thank you for tuning in to Mister traveler to see the best tour of the symphony of the Seas Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas is currently the largest ship at sea as of May 2009 teen some quick facts about the ship is she's 220 8081 gross tons she comes in at one thousand one hundred and eighty eight feet long she's two hundred and fifteen and a half feet wide with a top speed of 22 knots she boasts two thousand seven hundred and fifty nine staterooms which can hold up to six thousand six hundred and eighty passengers along with two thousand two hundred crew she has seven distinct neighborhoods and now ladies and gentlemen let's take a look at the symphony of the Seas [Applause] let's head down to deck 5 – guests services many entertainment options shopping as well as eateries the on-air studio located on Deck five hosts seminars games and everybody's favorite karaoke now let's head down to deck four deck four is chock-full of entertainment options including the Royal Theatre Studio B jazz on for the Attic nightclub and of course the casino Studio B is a multi-purpose venue that hosts the Ice Show laser tag and even a nightclub you welcome to the main dining room the main dining room is located at the aft of the ship it is accessible on decks three four and five here we're entering the main dining room on deck number four now let's take a journey up to deck 6 x6 you'll find the shore excursion photo gallery schooner bar and of course a ship favorite the boardwalk [Applause] feeling daring the ultimate of this slide is a dry slide that you enter on Dec 16 aft and it winds all the way down here to deck 6 on the boardwalk [Applause] [Applause] and now let's head up to decade home to the famous central park in Central Park hosts several eateries including chops Grill 150 Central Park and Jamie's Italian as well as the Park Cafe which offers snacks throughout the day there's also high-end shops on this floor including Bulgari and Cartier and towards the middle of the ship you can go to the dazzles nightclub did you know that you can get scuba certified on many of the Royal Caribbean ships stop by the Patti desk here on deck 15 midship for more information they also have mass and fins for your snorkelling needs while on shore Dec 15 is definitely where all the action is here on this deck you'll find four swimming pools six whirlpools to flow riders a mini-golf a full court basketball the splash away bay for the kids and of course the solarium [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] here at the back of deck 16 is entrance to the ultimate abyss dry slide if you're daring take a ride all the way down to deck 6 for the back of deck 16 the back of the deck is also a great place to enjoy a sunset or a sunrise on your wonderful cruise also located on Dec 16 a couple of really great eateries the hooked seafood which is especially dining offering afternoon and dinner menus as well as the main buffet the Windjammer marketplace all right everybody so we hope that you enjoyed our tour of the symphony the scenes we hope you enjoyed it we put the hard work thumbs up if you love it alright guys that we'd like you to stay tuned for our pros and cons of the symphony but we'll jump on a team that must be for myself one thing don't mention in the pros and cons it probably these discussion is the is the crowd signs on the ship the first day just like any other cruises first day Plews a little disorganized people earning their way it's probably exemplified a little bit more on here because there's a lot of people on the ship well their large ship come a lot of people so you have to really pack your patience on this one this is the large ship in the world what day comes the largest amount of people on the ship there's long lines there's a long way to get on the ship so make sure you prepare but once you get on here you don't forget all about it yeah that's what I can say is that once we get on the ship and everybody can learn feather in their way there was never really any kind of crowds or long lines really it's just wonderful we did enjoy our vacation yeah absolutely guys this ship is elegant is defined beautiful wonderful ship please stay tuned again for our pros and cons I'll go into a little more detail on some of the things that that we personally liked it did not like with the ship but overall excellent ship if we can help you book this ship for yourself or your family hey give us a call eight seven seven six nine seven four four seven four that mr. – traveler calm would be more than happy to put their next adventure for you alright guys thank you so much for watching we're signing out from beautiful Bahamas behind us here yeah absolutely we're on the run over the bridge on Stephanie disease is taking in the oceans from our last day head back to Miami thank you so much for watching like ever

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  1. Amazing coverage this the size of a foot ball field
    Wondering how long it took for this project
    The spacious room
    Enjoyed this video
    The best I've seen with details

  2. I dont really care to see a empty ship it be more helpful to see the ship during a actual cruise. Like to see how long the lines are and how crowded things get. That would be more helpful.

  3. Beautiful video. I felt like I was on the ship lol. What time do you film these videos? There’s no people around.

  4. So how you filming this with like no one on the ship? It’s like a ship to yourself haha booking it tmr for sure

  5. This video really helps as we are planning on taking a family cruise this summer and we’re deciding between symphony, vista or harmony

  6. This ship is mighty impressive, and so incredibly BIG. Saw it in Cozumel and it made the huge cruise ship next to it look like a row boat.

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to show some of the amazing art installations throughout the ship!

  8. Thanks for taking the time to record and share this video, we’re so excited, going on this gorgeous ship the 1st of June through the 8th out of Miami, to Puerto Rico, St Maartin (which we’ve been to a number of times so I’m a little apprehensive to see the island after it was all but destroyed by the two back to back hurricanes), and finally Haiti before heading back to Miami! We’ve heard the new terminal in Miami is awesome, too!

  9. Wow!!! what an amazing ship. Very impressed. Thanks for sharing. Sincerely, Adventures of David and Aaron.⚓🌞🌴

  10. I bet it had that brand new smell as you both were walking through certain areas. One day I'll be booking with you guys. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Only 10 minutes into the video and I can't help but wonder…how long did it take to construct the ship? This was a huge undertaking, wow!

  12. Are you sure what you said that is 101,000 feet long that is very exaggerating if that cruiseship was that long they would never been docked in any port because is impossible

  13. WOW!! Looks like you’re walking through a mall! Don’t think I will like a ship with that many passengers!

  14. Shame there isn’t more celebration of the sea -from your balcony view it took 40 minutes to get a view of the sea and that was outside .need some bars looking outwards not always inwards otherwise what is the point of being on a cruise !

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