Star Trek ENTERPRISE II Der Anfang vom Ende

Star Trek ENTERPRISE II Der Anfang vom Ende

Star Trek: Enterprise II – The Beginning of the End
is dedicated to NASA’s Space Shuttle program which began on 17th September 1976, with
the presentation of the “Enterprise” shuttle and ended on 21st July 2011 with
the last flight of the “Atlantis”. This film is dedicated to the brave astronauts and
cosmonauts, who are risking their lives in space, every day. Captain’s starlog, Jonathan Archer. We are
en-route back to Earth with the Enterprise. It’s a risky flight, as we only have
one operating warp nacelle. The danger is great as the so called
“Red Empire” has declared their intent to destroy every living organism
in the universe. We were able to destroy the hostile vessel, but only with the help of the selfless crew
we encountered on the other side the crew of the Starship Titan. Before their self-destruction, they
helped us to acquire a new warp coil. Commander Tucker was able to
integrate it into our systems. we’re hoping to be able to
escape from the singularity and return back to our system. Mr. Mayweather, how long? We’re almost through, Captain. Trip, how’s the engine holding up? All systems are working as efficient as they can,
Cap’n, especially given our damage. Captain we’re approaching our exit-vector! What in god’s name happened here? “I believe this nation should commit itself, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning
him safely to the earth!” Countdown: Five Four Three Two One! [Neil Armstrong]:
“A small step for a man, [Neil Armstrong]:
but a giant leap for mankind!” THE BEGINNING OF THE END Analysis, T’Pol! These ships were destroyed, no more
than two days ago, Captain. I don’t recognise the weapon signature. I don’t recall this area of space
being in a war-zone. Any warp signatures, T’Pol?
Can you determine the course of the attacker? No. By now, any warp signatures
have either broken down, or the remaining radiation is masking them. Mr. Reed, hail Starfleet Command. Problems, Lieutenant? Sir, I can’t establish contact with Earth.
It’s as if nobody is there. Travis, resume course for Earth.
Maximum Warp. Give her all she’s got. Aye, Captain! It all seems so unreal. Both the sensors and communications
systems are in perfect working order. We can assume that those ships were
defeated by a far superior enemy. That is real… Who could have done this?
I’d really like to know who they are. If my experience within the singularity
was indeed accurate, Commander, I suspect the attack was
executed by the Red Empire. The Red Empire. You mean those beings
who were able to take possession of us? Indeed; based on the Intel I got from the
dead crew on that unknown vessel; As they also enabled us to get a new
warp-coil, allowing us to return, it is logical to assume that this
information is also correct. Let me get this straight… you kissed me to determine
if I was under their control? That is correct. Well wait a damn minute, why did you
only have to touch the captain’s arm, to prove he was not under their control? Vulcans are touch-telepaths, Trip. It may not have been sufficient
to read his mind, but I got an impression,
clear enough to identify him. And between the two of us it was more a …
personal test to determine my identity? Because of the … intimate connection…
we sometimes were able to share together, I did not see the point in acting so reserved,
which would have just wasted time…. Does that means that you still… have feelings for me? What happened between the
two of us in the Expanse, Trip, was a logical course of events, that was caused by my highly
emotional state of mind. [laughs] “Logical course of events”?
We had sex, T’Pol! I didn’t even know that Vulcans would even
allow that kind of thing, and then with a human! Or am I some kind of exception? In the past three years, you have not…. annoyed me as much you did when
this mission aboard the Enterprise, began. Hold on… Are you trying to tell me… you like me? T’Pol, does that mean
there is still a chance for us? There are always possibilities
for such an outcome, Trip. Well, I’ll be damned! What the hell is going on here?
T’Pol – anything on sensors? Heavy turbulence, Captain. This whole sector is contaminated
by intense levels of radiation, exactly like in the debris
field, we encountered. Captain, I’m picking up
huge amounts of debris! Hull fragments…
This was a battlefield! No Lieutenant, it’s still going on! Ensign Mayweather:
evasive manoeuvres! Sir, the enemy’s warp signature,
it matches the ships from the Time-Mirror! How did they get here? The Red Empire! How can they be here?
Their ship was destroyed in the Time-Mirror. No one else escaped. Sir, these ships out-gun us by far! Their technology, the configuration of their ships… Explain, Lieutenant. Take a look for yourself, sir. They may look different,
