Star Trek: The Motion Picture - re:View

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – re:View

courtesy of schmaltz hmm Brewing Company in Clifton Park New York its Star Trek The Next Generation beer captain's holiday which I still don't know if any of this is real schmaltz sounds like fake Brewing Company guys kind of sounds like Schlitz but captain had a good holiday that Vash really worked her magic that was a deep cut whereas Picard calls her she's into artifacts that's why she loves but you didn't get that joke well there's there's many things to talk about in Star Trek The Next Generation mm-hmm but today we're here to talk about Star Trek the motion picture from 1979 mm-hmm per your request Jim yeah and and I see I see you more as a Star Wars guy true yes of a Star Trek guy what what made you want to discuss Star Trek the motion picture I mean yeah I've always liked Star Wars in the original trilogy and just the current climate with all these crazy space Wars I wanted to watch it again I watched it again I just got this warm nice nostalgic feeling where I didn't have to worry about anything and I just enjoyed a movie again I like the movie I don't know how you feel about it I rewatched it again and I loved it even more right after re-watching it yet again the movies kind of the ugly duckling of of the Star Trek movie family as opposed to Star Trek 5 which is kind of like the drug prostituting son three-breasted Catwoman of the family the the first motion picture which got off to a rocky start mhm stumbled out of the gate would be a good analogy sure so Star Trek of course ended in 1969 rings cancelled it gained popularity in syndication and then 1975 was when they started to say let's make a movie okay is this before phase 2 this is before phase 2 then star wars happened ah and then they're like wait maybe we should do a TV show right then they start the TV show and then interestingly enough because I thought 1979 right the Star Trek the motion picture is so dull and slow and and it feels almost like 2001 a Space Odyssey like I'm like how is this made after star wars sure how was a movie made in 1979 not about space battles yeah yeah and it's like their basis for going back to the movie was the success of Close Encounters of the Third Kind okay was like oh a boring movie can be successful in the theaters sure so they took all their work on phase 2 which included Ilia Dekker all those characters and they kind of and they took the pilot script so it's like back and forth back and forth and then confusion and then I guess we're gonna make a movie yeah so let's get the guy who directed West the story to do well I was gonna say you know Robert wises obvious choice Andromeda Strain The Day the Earth Stood Still he's made sci-fi and sci-fi thriller like the sound of me you sending me zombie music is in West Side Story Miller yeah let's see if I can make it easier and then dramatist rain he had the credentials of making the most boringest sci-fi movie ever made right there we gotta get we're gonna get that guy what do you love about Star Trek the motion picture I watched it again just last night and the thing that stood out the most is I used to watch Star Trek when I was a kid I liked it I've always liked Star Trek and the Kirk bonds Spock mmm-hmm original series yeah the original series and the three of them together in their relationship but in this movies it's really different and so you know and even for the die-hard fans back then they're together and there's that one scene in the meeting room where Kirk's wearing a space dentist outfit with his gorilla arms I was gonna talk about Kirk's arm hair but the costumes and well we can talk about sensing is a big topic you're asking me what I really liked about it it's that their relationship is strained and it's so good because it's it's an arc it's the start of an arc that leads to the end of the movie where everything feels like Star Trek again and their relationship feels the same again but it's strained because Spock has been away for so long they don't know you know how to make heads or tails out of them they they don't know what's going on with him bones doesn't really want to be back Kirk isn't even welcome himself on the enterprise true exactly but but he's also try again he's playing mediator and he's like you know this is us for it and it works so well well that's the theme of the film is is searching and searching for where you belong right and that's because every character is that way I mean except for bones to a certain extent but really it's Kirk and Dekker and Spock Spock definitely and ah feature not so much checkoff not so much check out but I'm feature absolutely in feature and and Spock are the there now I guess yes yes they're there they're the driving force really behind the story and well actually it's the the love story between Decker and I Leah that's really the the heart of the story but which I mean there's been romance and Star Trek in the past but this is a bit different it's it's different because it doesn't involve a main character right it's sort of like the backbone of the story I'm sorry did you lift Delta 4 or that you didn't even say goodbye the film uses sexuality sure to a lot of outsiders it's the dullest film mm-hmm and the slowest right and the most clinical looking film because the scenery I love the 70s era costumes they existed for one film okay they're they're very 1970s especially when bones shows up and he has like yes yes wait lounge suit yes his fake beard chest hair is coming out he's got gold chains I'm on 70s retirement on vacation after this date I'm at a disco ship he's not happy but then and then immediately and starting from Star Trek to on they're wearing the the big stuffy British Imperial escape yeah alright and you don't like that no okay but there's an actor to I'm not myself but as them as actors and Kirk's wearing like his sleeves are cut off here yes got his gorilla hair arms I said any space dentist shirt it's basically they look so fucking comfortable and then to comes around the world four layers of of wool that goes all the way to Star Trek six I felt so bad for all those elderly to go find a pot of black coffee okay when Kirk first comes aboard the enterprise or wouldn't when he first comes to San Francisco I guess he's wearing what looks like a dramatically different yeah doesn't