Star Trek Online - A Step Between Stars 2019 | Solanae Dyson Sphere | Federation Storyline Part 25

Star Trek Online – A Step Between Stars 2019 | Solanae Dyson Sphere | Federation Storyline Part 25

[Applause] you're just in time please follow me to subcommander coal good to see you again we now know why the sphere generates vast amounts of Omega particles it is designed to use those particles as fuel to jump to any area of space there is a space station that controls the chunks in closed orbit of the spheres star Admiral Tuvok from Starfleet was selected to lead a small team to the station to try to disable it with him is dr. Eric Cooper a scientist who has been studying Dyson and iconian technology something's gone wrong two hours ago we received a distress signal from Tuvok please use the console to download the signal afterward I'd like to hear your opinion of the situation joint command please respond this is to sensors have detected a large often lead to movement toward the station they have discovered us and we have yet to complete our work communications with our ship our town our last contact with them indicated that they were having technical difficulties that may be forced to retreat to a safer location I will be unable to stop a bomb advance without assistance the attack on the ball fleet will commence shortly captain's please return to your ships Tuvok and Cooper are stranded with an entire bar fleet bearing down on them I need you to fly to the station rescue our team and finish the mission our fleet will engage the bot to help keep them distracted but to avoid detection you'll need to fly roughly 100 kilometres above the surface of the star speak with the logistics officer assigned to brief your crew on the situation with your permission we can help your engineers set up a temporary modulation for your shield frequencies that should allow your ship to travel that close to the Sun safely greetings our engineers are working with your crew now to create a temporary modulation program that will help your shields protect your ship from the heat and radiation you will encounter on your way to the Sun station your ship should be able to safely make the trip but it won't be able to remain in orbit of the station we will need every available ship to fight the bots it would be best if your ship join the fleet once you are on board the station your goals on the station are to find Admiral Tuvok assist him to shut down the spheres jump capabilities and then retreat before the Vaught fleet arrives do you have any questions Admiral Tuvok travelled to the station and a new starship specifically designed to withstand the conditions there the Dyson has reported some technical issues but they should still be in transporter range it will be standing by to assist you when you've completed your mission your arrival is tight lately the fourth are already on the station I am with dr. Cooper but many of the other members of our team had been killed any assistant you can render would be useful I recommend that you speak to your group before transporting your vessel will not be able to remain in range we're all readings I am Admiral Tuvok the man behind the crates is dr. Eric Cooper the Federation Science Council's expert on Dyson technology yes hello I'm dr. Cooper allow me to brief you on the situation so we may determine the best plan of action main power is offline I am not sure what caused this disruption but the event was fortunate the darkness is a distinct tactical advantage there are manual overrides in each room I have temporarily disabled the one between us and the Voth unfortunately the Dyson's captain did not survive the bots initial assault there are two generator rooms that control much of the station's operations the generator room to the south controls the power the control room to the west where the baths are maintains the stations jump capabilities it is imperative we reach the West control room and disable it before the valve jump this sphere back to their space the release of the Omega particles needed for this reaction would be catastrophic more than the two of us can safely engage defeat would be certain however if we restore main power we can use the station's automated defenses to even the odds if we can avoid being targeted by them ourselves I understand you have extensive combat experience do you have any suggestions I have attempted to hail them but received no response the ship's shields and hull plating are designed to withstand the extreme amounts of heat pressure and radiation generated by this spheres star however it is a prototype vessel on its first voyage there were several unexpected system failures the communications array must be among them the ship has retreated to a safe location to make repairs until they are able to complete them they will not be able to assist us we're moving away from the bath right sensors are detecting a voff battle mech ahead I recommend we perform a more detailed scan to ensure it is deactivated the pilot of this battle suit may have been killed in the fighting however we do not know what else we will find on this station we must move forward the trapped Voth will be attempting to circumvent my modifications what do you suggest [Laughter] but oh sorry I thought I saw something remain call doctor the defenses in here can be quite lethal it was awful the sounds in the blood I will stand watch while you and the doctor examine the generator if I understand this correctly we can restore main power activating consoles that match the symbol up here after the first one is activated we'll only have 20 seconds to activate the other two if we don't the system will defend itself also activating the wrong consoles will trigger the system's defenses be careful that looks right that looks right that did it the final console is unlocked this does not bode well by restoring main power we have released the locks preventing the vault from reaching our location they will already be on the move we will require Cooper's assistance to subvert the automated defenses for our own use the doctor is an expert in the technology found on the sphere this is well within his