Star Trek: Saber Class Escort Cruiser – Spacedock

Star Trek: Saber Class Escort Cruiser – Spacedock

The Starfleet Saber Class Escort Cruiser was,
like many of its contemporaries, designed with a single purpose in mind: to defend the
United Federation of Planets against the growing threat of the Borg Collective.
The Saber class was brought into service in 2370 as part of a wave of vessels specifically
designed for combat against the Borg, including the Norway, Steamrunner, Akira and Sovereign
class starships. In combat, the Saber functions as a more modern alternative to the Miranda
Class, operating in wings of three or four and filling a fast attack role in a Federation
Battlegroup. The Saber Class is 190.5 meters long and 111.8
meters wide, its spaceframe is crescent-shaped and bears the same angular hull armour seen
on earlier Federation Warships such as the Defiant Class. The ship features a forward
facing launch-bay for its two small shuttlecraft, and its main deflector dish is built into
the ventral hull across decks 8 and 9, protecting it from most angles of attack. Compared to
the majority of Federation starships, the Saber’s design is very compact and Spartan,
giving the vessel a smaller silhouette for hostile craft to lock on to.
The Saber Class was capable of achieving Warp 9.7 and holding it for approximately 12 hours,
an impressive feat for a ship of its size, and its performance was equally impressive
at impulse velocities. The Saber was small, fast, highly manoeuvrable and well-armed,
providing a much needed replacement for the dated Oberth and Miranda Classes.
Of the wide variety of vessels introduced in the early 2370s to combat the threat of
the Borg, the Saber was the easily the quickest to produce, and after the outbreak of the
Dominion War, Saber’s began to leave the shipyards of Utopia Planitia with clockwork
regularity. The Saber was specifically designed to complement the Steamrunner Class Light
Cruiser, working in tandem the two vessels would cover for eachothers shortcomings, providing
a powerful attack or patrol force without the need to commit any larger ships or squadrons.
The Saber’s weapons loadout was extensive for ship of its size, carrying 4 type 10 Phaser
arrays and a pair of photon torpedo launchers. This powerful arsenal coupled with the ship’s
speed and turn rate allowed the Saber to fight in much the same way as the Defiant Class.
Though its designed purpose was to fight the Borg Collective, Borg attacks against the
Federation and its allies were mercifully infrequent, the Saber truly earned its renown
as a warship against a different foe, the Dominion.
During the three chaotic years of the Dominion War, Saber Class vessels were constructed
and commissioned non-stop and deployed to nearly every major engagement that Starfleet
partook in, from the First Battle of Chin’toka to the climactic final invasion of Cardassia
Prime. The Saber made an excellent counter to the Jem’Hadar Attack Ships and Cardassian
Hideki Class Raiders employed by the Dominion, its compact size and ablative armouring allowed
it to draw fire away from larger Galaxy and Excelsior Class Vessels, with Dominion Captains
not considering them a real threat until it was far too late.
The Saber Class has served for decades with Starfleet’s anti-borg taskforce, and has
been specifically requested for use by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers on multiple occasions.
These accomplishments coupled with the vessel’s extensive service during the Dominion War,
has earned the Saber a place among the finest starship designs of the 24th Century Federation.

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  1. Great videos! Thank you so much!
    Please do a video on the Star Trek Prometheus Class ship! Tripple attack vector! 😉

  2. Your interpritation of the Norway, Steamrunner, Saber and, Akira class starships is wrong. They are older Starfleet designs released decades before the events of Star Trek First Contact.

    There are only 2 starshps made in response to the Borg threat; the Sovereign and Defiant class. And the Defiant is the only real "warship" as the Sovereign is still a very capable explorer.

    If you read about the production of First Contact, this becomes evident. The production team felt Starfleet would throw everything they had at a Borg attack. We would see Starships that we've never seen before. So the team designed and made models of the four previously mentioned ships for that purpose.

    Also, I almost hate to say this, but you don't seem to get Star Trek at all. You speak about Starfleet as if it's a military organization. Its not. In fact, its said more then a dozen times in different incarnations of the franchise that Starfleet exists to explore the universe and expand understanding. To conduct war or any combat is always a last resort, and only if provoked. If you think it's just a military force, then you obviously missed Gene Roddenberry's message.

