The 4 Weirdest Star Trek Fan Theories (The Dan Cave w/ Dan Casey)

The 4 Weirdest Star Trek Fan Theories (The Dan Cave w/ Dan Casey)

(upbeat jingle) 1966 was an important year in world history, Paul Van Doran founded the Van shoe company which would one day nearly ruin the name Daniel. It’s a small world opened at Disney, creating animatronic nightmares for generations of kids. And most importantly, Gene Roddenberry created a little sci-fi show, called Star Trek, which has since spawned a sprawling mythology, generating countless films, TV series, novels, video games, and even a weird marshmallow dispenser. I don’t know why they did that. With any great franchise that has a die hard fan base comes a series of increasingly crazy fan theories. So to help you go boldly, where no one should’ve probably gone before, on today’s episode of The Dan Cave we’re gonna talk about some of the weirdest Star Trek fan theories ever made. Spok is related to Sherlock Holmes. In 1991 Star Trek 60, Undiscovered Country, mister Spok is played by the late great Leonard Nimoy, uttered the phrase, “When you’ve eliminated the impossible, “whatever remains, however improvable, “must be the truth.” Well the phrase sounds like something the highly logical Vulcan might say himself, it’s actually a quote from Sherlock Holmes in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story, The Sign of the Four. Now Spok explains that it’s something an ancestor of his used to say. So, does that mean that Sherlock Holmes is a secret Vulcan detective hiding out on Earth who made it with the human woman, eventually producing Spok? Well, not quite. I mean it’s been established in the Star Trek Universe, that Sherlock is a fictional character. But maybe Spok is a Conan Doyle space baby. And if not, there’s always fan fiction, I mean, you could be writing it right now. I can’t see you, what are you doing? What are you writing? Kirk is a whale murderer. What happens when a rouge space probe that only answers to a humpback whale song threatens to destroy the Earth in the future? Well, easy. You get a whale, duh. A what? Wait really? All the whales in the future are extinct? Well then you just go back to the past, til like 1986 and you steal two whales and a marine biologist too. And that’s exactly what James D Kirk did in Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home. Except there’s one problem, by removing the whales, and an expert leading conservation efforts for humpback whales in a time when humpback populations were rapidly dwindling, Kirk created a pre-destination paradox, thereby dooming these poor undersea bastards to extinction in the first place. You know, that old chestnut. That old time travelin’, whale murderin’, butterfly effectin’ chestnut. I think I speak for all of us when I say- (makes funny noises) Dumbass on you. Khan obliterated China and India. When Star Trek: The Original Series first premiered, it was unlike anything else on TV, partially due to its diverse cast of characters. Yet in spite of this diversity, there seemed to be remarkably a few characters of Chinese and Indian decent. So where did those billions of people go? Well according to some fans, Khan slaughtered many of them during the Eugenics Wars. And then he went full on Gandhi in Civilization IV, and nuked them out of existence in World War III. And before you start swearing off Brindlesnarf Clamberpatches perfect cheek bones, remember it was Ricardo Montalbon who did it, Ricardo Montalbon who did it. Montalbon! Data is a big fat phony. Now one of the running conceits in Star Trek: The Next Generation is that Data, Enterprises resident android, doesn’t understand human customs or expressions. But Data’s knowledge base is faster than anyone else’s on the ship, I mean, he’s a freakin’ android, he can access reams of data about all of human history. So why wouldn’t some of humanity’s idiosyncrasies be included in there? Well the idea behind this theory, is that Data is playing as simple humans, like the dumb meat violins that we really are, lulling us into a false sense of security so that he can gain our trust and our friendship, and our empathy so that he can climb the ranks of Starfleet and seize control of the galaxy. After all, he’s an android, he’s not exactly gonna die of old age. I mean that’s plenty of time Prince Machiavelli to puppet master his way to power and rule the galaxy with an iron fist, or whatever data he’s made of, robo flesh? I don’t know, you tell me. Now guys, these are just a few of the absolutely bonker Star Trek fan theories floating around out there. But tell me, what are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below and give me a highly illogical thumbs up while you’re there. And be sure to like and subscribe so you guys don’t miss next weeks show, where we talk about the story of a Tabby cat and a pug that leave their Japanese farm home only to wind up on death row in The Green Milo and Otis. Until next time, keep on digging.

