Sun Dolphin JOURNEY 10 SS REVIEW by First Time Kayakers!

Sun Dolphin JOURNEY 10 SS REVIEW by First Time Kayakers!

How weird that one came with paddles and one didn’t? All right. So we get a chance to look at them closer. This is the card that shows all features of the journey 10 SS sit on fishing kayak. A. is the
portable accessory carrier. So this is the portable accessory carrier. You can
take these off, loosen it up, and this is open-close. It’s supposed to be airtight. Well hopefully it will be if you put the top on
right. And it’s a nice sized container. It actually comes out. You can fill that
with water and put your catch in there. So you could use it as a live well and
fill it with water or you could keep it as a dry well and put your cell phone
and other things in here. I don”t know what we’ll really do with it. Let’s
take a look at the bottom edge of that. Is there a gasket? Yes there is. There is
definitely a little piece of rubber going around. On the reviews on Amazon a lot of people said that when your in the kayak this is impossible to gain access to. They said you cannot turn around and get access to this. So what
some people said they do is they attach something to pull this behind the kayak and then just float it and they can pull it when they want it. And then they store other things in here. All right. So that goes in there and then we have these straps that
somehow crisscross like that to hold that in. All right B. B is two flush mount rod
holders here and there. There’s one there and one there. We want to see how
that looks. That holds a nice little rod in there. And there we go. Okay that’s not
bad. C. is one swivel rod holder. All right so
there’s one way in and out and then once it’s in it’s not really swivel. You
have to kind of lift it and turn it and lock it in. And probably this is the way
I’ll keep it so that the rod goes in and you control with it to the side. All right. So that’s the swivel holder that’s
not really swivel but does turn. Adjustable padded seat. So a lot of
complaints again on Amazon because the padded seat is only in the back. There’s
nothing padded to sit on. And this is adjustable so if you want to pull it a
little bit more forward which I probably might. Yeah just adjust it and give yourself a little bit more back support. So that’s pretty nice. Because there’s no bottom pad we just
picked up these little hunting cushions to sit on. All right what
letter are we up to? E self bailing. Now this is the big complaints on all the
reviews on Amazon. The self bailing had to do with the scupper holes so that if
water got in the idea was it would drain through the scupper holes.
But apparently, depending on your weight and how low the boat sits in the water
or the kayak sits in the water people were getting one to two inches of
water and constantly sitting in a puddle. So it’s kind of cool out, it’s fall
now, so we definitely don’t want to sit in a puddle so we filled the scupper holes with um, ear plugs. Those foam ear plugs. We’ll see if these work. We need
four for each one. You’ve got one in your hand and you squeeze, you could roll them. Because they’re gonna sort of expand once you get them in. They’re
gonna ‘pop’ open. I just rolled it and I’m sticking it in the hole. All right. So this is my kayak we filled these from
the top and here on Richie’s kayak we filled his from the bottom. So his looks a
little different and we’re gonna see which one works better. Look how they swelled up! They look cute though. Right? And the reason we did that is because on Amazon all the complaints
were that these scupper holes were so small that the scupper plugs that you
could buy for other kayaks just did not fit and had to be modified. So we’re just
trying these ear plugs since we had them and they fit holes. Next: shock cord deck
rigging. We already saw that on the back of the boat. This.. and we have a
little bit on the front. So if you want to put a little box up here or whatever.
I don’t think it’s the best, it seems to slip off a little bit but you could put
something in here and hold it down. All right next: protective thigh pad. That’s this. But i’ll be honest, my thighs don’t even reach it. So when I put my legs over the side of the boat just to try it I hit this instead and it was very uncomfortable. So these are a
little far forward for me as far as my thighs cuz I have short legs I guess. I’m
five four. I don’t know we’ll have to see how richie does when he’s in his boat.
Maybe it’ll be better for him. What’s next? Storage compartment. So this is the storage compartment. This is a little
storage compartment you could put your worms in there if you’re using worms or
you can keep some sandwich in there or lunch. It says right here not 100%
watertight. All right. Adjustable foot braces. These are
the adjustable foot braces. They move depending on where your feet need
to go. I’ve already set these for me so I’m on the fourth step in and over
here Richie set his for him, he has longer legs, and he’s on the second notch in. Carrying handles. This is the
carrying handle right here. I could pick this up like that. There’s one of the
front one of the back. But honestly in order to carry these
then you’d need two people. Okay. Paddle holders. This is the paddle holder on the
side. You take the paddle. It fits in this little notch here and you just pull this
up and strap it on. There’s one on the right and the left so you can choose
which side you want to put it on. All right. A couple other features they didn’t talk
about at all that I want to point out. You have these extra little storage
compartments so if you want to put your phone in a waterproof container you
might want to put it in here. This is a cup holder and you have this
extra storage right here. So that’s a nice little added feature.
It’s only nine feet six inches. That was another complaint that it’s not really 10 feet, and it’s not. It’s only 9’6″. so people were
complaining that the inside of the kayak was filling with water and one person on
the reviews on Amazon said these screw holes that are all over the kayak are
not sealed so we’re just gonna go around and check quickly to make sure that
they’re all tight. I think that’s really everything that
there is to show. (music playing) We just got back. So this was our first
time ever in kayaks and I’m really happy and it’s a windy day today it’s not even
that calm. Tracking…kinda sucked. Yeah. It really is not that good at all. If you want to go fast
you can forget about it. But, for what we’re going to use it for, actually I think it was fine. I can’t believe how windy it is right now. It probably sounds a little windy too. So we’re out there in that and that does turn you. A lot of people complained that the boat turns when you stop, but if
there’s any sort of a current or any sort of a breeze you’re gonna turn no
matter what you do. And also you have to think about inertia your last paddle is
gonna affect how you sit as well. But when we were down in the river we
were in a really calm place with lily pads we just sat completely still. So it was fine. Yeah. We did go behind a couple
of boats and we hit a little bit of a wake, really not as tippy as you think. It
feels that way but they’re really not. There they’re actually pretty stable. I
had a good time. Yeah it was great. I think they’re for the price that we paid….
And yes the tracking issue, as long as you’re not trying to win any races
you’re just fine. You can always correct it. It glides pretty good and it’s comfortable. We were out there for a good hour or so right? My back is fine everything’s good. I think they’re great. They’re worth
every penny. We’re gonna have a lot of fun with these. We’re only gonna use them on rivers and lakes here in the Adirondacks. Local enjoyment. Definitely
some fishing. That’s why we got them. I’m happy. Paddling around on the lake. You’re happy? Yeah. Thumbs up. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you on the next video.

