Star Trek: Operation Return – The Recapture of Deep Space Nine – Spacedock

Star Trek: Operation Return – The Recapture of Deep Space Nine – Spacedock

In the months that followed their victory
at Deep Space Nine, the Dominion began to surge through Federation Space, winning victory
after victory, and recovering from their losses at Torros III far quicker than their enemies
had hoped. By May of 2374 the Federation had been pushed to breaking point, their fleets
were battered and disorganised, and they had received intelligence suggesting the Wormhole
Minefield would soon be disabled by the Dominion. Faced with the possibility of unlimited Dominion
reinforcements and certain defeat, Captain Benjamin Sisko, now senior Adjutant of the
Seventh Tactical Wing, formulated a last-ditch plan to retake Deep Space Nine, and wrest
control of the Bajoran Wormhole back from the Dominion.
In preparation for the attack, Sisko and Admiral Ross began to assemble a large force at Starbase
375, as a foundation they used what remained of the Second and Seventh Fleets, whose casualties
in the early war had reduced them to less than one third strength. They supplemented
this force by reassigning the far larger Fifth Fleet, who had previously been tasked with
defending Vulcan and its surrounding worlds. Sisko also dispatched emissaries to the Klingon
Empire to request additional forces, as well as summoning the Ninth Fleet from the Bolian
Front, but after new intelligence revealed that the Dominion was less than one week from
disabling the minefield, Sisko was forced to launch the attack prematurely before the
Ninth Fleet or any Klingon Warships could arrive.
Upon arriving in-system, the Federation armada was organised into an elaborate formation,
built around powerful battlegroups known as Galaxy Wings. These wings were each commanded
by a wartime refit of the federation Galaxy Class, and included a number of support vessels
and fighter squadrons. The fleet’s arrival at the edge of the Bajor System was quickly
detected by the Dominion, and an opposing force of 1254 ships was deployed in their
path. Thankfully the federation’s objective was not to destroy the Dominion Fleet, but
rather to fight their way to Deep Space Nine and disable the station’s deflector before
it could be used to destroy the minefield. Nevertheless, the Federation was outnumbered
two-to-one, and it was obvious that victory would not be achieved without heavy casualties.
In an attempt to break a significant enough force through Dominion opposition, Captain
Sisko ordered skirmishing forces of Federation Attack Fighters to probe and engage the enemy,
but only to focus fire on Cardassian ships. Knowing that Jem’Hadar element of the dominion
fleet would hold their position, and that due to the rushed nature of the attack the
combined efforts of federation forces would ultimately not succeed in defeating the enemy
outright, Sisko had hoped that by focusing on exclusively Cardassian ships that he could
lure them into breaking formation and in doing so, provide a gap in the opposition for a
force of federation ships to break through and reach deep space nine.
Gul Dukat regognised this ploy however, but instead of merely ensuring that Cardassian
ships were to hold position, he ordered that an opening was to be feigned, with the intention
of closing it and stranding any federation ships that did somehow manage to break through.
Sisko, whilst captaining the Defiant and accompanied by Federation Miranda Class ships Majestic
and Sitak, took advantage of this opening as it arose but was quickly overwhelmed and
left without proper support. When all seemed lost, a force of Klingon ships made up of
Vorch’cha class attack cruisers and Klingon birds of prey lead by General Martok and Lieutenant
Commander Worf arrived to provide assistance, opening fire on pursuing Dominion ships and
giving the Defiant the support it needed to break through the engagement, and make haste
to deep space nine. In this success however, the Defiant stood
alone. Deciding that Deep Space Nine’s defences are ample enough to deal with a single Federation
Ship, along with the incoming fleet of Dominion reinforcements through the wormhole, Gul Dukat
deemed that ordering pursuit of the Defiant was unnecessary. Moments away from being prepared
to disable the minefield, a sabotage attempt was conducted by Rom and Major Kira Nerys
in order to disable Deep Space Nine’s weapons. And whilst they were unsuccessful in achieving
this prior to the destruction of the Minefield, the sabotage did leave the station defenceless
against the Defiant. Alone and in the face of the imminent arrival of a Dominion fleet
consisting of thousands of Jem’Hadar ships, the Defiant entered the Wormhole in a last
ditch effort to face the oncoming threat. Ultimately it was thanks to the prophets,
who deemed that Sisko still had a role to play in forthcoming events, that Dominion
fleet was repelled. Using their celestial powers, they removed the fleet, allowing the
safe return of the Defiant to the Alpha quadrant where it began it’s attack on Deep Space
Nine. The Defiant would not remain alone for long however, as word was received that over
200 additional Federation and Klingon ships had broken through the Dominion line and were
en-route to the Station. It was at this point that a full evacuation of Dominion and Cardasian
personal from the station was conducted allowing Federation forces to once again reclaim control
of the Deep Space Nine. With the station back in hands of the Federation, and the removal
of Dominion reinforcements into the Alpha quadrant, this did indeed represent a huge
victory for the Federation, however with significant opposition still lying in wait within Cardassian
territory still under the careful yet ruthless leadership of the founders, this war was far from over.