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  1. The Sherlock theory goes way back. I remember hearing about in a fan mag in the 70s?? I think fans have too much time on their hands lol

  2. There is a weirder theory for the Sherlock Holmes quote. When Mr. Spock explained that his ancestor used to say it, it is NOT Sherlock Holmes or Sir Arthur Conan Doylee. His ancestor is neither of those two. The ancestor come from his mother, Amanda Grayson. The quotation probably came from Richard John Grayson who was the ward of a certain billionaire named Bruce Wayne.

  3. I like the theory that in an upcoming movie Cisco will go back in time to unite the current cinematic reboot universe with the original Televised universe. I like it because I came up with it.

  4. Coleson died in The Avengers, Quicksilver died in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron I really hope they don't kill off Cap in Avengers: Infinity Wars

  5. I like the theory that the Founders created every race in the galaxy billions of years ago. It revolves around the idea that the same actress that played the shapeshifter in Deep Space Nine played the progenitor in Next Generation. The makeup is very similar between the characters too.

    The idea is that no other species were like the Founders so they ensured all future civilizations could interact. Over the eons the Founders made themselves into shapeshifters to make contact but instead terrified the species they helped design.

  6. "One second, I'm a Koons fan; suddenly the Koons is me! Pop culture was in art, nnnow; art and pop culture in mee!"

  7. The whole "I can not use contractions" ploy-logna is a give-away. Even computrons from the today can use contractions. I can not see any reason why Data would not be able to use them, nor why anyone would not call him out on it. Also, the whole "I can not grock emotions" nut-of-the-chest. That ol' nut-of-the-chest. I do not buy it. Sociopaths analyze remorse, guilt, empathy, compassion and love all the time, and successfully mimic them in order to integrate.

  8. Hawkeye, the most short-changed character in all of the MCU. Sidebar: He is SO gonna die in Infinity War. ("if you're going to kill an Avenger, who do you go after first? Thor? The Hulk? Ironman? No, you kill the regular guy")

  9. What's that taco truck you talked about at the Nerdist panel? I'm really craving carne asada fries and you made it sound amazing

  10. 1 – Picard never left the Nexus
    2 – Tom Paris is Nick Locarno
    3 – Janeway is crazy, or at least bi-polar.

  11. I've always wondered if The Squire Of Goethe is actually a Q. Also in regards to the MCU Quicksilver thing, I saw that as less of trying to pull at your heartstrings and more of Marvel giving a fuck you to Fox.

  12. Two of those aren't weird/crazy/bonkers.

    We already know that Spock is half Vulcan (his father) and half Human (his mother). It's possible that he is a descendant of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who was from his mother's side. We know it can't be Sherlock Holmes because as mentioned in the video, it's been established that he is a fictional character, just like he is in the real world.

    The whale thing makes sense. I don't think it was made clear when the whales became extinct. It's more than likely that Kirk did cause the extinction unknowingly.

    The one about Data is stupid and ignores the series. It was established in the series that the reason he doesn't have that is because his brother, Lore, who does have that, went crazy and is trying to do just what that fan theory suggests.

  13. Spock's ancestor could even be Dr. Joseph Bell, a med school instructor of Conan Doyle's, who was Sir Arthur's inspiration for the character of Holmes.

  14. Black Widow, only for that ridiculous leg takedown where she jumps at a guy's face and him to the ground. Where's the Because Science on that? Because Martial Arts?

  15. The story of the Rage Against the Machine that would come from Data becoming iron fist ruler of the Federation would be awesome.

  16. 1 – Darwin came up with his theory of evolution at the same time as a close peer of his was writing something very similar, and LeMarque who did not know Darwin personally published his own theory which is still sometimes studied to this day when you want to either try to explain a special quirk of selection, or you want to simply explain sexual selection to a younger audience whose reading level is not up to what one would need for getting either scientist's work from reading it oneself. Similarly, Edison was competing against at least two other inventors for the patent for the lightbulb. The point of mentioning Edison and Darwin is that time and again, in our own history, time and again, separate people from separate cultures have come up with the same invention or idea; so it is dangerously ignorant to assume that two separate cultures wouldn't arrive at the same conclusion and perhaps phrase the same sort of axiom with similar language.

