Sydney, Australia Travel Guide

Sydney, Australia Travel Guide

Sydney the land down under a place where people can almost speak English its rugged nature will lead you on spired but this trip is often overlooked because of the long distance between the hemispheres so was it worth the long haul my name is Riki Moreno and I'm gonna show you the most popular tourist attractions in the city and all the reasons why I love welcome to Sydney so when you arrive at the airport you have two main options to get into downtown the first one's right here it's the airport link train and it costs about 18 Australian dollars which is pretty expensive but it'll gets you there in 15 minutes the other option is if you have more than two people it might make more sense to take an uber or taxi and that will cost 45 Australian dollars or so what started out as a remote island full of castaways and convicts has blossomed into a place anyone would be proud to call their home in downtown Sydney there's a real feeling of safety in the streets people are friendly and approachable and you'll find that it's very easy to get around if you plan on using any kind of public transportation while you're here you definitely want to pick up something called an opal card it's Sydney's new tap on top off system where you can add money to it and use it for buses ferries trains pretty much everything here in Sydney what's the damage maybe Morgan comes down a party what to tell featuring hate me for me all comes but supporting me to the ground thanks very much while you're downtown and check out the Sydney Tower I where you could take a ride all the way up to the observation deck for some great views of the city hi how much is one ticket just to go to the observation tower 26:50 okay I'll have one ticket back good afternoon everyone welcome to the city tower are the best views Sydney you're looking at it you can fight your way through the hordes of other tariffs then the views are definitely worth it Sydney power is the tallest structure in Sydney and on a good day you can see everything from the Blue Mountains in the West to the Pacific Ocean in the east and cloudy days are rare here in Australia so you've got a great chance for some awesome views of the city and a bird's-eye view of the harbour Sydney Harbour the envy of all other harbours around the world you can easily spend the majority of your trip here and leave with a great experience its home to Sydney's most famous attractions a Harbour Bridge in the Opera House and at the center of it all is the circular key a bustling promenade connecting the two that's alive with street performers shops and restaurants the circular Keys like a powerful magnet that draws in both tourists and locals not only for these beautiful views of the harbour but it's also the perfect place to take a stroll or just hang out in a restaurant people watch it's the heartbeat of the city let's see the world it's fine did we whole time jump play call your mama we'll send the postcard home from Australia climbing to the top of Harbour Bridge is something I've always wanted to do and it does look really fun you could see people scaling the top of there but when I found out it cost over $200 to take that tour you know it really changes me often these Americans come over and they think they can take of them they're feeding natural habitat these are our prized possessions the kangaroo and the seagull and just because they want to do this Finding Nemo things we invented it the Sydney Opera House is known for it's symbolic design with its sail leg structure dominating the harbour ready to cast out into the world you see if I can find an escalator the Opera House is one of the most iconic buildings in the world and if you want to you can pay some money and take a guided tour inside or come back at night and see a concert but the real thrill for me is just to be outside to see the structure itself and just walking around the building taking pictures I mean that's that's what you really want to come here for [Applause] one of my favorite experiences here is at a place called feather Dale Wildlife Park it's where all your dreams of playing with koalas and kangaroos can come true and it's only a 45-minute train from central Sydney welcome to feather dial many people have become familiar with Australia through nature and wildlife shows and here at feather Dale you can get up close and personal with the animals unlike other zoos in the city and feather Dale is known for showcasing only species that are indigenous to Australia from Wallabies to crocodiles and no trip the Sydney is complete without a koala pic so this is juice and juice doing what koalas do best they sleep 18 to 20 hours a day and welcome to have a pack and they do bite and scratch extremely hard so despite the cute cuddly appearance there are some rather large cheaper clothes now you have plenty of options when you come to Sydney if you want to see animals but I don't think anything compares the feather doe Wildlife Park because here is way more interactive and you could play with the Kangaroos and pet the koalas and I think it's one of the coolest experiences you could ever have Kiba you're sad what makes you happy if you only have time to visit one beach fire in Sydney then Bondi is where you want to be it has awesome views huge waves and it's where people come to be seen and believe me is there's a lot to see the beaches here can get really crowded which can be a bad thing if you just come and relax but a lot slower can be a good thing if you like movies and bets tonight barrel with great weather year-round and miles and miles of coastline is no surprise that Sydney has a thriving Beatz culture if you ask every local will give you a different answer for which Beach is their favourite but as a tourist Bondi will give you that Thunder from Down Under experience that you may or may not be looking for the Royal Botanic Garden is a tranquil haven where people come to breathe in fresh air and get in touch with nature for a little while all while being in the but I mean heart of Sydney after you walked through the Botanical Gardens you get to this end area called mrs macquarie's point and you'll get this epic view of the harbour the gardens our home the many plants and animals but the biggest hit with the visitors are the flocks of wild cockatoos that gather here but even the cockatoos no women can believe because of what lurks in the shadows you Hyde Park desk right here in central Sydney if you come when the sun goes down you're gonna see australia's megabat called the grey headed flying fox so three and a half foot wingspan oh my god there have been many unsuccessful attempts to relocate the huge colonies of bats away from the city grey headed flying foxes are considered a noisy and smelly nuisance that are sadly destroying century-old trees but don't worry since they only fruit these bats won't turn you into a vampire or try to suck your blood it's a thrilling sight to witness while they're still swarming the park but they can definitely creep you out well it just best it's no big boob man so many as Sydney's attractions are located on or near the harbour and you'll find yourself returning to the circular key several times throughout your visit as a transportation hub it's the starting point for most of the popular ferry routes in a city where ferries are a valid option and fun way to get around do yourself a favor and see Sydney from the perspective of being out on the water at least once even if it's just a short ride across the harbor it's a Milsons point where you'll find some of the biggest smiles in the city I'm here at Luna Park this big smiling face behind me has been a fixture in Sydney Harbour since 1935 [Applause] so I thought what better place to try one of Australia's favorite foods than right here at Luna Park Vegemite so both of these things have been a part of children's lives growing up in Sydney since for almost a hundred years now and Vegemite is a pretty it's pretty strange food it's yeast extracts and vegetables and you could really only find it in Australia so I'm told the trick is to use it very sparingly and I'm gonna just spread a little bit on a cracker it doesn't smell bad it smells pretty good actually here we go Vegemite it's really salty and really salty but it's not that bad Oh traveling to the opposite side of the world has become so easy and the city is truly unlike any other and with so many things to see and do in your tour of Sydney there's no way you'll get to all of them and just one trip but there's no reason you can't come back it's just a short little 20 hour plane ride away from home

