Switzerland Road Trip Begins. Stop 1 Lucerne In Rs. 3000  –  Switzerland In Rs. 75,000 – Episode 4

Switzerland Road Trip Begins. Stop 1 Lucerne In Rs. 3000 – Switzerland In Rs. 75,000 – Episode 4

In this episode of Switzerland on a budget series, I am Traveling Desi and today I am in Lucerne ! And the view from the castle is pretty amazing and you can actually see the whole Lucerne from here ! As you saw in the last episode, after picking up my car from Zurich airport I went to my hostel to pick up my bags, and then I left for my next destination, Lucerne ! If you want to visit a lot of cities in less time like I did after exploring a city for one entire day, you can leave for another city at night. This type of travel plan is very suitable as most major cities in Switzerland are close by . And it doesn’t matter if you take a train ! Even after exploring the city, I easily drove from Zurich to Lucerne in just 45 minutes ! I then had my dinner with a MTR ready to eat Navratna Korma and some bread ! And got some sleep on the hostel bed that cost me 2000 rupees per night ! So this way, you can be completely fresh by free breakfast time in your hostel and will be ready to explore a small but cute Swiss city ! Oh, by the way, this was a branch of the Swiss youth hostel of which the website link is in the description box. For private rooms, you can get a decent bnb at the city centre of Lucerne for around 5000 to 7000 per night . And a 2 or 3 star hotel for a minimum of 8000 rupees per night . Alright guys, its my third day in Switzerland and first day in Lucerne and I am out of the hostel ! I had only a day for Lucerne city and its raining today . As its raining today and the weather is cold, I took out my winter coat. Water proof, cold proof. And the best thing is, my hostel also had a free tour which I did not take as I did not have then time . Thats right, the hostel I stayed in provides free guided tours to their guests in which a guide gives you a walking tour of the city centre, and you don’t have to pay any fees but a small tip to the guide ! I also got a free bus pass from my hostel, so all my internal transportation for the day will be for free. Thats right, in a lot of cities in Switzerland, hostels and hotels provide you free public transport tickets which is valid for your entire length of stay . I got one after asking for it from my hostel so always enquire about it at the reception desk ! And I am leaving my car at the hostel as the hostel parking cost 7 Franks which I’ve paid for the entire day, and last night I parked my car on the street as its free during night time Parking opens at 8 in the morning, so I’m parking my ra at the hostel for which I had to pay 7 Franks and now I’m going to the city centre which is a 10 minute bus ride form here . I am sitting in the car because its raining outside and I cannot take videos ! And the weather got better in some time and after leaving my car at the hostel, I went to the bus stop, which was just 2 minutes from my hostel ! And from here I got bus number 19 which took me to Lucerne Bahnhof of Lucerne central station . And I chose central station as it is mostly the centre of most European cities from where you can have a good start to explore the city . Besides, most people come form Zurich by train for a day trip and after exploring the city for a day, they head back to their hotel in Zurich ! And so we will start our one and only day in Lucerne from its central station ! And that behind me is the railway station, and the moment you get out from here, you get awestruck by the beauty of Lucerne ! Connected with various cities in Switzerland, A return ticket from Zurich can cost around 30 franks or 2000 rupees . Although this station has been recently renovated, but its old Facade still preserves the glorious pas of the city from 1850 . And as central station is right in front of the ferry terminal of lake Lucerne, so this is also a connection point for those people who take a ferry from here to reach their homes in the various towns and villages on the shores of this lake ! These ferry rides are free with the Swiss pass but if you want to ride the ferry for one or two stops, depending on the distance between your stops, you can get a ticket from 5 to 15 Franks . As Lucerne is primarily a lake city so to enjoy the amazing natural landscape, a relaxing evening cruise in its boat ferries are highly recommended . And if you’re missing India, there is also a cruise with Indian music and dinner for which the ticket can cost around 3000 rupees per person . But as I said, you should do this in the evening to give some rest to your legs, So now lets go towards the historic old town and its main highlight of Lucerne ! And now behind me is the historic Chapel bridge ! !Built in the 14th century, this wooden bridge was almost burnt to ashes in the year if 1993 but after its complete restoration, this is now a tourist hotspot of the city . Seen in a lot of bollywood movies, this chapel bridge also has some extremely beautiful 17th century paintings ! And this is a very cool bridge with a lot of cool views ! Originally, the city had 3 such wooden bridges but only 2 remain now . However, open to all free art pieces, these bridges helped me a lot on such a rainy day . And by the way, this tower is much more old than the bridge and used to be a torture chamber at one time ! In front of chapel bridge is the historic medieval old town which is worth visiting ! Centre of the medieval Lucerne at one time is now a shopping district where you can spot a lot of famous European brans and boutiques. And there are quite a few Indian restaurants where you can get a lunch buffet for around 15 Franks . Walking through Lucerne, you can spend hours admiring its architectural beauty and painted facades of buildings You can also try some expensive but fresh seafood at the patio restaurants