Star Trek: Galaxy - re:View

Star Trek: Galaxy – re:View

hello rich Evans and welcome to review hello Mike and today on review we're doing gremlins – no we're not what we're not I tricked you the poster shows gremlins oh you see that it's a cast portrait of Star Trek The Next Generation I thought that was a real poster but apparently it's a digital effect this is the first review for something that doesn't exist well rich a big news came out recently I think it happened at the the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas and in August Patrick Stewart walked out of the hastily put together holodeck door okay and came out on stage and everyone clapped and then he offered Lee announced that they're making a Picard TV show jean-luc Picard is back he's coming back and and there might be more information on this on the Internet it might be speculation I don't know we're going at this cold maybe they just signed him and then it's now it's the wide open as to what they're going to do we don't know we haven't looked into this at all so I'm sitting there and I'm thinking Patrick Stewart is coming back as Picard this is my dream come true and it's also my worst nightmare and I'm thinking what are they gonna do well it's got the Star Trek name on it so it's probably gonna be some kind of bland action schlock that's what I was thinking and then I thought what would I want to see I just started typing a bunch of stuff you could call it a treatment but I just started typing ideas of what I would want to see in a Captain Picard TV show and they didn't really say like you know the rest of the cast of TNG's coming back it's not like a because the revival series are big right so I thought what are they gonna do so I wrote up a treatment this is a man who loves Star Trek for fun and what no hope of him doing anything with it he writes his own treatment for the next Star Trek series oh rich nerds do this shit all the time here's my pitch for the Captain Picard TV show oh I'm sitting on it so the show would be called Star Trek galaxy the series would open at the Picard Family Vineyard the exact same sequence as seen in all good things the final episode of Star Trek The Next Generation that's that's a damn poetic idea you know you start right word should have ended you know 30 years ago I like that Picard would have a beard the same straw hat dressed exactly the same tending to the vines in retirement except this time he no longer has aromatic syndrome maybe we could have some kind of fun line like it was cured by some holographic doctor time wise it roughly matches up 28:25 years which would be neat because both actors have aged pretty close to how they look now you're talking about levar burton and Patrick Stewart of course the premise would be a little different it would mix both concepts of a fully crewed up starship just going about the day-to-day business of the Federation morning everyone today with a series or season long story arc so Geordi LaForge shows up to talk to now retired Admiral Picard about reinstating him for a brief mission the famed USS galaxy the namesake for the ship class had vanished at the end of the Dominion War and was listed m.i.a has now mysteriously resurfaced somewhere strange side note I have no idea what happened to the ship in Canon currently it's listed as active on the Star Trek Wikipedia but who cares oh yeah the ship is crewless and drifting somewhere near the Gamma Quadrant possibly near the territory of a new Federation enemy not that the 30-year old Federation technology would be much of a prize to any belligerent race but the ship might hold some clues to what happened and maybe even some of the crew are still on board Geordi along with his wife dr. Leah Brock and possibly their children Alondra Brett and Sydney all mentioned in all good things are traveling to the derelict ship to investigate leah was the designer of the enterprise-d and Jordy was of course the chief engineer so they are essentially the experts on this type of ship LaForge said he would feel more comfortable if an admiral was there to oversee the mission as he's not a fan of the eager reckless young captain they currently have leading the mission to recover the ship perhaps he's also a bit concerned with Picard maybe he's becoming more withdrawn after the death of his wife anyway along with the skeleton crew possibly of Cadets they investigate this mystery which ends up having far larger and more dangerous consequences for the Federation of course the barely working galaxy-class ship finds itself in a combat situation brought on by the young inexperienced captain which ultimately gets him killed the card is then forced to take command of the ship perhaps even the warp drive is so critically damaged that they can only travel at impulse through one dangerous situation after another this would force Picard to use his tried-and-true diplomacy and wit to help them all survive and solve whatever mystery is at hand as far as fanservice and callbacks fans love the galaxy-class ship the main cast would be Picard LaForge and Brahms along with newcomers and a skeleton crew the whole mission would start as a dull recovery operation but turn into a season-long adventure with a Starfleet legend Picard we're talking about the Captain Picard TV show you have two options here and this is well this is what got my brain going on this right yeah