star trek into darkness that's true but he's wearing what looks like a cruise ships captain's outfit but that's relatable and that's good that's good costume designer yeah I mean it referencing Star Wars very simple very basic but there's there's a practicality about it so engineering in Star Trek there seems to be like a shield or something going on I like that that's all very practical and in you know deckers in his space pajamas and then you have Ilia once Ilia becomes robot Ilia and she's wearing a karate suit with no pants you will know that my favorite scene in the film as a preamble here is the the probe scene yeah it's a great way that like that beam of plasmas going around the bridge and I don't know how they shot it and I want to talk about photography you know I have an idea how they shot it um where it's it's some kind of bizarre fast motion it's like they shot it in slow motion and sped it up or vice versa there's something weird about the the motion so the probe is moving around the bridge Decker says don't interfere with it and two seconds later he interferes with it yeah and then and then it chooses Ilia for some reason and kind of like vaporizes her the the device she's holding drops to the floor and it kind of cuts back to real time or reality and it's it's a totally different feel and that that sequence I just love that sequence I love the sound effect kind of like horrifying and frightening yeah as as was the entirety of the original series which I was maintained was was a horror TV show sure [Applause] there is something disturbing about the way that it's shot and it's almost like when David Lynch will shoot something and something horrific and he loves the sound effects of like cables fusing and electricity and and and lighting and I think what's going on in the scene is they have a strobe as well as the practical cylinder tube that they've brought in for the scene okay but there's a strobing effect going on as well which is messing with the framerate and I almost feel like they're chopping out frames and that's what's so good about the visual effects in this film is it's such a marriage between practical and post-production and visual effects and animation hello Aliyah decker is in love with her mm-hmm they had a prior relationship although it did not on Delton and yes she's dealt in which is I guess a race that just exudes sexuality and they're better at it than anyone yeah and I and I Leah's is played by Indian model Persis Khambatta and so the first thing she says when she comes on the enterprise randomly is my oath of celibacy is on record captain may I ask you my duties balance because it will she can read people's minds so because the COS check up and Sue and Sulu yeah they're like oh yeah you know and then she's like my vow celibacy is on file and I'm always feeling like Kirk Kirk's just kind of like he's kind of there already to the point that he wouldn't be broadcasting that to her and I almost wish he said why are you so condescending essentially I Leah's killed and replaced with her with a robot and it ends up in sickbay bones is scanning her and he's like it's microprocessor is down to the cellular level she's a mechanism mechanism and then Decker comes in yeah and he's like Illya the Ilia theme plays automatic Mike right here and even the smallest body functions are exactly duplicate she says every every endocrine system is recreated even down to I moisturize every exocrine system is the same to leave an eye moisturizer the line that this woman is machiya and it's so subtle but you know Decker's thinking mm-hmm the woman says the line that she is a perfect recreation of the female yeah right if it came from bronze if you like a Miss lips yeah yeah well she's got it just in all the right spots there's a Decker exec or would just I just love the read words on it yeah two unmanned spacecraft Voyager 1 and 2 lifted off from Cape Canaveral atop Titan Sentara rockets the United States launched the Voyager probe series right in 1979 yeah which this is a fictional probe called Voyager 6 right there's only Voyager 1 and 2 voyeur relatives at some point Voyager 6 went into a black hole and then what we used to call a black hole what we used to call black hole Voyager 6 disappeared what they used to call a black hole and and made its way to an alien planet of machines right and and they wanted to fulfill voyagers original programming which was to talk to the Creator right which is humans to relay back yeah it's it's kind of similar to the Whale plot where they want to come back and talk to the whales so it's part of living machine but one of my favorite things in the movie is the analogy between Viger and Spock and how that plays out but it's not information it's in a like it's a it's like an emotional connection yes with it and that's why he has to leave the culinary yes and the kolinar is the final ceremony and becoming a vote not becoming a Vulcan but the Vulcan rite of passage of I am completely denying all emotion right and he's so close yes he's so close to the fact where she's about to put the necklace on him that says you've passed a call on our test and he says no wait and then there's something I gotta do first yeah there's something that needs my help out in space I need to fix this map painting Kirk looks great you know he shows up in the subways shuttle spaceship yeah he heard about the fact that a giant space cloud of destructive power is heading towards Earth in a couple days so he's like I'm gonna I'm gonna command the enterprise and go investigate this thing for some reason the enterprise is the only ship able to reach it right and so he convinces Admiral nagura mm-hmm that he should he should take over the command chair from Decker you're what I'm replacing you as captain of the enterprise because Decker's is relatively incompetent he's very emotionally like charged for in his decisions yes except except with relation to his knowledge of the enterprise right which you know yeah out knowledge is Kirk that is a dramatic element in the film right Kirk son familiarity with the new retrofitted Enterprise and add great art for Kirk's character you know Deckard don't don't what does he say don't stop competing with me Decker stop competing stop competing with me and bone says no Jim it's you that's competing right which is great and Kirk realizes that and as things go he