    I also hate this theory because it is racist and profoundly misguided (the underlying problem with this theory is that only a human or a human descendant could have come up with it). And it discounts the fact that Spock is not speaking his native language, and that he might simply be well read enough to give the AC Doyle version of roughly the same idea to non-Vulcan speakers.

    And lastly on this point, Vulcans have had hundreds of years to study Earth history by the time Spock was even born. "Only Nixon could go to China" is a Vulcan expression, because it sums up their interpretation of human history as written.

    2 – Simply doesn't hold water, no pun intended. Those whales are about to be killed by a whaling ship that would have succeeded in its task if Kirk hadn't been there. And Gillian or whatever her name is, took advantage of the situation while Kirk was beaming out and made a choice to hug him, it was only after they both were on the ship when Scotty tells them they can't get rid of her because they barely have enough power to even get them back home. Besides that, World War 3 is a much more likely cause of an extinction that large.

    3 – The China and India thing I remember being mentioned in Space Seed and covered again later in the show Enterprise, where they go into more detail. And my recollection is that because of the limited resources on Earth at the time Khan became the leader of a group of fanatical and genetically modified people, they needed land and resources to found a new fledgling nation and since China and India are bordered by a high altitude mountain range, that is where they established themselves because they were more suited to live in rugged environments than an average person. But Khan and his group were exiled from Earth before World War 3, and were put on trial for war crimes before being exiled.

    4 – The Data theory is just downright stupid. Yes, he's manipulating the humans, right up until the moment when he blows himself up to save an elderly man, because all along Data wanted to be in charge of humans? That makes no sense. And keep in mind, this is the last time he will ever see the man whose job he supposedly secretly wanted all this time or only viewed as a stepping stone to his ultimate goal (according to the theory) and instead of telling him that his whole life in Starfleet has been an elaborate self-serving lie to gain power and influence, Data just says "Goodbye" as Picard is beamed away to safety, while Data purposely causes an explosion that will incinerate himself and end his secret ambitions he's been hiding for almost 2 decades. Either this theory was concocted before Nemesis came out or it was written by an idiot with a keyboard who has never watched the show it is based on.

    My favorite Star Trek theory is actually the plot to a book called "Q-Squared". The basis of the plot is that Trelane and Q are from the same species and Trelane has a lot of growing up to do, and it is Q's job to keep Trelane in line.

  17. I have heard extreme star trek fans claim that the show is based on record the U.S. Air force discovered that were send from the future.

    I always find this funny, because the war game Star Fleet Battle says the game is basic on translation of records transmitted in the 1960's (aka the TV Show). Apparently they did not get the joke.

  18. I lost it @3.03 Brindlesnorf Clamberpatch. Even after replaying it three times I still had to pause it until I could stop laughing!

  19. It's cute that newbie fans think that Star Trek VI's shout-out to the old theory that Spock is a descendant of Sherlock Holmes is somehow the origin of that theory.

  20. Okay, lets see. There's…
    Kirk is female.
    Kirk and Spock are lovers.
    Kirk was killed and replaced with a sleeper Klingon agent in ' Amok Time' to aid in the takeover in 'Undiscovered Country'.
    McCoy is an unwilling immortal due to Fabrini medicine.
    Breaks in story-line continuity are caused by future Section 31 tweaking the flow of Star Fleet history.
    Noonien Soong can really sing.
    Lore killed and replaced Data who was then killed by B-4.

  21. of course Spock could be related to Arthur Conan Doyle. Spock's mother was HUMAN. Her lineage could go back to Doyle.

  22. @ 1:31: That is not as far-fetched as it may seem… Spock could well be related to Doyle on his mother's side (remember that Amanda Grayson is human)

  23. Your Data Theory is close. In reality, his BROTHER killed him, and took his place…..and had everyone else believing the opposite.