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    Big thanks to Alasdair for voicing this one, he did a fantastic job!

  2. Can you do the battle for Earth from Season four of Babylon 5. When Sheridan lead let his Fleet to retake Earth or the Battle of the line also from Babylon 5

  3. What they should have done when we use transporter technology and transport thousand Megaton nukes in the monks the enemy Fleet all through their close to their ships have them transport them in when they were all there didn't hate them the enemy Fleet couldn't withstand the blast of a nuclear bomb that close their said thousand megatons is going to do a thousand square mile radius damage

  4. O'Brian:
    Cannon to the right of them,
    Cannon to the left of them,
    Cannon in front of them,
    volley'd and thunder'd;

    storm'd at with shot and shell
    Boldly they rode and well into the jaws of Death,
    Into the mouth of Hell
    rode the six hundred.

  5. the large fleet with small fighters attacking is a smart move … i would have used some steamrunners with tricobalt launchers to lay waste on them

  6. Though funnily enough, that wasn't the end of the Dominion reinforcements. Apparently, the attack force was merely delayed, and made a reappearance in Star Trek Online during the early 25th century.

  7. I'm confused by the location of the "Bolian front" — completely on the other side of the core Federation worlds from DS9. Maybe if it was a different race, but those look like Dominion forces…

  8. gosh, you're just <<this short>> of succeeding in making me go back to Bridge Commander and blast some Dominions!

  9. Battles in the middle of nowhere where FTL drives exist make no sense.  Space is so big these fleets could easily outmaneuver each other at warp until they had to stop at DS9. DS9 always seemed to go with: Space is like the Ocean.  It's just so big they figured no one would really get it unless they did it this way. That's why I always like B5 better.  Just made more sense.

  10. The prophets eliminating the Dominion Fleet coming through the Wormhole was one of the few things I disliked about Deep Space Nine. It kind of felt like a cop-out from a storytelling perspective. In my opinion it just would have been better if the sabotage attempt had been successful thus leaving the Minefield intact and forcing the Dominion Fleet to withdraw to the gamma quadrant side of the wormhole. Literally everything else in the episode could have remained the same had this occurred.

  11. RIP Majestic and Ctac, accompanying the most powerful warship on a suicide mission in literally the oldest ships starfleet still used

  12. 3:25 You state Sisko took advantage of the opening, but was quickly overwhelmed. You're missing some important details here. Sisko's crew spotted other Cardassian ships converging on the opening, and recognized it was a trap. But said "It is also an opportunity, we may not get another." So Sisko's wing went in with the Galaxy wings providing cover fire. He still got overwhelmed as you say, but you make it sound like he fell for Dukat's trap when he didn't.

  13. Ok. So, totally unrelated to anything in this video. But after watching your Donnager episode for like the fifth time. I finally caved and watched the expanse. Holy fuck is it good.The hard sci-fi didn't bother me anywhere near as much as I thought it would. So since you seem to know good sci-fi when you see it. Got any other recommendations?

    (Oh, also an episode on white base or the Nahel Argama would be pretty cool.)

  14. Rom only needed seconds. If he hadn't been interrupted by someone asking him stupid questions, he would have succeeded.

  15. Sisko was awesome, and the Klingons fucking respected the out of him. When you take human crazy and apply it to warfare, to paraphrase Quark, they'll be as bloodthirsty as any Klingon.

  16. Martok now goes 2-0 when it comes to saving the Defiant. Let's hope the lucky streak continues.

  17. I always wondered about the fate of the Dominion fleet that was "removed". From existence? From this timeline? Punted out of the wormhole somewhere between home and the Alpha Quadrant? It's a grim thought.

  18. Ya then the Prophets put them back some 40yrs later in Star Trek Online trust me it's a pain in the a**.

  19. Dominion attempts to intercept Federation fleet in deep space which is REALLY REALLY BIG when Federation fleet is faster than Dominion fleet. Federation fleet decides "YOLO" and engages instead of going around it. Truly, this was the Federation's stupidest hour.

