Star Trek Phase 2 – Special Featurette

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  1. Suggonit, Abrams! Make another Star Trek movie like that again (especially when Amanda got killed, HOW DARE HE!!!) and I'll come over to your house and kick your ass!!

  2. That was Awesome. Timeline restored!!! And yes it's possible to have enjoyed Trek09 and still see a problem with it.

  3. Actually they just restored a time line that wasn't theirs to restore. That was a parallel Trek-verse. Now when they return to their own time-line they will have left this one without an Enterprise.

  4. I would like to coin a word for the fans who love the films so much that they dedicate themselves to the production of new films and with the use of their own acting skills = Fan + actors "FANTORS" or perhaps "FANATORS."
    Good work. You guys have really come a long way in a short time period. I have a prediction that you will be making movies displayed in the theaters in the next few years. The vicarious thrill we get from watching you fan/actors produce your films is exhilarating.

  5. I thought the video was really funny, and I love fan projects particularly when they're made at this level of quality!

    @Trekfreek I don't know what happened in the argument to make you a zealot for Nemesis, but the revamp certainly resurrected the franchise from the mediocrity it had fallen to thanks to the TNG films, which abandoned the show's spirit while still excluding broad appeal.. Was the new movie accurate to TOS? Absolutely not, but it certainly reached a larger, younger audience.

  6. Star Trek XI is only really good if you like lots of noise & extremely busy special effects shots which threaten to bring on epilepsy.

  7. oh & what is this post TOS obsession with having a central villian in every single film. Think about it for a moment-ST:TMP had an existential threat, in the form of VYGER, but not a villian in the true sense of the word. Wrath of Khan & Search for Spock *did* have central villians but Voyage Home was again more of an existential threat again. Star Trek VI didn't have a central villian, but a conspiracy aimed at maintaining the status quo.

  8. @Trekfreek they spent so much money on the new movie becaus ethey thought if it wasn't a big budget explotion movie no one would see it because "people don't like star trek any more", no people didn't like Enterprise, it was just a bad step, not a franchise killer like they thought, they could have made a good true to trek movie and if it was good people would have liked it

  9. @Trekfreek That's a meaningless figure. A disastrous film that's pulled from screens after three days would make up to 100% gross on its first weekend. The figures you cite show how each film performed against itself on the opening weekend, not how they compare with each other.

  10. @Trekfreek Yes I know, percentages and profit margins are what matters to a studio. The figures you've cited are the wrong ones though, and they don't show what you say they do. They show what percentage of each movie's profits were generated in the opening weekend, figures which mean nothing in isolation.

  11. @Trekfreek It may well have sold more tickets, i'm not sure how that can be measured. But the latest film made more money than any of the others, adjusted for inflation. I can't see any figures for relative gross of the films and i'm not going to work it out myself, but I suspect the new film was one of the most successful, if not the most. It was a good romp with some strong performances.

  12. @Trekfreek You're not paying attention. You. Cited. The. Wrong. Figures. At. Boxofficemojo. Go and have another look! I neither know nor care which film was more successful because I enjoy them both.
    Furthermore you touched on the point I was trying to make before- I don't know how much tickets cost in 1986, so the profit in $ doesn't tell me how many tickets were sold. Do you know? You talk as though you do.

  13. @Trekfreek Besides, with out "Star Crap XI" there would be no more Star Trek movies/TV shows but bad games and fan films (excluding phase 2 which is amazing)

  14. Very funny indeed! I don't know why they had to screw with the continuity with the newest trek movie anyway.

    Is there any software out there that lets you do this sort of thing with a regular PC? I'd like to do a Trek story or two. Either that, or help to work on a production like Phase II in some form or another.

  15. I thought this was a great sequence.
    But I will admit that I did enjoy the new movie, except for a few beefs about ship interiors that seemed to have been borrowed from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. I'm more of a fan of Sci-fi in general as opposed to being a card carrying Star Trek fanatic, but it would sadden me if Star Trek were to fade to being a forgotten historical footnote. Seeing the spirit of the show being kept alive by Star Trek New Voyages has been quite a treat.

  16. 23 people liked JJ Abrams movie. 664 didn't. Guess who wins:) This is just too funny. Especially when the time repair device gulps. LMAO.

  17. hmmmm, I liked the jj movie(cast me into the pit) but I thought this was cute. though it could have maybe used someone saying something like "that was close!".

  18. There are people who will not understand. But some of us do. We are called fans. I just hope you do a series based on the enterprise series with Scott bakula.

  19. Ooops!!! Sorry about that – we uploaded a "new" version (some fixes to the sound). I'll fix the link soon.


  20. Yay! I never really cared much for ST phase 2, but this video really hits the spot! Though it would have been nice to see the JJprise blown up. 😛

  21. I quit watching Phase 2 when they introduce a gay character, I mean they had the two men in bed together which has nothing to do with star trek, but just to promote the gayness so they would satisfy their gay fans and they continue that gay character in every story. So sad.

  22. The best short video was where James Kirk (shatner) on his original ship blowing up the 1701D, Picard's that was classic.

  23. GEIL!!! So ist's endlich richtig. Warum nicht gleich so? Man hätte doch gar nicht erst die Zeitlinie verändern müssen. Es kommt doch fast immer auf's selbe raus mit den Manipulationen der Zeitlinie.
    Schade, dass niemand hier Deutscher ist. ;P

  24. YES YES YES PLEASE YES  Free shares of Tasty McTribble and Mollari's Spoo Ranch. All the gagh you can eat just please make it true!!!!

  25. I'd like to see a fan edit where Abrams is directing on a set somewhere. Next thing he knows, he's beamed up. While he gawks from the transporter pad, we hear Kirk commanding, "Deep space! Full power! Widest angle of dispersion!" There's a priceless look of disbelief on Abrams' face as the last thing he sees as he dematerializes is young Shatner's angry face.

  26. Laughing a lot here, but why spend Federation taxpayers' money in expensive ACME products, when a simple time travel to 2007 would be cheaper ?
    The Enterprise could orbit above the West Coast and fire phaser over selected places, deep-frying JJ, Kurtzman, Orcci and other Armani-suited bastards who would soon make a crap movie !

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