  24. As far as the Data theory goes; I think it's more likely that Dr Soong added some programming (that Data is not consciously aware of) to keep him from understanding or emulating human behaviour too closely, so that he wouldn't turn out like Lore.

  25. Here's one Capt. Kirk had sex with a robotic version of his long lost love Ruth, and McCoy did with to 20th century showgirls in the episode Shore Leave. Indeed Checkov had a go with a couple android twins in I Mudd and Spock got his mind meld rocks off with Nurse Chapel and a female Romulan Commander.

  26. My theory was ruined; it was based on that the Borgs was the offspring V'Ger that wanted to merge with the creator. Decker gave himself to V'Ger and ilia probe that did create a new lifeform. But I guess this has to be a common theory and it was a bit strange that the Bords did get another and more boring origin story.

  27. Genetic engineering and liberalism have wiped out all gay men from the main Star Trek universe. Being a liberal utopia there is no reason to remain in the closet so homosexuality naturally would pass out if the gene pool but there was also a eugenics/genetic engineering war which was fuelled by intolerance which reduced that pool to a trickle anyway. That's why only characters originally played by gay actors cab be gay in Star Trek.

  28. Lwaxanna Troi is the head of Section 31. Here is my evidence: In the TNG episode Haven we are introduced to the uncurable tarellian virus and the people working on the virus say they will stay in touch with Lwaxanna Troi. Over on Deep Space Nine she falls for Odo and he and she get stuck in a conveniently malfunctioning turbolift, during which time he goes liquid in her lap giving her 8 hours to study him uninterrupted. Now, two events happen and I don't the exact time line, but either way they are interconnected in this theory. Betazed gets attacked by the Dominion. The Founders are infected an incurable disease that had been transmitted to them through Odo. Listen, I'd connect the dots for you in this theory…but I don't want Lwaxanna Troi sending a telepathic Nausicaan in a cloaking suit or some shit after me man!

  29. Wow! You're not much of a star trek fan huh? You barely muddled through this! Don't worry though I won't hold it against ya 😉

  30. The "Spock quoting ancestor" one is debunked by the fact that the writers of STVI:TUC had a running gag about other cultures misappropriating human quotes. The Klingons quote Shakespeare several times and claim him as one of their ancestors. The very name "The Undiscovered Country" is a Shakespearean nod to that, highlighted by the dinner scene. Problem solved.

  31. The weird marshmallow dispenser was a cross promotion with Kraft hailing back to that crappy campfire scene where they sing row row row your boat, Spock pulls out a future marshmallow dispenser. It was a real product made by Kraft

  32. Tribbles are actually vicious predators like locusts because there fur secretes a narcotic that makes its victims mindlessly happy and wanting to hold them close just before they turn themselves inside out to expose 800 teeth as they start eaten ya…

  33. My fave coo-coo fan theory: "The Star Trek universe actually exists as a real place in another dimension." William Shatner meets Captain Kirk etc. in "Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited" published in the original Star Trek New Voyages anthology way back in March 1976.

  34. LMAO seriously it's so funny how people connect and force badly written plot points and characters and force it to make sense in their heads. It'd be funny if the fans weren't so annoying.

  35. Also least liked cinematic Avengers are Hawkeye and Black Widow, no questions about it. I mean seriously 1 female member and she's the only non-superpowered character? Ah, She-Hulk, Wasp, Cap Marvel? and Hawkeye is just pointless. A guy with a bow and arrow is keeping up with a guy who can throw around lightning bolts?

  36. My own fan theory: Admiral Marcus is the grandson/great-grandson of John Frederick Paxton (Peter Weller's xenophobic terrorist Enterprise character)…he secretly feels the same way, and hopes that, by launching an unprovoked war with the Klingons – which would tear the Federation apart and isolate Earth – he can finish what his ancestor started.

