Ro: Hey guys, It’s Ro! Welcome to another
episode of Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today, we have a very special guest! Astrophysicist
Neil Degrasse Tyson! Neil: Hello, thanks for inviting me! Ro: Thanks
for being here! Neil: Mmmm-hmmm, my 1st time! Ro: Yes, and
I’m so excited! Neil: And I love to bake by the way, I’m
a baker. Ro: Yep, we got our bakin’ hats on. Neil:
Mmmmhmmm. Ro: That’s right, and I know that the both
of us enjoy Star Trek. Neil: Indeed. Ro: My favorite series is Star
Trek Voyager. Neil: I’m, I’m old school though, because
I’m old enough that I remember the Neil: 1st series when it came out. So I’m,
I’m a Star Trek, First Generation. Ro: First Generation! Right on! Neil: Captain Kirk and Spock and the whole,
the whole crew. Ro: Today we are gonna be making a Star Trek
Cake from season 6, episode 6, Ro: A cake made by Tuvok, we are gonna be
making a pistachio cake. Ro: Are you ready? Neil: I saw that episode!
Ro: You did? Neil: Well you made it sound like the whole
episode is him making a cake, that’s Neil: like 5 minutes in the whole episode. Ro: Yeah, that’s true, he became a pastry
a pastry chef for the episode because, uh, Neil: Because he lost his mind! Ro: He went
out on a flyer and he lost his mind. Neil: He lost his mind. Ro: So apparently if you get hit by an alien
weapon and you lose your mind you Ro: become a pastry chef! Ro: Alright, are you ready? Neil: I’m ready!
Ro: OK… Both: Let’s get started! Ro: The things you will need, will be: 6 egg
whites, 2 cups of flour, Ro: 1-1/2 cups of regular sugar, 1 little
box of pistachio pudding mix, Ro: 2 Teaspoons vanilla extract, 1/4 teaspoon
salt, 2 teaspoons baking powder Ro: and you will also need… Neil: Not only that, we need 1-1/2 sticks
of butter, we will also need 3/4 of a Neil: cup of milk, 2%! Ro: Mmmhmm! Neil: Not
only that, we’ve got a hand mixer here, Neil: You know in my day we had to actually
do it by hand, now you just plug it in Neil: and push a button… I’m just saying. Ro: We got it easy! Neil: You have it easy!
Ro: Yeah. Neil: Also 2 bowls, that would be 2 mixing
bowls, love these no, no skid bottoms. Ro: Yeah! Neil: And an 8 by 1 inch tray. Ro: Now let’s put it all together! Ro: The 1st thing that we’re gonna do is
prep our pans, so you’re gonna take Ro: a little bit of butter, and… Neil: That’s
a lot butter, hahahaha! Ro: Yeah, yeah it kinda is, a lot of butter. Ro: And you just grease all the corners. Neil: You know my sister, when I was growing
up, used to almost eat butter. Ro: Really? Neil: Like the stick of butter would be there,
she’d rub her finger on it. Neil: And we’d see these finger marks in
it. And her nickname was stick of butter. Ro: Now we’re gonna take a piece of parchment
paper, I’ve cut them out into Ro: circles to fit the bottom of the pan,
and you’re just gonna press ‘em Ro: down, so that your cake really won’t
stick to the bottom of the pan, Ro: This recipe is a little bit sticky, so
they’re harder to pop out of the tray. Neil: You don’t ever
want to be in a sticky situation! Ro: Now, in a big mixing bowl, we are going
to mix together our butter and sugar. Ro: And here, Neil, I’m gonna let you do
the mixing. Neil: That’s why you have me on the show.
Ro: Yeah! Neil: To use your power tools! Ro: Yeah, pretty much, so thanks for coming!
Neil: Hahaha alright! Ro: OK, I’m gonna. Neil: Dump it in? Ro:
Yep, plop it in there. Neil: Is the butter Neil: kind of soft? Ro: Yeah, butter is room
temperature, that’s a good point. Ro: You don’t want it to be cold from the
fridge, I let it sit out for a while. Ro: So it’s room temperature and softer.