capabilities what are we going to do the vows will be here any second and I don't think they're in the mood to take prisoners please you have to get me out of here I'm not like you and Tuvok I'm much too important to die here my help what could I do you and Tuvok have done everything so far I don't even know how to use a phaser I just want to go back to my lab I was never meant for fieldwork two bucks at that well maybe I might know the technology but I don't work well under pressure I need time and space to think and I need to be able to do my work without fear of being killed I can't help you I'm sorry alright I'll try if we're here and the station's defenses are active but we're not under attack but if that's the case wait I can do this just give me a moment I think if I try this dr. Cooper we require a solution I'm working on it Vulcans if I can just try that yes I have it I've done something I'm not ready for what's being thrown at me here maybe I can activate the beams or something else allow me doctor fascinating with this exposed I can manually activate the defenses in the next room however there is another possibility instead of activating the defenses to assist you I can reroute the power to attempt to send a message to our stranded ship it may not help but we have been out of contact for hours your options are activating the defense beams activating swarmers or using none of them I can activate beams of energy that will shoot down in set periods of time I do not have any further control than that but you could lure some of the bought into the beams the beams are quite deadly so I would advise keeping your distance this would be our easiest option against the Vaught but if we are not careful we could be caught in the beams would you prefer I activate the beams I can alter the programming of the security swarmers that normally patrol this area they will attack the ball but they also will attack us if there are no other targets the swarmers will provide a distraction for us but they could also be a liability do you want me to activate the swarmers slim enough that I cannot recommend it however if you choose to do so I will support you I'll wait here you go on ahead more Voth and bound prepare yourself both commanders are approaching we should move forward be on your guard a Voth soldier is activating the battle suit that was an explosion of a sufficient magnitude to cause a breach doctor what is your standard I'm fine I'm fine God can't get in you may wanna put a shield up around the next door before you open it it would appear all that is between us and our goal is the vacuum of space my modifications successfully locked the bomb out of this area however there was an armed both battle suit in the corridor the station's automated swarmers attacked and this is the result no response according to my readings there is no method of direct access unless your ship is within range we are stranded I'm here I'm here wait doctor we require a way to access the other areas of the station your thoughts I have an idea but you may not like it those Eevee suits over there they have maneuvering Jets that we could use on the outside of the station I've looked them over and they should be able to withstand the heat of the Sun should well nothing will withstand that much heat and radiation for long the suits appear to be designed for use in the shadow of the station but technically they can keep us safe for a little while they will have to suffice we have no other logical option doctor are you going to prepare your suit me of course not it's far too risky for me to go out there we will need to convince Cooper to overcome his fear and help us complete our mission do you really need me out there internal comms are still active I could just tell you what you have to do I really can't stand any more stress I have no idea why Admiral Tuvok chose me for this project I'm not trained for fieldwork if I get home alive I'm writing a letter to the Federation Science Council I'll file a formal complaint I know I know but flying over a star it's crazy I don't even like using the holodeck all I can think about is how I'm going to burn to a crisp and die horribly away from everyone I care about well I've seen the stories about human you've been through a lot for one captain if you can do this maybe I can too I'll get my Evie suit let's go I can do this I can do this I can do this calm yourself doctor conserve your oxygen there is a large piece of debris blocking the station's entrance there is a large amount of debris blocking the entrance it will be impossible for us to move it without assistance I can scan the area for anything that may be of use there are two objects of interest the first is the remains of a bog battlesuit there is a mortar payload within it that we can place on to the debris the second is the remains of a swarmer specifically a miniaturised communications device we could use it to detonate the mortar remotely I suggest flying a safe distance before activating the charges the door is sealed any ideas doctor there should be a manual release for the locks above us I will establish a shield the doors are open dr. Cooper and I will wait for you inside these suits are fried I doubt they'll be much use anymore something has closed the doors most unsettling I think the station's defenses are activating we should move forward before more defenses activate use caution the windows shields are malfunctioning in this area the shadows of those consoles should provide a measure of safety the shields will hold our destination is ahead we must power down the rooms shielding to access the control panels the doctor and I will continue our work while you disable the lower panels good work reactivate the shields and we can complete our mission the honor of deactivating the station is yours there we go the deactivation program is moving nicely doctor I'm detecting something curious energy levels in the Gateway in front of us are rising at an exponential rate it appears to be activating what let me check oh this is not good the Gateway is designed to be an escape hatch in the event this station goes offline we cannot deactivate the jump