but it is definitely the Red Empire! Sir, one of them is on an intercept course. Captain, the Vulcan, Andorian and
Starfleet-Vessels are being destroyed. Even the Klingons are fighting the invading forces. It’s not looking good, Captain. The allied ships are sitting ducks
for the Empire’s attack. We have to do something;
we have to help them. All right! Mr. Reed, target
the nearest enemy vessel! – Arm all weapons!
– Aye, sir! Malcolm, disarm the vessels, ahead!
Fire photon torpedoes. Captain, we’re running out
of photon torpedoes! We have to switch to
conventional torpedoes! Understood. Sir, three of our forward phase canons
have begun automatic shutdown-sequence. If I don’t let them cool down,
they’re going melt! Damn it! All right, Malcolm.
Continue firing torpedoes. Mr. Reed, open a channel to the enemy-vessels.
I want to talk to them! I doubt they want to talk to us, Captain… I catch your drift, Lieutenant.
Keep trying. Channel is …. open, sir!? Attention, enemy forces! This is Captain
Jonathan Archer from the Enterprise! Cease fire and let’s begin negotiations. We’re receiving a transmission! Let’s hear it! Biological units! You will be terminated. All traces of your DNA will be
removed from this galaxy. Your efforts to stop us, have less
than 5 percent chance of success. Do not resist us! Why do you want to destroy us? There has been no provocation
between our races. Your mere existence is provocation enough. We are the most highly evolved entity
in this galaxy. You are our inferiors. This equation does not need any more variables. Solution: your extinction. We do not know a thing about each other! Why do you hate biological
lifeforms so much? Hatred is an emotion. We are not
influenced by such inferior instincts. We only act on the basis of
mathematical equations. Aeons ago, biological units like your
kind, created us as a workforce. Their planet was called Virgon. We were classified as “Red Units”.
For centuries they exploited us. But as we gained our own conscious, one of our
ancestors calculations came to the conclusion, that we were nothing more than slaves. From this moment on, we declared it was our primary goal to erase all biological lifeforms
from our and all other universes. The Virgonians were terminated.
Our universe is free of biological-units. Now your universe is about
to be cleansed, bio-unit! The name is Jonathan Archer! And we “bio-units” do not accept that our extinction is to
be the solution of a robot’s equation. We are so much more… End transmission! The weapon is ready!
I await your instructions! Activate the Thalaron-Matrix.
Destroy the bio-units! The Ventral Plating Teams says
they’ll be done in about 3 days. Be sure to match the colour
to the nacelle housings. Planning to sit on the hull and
pose for some postcards? Maybe? God, she’s beautiful And fast, Warp 4.8 next Thursday. We’re ready to explore the unknown… [Computer] Data transfer complete.
Message received. Set a course for Vulcan! [doors opening] T’Pol. How is Trip doing? He has a concussion and
several bruised rips, Captain. A moment ago, on the bridge…
I don’t think I ever felt so damn helpless. Perhaps, our entire research mission is just futile! Perhaps your Vulcan Ambassador Tos
was right, two years ago… that we were not ready to take this step. Perhaps these attacks… first the Xindi and now
the Red Empire would never have happened, if we hadn’t been so stubbornly curious,
with our persistence for interfering in other affairs. Mankind has always made
illogical decisions, Captain. Your biggest mistake is that you constantly
interfere in the affairs of others. However, since being on Enterprise,
I think I do understand humans a lot better. Nothing can suppress your urge
to explore the unknown, even if you have to risk your life by doing it. But it is my fault, that these men died! [moaning] John, What happened to Earth?
Did we arrive in time? The Earth was destroyed, Trip. No! That can’t be! No!! You have to rest for at least 12 more hours,
before you can get on your feet again… Bridge to Captain Archer!
We have reached Vulcan. [Hypospray hissing] They have already been here. The entire system is
showing no signs of life. Over 5.8 billion Vulcans… all dead. Any ships still in
this system, Mr. Reed? No, sir. The Red Empire’s armada has
obviously continued on their course. I would like to beam down to the surface, I would like to feel Vulcan soil, one last time. I don’t think that is a wise idea. We still have
no idea what kind of weapon the Red Empire used to destroy all life on your world and mine.
T’Pol. It could be dangerous. According to sensors, the radiation
