Star Trek Online: Rise of Discovery Launch Trailer

Star Trek Online: Rise of Discovery Launch Trailer

captain's log November 10th 22:56 Napoleon said true character stands the test of emergencies we face countless tests from a ruthless enemy we've all lost so much so many but for the greater good Starfleet will hold the line all you give some and some the diplomats search for peace until they find it it's up to us to fight to keep the Federation safe sacrifices will be made you

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  1. How can I sell more item on the exchange I only able to sell 2 item on it how can I add more ?

  2. The lag is now unbearable. Everything was good until you did the last shard maintenance. The fact that you expect your PAYING clients to spend LITERALLY hours copying files, downloading software just to copy the files WITH as specific formats and send them along with detailed accounts of what happened taking several hours of MY day and then tell me that, when all that stuff never worked, that I will have to do a similar operation but with more work and more time and HOPE that it arrives at someone's desk who can think of a reason to give me why the game is lagged and then turn me away blaming my IT provider WHO I checked with and NOTHING has changed with them.. The ONLY thing that changed was what YOU guys changed. I deserve a refund. I cannot be the only person who is getting royally screwed by you guys.

    I STRONGLY recommend you NOT put money into this game. The support system is the absolute worst I have ever seen in a game. The creators will update it with things your system cannot run, and with ZERO notice that it is gonna happen. Then any money you have invested goes straight down the drain unless you want to spend LITERALLY 10s of hours trying to fix it when in reality YOU have paid and they simply do not think about stuff like that. Fuck you and that's how they treat you.

  3. gets notice about Rise of Discovery>logs into my account>looks threw episodes for the new missions>finds out its just a re-add of 2 missions I already played months ago>logs off disappointed

  4. I have nothing nice to say… No desire for any of this; please get back to real Star Trek (not the garbage stolen and spew'ed out by NBC who don't understand trek).

  5. Avoid. Money pit (including gambles boxes). They (Craptic) concentrate on putting out new "content", whilst refusing to even acknowledging the vast array of bugs that are present. And their current focus on Fake Trek (STD) is disappointing, but as they're in it to grab as many shekels as they can from the autistic bugmen that play mmo's. Don't be one. Get an actual hobby.

  6. I have to applaud you guys those were very good episodes, great work on the animation in the cut scenes, the voice acting was also top notch. in the second one, for the first time I actually felt I was part of an episode.

  7. Not a real fan of STD but the trailer looks great. Voice acting sounds awesome. I give the Devs credit for working with what they have and making lemonade out of lemons. Please don't hate on the game or Cryptic just because CBS sucks. At least STO is still around.

  8. its launched. congratz. lag and lag. all the new episides and the game jitter. another money grab garbage from craptic and the gay developers.

  9. Oh boy more Discovery content.. man.. Remember those Klingons? or how about those.. how do you say it now.. R..R..Romulans? or what about those Jem'hadar you introduced than dropped like it was hot. Now we get launch trailers for.. 2 missions. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO content..

  10. Too much of the game is being turned into the new show.. missing the point of the game.. for the corporate commercialism of TV.

  11. I'm still waiting for the Ferengi to be a true faction with their own ships.. I get the feeling that this game is a bit of an …oops we forgot those characters.. and their ships and all the other padding that go's along with them.. too many holes in this games first inception.. or did someone jump the time line where that any Ferengi were not even there.. no real Cardassian cannon either.

  12. Rise of the venereal disease… Yay! facepalm

    Well, I guess STO's story went as far as it could before it caught a nasty STD infection. You will be missed.

  13. So more crap! Still no reason to get back in then. Next, move along every one nothing to see hear

  14. this isn't Star Trek. Mr. Roddenberry is probably spinning in his grave at this travesty. #CancelDiscovery

  15. Although I do enjoy STO a lot, I can't get into the steaming pile that is Discovery. I don't fault Cryptic and I acknowledge they are doing a good job with the forced upon them Discovery content.

    After all it's licensed, so they probably have to do this because the Trek Lords say so. The show itself is Trek in name only, as it's clear the writers either don't know or don't care about previous shows. If they said "this is Abramsverse Trek" then I would of been more accepting, but they said this is early TOS which leads to countless lore contradictions and continuity errors.

  16. Ummmm, Is that Snow Jacket in the last shot perhaps something our Captain’s will be able to wear?

  17. i was wonder in the future will they make some new factions playable,like the star empire or terran empire,maybe the orion syndcate,cardassian union maybe the true way.

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