because your two options are this Patrick Stewart is 78 years old yes option 1 the enterprise X I don't know is a new super sleek gigantic battleship yeah we need a captain who has experience get a 78 year old man you know what I mean uh-huh the Klingons are starting another war the world is we have a full-scale invasion of the Federation by the Klingons the Romulans of the Borg and you know that's that's option one that's what they're gonna go with what that's what we're that's nothing we're talking about we're talking about your fake Picard show with they're not going to make I know they're not gonna make it but we we could dream can't we we did no no no this is this aw yes we can dream I agree with you your options are one put him in the captain's chair and just ignore his age and have him say fire fire torpedoes and have an action series option two is him in a retirement home mm-hmm taking his pills or him like on the streets of Paris like sipping coffee while he reads the newspaper as he should be in reality I've been away far too long and you know what else annoys me too they get the Millennium Falcon back in numerous incarnations from brand-new to the old rust bucket by they you mean Star Wars fans okay we get discovery a spinning ship that travels on a network of spores and then we get the enterprise-e yes which is an ugly ugly monstrosity fans love the galaxy-class ship it's it's revered yeah much as the Constitution class they took the enterprise-d and they trashed it in Star Trek generations which I am still bitter about 25 years later yeah why can't we get to galaxy-class back I'm agreeing with you about everything I like this idea I actually like this idea you took you get the galaxy class back but you make it a little bit rundown it's been beat up oh yeah it's been through some shit that's and that's that's the different angle that of course they won't take they're gonna want sleek sets you know holographic projections this discovery looks as TNG would look 20 years later yeah in my opinion then you you also get this you get that ship back but it also doesn't have the feel the same because at the time and TNG the the galaxy class it's a fucking luxury cruise ship but you get the rundown version of that now so it's still the same ship but like the inside it's like beat up wires are hanging down panels are missing I like that idea main power is offline all systems are in standby or emergency mode the clear like thematic thing you want to do right if you have the young rookie crew because the captain is dead and then the veteran their Picard he's got to be in charge but he's really old and are these young kids gonna trust this old man that's that's that's one of the one of the selling points of the show yes is essentially the the USS Galaxy is a metaphor for Picard himself a relic from another era what do you do a Geordi well here's the thing you want an ensemble cast yeah you have Geordi and you have his wife and you have kids they bring along their kids because really they're there and it doesn't really say how old they are but I'm gonna imagine they're maybe one could be in in the surface I that's fine and two or maybe a little bit younger well they're not so little anymore Brett is applying to Starfleet Academy next year you know you have you have a whole bunch of options for the kids one one one wants to go and be an artist or something and and so you have a whole family dynamic that you could have a bunch of stories with in that regard and maybe dr. Leah Brahms has no interest in going on this mission but Geordi really wants to help his old friend Captain Picard but my only question is why aren't the young experienced crew looking up to Geordi for what to do because he's he's older but he's not so old that all he's grandpa because maybe Geordi just doesn't Jordi's never had the the command bug you know he's an engineer this is captain the forge of the starship challenger I mean I know they show him as a captain in Star Trek Voyager I'm okay with that he does actually command a galaxy-class ship in Star Trek Voyager just an alternate timeline I it's very possible he settled down him and his wife run an engineering school mm-hmm you know something somewhere in the world you know she's just been made director for the days to Institute and he has no interest in space exploration anymore or moving up the ranks in command they threw him in that Star Trek Voyager episode as a captain because I think he directed that episode but we're gonna we're gonna remove that from Canon okay okay if you're talking about Riker yes they would look to Riker majority and his wife are just going to be sort of like civilians on this trip which is why they brought the initial commanding officer mm-hmm who who is like I want nothing to do with this I wanna I also he's a younger guy kind of like the situation in generations when it starts when you have Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off I think you're gonna kill him off you may as well make a mr. adult man in charge today he's dead and it doesn't really matter sure yeah but but the underlying reason is not just like the cards experience and all that is that maybe there's some personal stuff going on with Picard you mentioned revisiting aromatic syndrome I meant I mentioned something more personal like the death of his wife you could even say yes crusher who passed