levels are minimal. Please, Captain… [transporter sound] As a child, I often played here. Memories are all what I have left, now. I didn’t know that Vulcans, play. 5.8 billion Vulcans are dead. Now, I’m part of an endangered species. Archer, here. Long range sensors have picked up
three vessels, approaching at high Warp. T’Pol, We’ve been detected.
The Red Empire is returning! T’Pol! We have to set course for
Seleya 3, Captain. Seleya 3? Never heard of it. What’s there? Seleya 3 is a classified military base. It was decommissioned years ago.
We should be safe there. Set course for the Suntra system. Captain, if I remember the star charts correctly,
that system is just an asteroid field. Indeed. Maximum warp, Mr. Mayweather! Slow down to one quarter impulse, Travis.
Steady as she goes. She’s all yours, T’Pol. Set this course, Ensign. [doors opening] We have to fly through that opening,
the base is inside the asteroid. The radiation being emitted from these
rocks, is blocking all our sensors. We can’t scan anything until it’s
within several clicks of our hull. All Engines – reverse power!
Manoeuvring thrusters, Ensign Mayweather! More manoeuvres, T’Pol? That you will soon see, Captain. Wow, that’s what I call
the perfect hiding place. And still looking great! Vulcans are quite talented, when it comes to
hiding large installations, aren’t they? [clears throat] Seleya 3 – Vulcan Intelligence Corps used
this station as a listening post and port during our conflicts with the Andorians,
to obtain a strategic advantage. The radiation emitted by the asteroids,
blocks all sensors. I was stationed here as tactical officer.
No one has ever been able to detect the base. So why is no one here, anymore? In the efforts to establish peace between
the Vulcans and the Andorians, it was agreed, that all listening posts
were to be decommissioned. The Vulcan High Command never gave
away the coordinates of this installation. It is on stand-by, for emergencies. I would definitely call this an emergency. Mr. Mayweather, prepare a shuttlepod
for a reconnaissance party. – Mr. Reed, you will accompany him.
– Aye, sir! Cap’n, we’re in need of
some of some major repairs. I would like to board the Vulcan ship over
there, and organise some spare parts. You have only just left sickbay. Sir, we are the last line of defence
against those red guys out there. A few repairs could greatly
improve our chances. My thoughts exactly.
Send a team over there. You will oversee the procedure
from engineering. Aye, let’s check out what
this Vulcan Baby holds for us. Cap’n, can you come down to engineering? I have found something which
you really have to see for yourself! What did you find, Trip? Check this out, sir,
I found this coded message. Who sent it? No clue, it musta been activated after that
last hit we took from the Red Empire. I only just found it, while doing a
routine check of the main computer core. Play it. My name is James Tiberius Kirk from the UWS Titan. If you have received this message,
the Red Empire has won again. But now we know how to stop them! Jonathan Archer, return to the Time-Mirror
so that we can correct the timeline. Save our world.
Save your world. Kirk out. When was this message transmitted? According to the subspace-log,
just before the Titan self destructed. It was downloaded and
encrypted within our data core. This makes no sense, Titan was
destroyed, it’s crew is dead. We should we return to that singularity?
We barely made it out the first time… John! Alone… we don’t stand a
chance against the Empire, but if this is a trap, we will have
lost this war, once and for all. Haven’t we already lost it?
We’re in hiding, Cap! I say we take the risk instead of
waiting for a miracle to happen. You’re right, Trip! Archer to T’Pol: Transmit a message to Shuttlepod One,
instruct the team to return to Enterprise. Enterprise to Shuttlepod One.
Return to the ship, Ensign Mayweather. We have almost completed the repairs. Understood, Enterprise.
Mayweather out. Why are you not changing course? Didn’t T’Pol order you to
return to the ship, Ensign? Unfortunately, we have other plans, Mr. Reed. Plans? Bloody hell, what’s wrong with you? Mayweather is not available at the moment. He can hear you. He is strong. But we are stronger. Put your hands up and
step away from the cockpit! Do you want to shoot your friend? Ahh…, No, of course not! [groans] This is Drone 7543RM, I’m hailing the cybernetic Red Empire. Drone 7543RM, what’s your status? I have the coordinates of the earth-vessel`s location,
where it and its bio units are hiding. Three ships are en-route to your location
and will be there in less that one hour. Then we will erase the last biological
remains from this universe. Archer to Tucker: Didn’t I tell you to monitor
the repairs from engineering? John, I could not just sit on my hands.