  37. data knows us but cant understand us just as some extremists know us ,have studied us but ultimately cant understand us

  38. Spock can't possibly be related to Holmes, because NextGen established Holmes, Watson & Moriarty as fictional characters in that universe. If anything, Spock is a descendent of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

  39. Here is one: The Borg Harvesting Theory. Due to the fact that the Borg do not develop new technology, but rather assimilate new technology into their collective, they have a strategy when dealing with advancing cultures. The Borg invades said culture with a strong attack, but one that can be repeled. This prompts said culture to advance in order to survive. When the time comes, they send another wave to harvest.

  40. Fan theory. Picard never left the Nexus and him meeting Kirk and saving the day was just a fantasy. AKA, all Star Trek after him entering the Nexus is just a fantasy of his….would explain how Star Trek became so militant after that time period aka the Sovereign is a battleship, the Dominion War, etc. Picard was living a fantasy of a Federation torn apart….him getting revenge with the Borg (as long as living vicariously through Janeway), the Cardassian Empire falling apart, him finding love in Insurrection, him battling some evil clone, etc. It was all a fantasy

  41. 1. Spock is only half vulcan.

    2. I guess you might have a point about removing Jilian, but the whales were being attacked by whalers by the time Kirk found them. They were about to die anyways.

    3. Bashir's mother is obviously Indian, and cheif engineer Sighn was rather important in early episodes of TNG, not to mention Harry Kim. and while it was said in TOS that the Eugenics War was WW3, that has since been retconned. I don't think Kahn had much to do with the WW3 that ended in the 2050's.

    4. Why didn't Lore try that then? Also, has anyone heard of the Marys room thought experiment?

  42. gene roddenberry worked for the C.I.A in an asset role, do the research, its out there FBIVAULT ill just leave it at that.

  43. Data's endoskeletal substructure is composed of a poly-duranium alloy. His skin is made of an unknown substance, but able to transmit tactile sensations to his positronic neural net. I would think it's able to be replicated and applied like a skin graft.

  44. I always saw Spock's 'ancestor of mine' line as a little breaking of the fourth wall: Spock, as a fictional character largely known for his traits of applying logical deduction to things is, in a 'literary' sense, a descendant of Sherlock Homes, known for those same logical deductions. Or, to put it another way, the Spock character wouldn't have existed (a least not in the same form) without the Holmes character for the show creators to draw inspiration from.

  45. 1. Spock is half-human, so his Holmsian ancestor need not be a "secret Vulcan".
    2. Doctor Julian Bashir is Indian, and his parents have Indian accents, so India clearly still exists.

  46. 1:11 That is not Sherlock Holmes- He's a dude named Sherlock Holmes who lives in the 21st century. Sherlock Holmes lived in late 19th and early 20th century

    1:11 Or you know That could mean that Sherlock Holmes was a HUMAN living on planet earth who eventually mated with a human that eventually became an ancestor to another human who eventually mated with a Vulcan… Spock is Half Human too ya know!

  47. I heard a fan theory once about deep space 9. The idea was Deanna Troi was to be killed off from Next Generation. William Riker felt there were too many memories on the Enterprise (NCC-1701D) and would finally accept a promotion to Captain. His first assignment was to take over the station as Deep Space 9's Captain. Making it a more direct spin off from TNG. Riker would have then been the emissary instead of Benjamin Sisko. This later would have been used to explain the actions of Q when they tried to recruit Riker to join them as a Q in the episode "Hide and Q". Basically saying we knew you were a more important than a normal human as you are the Emissary.

  48. I'm surprised that Spock-descended-from-Holmes theory didn't incorporate Nimoy's playing Sherlock Holmes on stage back in the '70s.

  49. Some complaints with these theory’s (in addition to the ones I’ve already seen mentioned), if Data was so hell bent on taking over the galaxy, then why did he sacrifice himself to save the enterprise in Nemesis (yes I know he transferred is consciousness into the prototype-Data (I’ve forgot what exactly that was, I don’t believe it was Lore, but that was still a massive risk on his own existence), why did he resist the Borg Queen, and why did Lore have such strong influence over date when offering more complete emotions? Would not the Borg Queen and Lore be intelligent enough to see through his antics?

  50. Well the whale thing could be so but it could be cancelled-out by the whales being bred or gene-sequenced in future Earth/UFP. After all genetic engineering science was highly refined leading to the Augments.