protocols without activating the Gateway as well is there any way to override the protocols none that I can see if we want to stop the jump we have to activate that gate it seems we have little choice your thoughts as Tuvok said we have no choice if we want to stop this sphere from moving we need to activate the gateway our time here is limited the Voth will return in force we have to do this now there is no other option I know you have a past with the iconian gateways but our options are limited the choice is logical if the Voth jumped the sphere to an area near their homeworld billions of Omega particles will be expended with the degradation of the spheres systems caused by centuries of disuse there is an eighty six point eight percent chance that the expenditure will cause an Omega detonation destroying subspace across a vast region of the Delta Quadrant the alternative is opening a single gateway that is far less of a risk I'm so sorry I wish I could have found a better way I failed you both do not dwell on this if there was another option we would have found it one moment we are being hailed Tuvok here chief engineer targum of the Dyson here Admiral acknowledge chief are all of your systems restored the opening of the Gateway cleared up the ambient distortion disruptions do you need transport yes I want to get off this station now we are ready to depart chief Dyson 3 to be like you need to get out of the hot zone we're going to die we're going to die we have the lock on you sir just give the word good to have you on board sir I'm chief engineer tarter of the fleet in your ship are still engaged with the Voth but several Voth ships are making their way towards the gateway one of their dreadknots has already passed through as the only available ship we have orders to stop the other Voth from entering the Gateway there are no more Voth in the vicinity but one dreadnought did go through the Gateway if my readings are correct it is passing into another Dyson Sphere this one deeper in the Delta Quadrant if the Voth are allowed to enter another sphere they will try to claim it as they have bought to claim this one navigational readings indicate we are in the Delta Quadrant however we are inside a dyson sphere and there are no known structures of this type in this region I'm detecting the presence of a Starfleet vessel the USS gold that ship disappeared on a survey of the jenolan Dyson Sphere at the precise instant the iconian gateway network was reset to save new Romulus this sphere was discovered by the crew of the USS jenolan in 2294 the USS enterprise-d rescued Montgomery Scott a survivor of the jenolan 75 years later however it now appears that the jenolan sphere had the same jump capabilities as the Solon II and moved to this location with the gold inside I am detecting disabled systems on the gold but there is no weapons damage also sensors indicate that the Voth dreadnought has its weapons armed but has not fired what do you suggest thank the prophets I knew someone would find us we were on a routine survey of the jenolan Dyson Sphere when something happened systems that have been dormant for centuries activated the energy readings were off the scale then a flash and my nav computer claims were in the Delta Quadrant if that's right this entire Dyson Sphere somehow moved itself more than fifty thousand light-years from its previous position since then we've been stuck I would have taken voyagers path back home if we could get out of the sphere the doors were locked tight and the Gateway powered down as soon as we arrived glad to have the help supplies are running low but what was that ship that just passed us shares some signs of both attack but our data banks don't have anything like that another Dyson Sphere it's taken us 40 years to study this one and we're not even close to understanding it and if that ship was bought it would explain why they ignored our hails they came in with their weapons armed and then simply stopped didn't see us as a threat the ship set course for the sealed door it is just sitting there they're ignoring us I promised my crew we'd get home if you could send over a team with some spare components I can get this ship ready to travel I have extensive experience with the Voth while they are arrogant it is not like them to completely ignore a potential threat it may be that they sense a greater danger I suggest we approach an attempt to hail them Voyager found that some Voth were open to negotiation we should make every attempt to find a peaceful solution ship is under attack the Voth are moving towards the door Tuvok your query will have to wait doctor shields are down and weak you're not you're not Cooper Parrish captain the Undine outside of the sphere are powering weapons the mammalian ship is still disabled arm all weapons we will destroy the creatures and then return for the mammals i I am unharmed but we are in danger we are deep within the Delta Quadrant right where Cooper wanted us we do not know how long this infiltrator has impersonated Cooper or the extent of what he has done it however I am quite familiar with the tactics of species 8472 we will repeal the Undine and survive to warn the Alpha Quadrant of the renewed threat finally a worthy adversary for my new ship frustrated this vessel cannot defeat them alone this ship can take it I have experience with the Undine you do not they are extremely dangerous the lysette is here to provide any assistance you require three battleships that may be a problem we hold here none of the Undine get through we wanted more of a fight country good to see you we would have arrived sooner but there was a fault fleet in the way congratulations on a successful mission now the Romulan Republic will take over we'll set up a command center for further operations I'm sure command will contact you when your presence is needed no this is now our generosity to the Romulans can only extend so far the Klingon Empire claims this Dyson Sphere as its own Starfleet and the Republic would be wise to keep their distance oh are you prepared to back that statement with action the Klingon Empire has restrained itself again and again in an attempt to