starts trying to be like a little bit nicer like that whole what's that pointing see and he's like Decker yes I stand corrected deckers big moment is when the enterprise warp engine imbalance sends them into a wormhole it's my least favorite part of the movie visually it's good but they didn't just smear the colors they smeared them and they went behind the actors mr. gendell damn by our phasers I don't know how they do that it's visually great but the point was belay that order Kirk orders phasers on the asteroid but Decker knows that the phasers are routed through the engine which would cause the ship to blow up so you just hold on torpedoes away then that and interestingly enough that's the only time the enterprise fires a weapon in the whole film which is a side note I'm talking about after star wars everybody yeah well it's it's no space lasers in this film which is you know to the movies credit it's not a big laser blast explosion action movie no and that's great thoughtful yes cerebral I'm not saying that's a detriment I'm saying it's surprising given the climate of science fiction yeah it's it's balanced out of the explosions and action sequences that it doesn't have are balanced out by the fact that it uses so much sexuality we're out of it William Shatner Hammond he was one of the sexiest really no major orifice spice well say like yeah I mean I mean features embodied she's prefer matically somatically sexual but not the sexiest movie one of the sexiest movies ever made features personified by by Indian model Persis Khambatta Wright who has taken a vow of celibacy that's true and and he's walking around with no pants right and a silk karate shirt and v juror is essentially a pulsating at this right that wants to be penetrated and she's a probe and there is lots of this is not made up like this is no it's all there whoever wrote this movie well as this was a giant perv this story is by Alan Dean Foster okay who who was the ghostwriter for the Star Wars novelization he also wrote the great novel splinter of the mind's eye which was the sequel to Star Wars that never got made is this all that I am is there nothing more because it's a movie about life creation right let's talk about how fat William Shatner is I came from like Kirk notes but all well we can talk about tours but I'd like to don't use this gorilla or I'm here to create a new toupee all right kill that Coco I need a new toupee I don't know if William Shatner is a great actor or not I didn't watch much TJ Hooker I saw Star Trek the old series the original series and the movies and everything I've seen through the movies some good some bad but in this movie he's fantastic he is completely invested in the character of Kirk or and you can't you it's almost like he couldn't separate the two of them it's really good acting for someone like William Shatner who seems over-the-top and that that's one of the two myths about Kirk and Shatner same thing is that Shatner is a terrible actor you know and that and that Kirk was the sexual Playboy hello ladies right then if you re watch the entirety of the original series Kirk Shatner he's great I took the proper steps in the proper order I did exactly what had to be done exactly when it should have been done it's like he knows when to be sober and went to be focused and when to play it up and be sort of playful with things but on top of playing a character he's also as a leader he's he's also acting on top of acting yes as a captain you have to you have to the movies on his shoulders it's deleted there's like there's a wonderful moment in Star Trek The Next Generation when Captain Picard and Beverly Crusher are connected in the brain and and their honor trapped on a planet and she's like which way do we go this way you don't really know what I mean you're acting like you know exactly which way to go but you're only guessing do you do this all the time and they start walking and she's like you have no idea where we're going right he's like of course I don't he's like death but that's that's how I project right confidence I have to pretend yeah that I know exactly what I'm doing even if I don't because I'm a captain no but there are times when it is necessary for a captain to give the appearance of confidence sure so there's sure yeah layer layers and Shatner knows how to do that yeah he doesn't get enough credit again reiterating like Shatner is Kirk Kirk is Shatner and they're entwined and it's like you look at the JJ Abrams reboot and I'm sorry like Chris Christopher Pyne is that his name oh yeah on a motorcycle that could be any like blond-haired guy from California in that role and this ain't you know the same goes for someone trying to play like a famous Harrison Ford role you know and saying I'm a driver I'm a fly I'm a driver and I'm a flyer the waited a long time for a shot like this this seemed creeping me out when I was little Spock shows up and he's like a complete asshole to everybody because he just done the kolinar yeah and failed and failed but they're like mr. Spock you know everyone's like hey Spock welcome did you hear that that he apparently he was doing method acting on set oh and he was completely like shutting himself off socially from the other cast members and I think that was for maybe the first half of the movie because then he lightens up after up up until he does the mind meld yeah and I was imagine like the again with the costumes his costume when he arrives this terrible it's like this black weird cloak well okay yeah a weird like Vulcan question mark the top and I imagine like you know check us like a little boy he's like mr. Spock you're a vampire precisely I do really like her who is lying it's how we feel mr. Spock and he immediately ignores her and yes yeah it's how we all feel mr. Spock captain with your permission I will now discuss these fuel equations with the engineer and it's great it's it's it's great it but it's also wonderfully awkward but they didn't give the audience what they wanted which is a beautiful reunion of everybody the until the very end which is fine that no that's what I'm that's what I'm saying is great is because there's that would that realism to it you know it's yeah just like Star Trek's bag everybody you know it's but I take your point they're not giving the audience what they want I think the audience would have been happier if they got that