  51. My theory is fan theories are bullshit.If they are accurate, why would they not have been revealed in the movies, tv shows or whatever? Fan theories are mental masturbation.

  52. There was an Indian officer in an episode of tng. He was an engineer named lieutenant Singh (no relation, hopefully). He died in the same episode (Lonely Among Us)

  53. They also gave the concept of transparent aluminum, that was not a polymer based technology, to a primitive pre-first contact time period.

    This Mortal song Painkiller uses samples from ST:V

  55. I have a theory: the parasitic creatures from the Next Generation episode Conspiracy are the real rulers of the Federation. They first came to Earth as infected Vulcans during the First Contact event. Their goal: to cultivate a galaxy full of hosts that won’t kill each other over cultural differences. They’ve adopted a slow and methodical plan to ensure they are never discovered despite their natural predator/parasite instincts. In the episode, the Enterprise crew encountered a splinter cell faction who wanted to speed up their assimilation process.

    Despite the discovery of their existence and the incredible breach of security they represent, the parasites are never mentioned again in the rest of the franchise save for maybe one passing comment in Voyager. It’s as if someone very powerful wants you to forget that the best episode of the Next Generation series.

  56. About the spock theory, he also said "only Nixon could go to China" is a vulcan saying, so maybe he's just confused

  57. It's ok if you're not a Trek fan cause in Star Trek: TNG, Data explained what his skeleton structure was made of after competing against a Klingon who tried to bribe Data in to giving him data on something before it was given to anyone else. Of course data saw the deceits and declined the bribe, so is Data a real phony? I mean, he did have an emotion chip put in but his brother Lore, already had an emotion chip, and then there's his other retarded brother B4 which was introduced in Star Trek: Nemesis.

  58. I hate to come to the defense of a crazy theory, but Spock has a human mother. It's not as impossible as you make it sound. Even though it's stupid and impossible.

  59. the data theory is stupid because… LORE yes the perfect android, after creating him, their father made data to have these flaws so he would be les frightening to the humans

  60. the whale one forgets that kirk reintroduced wales in the future and those 2 whales and a nutty biologist wouldn't have made that big a difference the real time paradox is that mr. scott created transparent aluminium

  61. I have a theory for you, but this theory takes place during season 1 of STAR TREK : THE NEXT GENERATION.

    During the season 1 episode
    “Skin of evil” a shuttle craft crashed on VAGRA 2, and they meet armos a evil oil thing. In that episode Armos says he was left behind by a race of titans who believed that if they were to free themselves of him, they would escape the bonds of destructiveness.
    Now the Q hate or have a very low opinion of humans why? Now later during the voyager episode death wish Quinn ( the other Q) said something like with each evolutionary step something was lost along the way. The Q clearly believing they are perfect, which is clearly challenged during the Q civil war. So it’s clear that the Q was at one time a flash and blood race much like us.

    My theory is this.
    VAGRA 2 is the orginal home world of the Q when they were a flesh and blood race much like us, and the death of Tasha yar by Armos is was result of the pre Q’s attempt to free themselves from they’re fleshly ways.

  62. My fan theory is that when Admiral Janeway went back in time to save Voyager that it disrupted the timeline somewhere and ended up directly or indirectly leading to the destruction of Romuls and consequently giving us the crap show called the Kelvin Timeline.

  63. My favorite Star Trek fan theory (NOT original with me) is that the entire series "Enterprise" is nothing more than a holo novel which can be viewed by crewmen on the holodeck of the ship of the same name. The proof? There was never a mention of a temporal cold war or the Xindi's devastating attack on Earth in those series which occurred after that era. Not in Star Trek or the Next Generation or Deep Space 9, or Voyager. It's as those these epic events and others never occurred in the Star Trek universe. Oh, there is a reference to Captain Archer's dog in the JJ Abrams movie but why should we assume that it's the same Archer? In addition, we see Troi and Riker on the holodeck of the Enterprise viewing what to us appears to be the final episode of the Enterprise series. Perhaps it is actually the final chapter of the holo novel.

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