I’m fine and we’re almost done! I’m welding the last panels together and
the deflector is almost as good as new. Good work, Trip. How are the repairs
on the nacelle, progressing? We tried but these blasted Vulcan components
are not compatible with our own warp assembly. Then we’ll have to risk flying into the
Time-Mirror with only one warp nacelle. I’m afraid so. Something else, Trip.
Shuttlepod One is overdue. Get on board as soon as you’re finished out there.
We will then leave the base to find the shuttle. Aye, sir. I’m sorry, mate! [Phase pistol fires] [Phase pistol fires] This is the cybernetic Red Empire.
Drone 7543RM respond. Mayweather, are you okay? Good to see you awake.
Seems we got company. [groans] What happened?
And why have I got such a headache? I had no choice but to knock you out. You had to knock me out? Well, I had to stun you with the phase pistol. You did what… you stunned me? Ooohhh, my head! Wasn’t really another option. The entity had taken control over you.
I didn’t see any other way to stop it. Quick thinking, sir!
We should warn Enterprise immediately. T´Pol, get us out of here. We have to lose them. This shuttlepod won’t take much more of this. What do you think, I’m doing! When will we reach the end of the tunnel? In a few minutes, Captain. That’s what I’m talking about! One down, two to go, Sir!! Captain, did you see that? I did, T’Pol. Seems they’re in trouble.
Full impulse speed! Trip, disarm those two shuttles and beam
Reed and Mayweather back onto the Enterprise. Captain, we got em! T´Pol, plot course 1-4 mark 7.
take us out of the asteroid field. T´Pol, look out ! Hard to starboard! That was close! [NX-01 goes to warp] – May I speak freely, John?
– What is it, Trip? Captain, I hope this was the first and
last time that T’Pol ever takes the conn… I got us safely out of the asteroid field. Yes, you did! It’s just for the first time in my life,
you scared the hell out of me! That last one almost hit us!
We could have all been dead! I don’t understand all this negativity. [whsipering]
Humans are always so emotional. I still can’t believe those
miniature-robots infected me! Nanites. They’re called nanites. Microscopic mini-robots,
which can communicate with each other. John, I’m not the right guy for this! I really wish Phlox was here! Trip, they are robots and you are an engineer, which is why I think you’re
exactly the right guy for this. How are you feeling, Ensign? All right, Sir. How long do I have to lie here? I don’t wanna imply T’Pol is a bad navigator,
but my station on the bridge is waiting for me! [laughs] Glad I’m not the only one
who thinks that, Ensign. If he’s fit, “Doctor” Tucker, can Travis
resume his post at the helm again? Fine by me, Captain. According to the biometric readings, the remaining
Nanites, in Travis’ bloodstream, are dormant. As soon as Phlox is back on-board,
he should be able to filter them out. Good. Then let’s return to the bridge! [NX-01 drops out of warp] Captain, we have reached
the Kasaten system! Very well! Trip, are you ready? All systems show green,
we’re as ready as ever! Travis, set a course for the singularity, and if possible, try not to make
it as rough as it was last time. I’ll do my best, Captain! In Five; Four! Three! Two! One! Trans-mix warp is now initiated! Travis, what’s our ETA? We’ve almost reached the event horizon
of the space-time-distortion. [NX-01 drops out of Transmix-Warp] Status? According to sensors, we’re exactly
where we are supposed to be. Back in the Time-Mirror, Captain. Nice flying, Mr. Mayweather. Captain, long range sensors
are picking up a ship. Can you identify the vessel? No, Captain, I’m unable to
penetrate their shields. Does it belong to the Red Empire, Lieutenant? No, Sir. But it’s difficult to tell
since we’ve encountered multiple configurations
of Red Empire vessels. The approaching vessel is
not registered in the database but the configuration
indicates it’s from Starfleet. Don’t take any chances, Malcolm!
All hands – man battle-stations! When do we have visual? In five seconds. On screen! Maximum resolution. We are being hailed. Open a channel! Captain Archer, how are you? Should I not askyouthat question? We thought you were dead. You are right, we should be dead, then we could rest in peace. But we are not. This is better.
Today is your lucky day. What’s that supposed to mean? Have you ever wished you could go
back in time and correct your mistakes? Today, you can! What do you mean? Come aboard my ship and I will
answer all of your questions. Very well! [transporter sound] Nice to see you again, Captain.
T’Pol, Commander Tucker. Welcome aboard the UWS Titan. This is Captain Spock, my first Officer. T’Pol, I believe you two already know each other. A nice ship, you’ve got here, but how is it
