Stefan Testing The Bidet | Poki on Japan trip stream plans | Jake Meet Rae lil Black

It’s a really big bite Maybe that pandas giving you para power man. Oh, okay Left side one but no one’s peeking right Kirby left sides Lou Left side ones though One more shot still mum Let’s go so it’s the scourge viewers not to sub to him instead sup to smaller streamers Seemed like grandstanding he could do this without making a tweet about it Okay, how do I tell people to sub to smaller streamers? Without making a tweet about it. I Respected more feed that it quietly quietly tell all my viewers To not sub to me. How do you do that quietly? 1 million followers on I like someone I like them replied to that though Yeah, he should have privately message each of you individually, you know what that’s why should have done chat Can you send me your email so I can email you? individually And to not make a big statement cover all my bases at one time a beautiful 23 year old woman into movies attracted to a mediocre man played by Comedian who wrote the script I counted as a pocket. Okay. Yeah. Well like actual like there’s sometimes really you get actual book Okay Here we go Most let’s on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most couldn’t buy men. Okay, this is not Tommy anything funny He’s not gonna Okay, really quickly I just read that as titties – now I actually know where you all came from because I literally read title as Diddy Okay In my head, I don’t know man, maybe well, we just like kiddies here. Honestly, that’s the problem Maybe it’s not really the title itself. Maybe we’re just we just like a good pair of tits man All right. They said ray is 9 centimeters n up to do porn Like kappa besides it, okay. I mean I just like I mean, oh, I don’t really care as Long as they know how to use it. I’m Okay. Thank you for that Like this I’m trying out the mp5 right now and it’s actually so good. I’m gonna Whoa If he find it Yeah, hello, oh, hey you pull it out, huh, what’s up boys Okay, because this game does not make me mold Type you don’t need you Olivia. I’m gonna be Eleven plus four possible eleven first four are they almost full? Oh, you can’t really loophole What oh, yeah You shut one with it. You’re chatting with it asking me Christians arrest Christians in a boxing match What’s 11 plus 44 It’s 15 you motherfucker you just lost the world Graham Oh You okay okay, honestly, though if you are able to even think of that I’m I’ll teach you feel free. Please say hello chat ray, but I cannot see anything. So what’s gonna happen is like they see you I don’t have a monitor but this is the chest this is like all the people talking and Yeah, they’re all excited to meet you By the way your natural makeup looks great No, I’m nervous Wait, do you know uh, soccer pretty well? Somewhat Yeah, I think it’s fun done yeah, I just did not know to be uh, yeah cry Over your back go back Let’s pick a good song Yeah, okay Yeah, bull Oh Face the bass drum Hi-hat. Oh, okay. I got a I guess I got a drum my dick hear something. Oh, I can do it Oh Also ask water about that, yeah Oh Jeez, okay, and I’m like, oh, yeah. Hello come in and then Fed comes into like Hi, like it just was so random, but it was really nice. We ended up like Catching up since escaped and then uh, he leaves and I looked down at my to-do list something oh, I have a forefront and it says make sure fed is alive and I’m like Oh God Cuz we all know what happened the last time fed would Probably just say anyway, he was choking me Oh this drink this wreck bones, like whatever and then just before looks like that’s great No, no. Oh, yeah, come on. Say hi. Yeah Say hi, boys. Hello I think I Think it’s showing John message the group a while ago that one and then I know like you like cheesecake come on Yes, and no that’s for I just got cheesecake man Is kind of funny All right. Well, oh that’s What I Don’t hear them Oh I get why you made Swampert Edison every time if you gotta use a surfing right? Yeah Riding innocent I’m hyper Why Leslie Named Swampert “Edison”, What Is That Face?, Stefan testing the bidet, Poki on Japan trip stream plans, make sure fed is alive, We just like a good pair of (.)(.) – Jodi, honestly do you guys even read these *doubts*, doggy doodoo, THATS HOW MAMA RAISED YOU, SHIIIIET, walk toward the light, bored? come hang :3, RaeLilBlack distracting us from Jakes snipers, jake meet Rae lil black, Disguised Toast responds to people calling him attention seeking

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