Star Trek V - The Final Frontier [HD]

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  1. The scene of Scotty bumping his head should be removed from the film if it ever get's a special edition. A dreadful bit that was never funny, and very disrespectful to the character.

  2. If it wasn't for the poor fx, poor editing, and poor dialogue this movie would have been great. Yet it remains the weakest of the series.

  3. I'll buy this on bluray once Paramount replace the piss poor fx. If they can do it for every episode of the original series. They can do it for this one film

  4. Star Trek V could be the best of all the Star Trek movies, they just need to re-edit it and work on the special effects. Plus it has one of the best scores written for film by the legendary Jerry Goldsmith.

    Paramount should let Shatner fix his movie.

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