Taiwan Travel Vlog: How To Make Money With Traveling Videos (As A Vlogger Or Blogger) | 臺灣 臺北 臺中 宜蘭

Taiwan Travel Vlog: How To Make Money With Traveling Videos (As A Vlogger Or Blogger) | 臺灣 臺北 臺中 宜蘭

Hi this is Simon Leung from SimonLeung.com. Welcome to
my Taiwan travel vlog, and today, let’s talk about how to make money with travel
videos as a vlogger or blogger. Who doesn’t like to travel right but what’s
even better than simply traveling how about if you can be a traveler and make
money at the same time in my video about how to make money while traveling with
family on vacation I talked about how you can automate your YouTube video
uploads by scheduling them in advance so it can work for you while you’re on
holiday that’s one way but what are other ways that you can monetize
actively as a blogger throughout our series on how to make money on YouTube
we’ve been sharing with you just how powerful the YouTube ads program with
Google Adsense really is because well it pays you just for uploading videos
through the ads that your video displays while there are definitely more ways to
monetize your videos which we’ll talk more about in future lessons in this
final lesson from my Taiwan trip during the 2019 and into the 2020 holiday
season series let’s dive deeper into making passive ad revenue by simply
sharing your own travel videos no doubt that as a travel vlogger
or blogger it is very enjoyable to be able to go on trips with documents your
experience and share it with the world I’m sure you will agree even more
enjoyable to be making money doing so and cash out anywhere in the world you
happen to be right but is it possible absolutely how exactly believe it or not
it’s as simple as taking trips filming while you’re on the road and maybe doing
some video editing work for just a little while at the hotel for example
you can do what I did throughout my recent Taiwan trip just to
share with you in this video my favorite moments in tight zone Ilan
and tie bait and also how you can make money with videos by simply bringing
your camera and any necessary gimbals or accessories and turning it on record
your travels and right especially while you’re flying on planes or road trips
inside of a car public transportation like the subway and any other
interesting terrains you might pass by while traveling by train which is always
fun give a quick tour of the hotel or accommodations that you may have stayed
at during your trip take shots of the awesome scenery around you the amazing
local cuisines such as Street food or at restaurants local delicacies that every
tourist must try most of which that many people almost always take photos of
anyway that simply end up sitting in their memory cards taking up their
precious storage space share a sneak peek into the localized cultures
surrounding you every single day explore the experience you have as you walk
through and engage in a night markets as each of them also provide a unique feel
and where there are night markets there should also be day markets share those
as well plus while you’re shopping whether it’s at the mall or the local
street markets different kinds of architecture that really speaks to the
local culture of wherever you might be visiting agricultural farmlands you
can’t find anywhere else various landmarks that might have
cultural or historical significance or maybe some kind of tourist attraction
that attracts attention with their creativity and designs nice places and
locations that you can create various time lapses of during the day and at
night to display the visual differences that may perhaps also share a variety of
different visual experiences or even if you just happen to be walking down the
streets for a small glimpse of the city’s lifestyle or just pan your camera
around and just film all kinds of random things as they all do contribute to the
user experience to let them feel like they’re right there on the trip with you
creates a little montage of all the clips you recorded and of course if you
don’t actually mind to film yourself or even talk to the camera you have even
more choices as you can now put yourself as well as those traveling with you into
the middle of the actual experience itself the traveling the walked in down
the streets and through the night market or day markets
showing your viewers the historic and local attractions and anything else that
you want those watching your videos to enjoy and experience with you if you
want you can play around with cool and interesting transitions for special
effects and just let your imagination run wild or you can just put all the
clips together and do a narration a voiceover exactly like the way I’m doing
right now although like I said being on camera is optional and if you choose not
to be then it’s not much different than simply taking clips together and using a
similar style as making videos without showing your face if you only want to
film your surroundings or it’s almost comparable to simply using other
people’s videos except now you’re using your own nonetheless same concept of
taking clips that don’t show you on camera just that you’re using your own
recorded footage now for me I’m only summarizing my trip with these scenes
and explaining how you can make the same ones but of course you can choose to
create an actual story with yours that fans of traveling vlogs would want to
watch and you’ll definitely be able to build up your own fan base of
subscribers who enjoy your content your travels your vlogs so you can monetize
your videos oh I did mention that you can also be a travel blogger rights well
you can share your photos and even videos directly on your blog and it will
also help to promote your content I’ll have more lessons on making money with
blogs at a later time so stay tuned for as for earning potential for these kinds
of vlogging style contents how much can you make well these are just a few
travel vlog youtubers who had created their brand with vlogs for the sole
purpose of entertaining their viewers all they do is travel around and create
similar videos as the kind you’re watching right now and by monetizing
their channels with add monetization this is a small glimpse into how much
some of these channels are making as with every niche or niche however you
want to say it some channels make more than others but even at the low end I’m
sure it’s not so bad to have your trips paid for right and on the higher ends
turn your passion of traveling into a six-figure business or even a
million-dollar venture as you can see it’s already being done what’s stopping
you from doing the same thing and hey that’s why people do travel vlogs yes
they’re fun they can be entertaining it might even make you online famous but
more importantly they are profitable than making your YouTube videos
profitable well that is exactly what we teach at our free youtuber millionaire
series mini course which is now back in Malaysia they may also soon be coming to
Taiwan following up on our previous two successful programmes in Taipei with
Chinese versions of internet millionaire secrets and e-commerce millionaire
secrets both of which we’ve also done in other parts of the world as well like
Singapore Thailand and Vietnam this is what being a traveling entrepreneur is
all about having fun enjoying life and in some cases changing lives at the same
time to keep up to date on all the exciting plans as well as to learn more
about different ways to make money with your passion on YouTube as well as other
video sharing platforms subscribe take the bail like share and comment with
your interests to learn about more ways to make money with your travel videos
and I will personally reply to you take action now let me know if you have any
questions and I will see you at the top you

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  2. Waw what a great idea👌. Nice to see you in those beautiful places. Have fun 👍👍 A new idea comes to my mind. Hope I'll implement it soon. Thanks for sharing.

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