Staying Healthy for the Holidays (Without Being Miserable)

Staying Healthy for the Holidays (Without Being Miserable)

– Okay first of all, this video
isn’t about healthy holiday recipes or avoiding the
holidays altogether. It’s about eating whatever
you want and enjoying yourself just being healthy about it. Yes, it is possible – No, it’s not. – It is. – Not it’s not. – It is. – It isn’t. – It is. – It isn’t. – [Both] Arghh – Wow, I feel like I can
eat whatever I want now. That was a workout. – That’s what I’m talking about. (Upbeat Music) – [Man] This video also isn’t
just about Thanksgiving, it’s about any holiday or event
that barges into your life and ruins your routine. Graduation, birthday party, other people visiting. Ugh, other people. Only hang out with sane people. (laughs) You’re looking good today. – I was trying a
different beard oil today. I thought it might be too much. – Oh, it works. – Thank you, that’s really good to hear. – When stuff like that
messes up your goals it’s easier to go phbbt, it’s fine. I’ll just not try now,
but I’ll get to it later. And then weeks later you’re
popping Kitkat after Kitkat, binge-watching Darkwing Duck on Disney+ until 2am and then skipping
exercise in the morning. For random example. (sings Darkwing Duck intro) Another example is travel. Which is what we’re doing right now. We’re visiting China’s mom
in Kentucky for Thanksgiving. Come on, I’ll show you around. Giddy up! (clacking sound) (neighs) I’ve never seen a horse
while I’ve been in Kentucky The point is, it’s easy to begin a plan, but it’s even easier
for that plan to derail when life keeps throwing Life at you. And then you’re reminded
how easy it is to not try. And not trying is pretty awesome. I’m not even saying you
have to try to be healthy. I certainly didn’t try until my early 30s. (snores) Life is short, do whatever you want, but if you have health goals and you constantly get upset
that you’re not reaching them, which happens to me from time to time. Let’s see if we can do
something about that with tips for a healthy Thanksgiving or whatever event that ruins everything. One, don’t be too strict. I mean unless you want to. If you’re someone who can
just deny that fun exists and just cut yourself off, go for it. But if you’re like me and you cry every time you
see other people having fun and you’re not. (cries) Maybe loosen up a little bit. But also don’t go hog wild. Like, for instance, if I’m intermittent fasting and my friends are having a donut party, but it’s late at night
during the time of my fast, I might make an exception
and go to the party but I’ll just have one donut and I won’t participate in the donut bong. Which is not a healthy experience. Two, eat breakfast that day. I used to think if I starved myself I’ll save up calories and
then I could just gorge later. Old starve and gorge no one called me. But that usually doesn’t work. What ends up happening is I
show up in the mood to eat and then I just constantly
eat and don’t stop. So, I’ll usually eat a full breakfast. That makes me feel full and good. My go to breakfast these
days is oatmeal with banana, blueberry, ch-ch-ch-ch-chia seeds, and fa-fa-fa-fa-flax seeds to help me poo. Anyone around? Couple of eggs, maybe toast, and maybe later for a snack
an apple and peanut butter. Then I’ll feel full and
I won’t show up ravenous. And you should never be
like the movie Ravenous. That’s not good for anybody. Just because you cannibalism, doesn’t mean you should ibalism. Three, drink water. That something you should
do all the time anyway. Sometimes you might think you’re hungry, but you’re actually thirsty. Here’s how you do it. You should already know that. Dingus. Four, bring something healthy of your own. Whip up some vegetables or sweet potato. And I don’t mean like butter soaked marshmallow sweet potato. And leave the donut bong at home. Looking at you mom. And this really works because when you show up with a bowl of broccoli everyone’s so disappointed in you that you lose your appetite. ‘Cause you’re upset. Ha ha ha, I’m kidding. But you can probably put
a lot of those vegetables on your plate because no
one else is going to eat it. Humans are garbage. We like to eat garbage. Five, plan the next day’s meal. Like plan ahead. Before you go to the
party go grocery shopping. Get some vegetables and some fruit. Fill it up in your fridge. If you have left overs from the party, you can have left overs, just don’t eat a lot of left overs. You avoid a case of the
exploding stomach. (Bang) It’s really bad, you guys, it burns. Another way to plan a
good, healthy eating day is with help from our sponsor. Thank you to Daily Harvest
fro sponsoring this video. They deliver thoughtfully sourced, chef-crafted food, built on vegetables and fruits. You build your box online, your preportioned cups are delivered, and you throw them in your
freezer neatly aligned so they look good in your video, and you open your freezer, and then you can make
them whenever you want. Thank you refrigeration. Refreezeration? They can be smoothies,
harvest bowls, soups, oat bowls, ch-ch-ch-chia bowls, or lattes. Or bites, which are these little snacks that you don’t have to do anything with. You can just eat them right away. Depending on how long it takes you to throw them in your mouth. You don’t have to do that, I suppose. Let me show you how to
make a harvest bowl. Let’s go with chickpea and za’atar, because it sounds kind of like guitar and I kind of like that for no reason. Look at all those wonderful
ingredients right on the cup. And the directions that even a dumb dumb
like me could follow. Look at the little zucchini. Look at how easy this is. I’m even making it my own with hemp seeds because hemp seeds are so in right now. Stir it up. Plate it up. Eat it up. (gulps) That’s really good. China, do you want to try it? – [China] Yeah. – I know you don’t want
to be in camera now but can you give me