gratification earlier on my favourite scene and this is just after Spock's arrived with all the weirdness and he's really cold to everyone in Kirk's pleading with them like you know I want you to come out and show me who you used to be and everything it's just such a powerful scene yeah in the form of please sit down and that he's just asking him to sit down but what he's actually saying is please talk to me and where are you Spock and and the look on even Leonard Nimoy's face looks really sad it's almost like a I can't be part of this anymore but they you know I gotta say like Kirk looks fine bones looks okay but they didn't do very a very nice job with Leonard Nimoy's makeup he it's inconsistent well when he shows up it's just like come on like you know everyone's aged a bit but you could have done you know you know his um or this is weird but his his teeth are better hmm um because he said he was a chain smoker I think I think in between the end of the series and the motion picture is when he got his dentures right because it's teeth are pristine white and in the original series he was he had kernels of corn they were yellow report to the bridge commander immediately in Kirk's there's a darkness to him that I really like that you would know better than I would but in the preview in the old series original series I don't remember them being that way that's sort of controlling I need to get what I want right and it's it's darker than I don't know somehow it seems darker than ya know than it has been in the past jerry goldsmith does the music i think it's i think it's really good the Ilia themes great the i mean this is the first of many firsts for star trek and subsequent movies as well as next generation the theme song main title theme is used in next generation it's a good theme it's great it's powerful is it didn't he just die no he's not that yet Oh No rubber Weiss is dead well yeah he died of marshmallow poisoning he died in 2000 and he's a he's a man made of marshmallow wrapped in human skin but let's talk about sets mm-hmm spaceships production design matte paintings yes sure the upside-down regular want regular one station I love the Klingon battle cruisers the updated versions from TLS you went when when they get to that close-up oh I know I know feels come out and there's this there's burn burn marks yeah I'm not I'm not I'm not super into vinyl records but this is what I imagine someone who's really into vinyl records for us so when we're talking about you know the chaos surrounding space films these days and going back and seeing the Katanga class playing on ships approaching camera I just feel so warm and happy and just relaxed and I can see film grain and scratches and pops and and I can tell it's real in and there's bad matting issues I can see where it's cut out and they're there in the miniature shots of though the beauty shots of the enterprise mhm the there are many shots where there's schmutz yeah on the screen in the film gate or yeah and yeah and it's just stuck there yeah left it in that's it's it's a great sequence of map paintings they're questionable but there's something that I really love about them you know this isn't Star Wars this is 1979 Star Trek the San Francisco what do you call it the shuttlepod Bay it makes no sense it's a matte painting it doesn't totally work it's partially cloudy outside partially blue sky you can see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background there is no light source anywhere it's just this it looks like soup yeah orange and barf what about what about Viger so the original video or the at the start the video shots are all they're all like airbrushed patterns on different pieces of glass so there was some sense of parallax you know as camera moves past and it gets a little more complex as it goes on I think they introduced some model work with still with glass and some painted work and then they eventually get to I guess when Spock is approaching the aperture as it puts it and suddenly were on full fledged model yeah giant scale model with it looks like in the background there's like like a laser cylinder of light like a cylinder of laser light they're using lasers in the background and smoke yeah just to give you know kind of an atmosphere and it looks great there's all those wonderful shots that give you the sense of scale yeah when they have the tiny enterprise that whole interior is great yeah and then especially after I mean there's there's the aperture yeah which does look like camera aperture yeah collapses and opens the same way that's what Spock goes through right but he goes in an orifice because in a no and orifice and end encounter a thruster ignition that acceleration rate to coincide with the opening of the beater orifice and he goes into the orifice he penetrates it right and then he discovers viga has projected image of features home planet and he sees Ilia and Ilia is the key to all this and Ilia has a necklace with a sensor around her neck it's just a circular pink object yeah it is this sensor many mine sexes with her he does bind sex with her but he informs the crew that the the the circular pink object on her neck is the key right to everything it's the it's the sensor it's the most important thing in the video orifice right now what do you suggest we do Spanky but then yes Spock does mind meld and he just can't handle this No and then that's when Spock learns that the motion is an important part of the discovery process of learning about yourself in sex and sex and the universe and who you are where you came from what your point in the universe is and the mystery right that's the component that VJ is missing is is the human element sure it has all the knowledge in the universe of facts and robotics and technology but it's the wonderment yeah that's what Spock was trying to purge it is this all there is is this all there is yeah there's that but also a big huge big part of it is that companionship Envy Jers alone yes and Spock realizes he has Kirk he has bones and he has the crew this simple feeling is beyond vedras comprehension and then at the end VG erupts and a glorious explosion and becomes a new being altogether speaking of the ending with Deckard unifying with Ilia that like practically and visual-effects wise is one of the most amazing shots in the film that that sequence of them those weird shapes leading up