Neil: Otherwise you’ll break this thing. Ro: Mmmmhmmm. Neil: Like the butter gets in
there and it can’t turn, and Neil: it smokes, and fire, and you don’t
want that. Ro: And then we gotta go! Neil: Haha that’s right! Ro: There we go. Neil: That looks pretty cool,
yeah. Ro: Just mix it together. Neil: I like that. Ro: Till it’s well combined,
Neil knows what he’s doing! Ro: Look at that! Neil: I got this, I got
this. Ro: Right on! Neil: Captain, we need more power! Ro: If
you need more power you crank it up, Ro: it’s got 5 levels! Ro: I can’t believe you’re an astrophysicist,
that’s so smart! Neil: Astrophys… Well, it’s just the universe,
that’s all. Ro: That’s amazing. Ro: In high school, what, did you have a favorite
class? Neil: Uh my favorite, I like math. Ro: Math?
Neil: Oh yeah, I like math. Ro: Me too! Neil: If you want to speak to Chinese people
in China, you learn Chinese. Ro: Mmmhmm. Neil: If you want to speak to Spanish people
in Spain, you learn Spanish. Neil: If you want to speak to the Universe…
You learn mathematics. Neil: That is the language of the universe.
Ro: I like that! Neil: I’m just saying. Neil: I also taught a seminar on black holes
in my junior year. Ro: Amazing. Neil: No one else in the world knows
that, you’re the first person Neil: I’ve ever told that to. Ro: Oh my
gosh! That’s so cool! Neil: So next, now that our butter and sugar
are well mixed, we are gonna now Neil: add the dry ingredients and whisk them
together. Neil: So, we’ve got a package of Jello Pistachio
Pudding mix, so why don’t you Neil: open that while I dump this in. Ro:
OK. Neil: Then we have 2 cups of Neil: unbleached flour, here we go. And 2
teaspoons of baking powder. Ro: Alright this is ready now. Neil: You got
it? Ro: And it’s got pistachio Ro: nuts inside of it even chopped up.
Neil: I see that, it smells like Neil: pistachio too. It ought to, that’s
what it’s… If it smelled like bananas Neil: that would be a problem. OK, so dump
that in, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Neil: And now I take the whisk, and I whisk
it away! Ro: Whisk it up. Neil: That’s the same word,
to whisk something away or use a whisk. Ro: Whisk it… Ro: You’re a big whisk taker! Neil: Haha, oh! Ha-ha! Ro: AH! Ro: For the wet ingredients, we are gonna
whisk together in a big bowl, 6 egg whites, Ro: remember we just want the egg whites,
our vanilla extract and our milk. Ro: So are you ready to crack some eggs? Neil:
I can crack some eggs, and… Ro: OK, I’m gonna crack ‘em. Oh you do
it on the side. Neil: Oh because this is thinner here, on
the lip of the bowl, and that can make a Neil: sharper cut into the egg. You have a
broad ridge here, so now you’re smashing it Neil: with a broad ridge, that’s why I did
it. Ro: I’m learning stuff from an Astrophysicist
right now! Neil: It’s not… Hahaha! Ro: You guys, this is amazing! Ro: Now we’re gonna add the vanilla and
milk, here you go Neil. Neil: Mmmmhmmm. Ro: And I’ll add the milk. Neil: This is
actually vanilla extract. Ro: Mmmhmmm. Neil: Because vanilla itself is actually a
flower, in fact it’s an orchid. Ro: Huh! And it smells delicious! Ro: Alright, and now we’re gonna whisk it
together! Neil: Now this looks really gross, I just
