Surface Finds w Aquachigger & Touring Whittington Castle

Surface Finds w Aquachigger & Touring Whittington Castle

deep in the woods deep in the woods it was ringing real good 10 inches down 10 inches down and solids down you will show yourself I'm gonna take Oh so beau and I have this bet currently he's not gonna be able to find anything just eyeballing this dirt and he just came up with two pipe stems I guess it was payback it was payback I drew a Roman coin in the dirt ahead of him hoping that he would spot it oh my god oh sorry keep going okay so we're still here eyeballing this dirt I just got this really awesome piece of China yet metal detect here in the park so this was both suggestion just looking in the dirt any more coins their bow I'm gonna end up sliding down here and falling and that's going to be a million view video Oh guys yeah I'm definitely gonna fall careful I'm probably gonna come down he's gonna stop me like what are you looking for well I lost my earring will they get you the cows yes long as you're running what do you think he's running oh they got away phone are you gonna go over the fence and get one for me [Laughter] [Laughter] Oh you walked right over it I did not walk over here at all I don't wanna hear it walk over here would you want me to rub it for you what is it wait I bet you George [Laughter] hello hello is anyone there I don't know how good the signals gonna be all right well I will step inside the castle here this is my new castle I'm gonna move in probably very soon we made it some metals and sex and holidays took three hours to get here from where we were at at detectable we're finally here to check out these awesome castle doors tomorrow we're heading out to do some detecting along an old Roman Road super exciting very excited but tonight we're hooking up with Tim the ringmaster sailor and it's beautiful you don't say Carlotta who I've never met I'm so excited we're gonna just have have fun tonight and tomorrow we're gonna head it hard hopefully get some room and Saxton and medieval and all that good stuff detectable was a lot of fun we had a great time I met so many awesome people from all over the world it was insane people that didn't even speak English were like photo photo I'm like oh I didn't find a lot there I got at King George farthing something like that oh and uh time back button but this is the week you're gonna find lots of good stuff all right well I just figured I'd give you all an update tomorrow's the day I'll probably be going live and if you want to watch me like 9:00 a.m. here you have to be a bit like super duper middle of the morning there all right now hope everyone's having a good day bring your comments all right I'll talk to you later bye bye [Applause] you

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  2. you guys have inspired me , i watch all of both your guys vids , this summer ill be going detecting , whats a good starter detector say under 200 bucks

  3. music is great and you are so entertaining to watch and such a sweetheart…..just don't pan the camera so fast when showing us stuff…so many great things to see and your so fast with the camera views …keep up the amazing hunting!!! I look forward to watching all of your videos!

  4. Sorry about the bug. I didn't know it would be so frightening to you. Well… at least my hopes weren't that high. Had a blast. No bugs next time, I promise.

  5. Great video and a very elegant fall. The Chigg is always looking for treasure, what was the coin?! Looks like you had fun. GL&HH. Deano.

  6. You're a goofball. A very sweet one.
    Looks like you are having fun! Saw the hunt. More to come!! Lol. Yeah

  7. Awesome! I love watching the adventures you go on and also Aquachigger, Nuggetnoggin, Exploring Alabama, Exploring Alabama Jr., Dr Tones, KG and Ringer, She Detector, and I am sure I am missing someone, oh can't forget JD's Variety Channel…Thank you for taking us with you exploring and sharing your metal detecting finds on YouTube. I am always looking forward to your next video.

  8. It does my heart good to see you and Beau working together. Should be good for your subscriber count too.

  9. How cool is that? Your with Chigg! I would feel the same. Greatness is just their right their!
    Of course I would feel the exact same bout you.

  10. Nice surface eyeballing with Beau, I seem to have a knack for that and a little luck. This year got 2 silver coins, crotal, 1600s Chineese coin and gold pendant, yet can't detect an 1800s silver. Fun video!

  11. Hi Jocelyn you guys made me laugh hunting in the dirt, I told you you would find some cool stuff in Shropshire!! I love this video I can feel your excitement. Missing you already xx

  12. Cant wait to see the next video. Such a Beautiful place. Hope you find some cool OLD relics. HH&GL🖒😉

  13. Beau puts a bug in Jocelyns hand & the first thing she does is cover her mouth with that hand! enjoy your detecting video's  Jocelyn & your antique shopping vids are very informative..Always good to see Mr Chigg as well!

  14. Sweet idea to do surface finds!! Beautiful and the scenery wasn't bad either. 🙂 Absolutely loved the castle when I visited back in 2014 and just an amazing place with so much ancient history it is crazy! Thanks so much for sharing and bringing some really wonderful memories back with a truly great video!! Keep Living the Dirt Life!

  15. Jocelyn, Next time you see Beau, slap him for me… He called me fat….. lol Glad to see you guys had fun.

    Bryan, Vero Beach Florida

  16. Thanks for sharing, the castle looked cool I'd like to see one.

    Are the thrifting days over haven't seen a video in a while????

  17. Great to see you as always, i like the camera work you did, very well done,,gorgeous place..;)) Chigger is awesome..'hold your breathhhh' lol Love it. Now gonna go check my other girl. Dawn..;) ATB Michael

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