Star Trek : Hidden Frontier 7.04 “Hearts and Minds”

Star Trek : Hidden Frontier 7.04 “Hearts and Minds”

(Exhale) It’s customary to get your Captain to approve your leave
request before you actually leave Doctor Well, if that blasted woman could manage
to get her stuff together in time Blasted woman Your poetry sets my heart a-quiver Henglaar, dear Have either of you stopped to consider that I may not want
my Counselor and my Chief Medical Officer running off after
some wayward teenager while there’s a war on ? A war ? Did ah, anyone think to mention it to them ? The Tholians are off licking their wounds Elizabeth
We haven’t even left dock in two weeks I think you can spare us for a few days Can I ? Isn’t this where I’m supposed to say “It’s quiet, too quiet” I have no idea what you’re supposed to say Captain But I have a transport that’s waiting
for me and a ward that’s run off So either sign off on it or throw me in the brig So defensive Yes, I tried to tell him, he has nothing to compensate for It’s a man thing I’m sure Good luck Henglaar, we’ll be a subspace call away We’ll be fine Captain, we both know
what it’s like to be a teenager Admiral’s log, Stardate 60423.8 The Independence has been relegated to convoy duty Escorting transports through the areas of the patch where currents have yet to be found Estimated time of arrival at the Benthic
system, Commander Johns ? 8 hours Admiral ..or 5 minutes sooner than the last time you asked me Wishing I’d let you use some of that saved up leave
instead of Sou and Qu嘆ul Commander ? Not at all, I enjoy convoy duty
I just wish I drink more coffee on them Admiral, I’m getting some strange readings Define strange Lieutenant (Explosion)
(Siren) Multiple subspace.. no..
as many as 30 subspace currents opening Shields up ! Charge weapons ! Give me a bearing Lieutenant
Ops, contact the transports, have them form up behind us Give us a clear field of fire No single bearing, Admiral Targets are all around us Prepare a message to DS-12 We had no warning, these currents aren’t on any of the charts we have, they’re completely unknown They flanked us Admiral, the transports
are completely exposed (Explosion) Bring us about Launch all shuttle and attack craft
Try to cover the civilian transports’ escape DS-12, we’ll do what we can to try and save as many… (Explosion) Survivors ? The rescue operation is ongoing, but no You seem to be running out of senior officers, Admiral Given this new tactic, is it wise to continue with the
Federation as the lead strategic entity ? We took back Tren’La and we crippled
the Tholians at Centris III, Commander I did not mean to be insensitive,
but the realities of the situation… The realities are that we have lost, personally
and militarilly a powerful force in Admiral Cole And Admiral Knapp, who knows where he is ?
Off chasing his troublesome daughter I find it interesting, Gul that you seem to be the only one that doesn’t accept that Knapp’s daughter was taken by Siroc Perhaps if the Cardassians had remained in
the battle line at Tren’La instead of turning tail.. Sit down This is not an opportunity to re-fight old battles gentlemen The Tholians obviously have some superior
knowledge of some patch currents We must establish a way to overcome that We started looking for her as soon
as we received your warning Mmm The idea that she, she might try to break in here to get to her father.. well.. it wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened We recorded this shortly before you arrived Security is impressive Those aren’t Mr Algalor’s people You’re right.. she’s a terror She’s been.. ah.. practicing for this confrontation
with Falo for a long time We’re still working out who they were Is there anything more ? Unfortunately they disabled our security cameras
We’re more interested in keeping people in than out I’m sure you did all you could Perhaps you could direct us to local law enforcement ? Of course, yes, I have alerted them,
let me get you that information Please do What is it ? We’re in trouble, we need the Excelsior I’ll call them
Is it Algalor, is he somehow involved in this ? He’s more concerned about losing his job Surgant Surgant wouldn’t have any use for Silan But Siroc has a use for me, and Surgant works for Siroc How would Siroc know you would be coming ? It’s a trap There’s a group men waiting for us near our shuttle We could always call Excelsior from inside There’s a group of men waiting there too Remember how I said you needed some