want to make that… Ro: Yeah, it does. Ro: Look at how it separated. Neil: Yeah, yeah,
so let’s not look and we’ll mix it, and then… Neil: there we go! Ro: Before we mix this, I wanted to ask you
about your shirt, it’s pretty awesome! Neil: Oh, up here? Ro: Mmmhmmm! Neil: Occupy
Mars, I’m trying to get people Neil: thinking forward. Ro: I like this. Neil:
Get people thinking in the future. Ro: I want to be there. Neil: You want to
go to Mars? Ro: Yeah! Neil: Do you want enough money to come back
or do you want to go there and stay? Neil: Some people, like, want to go and stay, and
I’m thinking… Ro: Oh this is hard to think about now. Neil: No, no, it’s not like the pilgrims,
where they come across the ocean Neil: And they land and they’re in the United
States, they could at least breathe Neil: the air, right? Ro: Mmmhmmm. Neil: If
you go to Mars, there’s no, you can’t Neil: breathe the air. Ro: So when do you think a person will be
on Mars? Neil: I don’t know… Ro: Hmmmmm. Neil: You know, if you went back to the
60’s, people would say we’ll be on Mars Neil: By the 80’s. You go to the 80’s,
we’ll be on Mars by 2000. Ro: Mmmmhmmm. Neil: And we’re, like, the more time goes
on, the more farther away Mars becomes. Ro: That’s true! Neil: So, it’s still
good to dream, maybe the 2030’s, maybe. Ro: This part is the easy part, it’s the
last step. We are gonna alternate Ro: adding our wet ingredients and dry ingredients
into our butter mixture. Ro: So, and we’re gonna be mixing the whole
time, so Neil, you ready to mix? Neil: I am ready, oh, again I am your official,
like, mixer. Ro: Yep, the mixer! Ro: Mix it up! Neil: Power tools person. Ro: Yep! Ro: OK, so you get mixin’! Neil: 1/2 of dry? Ro: 1/2 of dry first. Neil:
There we go. Ro: That’s about 1/2, that’s good. Neil:
That’s pry about 2/3. Ro: Shake it around, Ro: there we go! Neil: OK. Ro: OK, mix that
up, great! Neil: Give me some 1/2 wet? Ro: Alright, here we go! Neil: That’s good.
Good! Nice! Ro: Just eyeball it, mix it together. Ro: And you’re gonna want to scrape the
sides, get all the little extras. Neil: Little more dry. Ro: It’s starting
to turn Green! Ro: Alright, last of the wet ingredients. Ro: Ready for my favorite part? Neil: What’s
your favorite part? Ro: Ejecting? Neil: Oh I love ejecting! Ro: OK, OK, OK! Neil: I was gonna like, try to get to, see
if I could reach the sink. Ro: Oh yeah, try it! OK, try it! Neil: Now, to, to launch something the farthest.
Ro: OK. Neil: OK, you want to Neil: do it at a 45 degree angle. Ro: A 45
degree angle. Neil: If you do it higher than that, it’ll
go high and then go short, if it’s Neil: lower it will fall before it goes, so,
a 45 degree angle, ready? Ro: 45 Degree Angle! Neil: OK, ready? Ro: This is great! Both: Yeahhhh! Neil: Let’s put this one over here. Ro:
I think that one, he’s just stuck… Neil: Let’s try that one. Ro: Let’s try that one! Neil: Aaaaaaaayyyyyy! Ro: Yeahhhhh! Oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Neil: So, we have the green batter. Ro: Mmmmhmmm. Neil: Looking very alien. Ro: Mmmmhmmm. Neil:
Because everyone knows Neil: aliens are green. Ro: They are! Neil:
Everyone knows this. Ro: They’re green! Neil: OK, Did you know that E.T. was a plant,
not an animal? Ro: E.T. is a plant? Neil: E.T. is a plant!