to where the the Voyager probe is yeah I mean with the light coming out of it I mean it's just such weird unique visuals yeah and it's grounded too I love that feature creates the bridge going up to up to the enterprise saucer section yes and then they they all come up out of a panel and walk on to it and it's I mean it's based on natural geological shapes yeah hexagonal except as Allah volcanic columns or whatever and I like that there's a grounding in reality there I would very quickly like to mention when they climb out of the enterprise yeah that's a matte painting yeah of you see the bridge the slope down and then there's a side view which may have been done five minutes before the actual screening of the film that looks like a child painted it and it was painfully painfully obvious in blu-ray mm quality uh it looked like a birthday cake like if someone had an enterprise birthday cake that's what it looked like and I'm not faulting the film it is amazing visual effects yeah but that particular shot whoa we get the reveal of who Viger is with you know all the weird alien Vedra noises very reminiscent yeah Close Encounters no I and then Kirk is the one to do it any scrapes off letter by letter oh hey ye are and I always felt that could have been handled somehow better a little more subtly the ger feature like he didn't really have to even smear awful in it so it's it's a bit like Sesame Street yeah yeah letter by letter and and then just you know for six G right it's like that moment when Vedra says carbon-based life forms like a hundred times right when they first meet her and then they have like the knucklehead security guard and he goes carbon-based yeah if wasn't the guy in the football uniform yes carbon-based units humans and some Perez us just talking about humans I think he says like Ramirez or Perez yeah press yeah and then it's like you're in the 23rd century yeah I mean and you work on a starship yeah you know what a carbon-based life-form is how dumb are you maybe that's why he's a security guard and this one though it's like you get a translate it to the audience I don't know if say Kalia needed to say read your feet you like five times what do you NIC pick in the film now I am Beecher Beecher features kind of like Zardoz with a Wizard of Oz boilers features on the screen again its major but I guess she's like a child crack unit unit cock unit per unit James doing can't do a Scottish accent they gave it back to me Scottie gave us back I go to what it's not easy with no guloona and it just grosses me out uh-oh I I just know we have just finished 18 months redesigning and refitting the enterprise such a it's an imitation of a bad imitation anyway James Doohan is a Canadian war hero from Sarnia Ontario with an Irish accent he doesn't sound Scottish at all he sends more like the Lucky Charms icon and he has a missing finger we're talking about sets mm-hmm the giant set yeah the big like crew lounge yeah later serves as the staging area in the beginning of the film I have a theory about that please I feel like that might have been Robert wises decision you this is the first time you ever get to see the amount of population of the enterprise right and it's like a big huge scene with tons of people that are all gathered to discuss the video situation but you see it in Robert wises films you see it in the ballroom scene and Sound of Music it's a big party tons of people giant big room you see it in West Side Story and the gymnasium scene where the dance-off happens to show the scope of the war between the different cultures so that's my yeah because yeah you're in a kind of a claustrophobic situation in the ship tight hallways little rooms yeah and yeah and what's open it out yeah yeah give you a scope yeah yeah that make sense that make sense I just wanted to talk about the fact that there's a guy with a Butthead in the background right he has a butt on his head yeah is if effective well I mean if he's if he's pooping a lot hopefully not there and also there are several Native Americans I there is mixed in with the crew but they don't look futuristic no they have like feathered ears and one has like a dreamcatcher hanging up yeah they look like why are you look like Dakota stereotypes yeah is this right after Marlon Brando's like Oscar Oscar hmm love to address the plight of the move Americans air and space now let's Gene Roddenberry's whole dream and goal right to have everyone represented and it's good so maybe Gene Roddenberry said you know I got I got I got the Russkies I got the Japanese I got African Americans I never ever thought about Native Americans put a couple in there or or man with buttholes a man with a giant butt on his head would you say Gene Roddenberry's relatively good-looking no gene roddenberry looks a bit like a bag of oatmeal with eyebrows eyebrows it's closing up I mean overall Star Trek the motion picture it's it's a unique thing because from to on it kind of found its footing right as this one it's good or bad for good or bad yeah this one it's like well what do we do what's a Star Wars is popular oh my gosh and that's this is all so that's why this movie needs to be respected so badly because any movie that comes out now on the coattails of another similar genre film that can do something that different as much as their you know people compared to 2001 it's the perfect way to go about a Star Trek movie right right yeah there's no other way they could do it yeah it still remained kind of artistic and yeah artistic well done and and true to the original TV show right motion picture the best of the original Star Trek films with the exception of possibly four by ratha Khan we already know who the characters are we've known them from the old series but we know who they are we know how they're going to interact in the motion picture we still don't know they're still finding refining their footing yes yes there's a an enjoyable arc to sit through to to get to end of them right I remember thinking the the sequences when they're going through the cloud are just so boring but now when I watch it and I just sit back and I say they're investigating this phenomenon they don't know what it is and they're they're going through it and they're discovering it yes they as they enter the vide your energy field and it's it's so so Star Trek and you'll never have a movie like that ever again