more cardio-vascular excercise ? Remember how I disagreed ? We have a new guest for you, little mouse Are you awake ? You know her Di’Falco, why does she have
a pet name for Knapp’s .. spratling It’s a predator thing, she’s the hawk and Traya’s the mouse Traya ? It’s her name Betras I know you’re supposed to be “evil”
but you have nothing to prove to us Mock me at your peril Ladies, back to your corners Thank you Now, don’t let anybody find that stuff, or it’s gonna be.. I’ve gotta go Thank you, I mean it Well, enjoy your quiet, while you have it Your new cellmate is quite the pistol when she’s awake I’ll remember that Admiral, we have a problem Now, we have a problem ? There’s a radiation leak Don’t just assume it’s our ship Mr Donnell.. I figure it’s Captain, right about now Give it a rest Rufus Rufus you’re the damn cook I’m the third damn mate of this craft and with the Captain a floating ice cube out there and Reynolds dead over there, I figure it’s my job to be in charge Captain Donnell, forgive our assumptions, but the sources that could generate lethal doses of radiation.. I see one right out the window, you crashed it into my ship We were very careful to shut down any damaged systems Yeah, well, so were we, right Roy ? Christ Rufus, I, I was in the can when all this went down, who knows if Mal got the core offline Where the leak’s coming from is irrelevent The ship, your ship, is dead in the water We need to organise and repair the yacht if we
hope to escape before our air and heat are expended Let’s, let’s not get too hasty I’m not so keen on that idea, can’t we just wait here ?
We can see the rescue ships And, here, we’re warm and breathing. We open up a bulkhead to nothing we’re gonna float out after our illustrious leader We might be able to see the rescue ships, but with all the debris out there, all the ejected cores, damaged ships, we won’t be very warm and breathing by the time they find us
we need to be proactive Proactive, huh, how many wars have Starfleet gotten us into over the last 10 years being proactive ? Let’s just not.. OK Rufus ? Skipper, dear Whatever being proactive has meant to you in the past, Captain, here our lives depend on it, we need a plan, we need to act, if we want to live That kinda sounds like an order And you don’t give orders here Ms Cole Look, we appreciate what ya done for our wounded, but there’s more of us than there are of you, and we say we stay here where it’s safe See what happens (Heavy breathing) Couldn’t we try something devious, like,
setting an ambush for them ? Did you pack a phaser and forget to tell me ? With our, superior intellects, we should be able
to make some kind of lethal weapon Between the two of us, we have,
how many advanced degrees ? My love, are you trying to tell me you’ve
expended your physical resources ? Yes That your dilithium crystals are cracked ? Yes That you’re bushed You’re enjoying this I’m just trying to head off the inevitable “I’m such a sad sack of bones, I’m so sorry I dragged you into this” Well, I am sorry I know you are You shouldn’t be Siroc has a mole in Starfleet How else could he set something like this motion ? Coming after Silan was exactly the right thing to do And I was exactly the right person to do it with You were ? Who else would be able to manoeuvre the
bad guys exactly where they want them ? Ah, they are ? They are What we got here, is a failure to communicate Ah, Cool Hand Luke, 1967 Miss Robinson The Graduate ? Come on That’s no moon It’s a space station, Star Wars, 1977 You are one pitiful little man There’s something wrong with both of you people Well, you could say our mutual obsession with the late 20th century entertainment trivia is an illness But they probably have a 12 step program to cure us I’m sure that was funny 2 or 300 hundred years ago Christ, Rufus I’m just trying to lighten the mood a little What’s wrong Commander ? It’s the radiation, it’s getting worse It’ll affect the the injured first but soon we’ll all be feeling it we have to do something What do you propose ? Your vessel should be equipped with an anti-radiation treatment in your med-bay. As part of your regular medical load out We’re aware of the treatment, it’s a short term fix Radiation continues, we get sick all over again Is it worth moving around blind ? We’ll be rescued at any moment My readings indicate we’ll be dead from the radiation before the air runs out You mean we can’t afford to wait That’s what I mean Well we’ll go I’m just a cook Roy, remember ? You’re the engineer I’ll go with you Roy Commander, they could use the tri-corder Be careful Commander (Door chime) Come Sick as it may be there once was a