maintain this alliance with the Romulans I think it's time I remind you of what happens when a Klingon loses patience fighting over this sphere is not an option it would divide our strength precisely what would benefit the Undine the voff chose to fight instead of cooperate they were destroyed we can choose not to be enemies it is time we did so the Klingon Empire will not sit and wait while the Federation and Romulans continue to claim these powerful weapons for themselves this conversation is not over the Romulan Republic will continue to take responsibility for areas within our jurisdiction but I do not wish to cause a rift in what has been a successful joint action however I will not be put in a position where I must choose between the Federation and the Klingon Empire we have agreements on both sides that must be honored sub commander Col can handle the details I am a ship captain not an administrator Cooper's departure has lifted the miasma in my mind an affliction that I did not even realize was there he was influencing me he used the psychic abilities of the Undine to influence my thoughts and the results are an effect of my failure I should have been able to detect his influence we have fulfilled our mission to neutralize the jump capabilities of the soul in a sphere only to open up a gateway that the Undine can now use to reach our space they will no longer have to create rifts from fluidic space was this Cooper's plan all along I know you assisted in the destruction of an iconian gateway in fluidic space but I fear the Undine still seek revenge for the disturbance of their home I suggest we return to subcommander coal we must attempt to save the fragile peace of the Alliance we have fulfilled our mission to neutralize the jump capabilities of the Solan a sphere only to open up a gateway that the Undine can now use to reach our space they will no longer have to create rifts from fluidic space was this Cooper's plan involved I suggest we return to subcommander coal we must attempt to save the fragile peace of the Alliance the sphere is under Federation control this sphere is only accessible through an alliance controlled gateway then perhaps it is time to end this alliance this is neither the time nor the place for this commander Jarek is correct the Undine are a threat to us all now they have direct access to our space I propose a summit we must decide together what we must do to protect the Alpha Quadrant our disputes may need to be put aside in the face of a greater enemy I volunteer to mediate these talks dr. Cooper manipulated me to achieve his goals it is only logical that I take responsibility for what has happened here very well Vulcan we will finish this later [Applause] this is the Voth battlezone our goal is to take control of at least one omega particle silo here's how we do it this is a map of the battlezone there are three regions each made up of multiple capture points when the vofled a capture point it is red when we take control of a capture point it will change to blue capturing points advances us towards our goal represented by this meter when it is full we can make our final push to stop the Voth at the omega particle silos we must capture at least one of these silos to claim this battle zone for the Alliance good luck the planet Gillard has been dismal three planet-killers have been destroyed excellent [Applause] ah come in I have a special assignment that requires a delicate touch a science ship on patrol in grid beta 53 – 31 encrypted message from the Voth this wasn't a message from a military ship or the Voth leadership this was an encoded short ranged burst from a vast science outpost I think we may have a friend in the enemy's ranks it it'd be best if any communication from our side didn't come from our leadership for reasons you'll soon see I want you to pursue a dialogue with this individual see if we can turn them into an ally that is all I'm trying to contact any member of the mammalian occupying force who is willing to open negotiations I am melon XO of the vast circle of archaeology and I believe that we have common scientific goals that can only be achieved without the interference of our respective militaries working alongside the best minds of the fought circles of science I have been studying this celestial structure its function and its original inhabitants our work has yielded some troubling information for those seeking to uphold the doctrine that we are the original intelligent species in the Delta Quadrant the fourth Ministry of elders maintains that science is only valid if it supports their own fictions of history I've lost too many colleagues to this terrible government censorship what I've been able to discover on my own and away from government interruptions is that this sphere was created by a race and the direct control of a species called the iconians even ignoring the huge cache of records we found here but the mere existence of this sphere proves that there are powerful entities my government refuses to acknowledge perhaps to our ultimate tomb I will not be so naive left high and dry by my own people I am left with few options there must be a sympathetic ear out there that realizes we have entered the nest of an enemy that neither of us are prepared to face alone I was pleased to receive your message even if I have to keep this conversation a secret from everyone I know there are many topics that have been deemed controversial and off-limits inquisitors examine our work on a regular basis but questions need to be asked if we are to maintain any sort of scientific credibility have you ever wondered at the fact that both our people were able to enter this sphere from opposite ends that we could move through halls through rooms through entire buildings without finding another living thing until we encountered one another the Ministry of elders would have me published papers claiming that this sphere was created by our ancestors but why would they abandon this place why would anyone abandon this place as far as I can tell this place was commissioned but not built by a race called the iconians a war forced them to abandon their home in favor of this