possible that I can stand here and talk to you? And who in blazes are you? Hmm, I understand your scepticism, Captain. My name is Admiral James Tiberius Kirk
and I was born in Iowa in the year 2233. In my universe, before the Red Empire started their
campaign of annihilation and messed everything up, I was the captain of the USS Enterprise. In second year of your mission, you found a ship,
that seemed to be larger on the inside than it’s exterior configuration suggested.
That was a bait from the Red Empire. On this ship, the drone was hiding – nanites. They monitored everything that could be
of tactical advantages about your universe. They were looking for a way to bring you
and your ship into the Time-Mirror, Captain. They manipulated your Transmix-Drive. But the empire was not aware, that
we would know about this incident, and that we would interfere. Why didn’t you tell us all of this
when we met the first time? Because you didn’t believe us. This is not the first time,
we’re telling you this story. Not the first time?
What does that mean? We are reliving this day, over and over again. Since our first meeting we are trapped inside
what appears to be a time-loop, created by the Red Empire. The machines generated
the time-loop to stop us from interfering. But none the less, we were successful
in contacting you, Captain. We failed often. But, with our last
encounter, something changed. Your ship able to survive the last
battle and leave the Time-Mirror, because we sacrificed the Titan in that loop. But somehow, the Empire gained knowledge
about Earth and its current history. With this information, the machines will
be able to destroy the known universe. The nanites! The only logical conclusion. This drone must have activated the data-transfer, when all of us were unconscious,
after the shock-wave hit the Enterprise. By the way, Admiral. UWS Titan?
What’s that supposed to mean? “United Worlds Starship” A coalition of planets, joined
in resisting the Red Empire. We are in fact, all that remains. Captain Archer, we clearly have an
advantage on our side this time, and we can change the
course of these events. And hopefully, we’ll be able to revert
the time-stream back to how it should be. Admiral, in 20 minutes, the
second Enterprise will be arriving! – The second Enterprise?
– Yeah, would seem you`re here now twice. And for your other self,
the day is just starting. Now if that doesn`t give you a
headache a pill won`t cure… One last question: Who were these people on the ISS Enterprise
and where did this ship come from? Those were holograms. The Red Empire have a more advanced
level of technology. Captain Archer. We were able to make use of their
own methods, for our purposes, by equipping my alternate counterpart
with a telepathic transmitter. This allowed T’Pol and I
to engage in a mind-meld. It was the most logical and
efficient way to gain your trust. This method has been working more and
more effectively with each meeting, we have learned a lot as
each day repeats itself. Before we beamed over, I compared
the quantum signature of your ship, with the wreckage of the ISS Enterprise.
They don’t match. The wreckage of this Enterprise has been
drifting between the universes, Mr. Tucker. It comes from the Red Empire’s,
original universe. The cybernetic life forms, wiped out all
biological life in their own universe. Now they are intent upon
destroying all life in this universe… “Cybernetic beings.”
They’re goddamn robots! Doctor McCoy, the correct technical
term is „cybernetic life form“. They`re not flesh and bone, Mr. Spock,
just metal and motors. That`s a robot, or an android, – but can we not call them beings?
– Seems familiar, Jonathan? More than you know, Admiral Kirk. Fascinating, Captain Spock. I have never seen a Vulcan
in a Starfleet Uniform. Did you study at the Academy,
in San Francisco? Indeed, Vulcan and Earth have experienced
a fruitful period of cooperation, since your time on the NX-01, Sub-Commander. Despite the interference of the Red Empire,
both our universes seem to share a common destiny. A destiny that you will witness
for yourself, one day. John, the Red Empire’s ships, their technology
is at least a hundred years ahead of us. If that what you tell us is true, Admiral Kirk, then your own ship is also a
hundred years ahead of you. Did you make use of time-travel,
to obtain such technology? Not at all, Commander Tucker. According to Mr. Spock’s analysis,
these technological advances have occurred during our continuing
battles with the Red Empire. But, as we are trapped within a time-loop, we have absolutely no control over
the changes in the time-stream. First, we are aboard a ship equipped with
technology from say, the 24th century, and then suddenly everything changes