time I enjoyed filling out fitness reports Hm, you’re right, that is sick Incident reports ? Yeah, and troop dispositions Cole’s job Yeah, Cole’s job How are you feeling ? I’m alright, it’s just too much coffee, not enough sleep Too much stress ? Let’s see, Borg, Dominion, Grey, let’s not forget the Grey Nice list That’s stress, this isn’t stress The Independence was a Sovereign class warship
She was a warship Robin And Cole was a skilled Commander Don’t say it that way, we don’t know that she’s gone I saw the recording, what’s left of the Independence is floating, dead in space Elizabeth, let me help You offer me another coffee, I’m gonna
have to kill you and hide the body In your state, you’d do a bad job and get caught
A sad, sad end to a once promising career (Sigh) Hey Roy, wouldn’t it be faster if we go down this way ? We’re not dressed appropriately You see the ice, right on the doorway ? Mm mh That bulkhead’s open to space on the otherside We’d be popsicles before we got halfway down there Right, watch for ice, ice is bad, gottit Am I right in assuming you’re new here ? I’m a hydroponics engineer, I’m on board to keep the plants, well, alive. It didn’t work out that way I never asked what we were escorting Don’t let Rufus hear you say that, you’ll get a 20 minute lecture on the arrogance of Starfleet And how pampered Starfleet is Right, they have working replicators And the best clothes And how their Starships are really phallic
symbols of their own insecurities Heh, Heh, that one’s my favourite So, he’s not a fan He’s probably a washout, couldn’t take it at the academy, dropped out, now he’s a cook in a rustbucket No offence Roy None taken And he spends his time complaining, like a lot of men I know (Creaking) (Hissing) Something’s wrong Commander (Tearing) (Doors slamming) Roy ! There’s no radiation in this area We’re safe We’ve gotta get them out of the mess hall You see it’s your arrogance that just kills me
You think you have the solution to every problem Never once thinking that we in the private
sector might make a better living if you weren’t starting a shooting war every couple of years Are you suggesting that we should have allowed the
Tholians and Breen to succeed in their invasion of.. Invasion ? I don’t see an invasion, I see an excuse for you to use your, your big expensive, shiny starships to come in.. You’re being absurd Am I ? Captain Donnell, I don’t know what negative experiences you’ve had with Starfleet in your past, but your opinions are so naively uninformed Uninformed Admiral ? Uninformed. What, you, you think
I tried Starfleet, couldn’t cut it ? I, I know that’s what Cindy and Roy think You think if I wanted to I couldn’t make it ? Er, he’s just a cook, he’s some kind of charity case that the Captain of this ship was foolish enough to give a minor rank and position Lieutenant, Rufus Donnell, Starfleet I was at DS-9 when the Odyssey was destroyed in
the Gamma Quadrant by the Jem’Hadar I served, on the Defiant with Sisko at Chin’toka,
I was there when the Breen wiped us out I lost an arm and two legs I’ve seen Starfleet pick fights and I’ve paid the price when their eyes were bigger than their bloody stomach I know how you think. I, I know about eh, eh, domino theories and er and force escalation and holding the line against tyranny and exporting freedom Tell that to your own member planets You spend a lot of time on Vrijheid lately ? Sorry Rufus, but you know that’s not the whole truth,
We had to fight the dominion Did we ? They told us to leave
They only came after us when we refused That wouldn’t have mattered,
they couldn’t afford to leave us alone We did some good. Cardassia, Romulus,
they’re our allies now.. We’re still fighting the Breen, and now the Tholians There will always be aggressors, Rufus And there’ll always be people like you and
Lieutenant Biederman here who will pay the price Today, we all may pay We asked for it Did they ? We have another problem (Noise) By the time they figure out that’s not
us we’ll have 3 starships in orbit Ehh Ah Surgant to Siroc Is it done ? I have them both
What do you want with the Tellarite ? The good Doctor is a, valuable commodity
Bring him along And after I have extracted the patch current location of the Grey Dyson Sphere from Elbry Shall I return to the Tholians ? The Tholians are no longer viable
