Star Trek: Picard Names Michael Chabon Showrunner - What About Kurtzman?

Star Trek: Picard Names Michael Chabon Showrunner – What About Kurtzman?

well you know maybe I should have actually ran with the Alex Kurtzman is fired rumor instead of saying he's probably not he's probably just moved up and over because I certainly got crap for like I said that which I didn't by the way because of the Star Trek BOTS will come to the channel and they will plaster it with how bad season one of you know next generation was which it wasn't in which we've already debunked well though they'll spray the comment section and my Twitter feed with all kinds of things so you're a rumor monger your this or that I'm sorry who's the showrunner now where where's mr. Kurtzman where's mr. Kurtzman because he's the show creator and I know he brought in Michael Chabon is and now he's the new showrunner now I've talked about I've been talking about this forever this is an old article and of course I got a reset everything goes from comic book calm where they do talk about bringing in the Pulitzer winning act writer that was from February I made a video about that I'll probably link that one in the comment section below how I said yeah even a Pulitzer writer won't save ricard as long as Kurtzman's behind the scenes well look looks like maybe they're listening to the fans maybe probably not probably not we all know that they never actually listen to us even though they talk about the spock helmet that we you know i use all the time i'm ideas i use the spock helmet adavi these impacts that we found online that was just absolutely perfect for you know somebody who you you really need to kind of be reminded that Spock yes I'm an anti discovery person because I think D'Arnot Star Trek deserves better Star Trek deserves better where's my riding crop where's my riding crop Star Trek deserves better than what we're getting I'm a huge Star Trek fan this could be a point in the right direction we've got Micheal Chabon as the showrunner he wrote Calypso right so keep in mind he wrote Calypso he also is probably he probably wrote the new short Trek that we're getting with Ethan Peck it's not confirmed 100% but he probably wrote that or had a lot to do with it from everything we're seeing here here's the issue here's the issue I have with that is that you know I'm still going to be blamed for being rumormonger even though I do nothing but kind of give you my opinion on things like I said and you know maybe I should have run with that a little bit more maybe I should have run with some of the rumors that Star Trek discoveries season 3 is only going to be short tricks because that's all we have evidence of right now is that hey you know there's a short truck coming and where what what what episodes do we have for discovery what do we have well you know they're working when they're working up a car they're focusing on Picard right now okay okay thought-through shows we're gonna be on top of each other at the same time like alternating you know Kenny how do you had like Stargate sg-1 and then Atlantis for those last couple of seasons and then you watch Battlestar Galactica that's what I miss I miss having like a night of like for science fiction shows that I love that I can just watch on the same night then we're kind of doing that when they were airing discovery up against the Orville on but you know it's like you know I'm just gonna watch the Orville live I don't have to jump through a million hoops to watch the Orville that is kind of going to be the same case with Picard here and this is more of a vlog than anything this is more of a reaction video to this is more of a rant but yeah so so Micheal Chabon is the new showrunner he's a Pulitzer winning author he what what television experience does he have though has he ever run a television show I wonder because because here's the thing they keep bringing in these people who don't really have a lot of experience in television they don't know how to how to make a show within a budget that people are going to like without going completely that's with a budget and completely nuts with with you know their show without you having to resort to name-calling viewers and trashing TNG because you're your own series is just in comparison and yeah discover your in comparison and I'm so sick to death of people telling me how bad dmg was you know if you didn't like TNG then you're not a Star Trek fan go away get on my fandom and I don't want anymore that with this and that's my issue that's my concern with Micheal Chabon I'm sure he's a very talented writer I'm sure he's a very you know he's surprise winning I'm sure he's very esteemed and very acclaimed right he brought novels like The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and clay Moonglow and Wonder Boys and the Yiddish policeman Union he also wrote this short trek Calypso which seems to be his only television experience right what other experience does he have he's an author of books on paper you know what what does he know how to come in under budget does he know how to do like a bottle episode to save some money and and does he understand how much your production startup is going to be how much money you need for new uniforms new sets new cast sets sets are the big one you need to have some sort of set and you want to reuse those sets that's why you build a bridge you because you can refill on that set and you don't have to pay money again that's already there that's already that's already there right this is like when you move it into a new apartment right and you don't want to take all your stuff but you're like okay now I need a shower curtain I need to this and they needed that but once you're there you never have to buy it again unless you want to change it out a little bit Oh Lord that's that's the issue I have is like do these people even understand television do they know what they're doing do they know I'm sure he's a very talented writer and you know if I want to know how to write a Pulitzer winning book I would go to him what do you have to do what television what do you really have to do with television no that's not my concern Star Trek has been an important part of my way of thinking about the world the future human nature storytelling and myself since I was 10 years old said Shabana and I come to work every day in a state of joy and awe having been entrusted with a character and the world of jean-luc picard with this private vibrant strand of the rich intricate and complex tapestry that is track alright so yes you can write you're probably fine as a writer that this is a date you're still used this is like hiring a shoe salesman to run a business they might know how to sell a shoe they might not know how to manage people they might not know how to manage you know how much how much money do we have to spend on electricity you know and and and what we and what percentage of our advertising revenue do we need to a callate for that or whatever wherever the money comes from right I don't know how to do that but I'd probably be at least asking questions I would at least be asking questions oh it's a step in the right direction writing but holy crap what does he know everything a TV show yeah Pulitzer Prize winning author that this is great you know you you can get you can get a used car salesman who's the used car salesman number one person of the whole of the whole used-car realm doesn't mean he's going to be a good show runner for television you know you really need somebody who knows television so so he wrote it up as he wrote a short track which is probably one of the better ones I mean it was still stupid and didn't have anything to do it's a Star Trek but you know at least it's a foot in the right direction huh the new series will see Patrick Stewart was reprise his role as a very different keep in mind he said time and time again this is a very different Picard it's not Captain jean-luc Picard this is Jake Picard from the discovery universe from the from the the they bad robot secret hideout Star Trek family if stuff and and even just put the licensing put the cannon aside look at people who are behind the scenes of the show these are not the same people this is uh we're under new management in Star Trek we're under new management it's like when they change out coke to new coke right you know or or you know they they fire the entire hotel staff of something because the hotel you know they say southern hotel it's a good hotel it's got a good business model they fire they sell it fire all the existing people bring in a whole bunch of new people who are just in it for the money and they run it into the ground in a year and that's kind of how we are you see it in restaurants hotels businesses all of these things what qualifications do you have to run a TV show there's a Stewart the series of star Alison Pill Michelle heard Eva of Angora ISA briones Barbara and Harry Treadway Picard will air exclusively on CBS all access in the States and Amazon Prime video internationally because Netflix didn't want it at all at all o Lord O Lord Stewart Alex Kurtzman and Michael Chabon and Akiva Goldsman James Duff Heather Caden and rod Roddenberry and Trevor the Roth well Rob Roddenberry's only there as like a name he I doubt he's really even on set probably at this point Akiva Goldsman Oh Lord I've heard some things about Akiva Goldsman am I gonna get into in this video but um let's just say is somebody who actually is of the LGBT community uh what what I've heard that is it's just rumors but what I've heard he said Oh mr. Bozeman hmm not okay from whatever I'm gonna get into that in this video that's it that's a video for another day tell me what you guys think in the comment section below do you think this guy's a good choice do you think we need somebody who knows something about television you know do you think that they're just still completely missing the mark I think they're still completely missing the mark it is a baby snap in the right direction but taking like a couple more steps back I am makar Adam 42 peel box 1 5 6 6 Laughlin Colorado 805 39 you can find me at Star Trek Las Vegas I'm Midnight's edge after dark so help send the guys from a nice edge after dark to Vegas you don't want to just see me there alone you want all of us there right right so I'll put their link in the description below it is always I will see you on the next video livestream or whatever bye thanks for watching if you liked it make sure to hit that like button and if you want to see more don't forget to subscribe and see you in the next video