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  1. I've seen this movie five or six times and this is the first time I'm noticing that V'Ger's orifice 41:13 is at the center of a six pointed star. I could say what I'm thinking here but I'll just let everyone draw their own conclusions.

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  4. TMP is still not my fave movie. I found Wrath of Khan, despite the Capt Morgan uniforms (thanks Nicky Meyers ;-p ), it felt more like Trek, and the characters were hitting their old beats from TOS – esp between Spock and McCoy 😉

  5. For a film that didn't hang its hat on action sequences and special effects, what it does have is surprisingly good, thanks to good old fashioned techniques using models. The way the Federation and Klingon ships look and move; the photon torpedo scenes; the warp jumps…. SO much better looking than the cheap CGI and hokey-looking sfx in Next Generation. The beautifully dark cinematography and menacing artistic design in TMP are a big help.

  6. talk about dark. after recently rewatching The Motion Picture, in one of the early scenes just before bones comes, 2 people horrifically die as they are being beemed up to the enterprise due to a bad connection. Kirk tries to step in saying "let me see the controls". He asks base if they were beemed back and they reply by saying "what did make it back, didnt survive long" :/ large yikes

  7. 22:48 – that's the difference between TOS and TNG. In TOS they wouldn't have needed to say it explicitly.

  8. Cannot believe I recognized your Adventure People decal on your shirt. Thanks for the entertaining review, you guys are great.

