Star Trek Fan’s $500,000 Memorabilia Collection

Star Trek Fan’s $500,000 Memorabilia Collection

COMM: This is the moment Brad O’Neill’s childhood dream came true. 00:17
COMM: Since the age of twelve, the daredevil has dreamt of base-jumping from a dirt-bike.
All he needed was a massive ramp and lots of speed. 00:36
COMM: Shooting up the 60ft kicker, the 26-year-old flies high into the sky above Lake Franklin,
Texas. 00:43
COMM: As the bike drops back to earth, he deploys his parachute just in time, before
it crashes into the water. 00:50
COMM: Despite getting a soaking, this is one wish he can finally cross off the bucket list. 00:55
BRAD: Holy s**t! 00:58
MAN: Huck it, yes, yes! Whoo hoo! Yes! 01:04
MAN: Get out of there. Get over here, I only have one set of clothes! Yes buddy!

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  1. I've been a fan since 1972 and have a healthy memorabilia collection as well but not even a fraction of what this gentleman has amassed. I guess I'm flummoxed as to why internet trolls/keyboard warriors would say such horrible things about him such as insinuate he's a pedophile or crazy. Is it extreme? Yes. Is the collection or Mr. Sforza deserving of such vitriol? No.

    Passion comes in many forms: sports, music, NASCAR, military memorabilia and the list goes on and on. He is married and raising two children and obviously can afford to do this. I may raise an eyebrow but I don't pretend that my life is so much better than his that I would accuse him of being horrific things because he chooses to spend his time and resources on things that I may not find as appealing.

    He loves Star Trek. Big deal. I for one wish him and his obviously loving and supporting family well.

  2. По глазам жены было видно, как он ее задрал со своим стар треком, особенно в последнем кадре. Все должно, как п мне ,быть в меру, а тут уже действительно тю тю, но раз он никому не мешает и тратит свои деньги, на весь это хлам, то это его проблемы и его жизнь. Но я бы не смогла жить с таким больным на голову человеком, столько денег спустить на херню, которая пылится в углу. Я бы наверное на них отправилась в путишествия и купилабы себе дом, все таки пол миллиона это большие деньги.

  3. Live Long And Prosper!!! To one of the best collections I've ever seen I salute the time, the effort and the manpower it took to make this.

  4. With all that money, you'd think he could hire someone to set his collection up decently so people wouldn't mistake this video for a clip from "Hoarders". 

  5. This guy needs to sell his goddamn collector's shit, then book a cruise with Virgin Galactic. With half a million bucks, he can ACTUALLY go to space… Twice. Now THAT would be cool.

  6. How is it wrong to hope and wish for a better life for all mankind. I'm missing the part where this is "freakish" or "weird" .
     Being GAY is weird. Wishing for the betterment of the human species is not.

  7. This is pretty cool. But, a real Trek fan would know that the words "Beam me up Scotty" were never said in any Star Trek show or movie.

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you…

    I thought, I was the only one that believed that humans could ever go in to space outside of our solar system…

    Within my lifetime… It looks like I will have to wait for, Mars One, just to go to Mars…
    Every thing just cost, so much money…

    Star Trek, made it seem possible and that was just enough for me to believe we could some day, go into space…

    Star Trek made it seem, so romantic, adventurous, and possible, for what ever reasons…

  9. Hey man . .  everyone has their obsessions.  This guy just happens to have the time and resources to realize his.  Props bro! 

  10. Works three years to make an Enterprise, replica, basement that looks very little like the Enterprise. Still amazing though.

  11. I LOVE IT! However, although I do not collect props, I have thousands of items in my collection, not just 300. It would be a monumental endeavor to calculate its value.  And for the record, it may not be my parents, but I actually do live in a basement apartment! The video of my collection on my channel is my bedroom. I have been a Trekkie since the early 80's, but did not start seriously collecting until the mid 90's. Get a life? This is only a part of it.

  12. Cool, and he INCLUDED his family. Most important beyond that is the fact of his wife supporting his collection. One cool wife.

  13. Wow…talk about this being such a cool video to watch!  You can make some serious money just opening your collection as a public museum to see. I have a a big 'Figure/Toy' collection but nothing like what you have! My 'holy Grail' of Star Trek items is a signed and framed ….Captains shirt like the one your wearing by 'William Shatner'!

  14. Fuck all the haters!!
    I'd love to have a father like this!
    He is cheerful and loves his children. WTF is wrong with u ppl?!!
    If u had a loving and interesting father like that, u'd be way less bitter and hateful!!!!!!!!!!

  15. It's amazing how certain people will insult this guy for being passionate about Star Trek, yet you have people that go just as insane, if not more so about football or other sports. Something that will not affect their lives in any way. Worshipping these sports "heroes" that get paid millions of dollars to play a stupid game. All the while finding themselves on the news for beating their girlfriends, participating in illegal and cruel dog fights, drug or alcohol related crap or abusing and cheating on their wives. And what happens when a team wins the superbowl? The fans trash their city by rioting downtown and destroying property. Yeah…. those people are so much better. 

  16. I have a limited edition Star Trek voyager wall clock from 1995 still working now the question is how do I sell it to him

  17. Bet he had to put all his cool,valuable stuff in the basement because his wife thinks it's "embarrassing". Women,for some screwed-up reason,think fun,interesting things are in "bad taste". Dames somehow figure that pastel colors,plastic flowers,and doilies everywhere are the epitome of "high class".One day the basement will flood,and he'll strangle the missus…

  18. Anyone interested in a huge star trek collection? I live in houston texas. Need to sell everything. It also has star wars and harry potter. But mainly star trek. It belonged to a lady that just died and she was a hard star trek fan. She used to go to conventions and dress as a treky and had allot of the items limited and some comics that are signed and other stuff. Never as big as this guy here lol but i could use the help. Please message me and i can send pics to who ever interested.

  19. Wait. What? You have NEVER watched Star Trek? Then how the hell do you know what is said on the show? "Some "FAN" YOU are.

  20. Here's the thing what if there's a fire in the house then all of it would burn and he will lose it all

  21. More power to this guy! I'm a die hard Star Wars fan and the focus of my collection is kitchen ware so if he enjoys collecting, why not? It makes him happy so I'd say, "ignore the doomsayers and do what makes you happy!"

  22. i'm sitting here with a few star trek action figures and ship models while this guy has the whole universe in his basment!

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