Sundance Vacations Packing Tips- How to Pack for a Beach Summer Vacation

Sundance Vacations Packing Tips- How to Pack for a Beach Summer Vacation

Sundance Vacations Hi everyone, this is Jenn from Sundance Vacations and I’m going to show you how to pack First thing is first, don’t bring your whole wardrobe. Keep it simple. Your outfits should be light-weight,super comfortable, and versatile. For a week long trip, pack five shirts three bottoms, some sweaters in case it’s chilly, shoes,
pajamas, a swimsuit, and don’t forget those bras and panties. Or if you’re a guy, or a
girl who likes boxers… Don’t forget those! Let’s get packing! So, how to make it fit?
You could roll your clothes to make space. Some people put shoes in shower caps, but who even owns a shower cap? Okay, but who wants to spend money on shower caps? Plastic bags.They’re free! And everyone has about, I don’t know, maybe a hundred of them. Next
up, jewelry. You can stick your jewelry in Press N Seal to keep them from tangling, put
earrings on buttons, and rings you could stuff in a pouch. Or, you know, you could just wear
everything forever at once. Why do I own so much jewelry? Time for makeup. Throw the easy
things in a bag. Seal your lotions with plastic wrap and don’t forget sunblock. Also, remember
to grab your chargers and other electronics. Grab a purse, I prefer a cross body for easy
wear, and just toss it all in. You could throw a dryer sheet in too to keep it fresh. Or
not, I mean unless you’re planning on bringing all those old gym clothes you haven’t washed
in weeks. What? Don’t give me that look! Gotta use that Fitbit I got for something! And guess
what, now you’re ready to travel! Woo! Sundance Vacations

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