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  1. don't worry bro…i am from sydney and the locals don't even bother climbing the bridge for that kind of money

  2. Sydney is the best city for exploring in my opinion. Some of the secrets that Sydney holds will blow your mind. I am in the process of uploading my travel videos to my channel and many of the Sydney locations are unknown to tourists, yet incredibly beautiful. Join my channel if you are interested.

  3. Guide to Sydney : Transfer from International to Domestic terminal and fly to Melbourne for better coffee and culture.

  4. For fuck's sake. Another stupid yank who thinks he knows better about our country, yet knows bugger all about us. And he insults us as he goes along. If I see you walking around my town, I'm gonna jump the kerb in my car and help you drastically lose weight …

  5. that voice on the train haunts me every day on my way to school…….this train will stop Townhall, Wynyard, Milsons point, Artarmon ALLLLLL the way to Warrawe

  6. Sydney local and can't believe you feed the Bin Chickens! 🙂 those Ibis came and never left.. They love McDonalds, KFC and all the usual suspects and are a menace to society in Sydney, and all we need are more Cockatoos that enjoy fast food 😛

  7. Is there a downtown sydney? The fact that he wears his hat slightly off to the side is infuriating. Americans…

  8. A trip from the city to see the Blue Mountains and lunch in the beautiful quaint mountain town of Leura is a must,( travel by train or bus) a ferry to Balmain and Manly also is a must.

  9. I think some people quite harsh! Me thinks get rid of Fosters as we dont drink it. Bats Bad. Yes a little bit of a problem. Travel from airport stupidly expensive. I dont live in Sydney any more, but live in Orange and dont miss the traffic!

  10. U can also take bus, if u don’t have s lot big items. The bus is outside arrival. It only take under 5 dollar to travel in town, or u can take one stop by bus and then change to train. Because if you get on train from airport stop, u will be charge airport stop surcharge, which is around 15dollar.

  11. Hello. I’m Japanese. I’m interested in Sydney a little. I’m studying English. I haven’t been to spoken English countries. so I would like to go to spoken English countries. As studying abroad.

  12. For the love of God, go anywhere but Bondi Beach. It's a literal cesspit. Take your pick of any other beautiful beach. The video is a solid, comprehensive guide for anyone visiting.

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