some sort of hand signal to let me know that you like it? Mom, do you want to try it? My mom likes it. She doesn’t like anything. Now let’s make a smoothie. Pineapple and matcha. Ingredients, directions. See the little pineapple. Just add a liquid base. I chose water, it’s classic. Throw it in a thing, blend it. I’m going to add chia seeds because chia seeds are so in right now. Blend it up. Eat it up. (gulps) That’s really good. Little coconut, a little pineapple. Takes me back to the
shores of O’ahu, 1976. I wasn’t born yet but… Go to the link below and use
code Wheezywaiter for $25 off. Okay, back to the list. Six, stand far away from the food. This one’s pretty self-explanatory. So, I’ll have myself explain it. Self-clone, can you take care of this? – Okay, sure thing. If you’re like me, you
like to reach out blindly and grab the things that are nearby and put them in your mouth. That’s why it’s always best
to stay away from the food or small pets. I would recommend going
into the living room and watching TV. This is one instance where
watching TV is healthy. Or you could just watch
Wheezywaiter videos. (laughs) Like, subscribe! – Will you stop it! Sorry for all the self-promotion. (laughs) But seriously, number seven, eat slowly. I know in previous years
all you wanted to do was clear your plate quickly before Uncle Jasper went up for seconds and took all the taco dip. Sorry. But this is something you
should do all the time. Eat slowly. It takes time before
your body lets you know that you’re full. I looked it up, the reason is because of something
something science something. Whenever I try to do
this it usually works. The problem is you have
to get through those 20 hungry minutes. Here’s what you do. Every time you chew your food, in your head sing this song
to the beat of the chewing. Chomp chomp chomp. Another dude bites the food. But actually it should be slower. Chomp chomp chomp. Eight, make a meal plan. I don’t like to limit
myself on what I can eat. That’s why I want to figure out beforehand all the things I want and then just don’t do it too much. For instance, my Uncle John, every year, brings homemade ice cream. I’m going to eat that homemade ice cream. As long as his wife
Aunt Judy allows me to. Aunt Judy. But if I don’t make a plan, I’ll just fill up on everything else and then I’ll be like oh yeah ice cream. And then humenahumenahum. You know what I mean? This is especially important
during a buffet scenario. You’re like, you’re
going down the line like ooh the beans, ooh the potato salad, ooh the pasta salad, ooh. Next thing you know there’s 20
things piled up on your plate and you’re in trouble. Plan it out ahead of time, you won’t have that problem and then you can eat all of Uncle John’s ice cream
that you want, right? Aunt Judy. Number nine, say no. Learn how to say no. This is especially a
problem with my family. [High Pitched] Ooh would you
like some more cranberry? That’s not enough gravy. Did you try my pie? [Normal Voice] You just have to learn
how to say no effectively. Maybe practice in the mirror. No. Or plan out phrases you
can say ahead of time. Can’t, training to be a butt model. Ten, walk! Tadaa! Walk in the morning before you go there. After the meal say hey,
let’s all go for a walk. Fun family activity. Or use it as a way to
get away from family. Maybe plan an outdoor game. Badminton, kick ball, who
can find the dog poop. Or an indoor game, Charades, spin with the fan,
who can find the dog poop. Really any activity, any movement is good. We forget that walking is healthy because it’s so simple and so obvious. I recently did a video about walking on my second channel Wheezynews, and Emily commented, That is a really good observation. I think that might have
been Emily Dickinson. Probably, I don’t think
she’s a subscriber. Could have been Emily Dickinson. Number eleven, watch this
clip over and over again of me feeling terrible after overeating. (groans) Ugh, I ate too much. I ate too much. That should motivate you. I’ll upload a longer version of that on my second channel for
you to watch forever. Overeating led to the
best content I ever made. In more ways than one. Poop joke, waaaah! And twelve, don’t feel bad if you fail. Feeling bad if you fail is one of the worst things you can do because then it makes you
think that it can never work. And it’s just easier to give up and not try to be healthy. You can be like well I totally
blew it on this Thanksgiving that means I will always blow it. I’m a failure, don’t try. That’s just silly because
you can start being healthy at at any point, no matter what you’ve done before. And now it’s starting to rain and this camera might
fail if I stay out here. Okay it kind of stopped now. So, when I actually
overindulge on accident and then I’m like well,
I overindulged a little, might as well give up
and overindulge a lot. That’s actually when I do the damage. Maybe for some of you it’s fine and you can just have twelve donut bongs at grandma’s house on Thanksgiving, and then the next day go back to your vegan, keto, no carb, no sugar, paleo, and that’s good for you. But for everyone else basically just be nice
to yourself, all right? Have fun on the holidays, don’t be too strict, and don’t be dis-strict. [Audience] (laughs) dumb con, that was. Or again, say who cares. Live your life. Am I a doctor? So, my original idea was
I was going to show you how I was going to have
a healthy Thanksgiving. But I wanted to put this
video up before Thanksgiving, otherwise it’s irrelevant. So, I’m going to
live-tweet my Thanksgiving, trying to follow these rules. And you can follow me at Wheezywaiter. Check out the Daily Harvest link below. You can subscribe here. Oh my God, it’s raining! Daily Vlog every weekday at Patreon if you want to subscribe. Previous video about zero waste. YouTube thinks you’ll like that video. Happy Holidays / birthday
/ graduation / Bat Mizwa. Bye.

