Success Trip Training Video

Success Trip Training Video

In today’s world we know that no one wants to fit into the same old box, and do things the same way everyone else does. We want to reward you for doing what you do best–being a leader and growing your Nu Skin business. In that entrepreneurial spirit, we are changing the qualification track to the Americas Success Trip effective April first, 2017. Beginning in April 2017 you will earn your Success Trip by meeting the targets set by the Company and accumulating Success Points during the six-month qualification period. Since our South Africa qualification period has nine months, we will be looking at your best six months during that period to determine your Success Point total. The first step to earning your trip is to make sure you are an Executive Distributor. At that point, you will start to earn Success Points. Success Points are linked to your sales volume, the sales volume of your sales team, and your development of sales leaders. There are two ways to earn Success Points. First, you will earn Success Points on your product sales, specifically, your personal Group Sales Volume or GSV. You will accumulate one Success Point for every 1,000 personal GSV in each month of the qualification period. These are Volume Success Points. Second, we want to reward you for being a leader in helping your team grow a healthy customer base while advancing in title and recognition. For each of your first-generation Executives you will earn Success Points based on their title and Total Organizational Volume for the month. These are Leadership Success Points. Nu Skin will be setting a Success Point target for each Executive based off performance in 2016. These personalized targets may be found in V&G and more details regarding this can be found on the website: For those of you who are new to the business and working towards your first trip, you will need to earn 40 Success Points during the six months of qualification. Here is an example of how you might accomplish that. Let’s say you are a Lapis Executive with two Executive distributors on your first generation or G1 and you have a Group Sales Volume of at least 3,000 each month of qualification. Assuming they stay at the same level and meet the TOV requirement, you would earn two points for each G1 Executive over the six months for a total of 24 Leadership Success Points. Then you will add 3 points for your 3000 GSV each month giving you another 18 Volume Success points. Your total Success Point accrual over the six-month qualification period is 42 Success Points–qualifying you for your very first Success Trip. Here is the great news. For each qualification period your targets increase but you can earn another Success Trip. You simply must continue growing your sales organization and sales volume. There is no limit to the number of trips you can earn. Keep growing your business and keep attending! For complete details and more information please visit or contact your account manager.

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