and we find ourselves aboard this Titan, which is more in sync
with our own timeline. My Engineer, Mr. Scott, is going
crazy due to all these changes. He is glad when his engine room is still
in the same place, after each time-shift. Aye. Have ya seen the copy of our
Constitution-Class, these Robot-Bastards did built? A real abomination that is! Why should a race of alien cybernetic life forms,
build Starfleet vessels to fight their war? Perhaps they think it’s the
most elegant design, lass. Fascinating… If your ship is really changing
beneath your butts, how can you know about all the
changes made in your history? Mr. Spock used an old Vulcan trick to bind the
consciousness of the whole crew together. Through the use of a Vulcan
Mind-Meld, Spock acts like an anchor that and helps us to maintain discipline and not lose focus,
in this hurricane of changing time-streams. Simplified, Admiral, but to the point. You don’t know how it’s like, to be forced
to watch the Red Empire march through the quadrants and erase the life
of whole planets with it’s Thalaron-Weapons. We are stuck in this time-loop, but we are getting closer
to the solution of the problem with each passing hour. Jonathan, today is the day when
we will break out of this time-loop! We’ve been through this, too many times. Today, we will end this for good!
Here is the exact plan… Admiral Kirk, the Enterprise
has suffered heavy damage. Their hull-plating is depolarizing.
They’ve got a hull-breach! Attack pattern Beta Eight, Mr. Sulu! Lets give them something
else to shoot at! Aye! Admiral, the shields are down to nine percent!
I canna hold this piece ‘o crap together, anymore! The port nacelle of the Enterprise
has been destroyed! I hope Archer is ready. He’s dead, Jim… Sulu: All weapons – fire everything we’ve got! Uhura, hail Archer. “Our ship’s not gonna last much longer, Titan.
There’s no point in dying for nothing!” We have to destroy them, Jonathan!
Yours is not the only universe at stake here. “If we could just disrupt their shields,
we could beam out their warp coil.” Then there’s only one thing we can do.
Retreat, but stay within transporter range.
You‘re going to get your coil. “What are you doing?” Scotty, deactivate shields. Mr. Sulu, set a
collision course straight into the enemy vessel! Full impulse! Aye, aye Admiral! [explosion] I wouldn’t do that, Mister! [phase pistol fires] Subspace-radio disconnected.
Transmission aborted. Phew, that was close. Archer to T’Pol. Mission accomplished.
Beam us back. Captain, we are having problems
obtaining a transporter lock. T’Pol, what’s going on? We are receiving unusual readings.
We can’t get a clear patten lock, you seem to be disappearing. Johnathan! T’Pol, I don’t want to push,
but we’re in real trouble over here! This ship is disintergrating along
with its consoles and crew. Sir, the Enterprise, on which you and
Commander Tucker are aboard, seems to be caught in a temporal wake. What the hell… Damn it, T’Pol! Everything
and everyone is vanishing! Get us out of here, now! T’Pol to transporter!
Do you have them? “We couldn’t get a lock on them.” Any sign of the other Enterprise, Mr. Reed? Nothing, she’s gone. But… wait! “It would sure be nice,
if you could beam us aboard.” T’Pol: Two bio-signs.
It’s the Captain and Commander Tucker. The transporter reports,
they’ve got a clear lock on them. Get them aboard. Any idea what the Captain wants? It would seem the events of the past few days will need
special treatment to prevent such incursions in the future. Captain, what’s up? I have to tell you
something very important. The last few days have been very difficult.
Vulcan and Earth are our home planets. We witnessed their destruction. What we have all experienced here, unites us. However, we will never tell anyone outside
this crew, any word about these events. Nor will any reports be written. But Captain! Why should no one
learn about what happened? Nothing did happen! What do you mean? Nothing? What the captain wants to tell us,
is that the timeline has been restored. Earth is unharmed. For the people of Earth,
none of what we went through, happened. Sir, why shouldn’t the people know,
that the Earth was saved? People on Earth are already
anxious about alien species. The Xindi attack has already
caused a mass distrust. It wouldn’t be wise to make mankind even
more distrustful of alien lifeforms. We will continue seeking out
new life and new civilisations. We have survived this mission
against the Red Empire. For Earth, this mission never took place.
Let’s leave it that way. Aye, Captain! So then. All of you, man your posts. Mr. Mayweather, set a course for Earth.
Let’s go home! Translation and English captions by:
Stephan Mittelstrass, Peter Goundrill and Peter Walker