  3. Can you do a video on The Orville (ECV-197), USS Discovery (Crossfield Class NCC-1031) and the USS Shenzhou (Walker Class NCC-1227)?????

  4. It's weird to me, seeing relatively reasonable spacecraft in fiction after spending so much time with 40k. It really helps put into perspective how absurd the 41st(now 42ndish) millennium is when a fleet of a hundred ships is a climactic battle that could end an entire war.

  5. By far, my favorite warship that the federation had in its fleet. I liked the design better then the defiant class

  6. I believe that the the tistics for the ship is off I believe is a larger ship he could tell from the sizing of the bridge and the Escape pods it's actually larger than 175 m…. They decided after it was designed to just say was smaller when it was actually meant to be a larger ship just like the actual Enterprise E was designed to be a larger ship but then refer to a smaller later on.

  7. 2379? Can't say it was made to fight the Borg when the dominion war was going on. The akira, saber, steamrunner, and defiant classes were mass produced during the dominion war

  8. The statistics shown in the video say it only has six decks but you referenced in the narration that the deflector dish was across decked 8 and 9

  9. Hi Could you do a review of the Sharlin-Class War Cruiser: Minbari Federation from Babylon 5 please? Thanks

  10. @Spacedock I first discovered your channel because of a recommendation from ElkhartLadder. I am eternally grateful to him for this recommendation!! Ot to be too on the nose, but every episode you put is of consistent, STELLAR quality. Which, while keep yourself squarely in the specifics of space warfare, must become, over time, harder and harder to find unique starships and craft. I commend for staying true to yourself and flight pattern you have committed to on your channel. I salute you Captain, my Captain(though I’m a 5 Star Admiral…🤣🤣🤣) Keep morning keeping on!

  11. Why cant we see more good looking kick ass warships like these in Star Trek? why do we always get served up with butt ugly family trucksters like the Enterprise D and the penis with warp nacells called Voyager.Do a damn movie centered around another kick ass warship like Prometheus and have it more of an adult themed action adventure movie.Now that would be worth seeing.

  12. I think I have a second favourite ship…I'm sorry but it'll take a lot to knock the Defiant out of top spot….I'm also sensing a pattern in my affinity for ships…small and made for in tight combat….even in Star Wars my favourite ship is the A Wing

  13. Cool video… But it makes me angry all over again how under-powered and outgunned this ship was in Armada 2, along with the Defiant class.

  14. Hi Spacedock. Awesome video.
    Can you guys do a video on the Utopia Planitia shipyards? It feels there’s little info on it out there and this video had the most detailed footage I’ve seen on the Utopia Planitia shipyards (around 1:45).

  15. How can the navigational deflector be built into the hull across decks 8 and 9, yet the specs at the side say it had 6 decks? Is that like the Enterprise E, Picard tells Lily it has 24 decks, yet a few minutes earlier a lieutenant tells Worf the borg have taken decks "26 up to 11"

  16. reliant class. how about some treky shimps pimped or beyond the producers/makers design ideas. how would our audiences ans enthusiasts design or redesign their ships far beyond the trekky design team or design boars room.

  17. I don’t recall seeing the Saber class in any of the Dominion War battles, nor in any of the clips shown here while discussing them

  18. Gorgeous looking ship. Looks like a manta ray…very predatory. I really like how they changed from the general saucer shaped vessels and branched out a bit with the federation ship designs.

  19. I thought this ship, along with some of the other ones that first appeared in the movie, were meant to be ships that were always there just never seen before. Hence a lot of them used the same windows and hull textures as the older Galaxy class.

  20. I appreciate that the Saber-class's phaser arrays were able to cover a wider arc than the Defiant-class.
    Saber-class could commit a drive by- I'm sorry, a strafing run better than the Defiant.
    Also, the rear-mounted photon torpedo launcher gave it an advantage over the larger Akira-class, which only had forward mounted launchers. The Saber-class could tax a pursuing vessel with a spread of torpedoes.

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