The Adventures of Finn

The Adventures of Finn

Well, listen to this. A cow on the loose in New Britain. Everyone’s tagging me and saying,
“Mayor, there’s a cow on the loose in town.” “Mayor, what are you going to do?
There’s a cow walking down my street.” I heard through social media that there was a cow wandering
around what appeared to be my neighborhood. Mayor Stewart says that [he’s]
somewhere on the New Britain
Water Department property. He’d been on the run for weeks,
for several weeks, successfully evading people that wanted to
get him. I would love to get it up there and figure out where we’re going to set up, because there’s no room for
error on that ridge. And if this thing slides out,
we’re done. His name came about, I should
say, when we realized this was real. We figured if we named him, he
couldn’t be eaten. So I thought Finn. He’s this little adventurous
boy in the woods. He’s been successful for
a month, hiding from people
that want to find him. I did see him walking the ridge
and there were tracks going that way. Seeing everybody come together
to help Finn has been really one of the most special things about this
whole experience. I wonder what Finn is thinking
right now. OK, so it stays here.
OK. You did it, man! My knuckles are white. Now we gotta finish! Mario, you know, kind of
rallied the team as darkness fell to put up all
the gates and bring out the feed and set
the whole thing up. And right as we were wrapping
up, we look down this path where Finn had been sighted
before. And Mario says, “There’s Finn.” It’s like he wants to be here. You can do it, Finn, please. Come on. Come on, baby. Maybe we’ll get lucky tonight. That’d be awesome. I hope so. He was in my backyard. I don’t think when you’re that
close, you can overlook it. And I’ve read so many stories
where animals were spared from slaughter
because they escaped. I wanted his story to be that. You have no idea what this
means to me. I have no idea what it
means to me.
What it means to him. That’s the important part. His best life started last
night. So I’m just so grateful to all of you. Finn did save himself. If the billions of animals who
aren’t so lucky could, they
would. I will probably transition to
no meat at all. It’ll take me some time, but I
think based on this, I couldn’t look into
his face today and think that there could be
anything else but a Sanctuary for him. I would like to think he feels
super safe right now, you know? Shouldn’t be
anybody chasing him anymore, so he should have a
happy life. For Farm Sanctuary to
volunteer, to come out here and do this
and pick up on Finn’s story, we’re
eternally grateful to you. I know Finn will be as well.

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  1. What a great rescue, and so happy Finn has a new family at the Sanctuary!!!💖💖💖💖💖 Be kind to ALL species and go vegan….for their life, your life and our planet.

  2. Thank you for saving and caring these lovely animals!!This planet need people like you! We all should do such great things our lives. Directly or indirectly people should not contribute their hard earned money towards cruel people and their cruel business. All animals deserve better life like us.

  3. Thank you so much for rescuing FINN… if you love animals go vegan 🌱. Stop eating these beautiful animals 🙏

  4. The lowest of humanity…to “auction” & slaughter such a beautiful creature solely for the perverted desire to consume flesh & blood…..

  5. UK: there's a cow on the loose, it's a pandemic !!
    INDIA: cows roam our streets like they own them, it's normal.

  6. Bravoooooooooooo 👏🏼👍🏼🙏🏼🐂 and thanks for take this precious animals.
    God bless you guys.

  7. Good work!! A big thank you to all those people who cared for Finn and especially to those who rescued him from what could have been a horrible future.

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