Star Trek Logo Spotted On Mars

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  1. Or work with me here, could it be the remnants of what used to be, star fleets destroyed ships from battles long ago, the last stand against a seriously powerful enemy that wiped out star fleet and instead of making humans extinct decided to show mercy on us and give us what we call the earth to live in peace with the universe but without any tech so the earth became our prison.

    After all let's face it if you had a fleet and it was destroyed what better junk yard could you ask for than a planet not too far not to close should the Dilithium Chrystals become unstable and go all radio active on you.

    And we thought we were looking for other life in space when in reality all we were doing was searching for our lost fleet of downed crafts.

    I reckon that's what NASA was doing when they claimed Scotty was buried in space, in truth they sent him to Mars to prep the ships for our return.

    Beam me up Scotty, Scotty some time soon, it would be good if it were now.

  2. Space! The Final Frontier! This is a marking from the planet Mars! Its continuing mission to make us learn new things! To make us feel fascinated and excited! To boldly encourage us to live our life's perfectly!

  3. Charlotte if you say one more thing about the raptors wining im unsubscribing…

    Pss im still gonna watch the vids

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  5. Charlotte, you make my lonely ness go away and makes me feel better about my self. Love you so much. Keep being amazing and loving potatoโ€™s. (I look like a potato btw๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚)

  6. I saw a youtube video said it was fossil footprints on Earth. Of course, I can't find the video now…grrrrrr

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