next to Reuss river ! And lastly, don’t forget to appreciate its beauty by on the picturesque bridges ! After some shopping at the old town, after a small walk, you can get to the historic fortification malls of the city that look somewhat like this . These are the preserved parts of the structure, that used to keep 13th century medieval Lucerne fortified ! And from behind these walls, you can enjoy the beauty of old town Lucerne . Out of all these towesr overlooking this beautiful city, four are open to the public But the most special is this one, which houses a historic but functional clock from 1553 . Climbing these steep wooden stairs can be problematic, but this tower has a lot of walkways, from where you can enjoy the view of Lucerne and its neighbouring mountains . And as you go on, the mechanical assembly of centuries old clocks will keep on impressing you ! And after climbing some more stairs, you get to the top of the tower which actually can be a little disappointing ! Finally I’m at the top of the tower, but this isn’t that impressive as the walls are very thick and the windows are very small. So the view is very limited and there are glass windows . And glass windows cannot do justice with the beauty of the view . And then you can go back towards the old town after climbing down the clock tower . And there’s a lion monument in the city’ old town which attracts a lot of tourists ! Behind me is the famous lion memorial , and this was made in the memory of the Swiss guards who lost their lives during the French revolution . Switzerland is also known for providing mercenaries to kings and even the guards of the pope are Swiss guards . Carved into a single rock in the year 1821, this memorial is very huge and very popular ! You can see a broken spear in its back when you see it up close , and even while dying, this noble beast is protecting the shield that symbolises French rule . Whether its the body, the hair or its expressions every detail of this masterpiece is worth watching ! And behind me is a 17th century church of this city, lets go and check it out ! Built in 1633, the wooden church was completely burnt, but some parts of it remained . And the present building is here since 1639 ! Whenever you visit a medieval European city, don’t forget to spend some time in a church or a cathedral and observe their art and sculptures . I am at the second wooden bridge and its 5 in the evening and I’ve almost seen everything . I’m gonna head back to my hostel and pickup my car, and I’ll ask them if there’s a place nearby to get some nice views of the city or a place where I can only go by car so at least I’ll be able to put my car to some good use ! And as I learnt, the city of lake Lucerne, is very extended other than its old town and in the backdrop you can see the very beautiful mount Pilatus to the top of which, a lot of people go through a cable car . Anyways, I took a bus and left for my hostel, so that I can see some mountains before leaving for Interlaken . Alright, so the weather was on my side today, it stopped raining for a lot of time in between and now I am free and its 5:30 in the evening and I am ready to leave for Interlaken, But, as I have a car, why don’t I put it to good use if you take a train you’ll have to go straight to Interlaken, but I will also go to Engelberg on my way which is a very beautiful town . But its gonna be raining, I just hope that it doesn’t rain that much when I reach there . As my bags were already packed and in the car, I drove towards mount Titlis which is located in a small city Engelberg which is a 30 minute drive or a 40 minute train far from Lucerne ! But when I reached there, the weather had gotten a lot worse so I postponed my mountain activities for Interlaken and a clear weather as well ! I stopped here, but the weather has shown no mercy so no point ! What you get to learn from this is that thing don’t always go as planned, and weather can never be trusted . The good news is, that all the major mountains of Switzerland give a live webcam feed and ground weather forecast on their website . And you should always check this before starting your mountain tour because if the weather is not good, you’ll miss all the scenic views and in all you photos, nothing will be visible other than fog ! And if you do come here and the weather is clear you can get a two way cable car ticket for 100 Franks or around 7000 rupees. Or depending on the weather, you can enjoy a lot of other weather activities . Then I went to Engelberg town, which is quite a popular for Indian honeymooners, but after 6 in the evening it was pretty much a ghost town ! to explore Lucerne and some of its surrounding areas like mount Pilatas, Engelberg or lake Lucerne you need at least 2 or 3 days ! But as I had already planned all this for my next destination so I picked up my car, and seeing off the beautiful views of the city drove towards my next destination which is also known as pure Switzerland. And that is Interlaken ! So guys, stay tuned, as from the coming episode, I will show you a piece of heaven on Earth , Interlaken at its finest ! Oh, and before I forget, A chicken sandwich for lunch for 250 rupees. And I hope you liked this quick tour of Lucerne and if so, don’t forget to hit the like button, And for more videos every week from around the world, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon.

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  1. A lot of people have been asking questions about the drone shots 🙂 It is illegal to fly a drone in most European cities and hence I got this footage directly from the Tourism department of Lucern with full reuse permission and adaptation to my music and video colors. It has been clearly mentioned as the source in the footage watermark, video credits, and video description.

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