many generations of self-replication, the peaceful-purpose exploratory probes might undergo a type of evolution mirroring biological evolution (due to imperfectly-copied code, cosmic rays, etc.), which might give rise to one or more "species" of increasingly powerful, predatory probes that might "go berserk," hence the name given to them.

  7. I wonder if The Doomsday Machine was created by some civilization, before they were assimilated, to "Deal with" the Borg?

  8. It was lucky that only the impulse engines were working. If they tried driving into the machine with warp drive, it would surely have seen the nacelles spinning and zapped it at 1500 miles.

  9. Mega super alloy metal thing and they never used it's hull to build super ships of there own ???

  10. Thanks Mike for putting this up! Have to say being my favorite episode my favorite part in it was the acting of William Windoom as Commodore Decker. His expressions going into the maul of the Doomsday Machine were priceless. Should have won Emmy for his role.

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