  20. I do think it's a bit of a disservice by not mentioning that Sisko recognized the feint for what it was, but desperation pushed him to take the gamble and redeployed his forces to try and counter it as best as could be expected.

  21. I remember that arc. Weyoun knew they was pulled back and him and Founded both freaked out about it on Dukat. Although 9th didn't make it I remember Worf and the Klingons did.
    The Dominion could've either won this or kept the reinforcing Klingons from totally outflanking and rolling them up so they didn't lose so badly. Begs question though.. whatever happened to that lost Dominion fleet?? I just kinda thought they'd been wiped from history or transported to an alternate dimension or maybe the wormhole beings pulled a Voyager on them and stranded them in the DELTA, Delta Quadrant.

  22. I love Star Trek and I know it’s pointless to point it out but how could a dominion fleet block the federation fleet? It’s fucking space!!

  23. And Epic battle until…. The magical omnipotent beings decide to just save the day…. That is some of the worst writing there. It's called "Deus Ex Machina". It's what poor writing results in when they can't think of anything actually good.

  24. If you didn’t know The Expanse is coming back on April 11 hope to see some new ships so I can hear your take on them 😎✌️

  25. What I never understand is why does no faction in star trek use large carriers with fighters squadron. One should think that they would be more effective then ship to ship battles.

  26. DS9's my favourite Star Trek series but that doesn't save it from the perpetual Star Trek problem of everyone having really shitty tactics.

  27. What about making torpedoes four times their size twice the fire power twice the range twice the speed and use it as a heatseeker to go after the exhaust and have it detonate with maximum yield capable

  28. So the enemy fleet just…vanished?
    Gosh. I'd hate to be the poor bastard who has to deal with them should they ever show up again. Like in 2409 or something.

  29. and in Star Trek online, the prophets had to cut them loose, although we face them with far better ships and weapons. It was still a battle worth of Klingon songs

  30. Can you imagine if the Dominion had the wormhole up and running they could've taken out the Federation in weeks.

  31. To the folks at Spacedock, thank you for spending your time in narrating these wonderfully edited videos. I wanted to ask a question though: is there a possibility of your team making a video based on EU/non-TV canon stories that revolve around the Dominion War. The one that I am thinking of is the Battle of Betazed novel as it is the one of the few stories where Captain Picard and the Enterprise make appearances in this story arc.

  32. I don't see how the mine field would stop the fleet anyway. Even if they replicate replacements just take an old garbage scow fitted with highly re-enforced shields and have it just plow its way back and forth across the mine field. Even coming through a few ships would have hit some mines but most would just push through anyway. I would imagine the much larger Dominion ships could handle some mine barrage.

    The whole mine field thing was dumb and a very poor plot point. A better strategy would have been to actually collapse the worm hole when the fleet entered and actually counting on the fleet to enter to destroy them. That would be a time critical move that the Dominion may not have anticipated.

    Also the Dominion were stupid. You don't send your whole fleet through at once. You send waves. Or you send "bulldozers" through first or attack ships to hold the other end. They sent everything including the ice cream truck.

  33. The graphic at 1:20 doesnt make sense. Why are the Jem Hadar on TWO fronts? The Federation was never in a pincher maneuver. The war was always along the border with Cardassia. The Dominion didn't have bases in other locations.
    (And, not that its relevant here, but PLEASE tell me you know that the Cardassians share a border with the Romulans. I'm tired of having to explain "In the Pale Moonlight" to everyone)

  34. I hate how the always pussified the federation when needed. If they were so week the romulans and Klingons would have destroyed them decades ago. Gene had the federation stronger then the Klingons or Romulas but weaker then those two forces combined.

  35. Isn't it possible in a last ditch effort Sisko would self destruct the Defiant while inside the wormhole? Seeing as the mine field was gone he had to keep the worm hole shut at any cost.

  36. To everyone complaining about the Prophets stopping the Dominion reinforcements remember there were more story arcs. This was important for future events.

  37. I never understood why the Dominion never took revenge on the wormhole aliens. Exterminating Bajor would of been a good start. If somehow the Wormhole aliens proved to be invulnerable then a suicide ship to destroy the Wormhole.

  38. Funny thing is while 2,800 dominion ships seemed like an insurmountable number at that time in the war, it is utterly dwarf by the numbers of ships involved later on in the Dominion War, where the Klingons alone deployed 1,500 ships to the front line and were still outnumbered 20 to 1. Giving the Dominion and its allies 30,000 ships and yet the combined fleets of the Federation/Klingons/Romulans were able to match or at least come close to matching in the battle of Cardassia. Got to love industrialized total war.

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