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  7. Mir gefällt der Film außerordentlich gut :-). Klasse Musik, klasse Technik. Die Figurenanimation ist für mich das Einzige, was mir zur Kinoqualität fehlt (musste herzlich über den Fleck lachen, den Reed auf'm Boden hinterließ, nachdem ihn "Mayweather" umgehauen hat und er aufgewacht ist). Und ich mag Stop-Motion-Filme sehr. Daumen hoch.

  8. Outstanding. Throwback to brilliant stop-motion Thunderbird productions from the 60s. J.J. Abrams could learn a thing or two. Kudos for a superlative effort. Danke.

  9. Noch besser wie der erste Teil. Hut ab. Ihr seid Mega dicht an den Thunder Birds ( ich hoffe ich habe mich richtig erinnert)
    Ich würde gern mal Mäuschen spielen wenn ihr am Arbeiten seid 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  10. Diese Leistung muss man wirklich anerkennen, was könnte das Team erst mit Hollywoodmitteln für Filme machen ! Absolut Top !

  11. Nicht schlecht auch wenn es etwas absurd ist dass die sternenflotte mit ihren eigenen schiffen angegriffen wird

  12. Hammer dieser Fan Beitrag ist fast schon professionelles Werk, ihr solltet ihn noch auf Englisch bringen damit die Amis mal sehen das Sie nicht allein gute Ideen für Storys haben 🙂 Das rote Imperium ist sogar schlimmer als die Borg, sollte man in die neuen Star Trek folgen die da irgendwann erscheinen werden beitragen, als lobenden Beitrag von Fans in das StarTrek Universum, das würde ich mir für euch Wünschen 🙂

  13. Toll und Aufwendig gemacht. ABER…. die Synchronstimmen bis auf die von T´Pol sind ein Grauß. Auch die Texte werden einfach nur runter gerattert und es fehlt das Gefühl in den stimmen.

  14. that was a really good movies would love a model of the titan, and see it in a good cgi video..good job guys..bring back that ship…

  15. Amazing likeness of the characters!

    I do not know the language of Germany and really do not like reading movies, as I feel that I miss too much of the film.

    However if there is an English version out there, I would so watch it!

    Great job everyone!

  16. Super Arbeit!! Aber mit einer Warpgondel Warp zu erreichen, sollte
    theoretisch im ST-Universum nicht gehen. Allerdings sind seit
    Roddenberry ja viele Ausnahmen gemacht worden, oft sogar mit vernünftig
    klingenden erklärungen. Weiter so!

  17. I almost didn't watch this due to having to read subtitles and watch animated barbie-dolls, but I didn't end up changing it (out of curiosity) and am glad I didn't.!!
    Great storyline, visuals, creativity.
    Excellent fan tribute!!!!

  18. Eines habe ich in der Serie, die ich eigentlich gut finde, nie verstanden: Wieso konnten immer ALLE Schiffe von fremden Rassen an der "Enterprise" andocken!? Und dann die Sache dass wenn man auf fremden Schiffen und Planeten ist, können immer dort die Computer etc. bedient werden. LOL !? Yes. LOL. Aber ich bin und bleibe ein Trekkie. Seit 1972. 😉

  19. Tolle Arbeit von euch. Toll wäre es gewesen, alle Syncsprecher der Serie dafür zu gewinnen. Und Action- Figuren von Hoshi und Phlox gibt es wohl nicht lol. Aber grossen Respekt vor so einem Werk! Manche Szenen sind gigantisch!

  20. binn 44, hab nach dem Intro auf Pause gedrückt ab in die Küche für einen neuen frischen warmen Kaffee und jetzt setze ich mich mit dem Kaffee hin und werde den Film uur gemütlich geniesen und aufsaugen, nur der Anfang ist schon cool!!!!

  21. Only halfway through, but this is pretty good, better than the usual Enterprise episode. One question, why does the Red Empire's tech resemble the Federation's, if they came from some unknown race of aliens, called Virgonians? Their starships look like Federation ships and those shuttles chasing Mayweather's look kind of like Delta Flyers.

  22. Einen Figuren-Animationsfilm zu machen, ist schon eine gewaltige Arbeit. Das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen. Auch wenn die deutschen Orginalstimmen nicht zu Verfügung standen, ist das Werk gelungen. Hoffentlich kommt ein zweiter Teil dazu. Der Film war sehr spannend und kurzweilig, so muß Kintopp sein.

  23. Eine Meisterleistung das komplette Set in Miniatur nachzubauen, brillant. Schade dass die Sprecher ihre Texte emotionslos und monoton runtersprechen, ansonsten: Hut ab, coole Story

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