  9. I fucking love The Andromeda Strain.

    Also, on the subject of vaginas that are boring: it's not why I like The Andromeda Virus, but fun fact, low key one of the most feminist (by strict academic definition, not Tumblr/Twitter version) characters ever exists in the movie. Basically, in the book all of the scientists are dudes (as would have been statistically likely), but for the movie they changed the gender of one of the scientists to be female… but that was the only change. She was still an unhealthy, chain-smoking, epileptic that lied about her health condition to participate in the project. They didn't even de-age the character or make her super hot or "STRONG" or even talk about it… because they're a bunch of scientists on a time crunch to save humanity from a spooky mystery disease and they don't have time to point out vaginas and be like "that scientist has a vagina! everyone clap for progressive inclusion!" or "who's going to hook up with the vagina-haver?" It's a really great science-y sci-fi full of scientists who don't have time to think about things that aren't saving the world.

    I liked the parts where they did things like find out the size of the microorganisms.

  10. I've always felt that TMP was an interesting experience, which I think was what Roddenberry seemed to intend; but nonetheless a terrible movie.

    It's weird, I do really like TMP but also fully acknowledge all the well trodden reasons why it's so divisive a movie. The concept and idea, as well as the amazing presentation and soundtrack were all amazing(if maybe a little eager to follow in 2001's footsteps perhaps.), but the pacing is abysmal for whats supposed to be a 2 hour narrative. It's a statement movie, and I do feel like Roddenberry really wanted to make this literal symphonic space opera in motion experience, not so much a movie, and people (justifiably to an extent) just didn't know what to do with such an abstract vision.

    Still though I can't not like it for what it is. And it's the most beautiful the Enterprise has ever looked.

  11. I’m not a huge Trek fan, but I think this movie gets a bad rap. It’s far from great, but I think it’s a pretty good film. These guys nail all the talking points. This is a great review.

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  14. Great review! Saw it in the theater when it came out and loved it. I think you’re both pretty fair in assessing it.

  15. Don’t look into splinter of a minds eye, it’s just empire strikes back without Han Solo. So it sucks

  16. Honestly I liked the later movie uniforms from II-VI. They're MEANT to evoke the feeling of the space version of exploring the world. Kind of the point.

  17. I love Jim's shirt. I recognize the symbols from my space shuttle toy I had growing up. It was amazing.

  18. “‘Cuz it’s a movie about life, creation…”. *thoughtful pause*. “…let’s talk about how fat William Shatner is.”

  19. You would think if they were going to drink beer from a brewery that does not exist then it would be Shotz, as that's imaginary local.

  20. I once saw a TV cut of this, for some reason the scene of Spock leaving the Enterprise in his space suit was cut too wide, and there was scaffolding at the sides of the Enterprise external set.

  21. I lost it at the "She's moist in all the right spots" part haha I had to rewind that like 10 times

  22. Fact, Doohan's parents had both emigrated to Canada from Northern Ireland (County Down). HOWEVER since the Irish and Scottish are both descended from the Gaels who came from Northern Europe, first colonized Ireland, and then moved on to Scotland, and (around the 5th Century CE) the Isle of Man it's hard to say he's a FAKE Scotsman 😁

  23. Shatner in THE ANDERSONVILLE TRIAL (1970) and let us not forget JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBURG (1961) was perfectly fine.

  24. I didn't like it so much as a kid, but as an adult, I've come to really like the movie. It's pacing requires thought and patience, and it's not all epilepsy-inducing lasers.

  25. Wow, this really surprised me.. expected you guys to hate this movie. As for me.. I absolutely love this movie, by far the best they've done. And it is Epic, epic in a way very few movies have ever even approached, and the opening is so awesome, nothing else has really ever painted this kind of picture, the power, scale and threat of this unknown cloud for lack of better word, the powerful Klingon ships are swatted away like insects, less than insects. My 2nd favorite scene however is the plasma probe, it fits in perfectly with this, it is powerful, totally alien, enigmatic.. the sound and light totally dominates and drowns out everything, and when it disappears it gets dead silent… it's magnificent.

  26. Spock and Viger are on a parallel path from the beginning. Spock is as emotionless as Viger and both progress in their insight about existence and evolution of purpose. That was good guys, beats most of my cinematographic minor for aliveness. Subtext is the candy and you pass the jar along.

  27. I'm new to this channel. Is Jim Rich's brother? I thought it was an older video from before Rich put on his winter coat. The eyes are very similar!

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