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  1. I have zero interest in any of the bizarro std/jj trek universe trek series. When they get back to making Trek shows based in the original canon universe that actually fit into that universe then I will start watching again.

  2. You might have made one I just can't find one in your videos list I would like to see what you think of the Orville to me is more Star trek than STD I really like the Orville

  3. Calypso had very much to do with Discovery season 2, as did 3 of the 4 shortreks. It told us where Discovery was going to go at the end of season 2. It was a captivating episode. That was probably Chabon's trial run as a showrunner, and he obviously passed.

  4. Kurtzman wasn't the Showrunner. He is, as he was, the Head of EVERYTHING creative at CBS Trek. You were smart not to run with the made up BS of ME/Doomcock, and Nerdrotic, and you would be smart to not ever believe their made up BS about all things CBS Trek.

  5. My guess, they're going to try and lure in fans they lost only to shove their BS into it incrementally, the way BS used to be done in the industry before it got all boldly woke in the last few years. One of my favorites shows was Person Of Interest, because it was the closest thing to having Batman on tv we're ever going to get. It still is. But then it suddenly went woke. Couldn't watch it anymore. Then it went broke.

  6. TNG did take a little while to grow on me. If I were scripting a French Captain of the Enterprise the last thing I would have written would be having him surrender to the first alien he met in the first 10 minutes of the first episode. It took me a while to warm up to TNG after that, but I did enjoy it eventually and still rewatch it occasionally.

  7. KURTZMAN: "Hi, Mike. This is Alex. I've been kicked upstairs. I'm not on Discovery anymore. YOU are the new showrunner for Discovery."
    CHABON: "Okay. Tell me what to do."

  8. Hm. There are poeple who have experience with scifi shows. There are people that have experience with successful non-scifi tv-shows. CBS doesn't choose one of them. Instead they choose some dude with a literature prize…

  9. take a minute and do a little bit of research Discovery don't start filming until July. so yes there will be a season 3.. kurtzman is still not fired, he may not be showrunner, you people don't get it he's still in charge he only took over Discovery because they fired the other showrunners.. bottom line is he was not fired. Okay – let’s Trek it up. on TNG Picard didn’t directly oversee each area of the ship. He had senior staff. The show runners are the senior staff The writers are the crew Kurtzman is The Captain of the whole franchise It’s really not that hard to understand. I swear sometimes you guys make this stuff up as you go. smh… reason why you all get so much hate it because you guys don't report on facts only rumors and speculations. and of course the bias against the shows doesn't really help either.