Ro: Pfft! Neil: Did you ever wonder why he had such
good relationships with plants? Ro: Yeah. Neil: He came near plants and he
brought them back to life. Ro: Mmmhmmm. Neil: He’s actually plant matter,
not animal matter. Neil: Now they don’t say that in the movie,
but you know how I know? Neil: I spoke to Steven Spielberg. Ro: Oh
my gosh! Neil: And he said that’s how Neil: he conceived him. Ro: Oh my gosh! Neil:
Yep! Ro: That’s so cool! Neil: E.T. is vegetable Neil: So, we have 3… It’s a 3 layer cake! Ro: Yep! Neil: We have… This amount of batter! Ro: Yep! Neil: We put in 1/3, in each 3rd, 3 x 1/3 equals 1. Neil: So here we go. Ro: And just eyeball it, do it to the best you can. Neil: So, while we’re splitting this into 3 parts, another little factoid. Ro: Huh! Yes! Neil: About E.T., E.T. appeared
in Star Wars Episode 1, Neil: I think he was in the… 1 of the creatures in the Senate. Ro: Mmmmhmmm. Neil: And they identified what his species name is, and it’s Spielberg, Neil: spelled backwards. Ro: Spielberg… Both: Greb… Greb… Greblips? hahahahaha! Ro: Now that our cakes are ready to bake,
you’re gonna heat your oven to Ro: 350 and we’re gonna bake them for 30 minutes! Neil: 350 Degrees Fahrenheit. Neil: Time to make decorations for the cake. Ro: Mmmhmmm! Neil: Otherwise, it wouldn’t really be a
cake. Ro: Yeah, it would be boring! Neil: Yeah, so what, do we… Like, there’s a concoction in here, what? Ro: We’ve got some melted chocolate, this is milk chocolate, but you can use Ro: dark chocolate or whatever kind that you’d
like. Ro: And I put it in a plastic bag, with a
number 3 tip at the end, so we’d have Ro: a little bit more control. And then, I
drew 2 designs over here, and I will Ro: scan these so that if you’d like to,
you can download them and use them Ro: as a guideline as well. But I just sketched
little designs that look like the Ro: cake from the show. Alright, and I put
a piece of wax paper on top. Neil: So these are not completely random?
Ro: No, not completely random. Neil: You studied the cake in frame captures
of the show, and duplicated it here. Ro: I did, I did take screen caps. Neil: It
doesn’t get Nerdier than that! Ro: Thank you! Ro: Alright, so now. Neil: Ready? Ro: You’re
gonna take your chocolate, and Ro: you’re just gonna copy little shapes
on top of the piece of wax paper. Ro: They don’t need to be perfect, just
do your best. Ro: Once you’ve drawn all your little designs,
we’re gonna put these in the Ro: freezer for 10 minutes to chill. Ro: While our decorations are chilling, we
are going to assemble our cakes. Ro: Once your cakes are out of the oven, make
sure they’ve had plenty of time Ro: to cool, and brrrroooop! Just put down
the frosting on our first layer. Neil: This smells good, what’s this made
of? Ro: This is vanilla cream frosting. Ro: In the episode, it’s called para-cream
frosting, but I didn’t know what that Ro: was, because that’s Star Trek Lingo
and that doesn’t exist. So we’re gonna Ro: have to settle for vanilla cream frosting. Neil: Does not exist… On Earth. Ro: On Earth,
true that! Ro: You’re gonna put cake, frosting, cake,
frosting, cake! Neil: Nice frosting job! Ro: Thank you! Neil:
Excellent, excellent! Ro: Our chocolate designs have chilled in
the fridge and now we’re just gonna stick Ro: them all the way around the cake, any
way you’d like. Ro: Now we’ve got all our chocolate decorations
on the cake, you want to give it a Ro: spin? It’s on a turntable. Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Ro: And then over here, I’ve got some vanilla
buttercream frosting that I’ve Ro: dyed red, and I’m using a number 10
tip to draw the cloaking frequency design Ro: on the top that Tuvok drew. Ro: Down… Neil: Then come to the middle,
yeah, you’re good, come up. Ro: Come up. Neil: OK stop! Ro: Ohp! Neil: Put a little segment after that, do a little boop. Ro: Boop! Ro: Ta-daaaaaa! Neil: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
pets and whatever other species are Neil: watching the show… This is the cloaking
frequency from season 6, episode 6, Neil: of Star Trek Voyager. It is this frequency
that, which, when used, Neil: in the vicinity of the space through
which their vessel was traveling, Neil: they could un-cloak the enemy alien
vessels… SNAP! Ro: It’s like the Harry Potter Invisibility
Cloak… But in space! Ro: Alright, thank you so much you guys for
watching! And thank you Neil for being here. Neil: It’s a pleasure! Thanks for having
me! Ro: This was amazing! Seriously made my year!