away and he's sort of withdrawn and Jory's worried about him and he thinks getting mountain to space might help you know revive him a little yeah his zest for life again because he's only 78 and in Star Trek years he's got another 30 or 40 left Rober bones lived to a hundred and twenty eight something like that 137 years after all according to Starfleet records we didn't see him die you might still be wrong probably fucking know what's so damn troublesome about not having died so after the USS destroyer gets blowed up they all have to be on the galaxy I guess you have to have them on like the new slick ship at first everything's modern and super high-tech this ship can do anything then that has to get blown up and then like the survivors the skeleton crew the younger kids and Picard they were like on the Galaxy at the time the disaster happened we'vewe've the only ship we've got available to us we made it here we've got to get out of this old broken-down galaxy-class ship what is the premise if the idea is to find the galaxy and get on it you don't want them to get stuck like oh we're stuck in the Gamma Quadrant on the USS Galaxy we've got to take it back to the the Alpha Quadrant to the Federation because then you have the same premises Voyager yeah and then you have the logic of well if they found the ship you know just have a bunch of other ships warp there and tow it back mission over you need some sort of thing that keeps them on board it and keeps other people away from it but also allows you to do standalone episodes and adventures and so so that's really the tough part is is why what is the logic of keeping them all on the ship as this crew Voyager it's obvious in the timeline what is going on in Star Trek the last thing that we saw in the Star Trek online game that sorry yes that's that's a good note your your bizarre outburst there brought up a good point there's canon uh-huh there's probably been a hundred books written Captain Picard enduring the Dominion war captain but God after the Dominion law the Star Trek online game numerous things that probably may or may not be considered Canon some things are paramount some things are CBS don't know all I know is the last time I'm sorry Captain Picard is at the end of Star Trek nemesis well he was super depressed and everyone was super depressed and that's how they ended Star Trek The Next Generation with everybody depressed totally better than all good things I should have done this you were always welcome and the sky is a limit the shins on one of Tom Hardy's greatest performance shins on betrayed everybody and went insane and then the Romulans teamed up with Star Trek Enterprise II and they blew it up shins on and and the Romulan lady said perhaps Captain Picard this is a new day between the Federation and the Romulans so you left with a glimmer of hope that perhaps the Romulans won't be so adversarial in in the near future but Mike we learned in Star Trek 2009 written by Alex Kurtzman I had to extract the red matter and shoot it into the supernova that a supernova apparently blew up the entire Romulan Empire which presumably spanned multiple star systems that black eyes forever there on the prime timeline I'm going to ignore the wind ignoring all that it seemed like the entirety of the Alpha Quadrant towards the ending of Deep Space nine all got together and said let's work together and stop the fucking Dominion so to me that would seem like perhaps we had a nice span of a few decades of galactic peace because you need here's there's the one thing that isn't clearly defined here the season long arc this is important I'm curious what you've got I'm thinking I mean it's all very vague right now oh yeah thinking like you have this old ship right no more galaxies classes exist this ship is unique and perhaps it went somewhere like kind of like what's that movie event horizon yeah it went somewhere bad and it came back almost like a Trojan horse like like like the Defiant from the original series I'm just coming up with a set of nowhere every every now and then Star Trek mentions like civilizations that used to exist like thirty thousand years ago maybe you got one of those civilizations that got themself caught in some kind of time anomaly or maybe they were trapped by the other civilizations thirty thousand years ago in order to stop them by capturing them in some kind of time anomaly but now thirty thousand years later that's starting to break down every now and then the hold whatever pocket dimension they're stuck in opens up and that's how the galaxy got stuck in there in the first place and but that's that's breaking down these things are starting to get loose right and so then you can you can have the galaxy kind of like lost within these time anomalies and that's why they can't just call for backup they're popping in and out all over the place maybe trying to find their way back but you can have them going to different places and times and that's when you can get different adventures you can throw in an episode if they're popping around different times where we see the Galen planted before it gets destroyed and Carr gets to visit that planet that'd be neat okay so instead of instead of distance like Voyager yeah time yes rich Evans that's why you get paid the big bucks to come up with story ideas for a show that will never exist for but then but it has to be the the