  10. K;urtzman might be moved to the sidelines but I don't think things will improve in any meaningful way. So, yeah, still suck it cbs.

  11. if picard actions led to the death of deanna troy which turns riker against him and riker is the villian for the frist season with welsey crusher as his frist officer that's the only way you could make it interesting and different

  12. This is AWESOME news!!!! The only problem is that this guy is still affiliated with KURTZMAN!!!!! ST:P is going to be a trainwreck!!!!!!!

  13. I try to like Mecha and her comments but she makes it so hard sometimes. I have been really critical of her videos sometimes yet I am sure she thinks I am one of those "trek bots" she accuses people of being whose opinions differ from hers. I agree with a lot of what Mecha says, I just can't stand how most times , her posts are so negatively toxic almost as if she thinks that kind of video is what boosts her viewership numbers. She likes to use her boobs, her crops and rants to sell her channel. I have always been a fan of Trek. I do not approve of Bad Reboot and Klutzman's interpretation of Trek. That being said, I have to applaud them putting Chabon as showrunner of Picard. I think he has the talent and intelligence to write great stories. I think it all comes down to the writer's knowledge of the material. Chabon did a GREAT job with Spiderman 2 but bombed John Carter. Chabon is reported as being a lifelong fan of Trek so I am hopeful that he will be able to do the series justice. BUT CBS must give him the creative freedom to bring back the aspects of what made Trek great to begin with while still appealing to today's audience.

  14. I’m willing to give him a chance, it’s not ideal but if he’s really a life-long Star Trek fan he’s more likely to get it than Kurtzman. At the same time though JK Rowlings has demonstrated recently that skill at writing books doesn’t necessarily translate into skill at writing movies so the lack of TV experience is concerning.

  15. CBS designates writer as a show runner.

    Clearly, they think the writing of Discovery was bad. Are you really inclined to say that they're wrong about that? Also, supposedly there's two show runners, with the other being some lady that they had already announced. Presumably she'll be in charge of running the soundstage, with him in charge of the writer's room. I'd guess that they're trying to go for a more coherent story, like DS9 or Babylon 5, as opposed to more episodic TOS/TNG/VOY style content.

    Not that it matters a lot to me, since I won't be getting a subscription.

    Regardless, I expect this to be a definite improvement, but no idea if this will be a sufficient improvement. That'll depend on how the result turns out.

  16. Some progress… but I remain cautiously optimistic. I will watch the show and give it a chance thru "alternative" means. Not supporting GreedBS with their All Access crap.

  17. Well, Kurtzman don't know how to do TV, either. To me, most TV and movie makers today, are hacks who think they got talent, because they got a bunch of yes-men around them.

    Let's see how the new guy does it….will he do better, or fuck it up?

  18. A funny thing happened during Captain Robert April's live stream last night when he was talking Kurtzman. See the video here and skip to time index 43:00 for the funny bit if that's all you want to see.

  19. So who was running Picard until this point, if CBS and its shill outlet is pretending Kurtzman hasn’t been kicked off it?

  20. I used to think TNG seasons 1 and 2 were 100% garbage and the show didn't find its spacelegs until season 3. But my last TNG run I found that I liked a lot of those episodes. Sure, there were the occasional shitbomb episodes, but overall, I found them to be pretty good. (Sorry, tho… not buying Worf being defeated in combat by a couple Ferengi, lol.) I even found that I liked Pulaski, when I used to think she was just an annoying little mosquito buzzing around Picard's ear.

  21. MECHA!! You NEED to watch this video if you haven't already. It's the evolution of The Dark Crystal. So cool! Hope you enjoy!

    Love your channel; loyal watcher and subscriber. Please, keep up the great work. : )

  22. I could write 13 better stories with only 2 hits of acid, and I would do it in 2 days as long as I had someone to transcribe.

  23. Don't be afraid of Bots Mecha, they just like being babies.
    Sit down, watch them complain and cry.
    While having a drink.

  24. MechaRandom42 yeah i agree with ya about Kurtzman and Michael Chabon agreed …….. lol and you know i like ya stuff /videos but yeah look i think one reason why TNG is gettinng a backlash is coz it was like DS9 a slower paced show compared to the movies and TOS ,VOY and ENT Shows . also think about it ……… the TNG Era is the blame for the ENT show as there was NO NX-01 before First Contact changed history so the NX -01 came From that and the jj Abrams /Bad robot movies came from the TNG/VOY timeline ! so yeah ! that is why people Hate TNG ! slower paced show and also is the cause and effect of other inconstances within the Timelines JJ,ENT and maybe Discovery will also tie into TNG by the Picard show somhow ! so yeah MechaRandom42 don't take it personally ! yeah people are still Star Trek Fans if they like TNG or not ! just saying ………. however i get you. you don't want people trolling ya Channel telling you how bad TNG is ! Because you love the show ! and that is ok . 🙂 we all have opinions good or bad . ok well anyways good video . ok we all good ?

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