more strategic location imagine how many fleets of warships could fit inside here fat by food grown on thousands of hectares of carefully constructed surfaces powered by the entire energy of a star waiting to ambush from the odds have shifted in our favor which brings us back to my first question why did the original inhabitants of the sphere leave did they feel safe and pick a fight against a superior enemy and lose but were they forced to leave by some internal flaw in their fortress we may all be doomed to the fate of those who lived here before if we aren't careful hello thank you for continuing to remind me that there are other sane Minds out there my concerns about the dangers of the spheres technology have fallen on deaf ears in rebuttal I'm fed propaganda about the spheres the forth origins and how easy my job should be but how easy can a job be if I'm constantly being interrupted by alarms and avoiding catastrophes in my lab the Ministry of elders and their Inquisitor lackeys have installed accomplices who are willing to answer yes when I say no advancement is their only goal not reason not discovery and certainly not safety unfortunately they are rarely up to the tasks for which they volunteer but the problems may be bigger than the incompetent lab techs no one here wants to hear that we may not be capable of using this technology or that the cost of trying could be the destruction of this entire Sentinel space the builders of the sphere aren't here to tell us the results of their experiments but I'm convinced that something did go terribly wrong there is evidence of a celestial trauma that has significantly reduced the energy output from this installation central star add to that the fact that the spires have been optimized for a different spectral ban than the one that this star produces and were left with strong evidence that a large-scale industrial accident such an accident would explain why this place was abandoned I've conducted the detailed scan of one of the spires and found trace amounts of tetri on particles an industrial accident large enough to leave these trace Etrian particles thousands of years afterwards would have permeated all organic life caught in the blast with enough tetri onic energy to force any survivors to retreat to subspace so if the creators of this technology weren't savvy enough to prevent such a huge disaster what chance – my people who all yours have to do any better I fear this technology I fear it in not just the wrong hands but in any hands we need to work together to make sure no one tries to activates fear our lives may depend on it I'm sorry for the delay in my response but I needed to take extra precautions with my communications after another round of disastrous tests and combining Voth and sphere technologies I was offered up as a scapegoat I am no longer a member of the law circle of archaeology but I've been doing this for so long it's hard to stop keeping an eye on my former colleagues experiments now my curiosity is tinged with a hint of fear their findings may be corrupted when it was discovered that the Omega particles generated by this structure were sent to collection sites in the outer shell the first thought was to blindly jump start this process rather than to methodically determine its purpose I'm afraid our leaders are so entranced by the perceived benefits of this advanced technology they are willing to forgo common-sense safety measures luckily there are a few of us left who make safe insane actions our primary objective and luckier still there are enough of your ships and soldiers causing problems inside our defensive lines that my actions are blamed on you I'm not alone in this opinion our superiors are pushing hard to unlock this technology there's a perceived lack of progress and they are trying to make up for lost time I'm sure you understand gravity as it applies to physics but it also has a social component when our leadership feels pressure it is quickly felt by those below them first by the military then by the citizenry the Voth have never taken kindly to dissenters but there is no comparison between those who speak out against doctrine back home and those who fight for basic scientific inquiry here and now I I'll be discovered at any moment but I fear even more that the work I'm doing won't continue on please stay safe we've intercepted new Voth military communications I think they've outed your contact one file received at Oh 5:30 hours today I'm sad at the thought that this may be my final transmission I've enjoyed our talks together but I came across something tonight that is too important to leave to chance I was recently assigned to the circle of material sciences apparently my expertise in using isotopes to date archaeological finds means I'm an expert in chemistry please to a military personnel officer one disadvantage of keeping disciplines separate based on expertise is a lack of shared knowledge where my new colleagues added footnotes about inverted tetri on particles I saw a connection to Omega molecules a connection of which they were unaware on a small scale my hypothesis yielded a small rift applied to the scale of this entire facility this sphere was built to travel through subspace across the galaxy the father leadership was excited to learn of this discovery as well imagine an entire solar system full of ships hiding inside this sphere imagine teleporting them anywhere in the galaxy in an instant I assure you there are fourth battle plans in the works right now using this strategy my species is under attack near our home sector the fighting has reached a stalemate but there are still lives being lost on both sides every option is being examined to bring an end to the fighting even the most extreme I've seen Isaac meghamala choose to destroy large swaths of subspace I must put an end to my peoples pursuit of such disastrous weaponry I will not have a part in isolating the Voth race by making space unnavigable even at the price of a continuing war might work with the bother is finished I follow suit go get him maybe you can find him before his people do you

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