ship itself that's causing the anomalies or no or tied to it somehow never when you can plenty gobbledygook out of your ass well I mean you need it to make yeah yeah the time that the galaxy exists and currently is being changed you could even have an episode because it's projected I think that in the far far far future the andromeda galaxy will eventually collide oh my god a big star starts to appear we see what happens to Starfleet in like a hundred thousand years are they still around well yeah I was thinking more of the physical change of the galaxy that's I mean that's a second a whole other episode too though I mean you can do the episode with the Andromeda you see Andromeda then another episode were just or a hundred thousand years in the future what what's what's happened to Starfleet because I'm picturing a giant star just appearing in the middle of some known civilization some some inhabited star system Geordi we need that warp drive see I'm thinking something like the the galaxy is sort of like the zipper mm-hmm you know that's being that's pulling apart okay and and they don't know what quite yet yeah eventually they do that it's been it's been rigged to to cascade these events there has to be somebody in charge of this yeah we're an ancient ancient civilization was gonna die but they figured out a way to come back perhaps the galaxy like went through some kind of time distortion and ended up there and they used it as sort of like a Trojan horse as a tool like they knew I mean it sounds a little extravagant but you can you can you could Whittle it down you could will up down don't if you and if you go if you like going to like the distant past of Star Trek there's things you could revisit you could dig out of the lore that would be fun to see yeah you could remember the first Frankie episode with the the ancient guardian of the planet you could work him in somehow the Empire is forever your Empire fell prey to a supernova I'd remember like the time portal from the original series the first humanoid race that all of the other races came about from you could even what is the life of one race compared to the vast stretches of cosmic time you could visit all these different things if you're really widened and you jump around the Star Trek timeline don't forget the dinosaurs from Star Trek Voyager oh yeah I'd like to so then you'd have to come up with these options like why don't we just blow up the galaxy SS galaxy you know and that's hey there's a giant bow on this package oh god what is it the you said the we're talking we're sitting here talking the whole time about a galaxy wide phenomenon and what's the name of the fucking shit Jesus Christ yeah this is one message on the computer the galaxy is unraveling I know the ship's really falling apart they don't get it yet they don't get the messages left behind by the old crew just yet right they only got fragments but yeah so you want strong characters you have you have a crew of Cadets but bring Barclay on board its Barclays kid who's like super competent and so for sure you have the twist shouldn't you be worried about that he's too overconfident and strong yeah there's a cadet on board now Sam Barclay Oh No Admiral guard Sam Barclay at your service yeah not what I expected but yeah as far as characters go see that's why I kind of like the the three mains as the card Geordi and dr. Leah Brahms because they're just like you don't want to dredge up everybody you don't want to dredge up everybody but I think for mains it's you gotta be the card and Geordi but you need at least one or two of the kids oh yeah oh no I mean yeah yeah oh you're looking at maybe seven or eight yeah oh yeah yeah you bring up some of the the cadets the ones that have the best personality quirks or skills you know obviously you'll you'll need a and helmsman you'll need there might even be like an engineering student that or Geordi brings along teach there'll be a great opportunity to learn about how an old warp drive works so yeah I mean like those are the details we're just talking big picture stuff I think I think it's yeah if you have a like a more of a science mystery than a another this is the race with the guns we need to take care of I think that's a good thing if it's more science based with your mystery an ancient race to transform the current state of the galaxy into what it used to be yeah kind of kind of like the the Voyager when the guy is the dad from that 70s show is trying to change that you know how time is in the blink of an eye I had changed history itself about my people to thrive again something like that definitely where the ship is whoever is on the ship needs to be on the ship and they're all kind of like connected to it in some way where it's like I said a Trojan horse mm-hmm but room for stand-alone adventures room for some good characterization some good character stuff and kind of slow it down a bit overarching science mystery a couple a couple of fun moments we get to bring back a galaxy-class ship and Picard his character gets instead of man in in in tank top ripping the spine of the Borg Queen out and breaking it in half he's he's a little – he's back to being thoughtful Picard a Star Trek galaxy everyone like where the climax is a stirring speech and not a gunfight the race wants to live but we're here – we've done great things we've achieved peace in our time okay

