The Adventures of Full AD: Yasuo

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  1. A guy: -After that match going to play ranked
    another guy:Ok, i wanna play ranked with you
    a guy:* The match ends* -Ah, i can't stay anymore.
    another guy: You going to watch porn?
    a guy:-Ehm. no! I'm watching full ad/full ap on uberdanger channel
    another guy:*Facepalm* THAT'S THE SAME THINK!

  2. But that wasn't a dubstep ignite, along with many of your other ones you claim are dubstep ignites. As said by yourself, a dubstep ignite is a kill via the first tick of your ignite. Come on Uber ):

  3. after seeing this video again and again for 3 years i just realised that there is a hidden image at 3:09 with brock as president brock obama lol. you can see it using 0.25x playback speed

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