We have, other methods of achieving our goals I will have additional work for you.. very soon I wish you’d reconsider Admiral
My radiation exposure has been much lower Precisely Commander, Lieutenant Biederman and I are already near maximum exposure, it makes more sense for us to stay than risk the rest of you Ma’am, it’s all my fault the radiation exists at all Don’t be ridiculous. Now that we know the radiation has
come from the yacht all along, it’s safer down the hall Watch over the civilians while we signal for help It shouldn’t take very long Please Commander ? You know your duty This should be all you need Good luck You know, I used to work on the sensor pallets,
before when I.. Were you a good cook ? I make a mean Jumbalaya You know the way to my heart Mr Donnell (Coughing) Admiral, I don’t know how much longer I.. Of course If you’ll excuse us Mr Donnell So, I finally got fed up with her always hanging around and.. You’re not hearing a word I’m saying I’m listening to everything you say, you said “Lefler”.. I, I know what I said, and, and your
listening but you’re not hearing I hear you, I’m also eating You could make eye contact I’m eating my dinner. If I happen to want to look
at what I’m eating, while I’m eating it.. What happened on Trill ? You’re right, you should have kept your eye on your soup I heard you had some problems Problems ? Yeah Did you find out what you needed ? I did, we did, yes
One of the people I met, a woman.. That Vox person ? I hear that she was a real.. Not Vox, another woman Did you sleep with her ? No Did you want to.. I want to make this work Who does ? Jorian, before you left, we decided
we wanted to give this another try Dao allowed it but it was Jorian who wanted it Who am I talking to now ? There is no Jorian, there is no Dao, we are one person
I want to make this work You wanted to show me what love is, OK,
so you showed me what love is, now what ? I didn’t have sex with her Jorian ! It’s not a court of law, it’s of the heart
What did your heart want ? Don’t mistake some nostalgia with her for disloyalty to you Jorian, I don’t want your loyalty, I want your love You have it For how long ? (Computer) : Incoming subspace signal On the viewer in here Cassius
(Knocking) Cassius, they’ve come for me
(Knocking) The officers that Captain Naros left
have been killed Cassius I can’t see you, where are you ? Cassius they’ve come You got it Lieutenant, It’ll override the safeties on the plasma constriction system so it’s as wide open as possible Sorry, Admiral, it’s hard to think Ted, sick.. dammit (Heavy breathing) Tell me what to do Try to set off, warp flare… It’s going to kill anyone in this room Mr Donnell I’ll take it from here Commander Johns I heard a saying once, when you can’t walk, crawl And when you can’t crawl, you find someone to carry you Let me carry you Jennifer There’s still time to leave Rufus Not for us I was… Lie still Admiral Commander, report We got them out in time Lieutenant Biederman, Mr Donnell ? Biederman was dead before the pulse, Donnell covered your body with his, it was enough to keep you alive.. a little longer Was it close ? You want it to of been close We could of saved you if only we had gotten there a moment.. You knew it wouldn’t be like that How long ? Will I make it back to the station ? No ma’am Would have liked to have said goodbye Yes ma’am Would like to have seen Ian You’re a good friend Johns I’m glad you’re here I’d have it no other way ma’am English Subtitles : Michael Hudson
(with thanks to Rob Caves and Jonathan Connor-Foertsch)

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  1. Always loved the ending. It touched all the hearts of the filming crew, Also the tribute to the ship that picked up Adm Cole and Commander Johns was the USS Angelfire NCC-75025. A chapter of SFI that assisted HF for many years. I just loved see "My Ship" flying in the Star Trek universe!

  2. Why is the USS Excelsior Excelsior Class Season 2 Yesterdays Excelsior the only Excelsior Class i see in the whole series, i always wanted to be captain and helmsman of the USS Enterprise 1701-B Excelsior Refit Class in the upcoming series from Hidden Frontier

  3. Aster is way too insecure. He is bound and determined to undermine his relationship with Dao. J.T. is a great actor. So is Adam. They both pull off their character well.

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