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  4. Yeah, this is a constant struggle.. Trying to overcome sugar addiction, but I always end up spiraling right back in after visiting my family. It's hard, because trying to say no becomes such a big deal "Oh come on, we are having a celebration!" or the repeating "Really? Nothing at all? Wow, are you sure? But then we have to eat this all by ourselves" etc etc. And the irony is, my whole family struggles with sugar and weight gain constantly, so you would think we all could collectively decide to not bake or buy so many sweets for family gatherings…

  5. If you do the right thing 90% of the time you don't really have to worry about holiday eating it's just going to cause you to retain water not fat. Enjoy your holiday people

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  8. My family traditionally goes for a walk after Thanksgiving dinner. When my cousins and I were little our parents walked us to the park to give the old folks a break from us, now we all just walk together (including the old folks) and it's one of our favorite traditions. 👍🎉🤗

  9. Awesome video Wheezy, I needed that!! Sooo glad to see the clone, missed him :).
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  10. Nah, I diet and exercise for over ten months straight, with a small break for Halloween just to binge from thanksgiving to new year’s.

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  12. As a Type 2 Diabetic, who is working to lose weight, I find it all to be a bit of a war. There are sooo many opportunities to eat wrong and it seems like one holiday food nightmare rolls right into the other, without much of a breather:

    New Years
    Valentine’s Day
    Memorial Day
    July 4th

    That may not seem like a lot but, for some, it feels literally like, every time you put your fork down, you’re presented with a food option that has nothing to do with your diet and healthy eating. Added to the list above are:

    Office Parties
    Simply wanting to or being encouraged to eat what everyone else is eating
    Lack of Prep
    Being lied to by the company cafeteria chef that a Monte Cristo sandwich is low carb, as if they’re dietitians and nutritionists
    Lack of time and/or place for exercise
    Being in a rush

    Yes, this sounds like a list of excuses that simply need discipline and willpower but, they are real. I think a lot of us who have smart watches are also accustomed to ignoring those reminders to breathe, stand and meet our goals. At work, sometimes, it’s like the only time you’ll get any exercise in — is to get lunch and snacks from the cafeteria. A few weeks ago, I joked with coworkers about how much cake was being pushed on people every few days, due to birthdays and departures.

    So, I know if I don’t literally come armed with prepped food, it’s easy for it to roll into a “Try Again Tomorrow” day.

    Although I am disinterested in pressure from the cafeteria staff, I’ve been given the nuclear side eye for side stepping the menu. I’ve been asked, “What, you don’t like meat anymore?” And we know that, when you try to cut out dairy, dairy milk is what’s usually available. They have a bit of a boring salad bar, in comparison to the hot meals.

    So, ultimately for me, it’s a slow, determined acclimation to incorporate better health into my life, so it becomes a habit that dodges the multitude of temptations to eat what’s available and not exercise. I’ve bough meal prep containers and am working to get on a plan and schedule, some exercise equipment, including a treadmill and smaller pieces that I might bring to work since, yeah, I’ve never made it to the company gym. Although I live near a park with a nice walking path, it’s not always available. Go too late and the park ranger may kick you out. Once it snows, they don’t plow the path — for the entire winter. The summer? While I joined my employer’s walk/run challenge last summer, it began in July and I only lasted a few days out there so, a treadmill can be used indoors, where the A.C. can never right on me.

    It’s often a war and the daily can insidiously derail you, while the world tells you that you’re the only one responsible for your own health, as it’s sticks out it’s foot and trips you. But, you’ll always be better off, if you keep yourself immersed in what you’re trying to accomplish.

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  22. Wheezy, chia and flax won't do shit (pun) to you, other than poison you. : ) (that goes for nuts and seeds in general)
    If you want to have a nice crap, eat meat. That's it.
    You don't need any fiber or external carbs – humans are carnivores. 🙂

    How to tell if thirsty or hungry:
    Thirst: felt in the mouth
    Hunger: felt in your solar plexus

    Vegetables are unhealthy, except a very rare few (like broccoli, kale and cauli)
    Fruits are just as unhealthy (liteally just sugar and fiber)


    Eating slow or fast doesn't matters. All that matters if you chew your food properly. (until it becomes that mushy thing)

  23. "Sometimes you might think you're hungry but you're actually thirsty." Thank you for saying this! 🙏 A few of years ago I realised this is something I do, but when I tell people I sometimes confuse thirst with hunger, they look at me like I'm nuts. It's a thing, folks.

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