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  1. I don't get the Geordi/Leah Brahms pairing in this story. She was happily married to someone else and more than a little creeped out when she found out about Geordi's little hologram fantasy. She might have forgive him for the sake of the job, I don't see why a woman like her went from there to marrying Geordi.

  2. Have the USS Galaxy found with its emergency beacon going so Picard goes with mission lead over the ships captain who is taking him along because picard has some sort of special access or history with the ship so he's needed. They find the galaxy, empty, running on minimal life support with only one life sign aboard. Picard leads an away team to Find Q aboard. Q has aged like his real life counterpart and has been banished from the continuum to human form and to take mortal form as well so he's getting old and close to dying and has been driven insane by being alone on this ship for 25 years with only the very basics of life support to keep him alive. It is his prison. He sees Picard and his insanity breaks for a moment by telling picard he has something VERY important to tell him only to have him slip back into insanity. The show would grow from there with cast call backs like Deanna and beverly as regulars and admiral Riker needed to take picard from place to place as picard has investigational lead on it all. This stuff is easy and writes itself especially if you're a fan of the old show

  3. You could get them caught and stuck in some really weird and dark alternate universes, say where Star Fleet is a little more lawful neutral to lawful evil than good. Furthermore, you could have the over arching catastrophe be different times and parallel universes screwing with each other. Piccard would have difficult and inspiring time being able to negotiate with the inhabitants of various time lines without knowing all the rules, customs, and histories of these time lines. They would need to avoid some cliches, or do the cliches well, but I could see it being cool. They would also need to have salvaged their destroyed new-tech ship so that they have some resources in order to keep the deteriorated ship running.

    So they're just wandering through all these times and planets with sublight in a half broken ship, I really like the whole ancient race arch and various timeline screwing with each other. But the anomaly that took away the Galaxy cruiser in the first place is the same type or same exact anomaly that is screwing with the crew that comes aboard the Galaxy, this anomaly being the mystery they have to sole in order to resolve the big over arching arch of the series.

  4. Maybe, just maybe, they have to find out what caused the surprise supernova that destroyed Romulus and they have to stop it, canceling the Kelvin timeline.

  5. Oh the opening through time could look like the whole in space in yesterday's enterprise. Thus finally explaining why that happened, it was an early opening in this temporal trap

  6. No! You are quite quite wrong about the NCC-1701-E, Mr. Mike… That ship is BEEEEEAUTIFUL. It's a definite 13 out of 10. The Galaxy class was okay, but its not in the same league as the Sovereign Class. My issue however, is why can't we have the NCC-1701-F Odyssey Class? hmmm? Why?

  7. The idea of an ancient civilization trying to come back using the galaxy would work perfectly with Picard mourning his wife. We'd have a big picard speech about how nothing lasts forever and how we all should enjoy the time we have, touching upon his saddness at his wife's death as well as his acceptance of his own mortality. I love this thing that'll never happen!

  8. Didn't the Kelvans from TOS live in the Andromeda Galaxy? Maybe they could be the big bads.

    Also while we're talking about "but it could have beens!", if Star Trek: Into Darkness had used Gary Mitchell (start setting him up in Trek '09) instead of trying to force Kahn into this, it could have been way cooler. Still a throwback, but not something so well covered that you could easily put a new spin on it.

  9. unbeknowest to picard and jordie when they bring him along and intercept this galaxy class ship, there is a mutiny and the rouge group kidnaps jordie and picard forcing them to travel with them on their adventures. as the series progresses we start to see the rouge groups perspective and feel for them and why they are doing this. Maybe introduce some time travel shenanigans since star trek seems to love this angle. So anyways, the rouge group/picard/jordie are forced to work together while fleeing the federation and other various fleets. Maybe jordie is left behind on the other ship and is in pursuit trying to reclaim picard from this group. Anyways, just a random idea i had while watching your already great idea.

  10. What really pisses me off about the new Picard show is that I know, in my heart of hearts, that they aren't even going to mention DS9 or the Dominion War or Sisko because DS9 (despite being the best Star Trek) doesn't have as much brand recognition as TNG.

  11. What if the ship just gets semi-reinstated like the British crime show "New Tricks" where you have those aging police officers that take on cold cases? Like "Oh that's just eccentric Admiral Pickard and his little project" and the skeleton crew at first are wary of being associated with it because it won't be good for their careers but they come to really respect him based on their adventures

  12. Rich Evan's idea on time is brilliant: Jean Luc Picard's PASSION was ARCHAEOLOGY. The show could open with him lamenting all his time as a StarFleet Captain exploring the universe, but now he's too old to go around digging up the past, and he himself is a relic. But Rich's premise gives him an opportunity (poetic justice) to see his childhood dream/passion realized. And we get a much better "Captain's Log" a time explorer/archaeologists log.

  13. The Spock from the JJ Abrams movie doesnt have to originally be from the prime timeline either. Youre assuming the origin of Spock in that movie, and there are an infinite number of Spocks throughout the timelines

  14. This whole video's just so goddamn depressing. The plot's great, cast sounds just about perfect, opportunity to revisit old Trek and new ideas simultaneously, using actual sensible canon as an engine for the show, the ship being a metaphor for Picard as well as nu-trek…

    Damn you Mike and Rich and your fucking great ideas!

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