This was so cool. Neil: Do I get to eat this? Ro: Yeah, we can, we can cut a slice right
after this! Neil: Well cuz the sh… Yeah, but there’d
be no evidence of it. Ro: Ohhhhh… Ro: We can cut a slice right now if you want. Neil: No that’s fine, it’s too beautiful,
it’s too beautiful! Ro: Ohhh OK, OK. Neil: Plus you never know, if aliens are parked outside of the earth Neil: right now, and we need to invoke this
frequency in order to find out where Neil: they are. Ro: And we’ll be like, look
guys, this will save the day! Neil: Give this to the pentagon! Ro: Yeah!
We, it’s top secret! Ro: And Neil, are there any specific links
that you would like me to put, Ro: like um… Neil: I, I got some links,
I tweet, @NeilTyson. Ro: Mmmmhmmm Neil: N-E-I-L-T-Y-S-O-N. And my tweets are,
they’re just brain droppings, Neil: they’re just stuff that falls out
of my head, what am I gonna do with this, Neil: let me tweet it. Ro: Cool! Neil: That’s
what my tweets are. Neil: And, my Facebook page is pretty easy
to find, uh, I have a radio show, Ro: Mmmhmmm. Neil: And its just jumped species
and it’s going to appear on television. Ro: Cool! Neil: The National Geographic Channel,
check it out. Ro: Right on. Neil: It’s called Star Talk. Ro: I love
it! I love it! Ro: OK, cool! Alright, I will be posting lots
of pictures of our baking creation Ro: today on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and
Instagram. And if you guys bake Ro: this cake, please send us photos, tweet
them to the both of us, we would love Ro: to see your baking creations! And I will
be putting all of Neil’s links down Ro: below, so go check him out. He’s a busy
astrophysicist, he’s got a lot going Ro: on and he’s doing really cool stuff,
so go check it out! Ro: Thanks again you guys, bye-bye! Ro: Live long. Neil: And Prosper.

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  1. "You want to learn to speak Chinese go to China
    You want to learn to speak Spanish go to Spain
    You want to learn the universe, learn math".
    -Neil deGrasse Tyson
    Somebody put that on a t-shirt immediately.

  2. Neil, I love you. Truly, you are just the coolest! Ro, I love your videos, but as a professional chef (25 yrs) & specialty cake designer & pastry chef (10 yrs) Neil, you're wrong about the eggs. You never, NEVER crack your eggs against the lip of a bowl because it can contaminate the eggs. There are microscopic bacteria on eggshells (yes, even if you wash them first) & if you crack the shell inwards, the outside of the shell (& whatever you're cracking it into) will break the yolk & contaminate the egg. Just tap it on a flat surface, pull each end & dump the eggs in. This is especially essential when you're doing things like poached eggs, etc., where you need the yolk to be unbroken. Ro, I'm such a Trekker & total sci-fi nerd & I'm squeeing like a K-Pop groupie that you actually baked with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Girl, I got the Nerd Vapors! LOL

  3. I… don't wanna be disrespectful…but it feels like you are baking with your grandfather… just saying…

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  7. If Neil DeGrasse Tyson is Neil DeGRASSE… Does that mean Dwane “The Rock” Johnson is, Dwane *DeRock*Johnson?

    Yes? No? Ok… Bye then, what a bad joke. 😔 I am ashamed of myself 😆

  8. Aw man Neil deGrasse Tyson! My 9th grade science teacher would have us watch his videos about stars all the time!

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  11. Four years late BUT. Story time.
    I started watching Voyager a few months ago, and I made it to season 6, episode 6. I saw Tuvok's cake and then I paused. "Wait. I've seen this before." I watched this very episode, not having any context. Until now. It makes me happy to revisit this recipe with context…as well as making me sad that Tuvok may never bake on the ship again! 😭

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