Swimming at the tragic earthquake lake – a trip to mesmerizing chikaar.

Swimming at the tragic earthquake lake – a trip to mesmerizing chikaar.

You must have visited many places in the world for open water swimming. Whether it is lakes or oceans But I am going to tell you about my experience. In one of the most beautiful Lakes in the World Music :Sahibo Sahibo ……. Kashmiri Song The lake is located in Pakistan’s Administered Kashmir. It was formed as a result of devastating EARTHQUAKE in 2005, which killed many lives. But today, this lake is one of the most beautiful lakes and one of the most popular tourists attractions in Azad Kashmir. If you want to visit this place You can go from “Islamabad” to “Bagh” BAGH is one of the most beautiful cities of Kashmir. You can have an overnight stay in Bagh City. and Then you can move towards “Sudhan Gali” Sudhan Gali is also one of the most beautiful tourists attraction of KASHMIR. Here is a peak called Ganga Peak, which is located at 2500 meters of altitude. If you love hiking you can do hiking over here. From Sudhan Gali, at 16 KM distance you will find a junction which will direct you to Zalzal Lake. I traveled to this place but I couldn’t not stop swimming. Here and you can see Water was amazing , though it was Monsoon in July, But I loved swimming I was literally drinking the water, and it was sweet and fresh water. Water is crystal clear and visibility is very good Zalzal Lake which is Largest Lake of “Azad Kashmir” It is very beautiful lake. Sports tourism is very big Industry which benefit this part of region. I though to swim in Zalzal Lake to show that How beautiful the lake is, and to promote this lake as one of the open water swimming destinations. There are many tourists visiting this place but not many facilities are available here. It took 30 minutes for us to reach here from road. Mr. Amjid Ali, I think as he said that there are many tourist attractions in Azad Kashmir like Ganga Peak or other places and like this one “Zalzal Lake” It is a very beautiful point. And if it gets well developed . See now ****Water Splash*** swimmer has jumped into the lake. and started swimming. He is my friend I him all the best. We will wait for him to finish the swim. And we appeal the Government to provide facilities. If road can’t be constructed at least walking track should be provided. Water is best for swimming, Normally open water swimming is not clean, clear and sweet. And mostly algae But this lake was surprisingly crystal clear, mud is at the start but then it is clear. Cold.. but reasonable temperature for open water swimming. Length of Lake is 1.2 km which make a loop of 2.4km It is really peaceful place, locals are very cooperative. Locals told that this lake is great for swimming. There is no restriction as such, but, I recommend if you plan to swim here. Swim only if you know swimming, because the lake is so deep, as it is a mountain. So from this point is more. If anyone wants to swim, don’t try to swim if you don’t know swimming. I have been swimming for last 4 years and i have learned proper swimming in Open Water. Therefore, I was fit for swimming. But still I kept this Swim Float with me. Because in case if one feel tired then he can hold this and take rest and save his life too. Though place is reasonable for swimming, but only a proper swimmer should swim here. Not everyone should swim here. The purpose is to promote these places across globe. Thank you so much.

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