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  1. Very thorough review! We have Pelicans, but it was a toss up between those and Sundolphins for us. It sounds like these would have worked just as well. Glad you like them – kayaking is so fun! Enjoy!

  2. Very enjoyable and informative video.  I loved how you put your kayak in forward gear , once on the water.  It is too bad that the cool/cold weather is here  before you were able to practice getting back into your kayak, in case you accidentally end up in the water.  I'm sure there are videos you can watch, so you can be prepared.  I think you will have a wonderful time together exploring the waterways in your area.   ENJOY

  3. Wow! I was stressing the scupper plug issue when I bought these. I’ve yet to take them on the water, but the ear plug idea is brilliant. Thanks!

  4. We are really happy with these kayaks and easily fixed the scupper plug issue with ear plugs (we made a separate video to show this so be sure to check it out)! Hope you enjoy our first time kayaking as much as we did 🙂

  5. Thanks for such a thorough review. I've been watching all sorts of kayak reviews and yours was the most helpful. Great job 👍

  6. Earplugs work if you got em. I woulda just sprayed some Great Stuff expanding polyurethane foam in there. You could always poke em out if you don't like them too. Good review!

  7. I just bought the same kayak, it only has 2 sculler holes, AND included 2 plugs. If ya'll keep kayaking/fishing, (that's why I bought mine, you might want to get a different life jacket. Excellent ones made for kayak/canoe that don't ride up when u sit down or lean forward. (I'm 5'9", 130 lb and bought a chinook from NRS) Wet lines and paddles.

  8. Just ordered one because of your video. This was extremely helpful in deciding if i should buy one or not.

  9. Im glad yall like the ss 10 ,i bought the bali 10 to display the electric kayak motor system , so i started useing the ss 10 in the gulf of mexico (sanibel fl) it handel very well now it tracks like a arrow and im shure it can handle at least 3 chop' last time i was out it was at least 2 1/2' with the motor and battery ,,the kayak is shurley underated ( i weigh 130 )

  10. Huh, mine came with plugs, padded seat and I can reach back to the livewell. Mine works great and I didn't have to do anything to it.

  11. Love this series on the kayaks. Dont know why I did not get the alerts for them.. You Tube shheeesh. Great gideos …👍🛶🎣

  12. I got this Kayak for free from a friend and I found it to be a bit tippy. Any sideways movement made it dip sharply and disconcertingly. I have good balance but i'm 6'4" 230lbs. I made a set of DIY outriggers pretty cheaply and now the Journey feels completely stable for me. Maybe it's only an issue for tall/heavy people but with a little modification I now have a great Kayak! I plugged my scupper holes with rubber stoppers from Home Depot.

  13. If i have one of that and can i afford im contented and happy 😅😄😃 without complaining watching philippines

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